Once there was a child who was as pale as snow

Abused by his parents, turning adults into his foe

But when he came out to play

His friends played with him till the death of day

But the other adults, they thought he was cursed

They wanted to kill him ever since his birth

They caught him and locked him in a dirty old cell

They tortured him by pulling his limbs, they enjoyed his pained yell

He grew weak but taller all thanks to the torture

But they wanted more, more pain for their so-called monster

They sent him to hell by setting him on fire

Then they cheered their cheers going higher and higher

But don't worry dear reader our story doesn't end

For after a few years came a witch as young as 10

She revivied our hero, the great white Slenderman

Due to the black magic though his appearance grew strange

He was taller and whiter and had tendrils that reached a great range

Added by SkulOfUrSoul

He thanked the witch and set on his path of vengeance

His first targets, his parents they were killed in an instant

Then the rest of the village he set on fire

Their pained yells going higher and higher

But the children, his friends that he tenderly love

He didn't harm for he knew they were like doves

While saving one child in a house consumed by flames

He came in too late and though the child was saved, he was lame

He also burnt his face off but about that he couldn't care less

For the pain of his coming late fell on him with stress

So until now he dwells in forests and parks

Guarding children from the evil that lurks

So pray young ones that you don't grow up

For he only harms adults that beat children to a pulp

So dear parents and adults, take care of your children

For remember that the Slenderman, is always waiting...