Kukaku was a normal girl with a normal job that paid for a normal house on a normal street. So then, was it was appropriate to ask why? Why did she die?

I'll tell you why. It was because a vampire killed her.

And before you tell me that's bullshit, let's examine the scene of the crime, shall we?

Kukaku's mangled body lay on the marble stone slabs of her kitchen counter. Her head was held to her body by merely the spine and the body itself was sucked dry of most of her blood. Claw marks had been found around her neck and chest, teeth marks (snake shaped and the likes) had been found all over her body... and still they say it was an animal attack. HA!

Please, there was no forced entry, no finger or paw prints or anything unusual. Well, besides Kukaku's corpse that is.

What? You can't blame a guy for starving. I've got to eat once a day, but this time I hadn't fed for months... Hey, do you see Vampires accusing humans for killing chicken? No. But they're just animals right? What if I told you that humans are just animals too? Would it be right for us to kill you?

No, because that's just how humans work. They kill, destroy and dominate, but as soon as one of you is killed, you begin to fear what's out there.

And trust me, you should. I'm not going to say what Vampires do is right and I won't I say that humans are wrong. But I will say that humans should fear the shadows, and they should start searching their own backyards for what's 'out there'. Danger lives within your walls humans, what are you going to do about it?

Ha. Here I am getting all scary again. I apologize for my nature, but this is what 25,000 years of feeding from humans will do to you. And despite my age I can still remember the day I was born, or created if you must.

It happened at twilight on a day where the sun shone red. I awoke with no memories of who I was on a beach laying half in and half out of the water. The sun shone across the water and the light ripples danced beside my feet. I smiled, cupping the water in my hands and splashed it across my face. I was pale, my nails were black and from my reflection in the water I could see that my eyes were gold on black.

I had tried to remember my past; the best I could pull out was my name: Shirosaki Kasai. That was Kasai as in fire, Shiro as in white and saki as in destiny or destination.

So that was me. A boy with no memories that grew up alone. From age twelve to twenty two I lived a normal life. Well, as normal as an albino could. Many people feared me, one took care of me and two were my friends, but that was it. Then suddenly, my entire village died from my hands and I was given another name, Vampire. I was the first of many night crawling blood suckers.

How many of us roam the earth now? Well, there's about one Vampire for every 50,000 of you, so that would mean about 139,480 Vampires walk the earth. That's nothing compared to the 6.974 billion humans that roam the world. So don't you dare say there are a lot of Vampires.

Right, well I guess it's no secret that I am a Vampire. Though I contemplate sometimes if that's really what I am. You see, my bite creates pleasure in a victim, unlike others whose bite just creates pain. As well, I can control the body functions of Vampires and humans alike. Where they should feel pain, I can make them feel it ten times worse or just not at all. It was as if I was hand crafted to manipulate and control, which honestly wouldn't bother me if I wasn't the only one, but seeing as I am... that's what truly worries me. Also, my appearance seems to be the only one altered by immortality. When other Vampires are created, their skin doesn't pale, their nails don't blacken and their eyes most certainly don't turn the same color as mine.

Well, now that I've brought up the bite, I may as well tell you the rest. Obviously, when a Vampire bites you they're hungry, but do you become a Vampire afterwards? No! Just take a look at Kukaku if you wanted that answer! No... What has to happen is one of three things. If your blood is mixed with a Vampire's, you become a Halfling and part of their tribe. If a Vampire injects you with their saliva, gross I know, you become that Vampire's servant, as well as immortal. And finally, if a Vampire marks you as their mate, you become theirs for eternity, as well as an immortal.

I've seen all three happen, but I've never done number three. Do I get lonely? No. I've always been alone, so I guess I'm just used to it. Even the Vampires who have my spit in their cold veins know to avoid me.

Are Vampires monsters? No, but that doesn't mean I'm not.

Here I am once again, getting too full of myself. Where was I? Ah yes, let's move on to the tribes...

All tribes are under the rules of their heads, which are under the rule of me. So far there are six.

Stark is the head of his tribe, I can't remember his second in command... All I know is Stark's group is calm, drinks the blood of animals and only needs to feed once or twice a week.

Then there's Shinji, calls his group the Vizards. His second in command is a little brat named Hiyori. They've limited themselves to feeding in the US. Each of them feed three times a week, but only need a blood bag to be filled.

The third tribe is ran by Kisuke and Yoruichi, mates. Yoruichi met Kisuke at a bar and that's where she marked him, been laughing and fooling around together ever since. Their second is Harribel, nice girl, turned at age seventeen. I think that tribe is the smallest of them all. They live in and around China, just not Japan. They've got specific orders not to touch my piece of land.

The fourth tribe is run by... Ulquiorra! Yes, that's it. He and Grimmjow both run it. Mates again I believe. And thus proving homosexuality lives through death. Not that I have a problem with that. I just live alone... Ulquiorra and Grimmjow's tribe has no second in command, and they feed once a week.

So that's four... the fifth is ran by Jushiro and Shunsui. Not mates, but good friends. I just kinda shrugged. Friends, sure, whatever. They're second in command is a girl with black hair and a stick up her ass. Their group is also small, filled with the younger Vampires. The young ones, as I call them, are used to help sooth newer Vampires. The young ones understand the pain, having felt it many times worse than any older Vampire, so they are able to form a sort of... understanding.

Then the final tribe belongs to Toshiro. His second is Rangiku and third is Hinamori. Toshiro's small enough to fit his head right in Rangiku's breasts, but he's still taller than Hinamori. It's funny and boring at the same time. They're group, lucky bastards, only need to feed a little bit once or twice a month.

That brings me to my next point: the hunger.

Holy shit, picture this. You haven't eaten all day and you can smell you're favourite food all around you. That happens for a week. Then BAM someone drops a full out feast in front of you, you walking away? Yeah, didn't think so.

Let me tell you something you probably don't know. Thirst and hunger is not the same thing. Hunger is what you constantly feel in your stomach, but that's ignorable. The thirst is what drives us to our limit, it's what makes us feed and it's a real challenge for your sanity. If you're a Vampire and you start to feel a burning in the back of your throat, it means it's time for you to get yourself some blood pal. If you ignore your thirst, then chances are you're going to go on a wild feeding frenzy. That's where I come in. I can sense when and where a Vampire goes rogue, and it's up to me to kill 'em.

Now let me clear something up. I kill humans, but that's not the same as losing control. The fact is if my meal isn't fresh at least once a month, I will become sick. Blood bags control the hunger, but my thirst is for fresh blood and fresh blood satisfies it only. I am the only Vampire like this because I was the only Vampire hand crafted from hell.

So there's the Vampire history lesson, much more interesting than the human one. Except the wars, those were good.

A little more on the present side, I believe I already said my name was Kasai Shirosaki, now it's just Kasai Shiro. I live in Karakura, Japan. My age is well over 25,000, but twenty two was when I stopped aging and twenty two is what I give my age out as to anyone who asks. My hair is shoulder length, white with a sort of silvery tint, and unevenly cut might I add. It even covers my eyes. Yes, my eyes, still gold surrounded by black, and they remained just as bright and creepy as they were all those years ago. My nails were still black. Oh, and my tongue was blue! How cool is that?

Anyways, now that I've told you everything you need to know, let's move on to the story of when my life took a one eighty...