Four, a "Great" Father

This is what Tobias Eaton considered a perfect day:

Tris was in the kitchen, the smell of pancakes wafting out from the window. Tobias sat in the living room in his plush chair, reading a book and drinking coffee. The light poured in from the front window, making the living room rather warm. The TV was on, showing some rather weird cartoon. His son, Will, laid sprawled across the sofa, frowning in concentration at the show. His blonde hair was messy, considering he'd just woken up. He also had blue eyes, obviously from his mother. All the looks from Tris, everyone told him.

"Breakfast is almost ready." Tris called from the kitchen. Tobias cocked his head in time to catch a glimpse of her messy bun. Tris was wearing her usual "messy cooking outfit" as she called it: black jeans and a white undershirt, her hair in a bun.

Tobias put the book down and reached over to the coffee table, where a box sat untouched. He opened it quietly and slipped out a plastic gun from the packaging. This caight William's attention, but Tobias put his finger to his lips.

"Is that a gun?" He whispered, leaning forward towards the toy.

"It's a toy. But it looks like it, huh?"


"Want to prank your mom?" Tobias said softly. Will nodded, already jumping up and down in front of him. He nodded eagerly, flashing a glance at his mother in the kitchen. She hummed, completely unsuspecting.

"Pretend to shoot, but like with sound effects, okay? Then make a run for it."

"Okay. I'll do it."

Tobias handed the plastic gun to his son, watching with an smirk as he opened the kitchen door.

"Pew. Pew. Pew." He said, waving the gun in front of Tris. There was a loud shriek and soon enough Will came running out of the kitchen.

"TOBIAS HE HAS A GUN. TOBIAS TAKE IT FROM HIM. TOBIAS. ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME?" She shouts, running after Will, who had gone into his room. But then she started crying, the tears streaming down her face rather quickly. She sobbed into her hands, but Tobias immediately stood up and held her against his chest. He rubbed her back absently.

"It's plastic, Tris. It was a joke." He murmured, tilting her head up. She blinked a few times.

"Tobias y-you know. You know what happened to Will." She stuttered, sobbing and gasping.

"I know. I'm sorry."

Will glanced from his doorway, padding down to the living room and putting the toy gun on the table.

"Sorry." He mumbled, joining in on the hug. Tris leaned down and hugged him back.

"'S okay. Just promise me you'll never use guns, okay?" She said softly. Will nodded.

"Go play outside." She told him, watching the young boy run out into the porch. She stood up again, smiling at Tobias.

"Sorry." He muttered.

"Just kiss me." She breathed.

And he obliged.