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Chapter 6: the villain chooses a victim

"No, no, no, she will never do. She's too young. PITCH!" called a voice that belonged to a man hidden in the shadows. All you see is his red eyes and the light emanating from through the crystal ball in front of him.

"But you have to use her! I want that frost spirit to pay! Take what he cares most about and crush it into a thousand pieces!" Our least favorite boogeyman stepped into the light. "But you can't use Tooth, they'll notice and stop us." Pitch pondered.

"Then who can I use!?" yelled the voice of the now annoyed creepy mystery dude.

Just then a light bulb moment happened to Pitch. "What about that "precious" spring spirit? She's like a sister to Jack, and isn't she that rodent's girlfriend? Can you use her?"

"Only one way to find out" replied the voice.

The scene in the crystal ball started to change. From Brittany reading, on her tablet past midnight / texting a friend, to Lily and Aster surrounded by books, on the bed talking.

"She's the perfect offering. Let's go get her."

"The guardians will pay for defeating me and I will destroy them all that they care about and whoever gets in my way." Pitch monologued.

"And together, I will be ruler of the world and you can spread everlasting fear. Mwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah ahahahahahahahaha!"

(Brittany's pov)

I wake with a jolt and look at the clock, 8:30, that's pretty early for a late start Wednesday. Which means, school starts an hour later. I didn't have anything better to do, so reread the conversation that I had with Maddy last night.

Bold= Maddy

Italics= Brittany

So let me get this straight. Jack, is actually Jack Frost and you're his girlfriend and the movie rise of the guardians actually happened but in an alternate universe?

Yes and I was a part of it, I just wasn't in the movie, I'll write it down in a story, it was the new material I told you about.

Brittany, I think you finally lost it, and if you're telling the truth, I want some proof.

Why can't you just believe me?

Brittany, you're asking me to believe that you hung out with Santa, the Tooth fairy, the Sandman, Jack flipping Frost and the Easter bunny. The Easter Bunny!? Brittany you can do better than that.

Idk if that was supposed to be an insult or not, but you need to believe me. And if they're here then that meanssomething huge isabout to happen

I still want proof

I'll bring you your proof just give me some time

Whatever, listen I need to go to sleep, just got caught, see ya


I sighed, 'now where am I going to get some proof'. As I'm getting up, I hear a thump, something collided with the floor. I look over nearly fall out of my bed. In front of me was….. my… my… my pink wand!.

I'm completely star struck, 'Manny must of given this back to me while I was sleeping'.

Maddy didn't believe me when I told her, and now I have the proof that she wanted. I figured that Manny only gave me this so I can protect myself, since I'm mortal again. But it's perfect proof, now let's see if I remember how to use it.

Wait scratch that, it's five minutes till my alarm goes off. Guess I better get ready for school, and if I have time, try it out when my mom isn't looking.

(a few hours later)

Why out all the times did a lock down had to happen today? Why couldn't it have been on a day where I had to present something or a day where we had a test? NO! Instead here we are, in fifth period hiding because something is happening at Centaurs. Wow, that sounded very selfish.

Sorry, just I get scared and annoyed during these things.

I look over to Jack next to me and looks terrified.

"what's wrong snow cone?" I haven't called him snow cone in some time.

"It's just that, Lilt and Aster go there."

I paled. I forgot about them, I hope they're ok.

"Who are they?" Liam asked over my shoulder.

"Aster is my older brother and Lily is his girlfriend, but she's like a sister to me." Jack looked at the ground we were sitting on.

"I'm sure they're fine." Liam comforted him. I just held his hand and rested my head on his shoulder.

"Ok, we just got the word, that rest of school is canceled and you need to go directly home. Go and fast!" Mr. Hosteder called out.

Jack got up faster than me and pulled me through the crowd. My wand was in my shoe and when Jack and I met up with Maddy, I took it out.

"Oh, my, god! You weren't kidding!"exclaimed Maddy, as we grabbed what we needed out of our lockers and shoved them into our backpacks.

"What do you mean? Did she tell you anything?"Jack asked Maddy.

I mentally face palmed. Was I even supposed to tell her?! Too late now, but then I got an idea before Maddy could tell Jack that I spilled the beans. "I told her I had a wand."

Jack looked at me and nodded. I got everything in my backpack first and Jack followed seconds later. Maddy took a little longer, but there was no way I was going to leave her behind.

When she stood up, Jack grabbed my hand and booked it. I was able to grab Maddy, before we managed to leave her behind.

"Jack…. I…. have…asthma!" I breathed. But he managed to hear it and he stopped. I almost fell over and Maddy needed to catch her breath as well.

"So, does your wand work?" Maddy asked as we hid in the tunnels under South Boulder Road, by Angevine.

"Yes, but I can't show you now." I coughed afterwards.

"You need to get home. I don't want you getting sick." Jack pointed at me.

"Its fine, it happens after I run. Plus, I left my inhaler at home. So my throat is just dry." I told them and cleared my throat "I don't need to be home till 4:30 cause I need to pick up my brother from his bus. I can stay with you till 4:15, in case my mom comes early or the bus comes early AGAIN!"

"Why would you want to stay with me?"

"I want to stay for two reasons. 1, is that, why wouldn't I want to stay with my friends. And 2, is that, knowing you, you're probably going to investigate Centaurs, and I want to come." I smiled.

"I'm in!" Maddy announced. Jack smirked and headed out the other end of the tunnel. "Then I suggest that we drop off our stuff.

We went to our houses and for some reason, Jack and Maddy came to my house. My guess, Centaurs is right behind me.

When we finished hopping the fence and the second one to get out of the football field, we heard a blood curdling scream. Then someone (it had to be Bunny (I mean Aster)) yelled "LILY!"

Then, Jack fainted.