Ichigo wanted to slap himself in the face. No, really, that's how stupid he felt right now. He sat in front of a computer in the far corner of the library and was currently fighting the urge to laugh. The computer screen in front of him had the webpage "Google" open and in the search box he had written "great strength."

Ichigo wasn't even sure why he was doing this, but after his previous encounter with Shiro, he wasn't sure what to think. The man had flawlessly stopped two bikers from colliding with Ichigo using nothing more than his bare hands.

The orangette sighed and was about to stand up when curiosity got the best of him. He hit enter on the keyboard and watched as millions of result popped up on screen.

After scrolling to the bottom of the page he nodded. This is exactly what's supposed to pop up Ichigo. What did you expect?

He was about to close the page when he changed "great strength" to "inhuman strength."

Ichigo clicked the first link that popped up and read through it. "A plethora of comic book superheroes and supervillains usually have a degree of super strength. The level of strength portrayed can vary greatly, from just outside the "normal" human range of the strongest weightlifters of a given size or muscle mass (e.g. unarmored Master Chief), to nearly or even unlimited (e.g. Hulk, Superman, Thor, and Goku)."

Yeah, that's it! You're dating the hulk! Ichigo joked to himself. He went back to Google and typed in "white skin."

Nothing but a bunch of beauty ads popped up.

He then tried "pale skin."

Nothing but symptom warnings and scary pictures.

Ichigo rolled his eyes and thought about Shiro some more. He knew he had white skin... he was an albino... but was his skin supposed to be cold? Ichigo went back to Google and typed in "cold skin."

More medical symptoms... Just when Ichigo was about to give up, a link at the bottom of the page caught his eye.

He received this ad:

"Thank you for visiting the Allen & Unwin website. We're not here right now, but we'll be even bigger, better and brighter when we return!

Please check back soon."

Ichigo frowned and sat back in his chair. He thought about Shiro for a while before deciding to do a search on his eyes. He typed in "gold and black eye color" then hit enter.

Make up tips and pictures popped up on screen. Ichigo paused to imagine what Shiro might've looked like with black and gold eye shadow. About a minute later he burst into laughter. Ichigo wiped a tear from his eye and scrolled down the page to find... Twilight?

Yes, you read right, Twilight, the book with the vampires and all that sparkling shit. (I actually kinda liked Twilight. It has its moments! ^_^) Sure enough Ichigo found a link to yahoo questions asking "What do Edward's different eye colors mean again?"

He sighed and clicked the link finding lots of information. All of it was useless.

Ichigo closed his eyes and sighed. Yup, that was the answer to what was going on here. He was Bella and Shiro was Edward in some twisted, messed up version of Twilight. And right now he was playing the part where Bella searched frantically for an answer as to what Edward was. A... Vampire.

No. It couldn't be.

And yet Ichigo did it anyways. He searched the word "Vampire" and clicked a Wikipedia article. The words that stood out most were "almost human" and "...could also be described as albino men or women."

Ichigo swallowed nervously, but then shook his head. This was all bull shit, right?

He went back to Google and typed in "signs of a Vampire." He clicked the first link and watched as an inverted in color page – reminding him of Shiro's eyes – appeared on his screen. As he scrolled down he came across a list that read,

"Physical characteristics:
Pale skin
Sensitivity to sunlight physically (i.e., sunburn easily) and/or visually
Visual sensitivity to any light source
Better night vision than day vision
Eye color changing with mood or for no apparent reason
Heightened senses
Unaccounted-for strength (i.e., stronger than one should be without working out) and quick reflexes
Often feels hungry and/or thirsty despite an adequate food diet
Extreme cravings for certain types of food or extreme cravings that cannot be satisfied with food
Often feel run down, fatigued, tired despite an adequate food diet and activity level
Frequent headaches for no apparent reason
Does not require very much sleep
Able to heal quicker than others
Often get sick with "flu-like" symptoms with no medical explanation when they go without feeding for a period of time"

There was no fucking way Shiro could be a Vampire. And yet all of these seemed to perfectly describe him. Shiro definitely had pale skin, and Ichigo never really saw Shiro outside when the sun shone its brightest. In fact, most of the time Shiro was with Ichigo it had been cloudy or close to night time. Then there was the sunset, but Ichigo had been on Shiro's lap hence hiding in his shadow.

Ichigo tried to shake those thoughts away, but they just kept coming.

Shiro had been working in his office under a very dim light. Ichigo could barely see. Then when Neliel came in and flicked on the lights, Shiro had covered his eyes for a few seconds. Ichigo thought it had just been the sudden flash bothering him, but could it have been more?

No... It's impossible!

At lunch Shiro's eye color dulled as he stared off uncomfortably into space. And he hadn't eaten much either. When Ichigo pulled Shiro out of his thoughts, he smiled warmly and his eyes glowed. That counted for something, right?

Then thinking back even more... Shiro always had water near or around him. There was a water fountain just outside of Shiro's office, the Chinese Restaurant certainly had water, there was water at the party and in Shiro's car there was a whole package of water bottles in the back.

