Len Kagamine: 1st person p.o.v.

I was thrown into the dumps again . . . Oh well. I should be used to this by now. I get up, dust my waiter uniform off and head back into the restaurant that I work part-time at. I don't have time to worry about getting bullied right now. I need to work and earn a living. My younger twin sister is back at our run-down apartment building doing her homework . . . hopefully. It's about to be nine o'clock, meaning my shift's almost over and then I'll ride my bike home—although those thugs stole it . . . again. It pisses me off but it's no biggie . . . I could always run here (my job), it'll be a good exercise.

"Kagamine! Thanks for your work today! You can go home now," my manager yelled at me from across the restaurant, where I was cleaning tables.

"Okay! Great work today." I bowed to my manager and before I left, he said he'll give me a raise. Man, that's great news!

I ended up taking the bus home. Once I got to the apartment, once again, I tried to avoid contact with the thugs that always hung around outside. I successfully made it inside without any problems. As I was on the elevator going up to the sixth floor of the apartment, I remembered when I was growing up, I was always made fun of by how foreign I looked from the rest of my Japanese peers. I can't help that I'm half Russian, but I was born and raised in Japan, so I had to deal with the harassment. As for my twin sister, Rin, I made sure nobody bullied her. I had everyone that ever tried to bully my sister bully me. I took twice the beating for the both of us, which has made me stronger through the years. I'm seventeen now, and my sister, who's become a little snobby, has known not to bring me any other problems other than to help her out with stuff like homework because of all I've done for her.

"Welcome home, Onii-chan!" Rin greeted me happily. She seemed to be doing fine, even though she's left alone for five hours because I have work on the weekdays.

"It's good to be back," I say, tapping her soft head. "Did you finish your homework?" Rin nodded.

"I made you dinner," Rin said, bringing my plate to me at the dinner table.

"Thanks for the meal, Rin." As I was eating, Rin sat across from me telling me all about her day. How this girl named Meiko thought she was everything.

"You know, she doesn't even look like she's in high school," Rin told me. I snorted. I continued to eat. Rin began, covering the side of her mouth, "You know, I heard that she drinks a lot of beer."

Once I finished, I clapped my hands together, "Thank you for the food," and put away my dirty dishes.

"Okay Rin, time for bed. Did you take your shower yet?" I asked my sister. She nodded. Rin looked so tired, despite her enthusiastic appearance. "Okay then, I'll sing for you. C'mon."

I and Rin sung together, "Butterfly on Your Right Shoulder" until she finally drifted off into her sleep, snoring softly.

I took my shower and did the rest of my unfinished homework until it was 12:30. It was a Thursday night, and I have to pay the bills tomorrow afternoon. So I finally went to bed. Another tiring day. This was my routine for at least four years. Ever since Mom and Dad got divorced and could no longer care for us, Rin and I. So I had to step up and be the man. I had to be more matured than everybody else. I can't joke around with my friends anymore because they have no worries.

They don't have to worry about avoiding thugs, or getting robbed, or evicted. They don't have part-time jobs because they have parents that care for them. I don't have time to hang out and go on dates, which is why I've saved all of that for Rin. Obviously, I'm still pondering on the dating thing for her.

I finally fell asleep after thinking about so many things. I'd be worn out and awake every day, like a hyper dog, or a child. I don't have work tomorrow, so school and bills are the only things to worry about. Rin, too, of course, but we go to the same high school.

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