Ichigo's POV

Despite there being no wind, my hair still blew around in my face. A cool breeze wrapped around my body, but the sun kept me warm. I must've been thirty feet in the air already, and I was still getting higher. I gripped the arm rest of the swing I sat in, Shiro's hand still in my other one. We were on the Wind Seeker, a giant swing ride that was supposedly the highest ride in the whole park.

Shiro smiled at me. I could see the genuine joy in his eyes. I closed my eyes and sighed happily, letting the slow and sweet rhythm of this ride fill me with relaxation. I had let Shiro pick what ride he wanted to go on, since I had made all the choices so far, and he picked this one. I wasn't at all surprised. I knew that, despite having such a naturally creepy exterior, on the inside he wasn't as bad as all his titles suggested. Since I had found out about him being a Vampire, I was finally able to relax in his presence this morning.

I could hear Shiro laughing. I opened my eyes to look at him, and found that he was in the exact same position I was just in. His arms were extended out beside him, his eyes closed, his mouth wide in a smile and his hair blew wildly in the breeze.

Not that I wasn't already, but this had just confirmed it, I was madly in love with this man.

After we got down it was lunch time. With our hands still linked together, we approached a pizza place. Inside there were tons of people, and I half expected we'd be waiting for hours to get our food.

"Take a seat at a table, your choice," Shiro instructed me.

"What about you?"

"I'll stand in line. It could be a while… what do you want?"

"Pizza." He laughed. "Peperoni I guess. With onions and mushrooms."

"That sounds good." Shiro replied. He gave me a soft kiss on the forehead then took his place in line. I had to let go of his hand, which saddened me a bit, but I knew he'd be back by my side in no time. I browsed the restaurant for a table, but it didn't look like there were any available. I sighed and looked out a window. There across the pink pavement were a bunch of empty tables. I glanced at Shiro who was occupied with the menu. I shrugged to myself, He can track you down, remember? He is Vampire.

I nodded and went outside. Taking a few twists and turns to avoid contact with other park goers, I eventually made it to a table, which would serve as our table for now. The chair wasn't all that comfy, but it wasn't too bad either.

I found myself sitting there for a good twenty minutes. There was still no sign of Shiro, but a lot of people had begun to clear out of the pizza place, so I assumed it wouldn't be too long. However, all thoughts vanished when my face would up in a pair of large assets.

"Well aren't you just the cutest little thing~!" I heard a high pitch voice squeal. I tried to push away, but I couldn't get my arms around these giant… well… boobs… I felt my cheeks warm up at that. I was awkward with anything that had to do with women. I was gay, completely gay, I knew that, but it was still embarrassing to be held like this.

"Ooops~!" She shrieked, pulling away. I recognized this girl… "Hey, aren't you in one of my classes?" She asked.

Yes! That's where I recognized her from! That and Shiro's office on the day that he... I felt my cheeks burn up. "You're Neliel, in my History class, right? At the College?"

"Mmmhmm… That's right!" Neliel twirled her hair on her fingers. "So, what are you gonna be?"

"I'm studying to be a Doctor, or a Cop. Something my dad and my mom used to do before I was born."

"That's sweet." She leaned in closer to me. Neliel, and I dare say, flexed the assets on her chest attempting to knock them out of shirt. "Y'know something Ichigo? Your name means strawberry… and I'd like to know why."

Shit. She was doing exactly what I hoped she wasn't doing. "Umm… I can see what you're trying to say. But Nel, I'm here on a date…"

"Oh? Well, I don't see her." Neliel replied with a quick glance around. She leaned over me, putting one hand on my shoulder and the other started searching for my thigh. I took the lower hand away from any personal areas, and just started scooting back when I was finally delivered with my saving angel.

"Well hello, Mrs. Oderschvank." Shiro greeted casually. He placed two plates of pizza down on the table, reaching between me and Neliel, and successfully cutting her off.

Neliel took a few moments to read the situation, and then turned to me. "You mean… you're gay!?"

I shrugged and gave a half-hearted smile that didn't reach my eyes.

"You freak!" Neliel screamed. The words hurt, but I'd hurt them a lot. She raised her arm high and I prepared myself for the slap that never came. Faster than the time it took for me to blink, Shiro was behind Neliel, holding her arm high in the air.