That was all true, but the rest didn't add up. Well, it wasn't like Ichigo knew if Shiro slept at night or not... but he never seemed tired. Nor did he get sudden illnesses. And it wasn't like Ichigo could test Shiro for any heightened skills.

There was the strength though. Ichigo felt his firm grip every time Shiro touched him. And then there were the bikers... and how Shiro stopped a bike with his bare hand.

Finally Ichigo's thoughts seemed to die down. He went back to his Google search and continued looking around.

That's when he came across a link called "The King of the Vampires."

Ichigo clicked it out of pure curiosity.

What came up was a black page with red writing. It read:

"The Vampire King is known first and foremost as the leader of the Vampires. He is also the first Vampire to ever walk this earth. Legends of myths tell of the King's power over other Vampires, he is immune to whatever power they possess and is also immune to many of their weaknesses. Such include sun light and loss of sanity. He is far stronger than any other Vampire and therefore must drink from a fresh mortal at least once a day."

It continued on to say that no one has ever survived an encounter with the King, and even dared to say that he was mainly a legend created to scare young children into coming home at night. As well as even a legend to other Vampires so that they'd be kept in line.

That's where Ichigo stopped reading. He couldn't dare continue this Vampire nonsense any more. However there were a few pictures, most of which were almost empty grey squares.

But there was one that really stood out, and that was one with a white blur. The picture was black and white with the old fashioned lens flares and circles. There were two trees on either side of the blur. Ichigo enlarged the picture and gasped at what he saw. It seemed to be human shaped and right about where the head was were two pairs of white on black eyes.

Ichigo swallowed the gathered saliva in his mouth and let out a breath he didn't even know he was holding. The caption said "Taken in the early 1900s by a man named Benjamin Ale Xavier. Supposedly this is the only proof and evidence of the unnamed Vampire King's existence."

Ichigo closed the window and looked away from the screen. He stood up from his chair, threw his jacket over his shoulder and nearly bolted from the library.

He was oblivious to the pairs of eyes watching him through the window.

About halfway down the street Ichigo turned into an alley way, mumbling and growling random words under his breath.

It wasn't until he felt warm breath against the back of his neck that he stopped.

"Do you know who I am?" he asked, the one who'd been watching him in the window, with a dark hiss.

Ichigo gasped, taking in a huge amount of the night's air, and he was terrified completely. He turned around slowly when his legs allowed movement again and came face to face with the exact person he thought it was – Shiro.

"I'll ask you again," Shiro growled darkly, taking Ichigo's hands roughly into his own. "Do you know who I am?"

"Shiro," Ichigo said instantly.

"Give me a little more than that."

"Y-You... you can't be..." was all Ichigo was able to say as his voice bailed on him.

Ichigo watched in fear as sharp, smooth fangs slid over Shiro's canine teeth. Despite being used to suck blood they were still perfectly white. A sharp pain shot up Ichigo's back as Shiro pressed him roughly against the wall. His golden orbs lit up with hunger as he leaned in towards Ichigo's neck.

Despite being scared, Ichigo didn't want to run, nor did he want to leave. What he did next startled even Shiro – Ichigo leaned his head away from Shiro, further exposing his neck, and hissed, "Do it."

There was a sick pop as Shiro's fangs penetrated Ichigo's skin. Ichigo flinched, expecting to feel pain, but instead pleasure rocketed throughout his body. It was something close to what he felt yesterday only more intense. It was hard for his mind to keep up with the pleasure and the dizzy/high fog.

Shiro couldn't remember the last time a meal had ever tasted so good. He almost didn't want to stop, it was probably a bad thing too that he hadn't fed in a few days. He heard Ichigo moan and remembered who exactly it was that sat so helplessly in his arms. Shiro pulled away, careful not to rip any more of Ichigo's perfect skin than he had to. He gazed into Ichigo's beautifully lust filled eyes as he slowly licked the remains of Ichigo's precious blood from his lips.

As Ichigo came down from his high, his mind had finally fully registered what was going on and he murmured the words, "Let me go."

Shiro blinked.

"Let me go, please... I need some space."

Shiro backed away.

"Was... was that...? Did you bite me?" Ichigo asked.

"I..." Shiro looked down. "I'm sorry... I shouldn't have."

"No," Ichigo disagreed. "That... was amazing."

Shiro looked back up at Ichigo, his dulled eyes slightly returning to a confident gold.

The human jumped forward at the Vampire, latching onto him like a six year old girl to her father. "You're amazing Shiro, no matter what you are."

"Ichigo..." Shiro felt ready to cry, happily of course, but cry he would. He slowly wrapped his arms around Ichigo and pulled him close, but was careful not to crush him. "Thank you Ichigo... for accepting me."

Ichigo chuckled. "I don't think I'd have much of a choice. I don't want to live a life without you Mr. King of the Vampires."

Shiro chuckled too and they both pulled slightly back from the hug but kept their arms around each other. "Actually," Shiro corrected, "it's Shirosaki-sama."

"Oh we've got a big shot here!" Ichigo shouted quietly. He placed his lips on Shiro's before instantly pulling away. "Agh... that's nasty."

Shiro grinned, "Actually... I think you're the best thing I've ever tasted."



"That's not really comforting Shiro."