Third Person POV

As Shiro and Ichigo spent their time together, time seemed to fly way too fast. As it went, they ended up having to bolt to Shiro's car and take every short cut possible in order to make it to the movies on time.

About half an hour later they arrived with time to spare. Shiro, much to Ichigo's protesting, paid for the tickets and the popcorn, and then they entered.

The movie was about a high school boy (totally not related to Ichigo in any way, of course) who met a Shinigami (nope, not Rukia at all) and became one to save his family. He continues to fight for the Shinigami girl until two men (Not Renji or Byakuya) come to take the Shinigami girl away. He enters their world (it definitely wasn't called the Soul Society) to save her from being executed, and on the way he has to fight three strong Shinigami (Ikkaku, Kenpachi and Renji non-related). The ending was a plot twist, and when a younger Shinigami girl (she isn't Momo) was thought to be killed, Ichigo was clinging to Shiro's shirt and hand almost ready to cry.

Instead of making fun of the boy, Shiro leaned over and gently rubbed Ichigo's back. About a minute later Ichigo found himself half asleep in Shiro's arms. His gaze was still fixed on the movie screen, and his mind was all there too, he just wasn't fully in control of his body. So it came as a surprise when the movie finished and Ichigo sat up on Shiro's lap.

Ichigo's face turned red. He slowly stood up, muttering "Sorry" as he did so, only to have arms wrap around his waist and pull him back down.

"Sh-Shiro!" Ichigo squeaked.

Shiro grinned. "Yes Ichi? Is there a problem?"

"Y-Yes there's a problem! Y-You're- Ahh..."

Shiro placed his cold lips against Ichigo's neck and gently kissed his heated skin. He trailed gentle kisses up Ichigo's skin until the orangette leaned back and gave him access to his mouth. Ichigo melted into Shiro's arms and gently rolled over to gain more access. He placed his hands on Shiro's shoulders as Shiro placed his hands on Ichigo's hips and gently squeezed.

When they finally broke apart, Ichigo was panting and snuggled up against Shiro's neck. They sat there for a few minutes before Ichigo stood and pulled Shiro up with him.

He smiled and took the still-not-known-to-be-Vampire's hand. "Thanks Shiro. This has been the best day of my life."

Shiro smiled back and gently squeezed Ichigo's hand. "It's been mine too."

That's how they left the theater. No matter how many awkward stares they received – mainly because of Shiro's eyes or Ichigo's hair – they kept their hands together and didn't let go until they reached Shiro's car.

That's when Ichigo froze, panic quickly possessing his features. "Shit," he muttered, and he began to feel around each of his pockets.

"What's wrong Ichigo?"

"I think I left my phone back in the theater." Ichigo stopped checking his pockets and looked up. "Sorry, I'll be right back."

"No worries Ichi. I'll be here."

Ichigo nodded, turned around and ran back inside. As he entered the door, Shiro noticed two or three men point him out, nod and follow him inside. Shiro's eyes narrowed dangerously as he too went back into the movie theater.

Ichigo felt a wave of relief after finding his Nokia still sitting in the cup holder. He picked it up and stuffed it in his back pocket. Ichigo did a quick glance around to see if he'd forgotten anything else, but after a few minutes deemed it clear. He then began to shuffle out of the row of seats when two men appeared blocking his exists from either side.

"Where do you think you're going?" the large and rather round man asked.

"Outside," Ichigo replied, calm and simple.

The second man, a tall and skinny guy, chuckled. "Sorry boy, but you're not going anywhere."

Both men spread their arms out wide as if they intended to hug Ichigo. As they went in to catch him, Ichigo jumped over the row of seats in front of him and bolted for the exit door. Once he reached the door, the third man stepped in his way.

The tall man and the fat man came up behind him, and the third man, the man with the knife, pressed said object to Ichigo's throat and hissed, "You're money. Now."

"Bad night to rob me. I got nothing," Ichigo replied, an honest tone in his voice - even though his wallet made a clear indent in his back pocket.

"Ya got a nice body, shame if something scarred that nice tanned skin."

Ichigo shot them a glare and each man laughed.

Another person appeared in the door way, his figure casting an eerie shadow across the floor to where Ichigo stood pinned against the wall. Ichigo couldn't see him, but he knew the voice all well. "Drop him and nobody gets hurt."

"Oh yeah, says who?" the fat man asked.

Shiro walked over, his gold eyes glowing angrily in the dark theater. "Says the guy who'll break every bone in your body if you don't back off now."

Even Ichigo felt shivers go down his spine.

"J-Jack... l-let 'im go," the tall man stuttered.

The man with the knife, Jack backed away and Ichigo ran to safety behind Shiro. Shiro put his arms around Ichigo's shoulders and squeezed them softly in a way that calmed Ichigo's heart and comforted the teen. Together they walked back out of the theater.

"Are you alright?" Shiro asked softly, brushing Ichigo's bangs to the side.

Ichigo nodded. "A little shaken... and I don't even want to think about what they might've done to me if you hadn't shown up."

Shiro chuckled, though this time it wasn't his usual entertained chuckle. This time Shiro sounded like he was in pain, as if it had been him in trouble back there and not Ichigo. "They're pathetic low-life's... thinking they can hurt people and get away with it."

Ichigo remained silent as Shiro's grip tightened around him. He stared down at his and Shiro's feet, thinking back at the look in Shiro's eyes. It was almost murderous, almost as if they'd stolen a prized possession. Ichigo sighed a little. He didn't quite like the idea of being a possession...

Suddenly the sound of motorcycle wheels could be heard. Ichigo whipped his head to the left. Looking past Shiro's head, he could see three sets of lights coming down the road. "There they are!" screamed the voice of the taller man.

The man with the knife spoke next. "Kill them."

As they came rushing towards Shiro and Ichigo a very peculiar thing happened. It took about half a second, but what happened was all too clear. Shiro let go of Ichigo and brought his left hand forward. With it he caught the wheel of the motorcycle.

"Wha... what the hell?" The tall man cried in disbelief.

Shiro pushed the bike back. He stretched out his leg, eyes glowing in anger, and kicked off the wheel of the fat man's bike and it landed square in the man with the knife's face. The taller man kicked his motorcycle into full speed and drove straight for Ichigo. Shiro growled, his eyes lighting a blaze as he stopped the motorcycle dead with his foot. Shiro glared into the taller man's eyes. The taller man didn't waste any time in abandoning his bike to save his own skin.

Ichigo stood half amazed and half shocked.

The other two men fled from their bikes and chased after the tall man into the dark. If it wasn't for Ichigo, Shiro would've chased and killed every single one of them.

"How... did you...?"

"C'mon Ichigo. I'll take you home."

"Uh huh..." Ichigo murmured, eyes still glued to the scene.

Shiro took his hand and gently pulled Ichigo to the car, Ichigo's feet moving but his mind not quite following Shiro yet.

I realise this chapter is kinda short... but the next one is 2000 words... so bear with me.

Anyways... this leads us into Twilight zone. -.-' I know it's a bad place to be, but Twilight had a few clever moments and I'm gonna use one of them in the next Chapter.

(It's not the "You're a Vampire!" Bella-Edward moment, in case you were wondering.)

I dunno... blame it on my Mom for wanting to watch Twilight with me, but that's what you're gonna get. :P