I could almost see the venom in his words. "I think it's time that you took your leave, Mrs. Oderschvank. I advise that you stay clear of my date, or I will not hesitate to use force." I could see the tears gather in Neliel's eyes as Shiro tightened his grip, but when he let her go she seemed completely unharmed. I was still watching her run when Shiro sat down beside me.

My cheeks were still warm, but before I could hide my blush I was asked about it.

"I'm sorry… you seem like you liked her."

"N-No…" I replied. My voice wasn't helping. "I'm not bi or anything like that. I don't like women in that way." I thought I had better explain. "She was the girl who walked in to talk to you that day in your office… th-the same d-day that y-you…" The rest of the words wouldn't form on my tongue. It wasn't like me to get tied up like I was, but there was nothing I could do.

Shiro smiled his usual grin and I could tell he knew exactly what I was trying to say. My face heated up drastically, and it didn't help that he leaned in and kissed my nose. "You should really act shy more often…" He spoke while running fingers through my hair. "You're really cute."

I swear my face probably shamed a rose. I was blushing so hard right now; it was like nothing I had ever experienced before. I only prayed that my mom didn't walk by and see us. That'd be embarrassing.

Shiro link our arms together then picked up a slice of his pizza and started eating. He didn't seem to enjoy it, and it wasn't like he was trying to act like he did. The big secret was out either way, and I liked how he wasn't being deceptive anymore.

I picked up my pizza and took a bite. It wasn't the best thing I had ever had, but it definitely wasn't the worst. The cheese melted in my mouth, the sauce a little overdone but still good. There were also the mushrooms and onions, grilled to perfection.

I could hear Shiro laughing as I ate. I assumed my reaction was what humored him. I suppose it was only natural. He was watching a human eat, probably finding it hard to understand why we ate such garbage.

A little later we had discarded our paper plates and were making our way to White Water Canyon. By the time we got there it was hot. Luckily we stood in the shade. I kept glancing at Shiro, worried that he was burning up. Not literally. It was just… he wasn't exactly wearing weather appropriate clothing.

"Don't scowl like that," Shiro instructed. I could feel my scowl deepen. He grinned crookedly, catching my chin with his thumb and index. Then his lips were against mine, a small and sweet kiss in the sunlight. "Stop worrying so much Ichi. It doesn't show nicely on your adorable face."

I was pouting now, my cheeks heating up, and I could see the adoration shining in his eyes. That damn bastard was amused with my awkwardness. It was strange how I could read him. His face was like no other. Or maybe I just didn't pay as much attention to everyone else as I did to him. The next thing I noticed I really wished I hadn't. His eyes lit up in hunger.

Shiro's POV

I shouldn't have kissed him. I knew better than to do something like that, especially in the sun, but I hadn't thought of it until now. My fingers slowly thread through his amazingly orange hair. My other hand locked on to his shoulder. I tried holding my breath, but instinct had my face nuzzling his neck, taking a deep inhale of his intoxicating scent.

"Shiro," his warm breath burned my ear. His voice seemed to calm me, freeze me to my place. "How long has it been… since you last fed?"

"A day," I answered quietly. I knew he still heard me. "But the sun tends to dehydrate my kind much faster. That's why we're sometimes called night stalkers. The thirst intensifies under the sun, so we make a habit of hunting at night."

I could feel his pulse quicken as I spoke. I was scaring him, but that was expected. Ichigo had to know the danger he was in, he had to know what kind of a freak I was.

My teeth ghosted over the scab left by the last time I'd bitten him. It took every last ounce of my will to keep my fangs in the back of my skull. It was up to Ichigo, what he chose to do, what he chose to say… I might just slip, and there would go my sanity.

Ichigo did something I didn't expect. With strength he shouldn't of been able to have, he jerked free of my hold on his shoulder. Then he kissed my cheek and whispered dully, "If you asked do you think I'd reject you? I trust you Shiro and, night stalker or not, I will always love you."

Ah. Lust. Such a powerful thing. And even to someone like Ichigo, it can take part of your mind into the shadows. It would seem I've found his shameful addiction, my bite. Ichigo wrapped his arms around my neck, smartly hiding his neck from the view of others. I was nearing my limit, my thirst just about to consume me, when I sunk my fangs in his neck. His blood coated my throat, easing the itchy burning I felt throughout my body. We may never know, but Ichigo might've just saved a lot of people's lives.

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