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Chapter 3

"Len . . ." Rin says one early morning at breakfast.

"Yes?" I take a bite out of my toast and continue looking up a job in the newspaper I found by the doors of the apartment.

"Are you going to go to college at all?" she asks. I stop eating and look at her.

"It would be so much easier if we had parents, Rin. But . . . we're the same age; we both need to go to college, that's double the loan. We have enough for that, we even have enough to buy our own house . . . It's just that, I need to keep working."

"We have enough money."

"I know."

"You don't need to work anymore," Rin insists. Again with this? It's always this conversation.

"Fine, Rin. I'll talk with some of the teachers to help me get a scholarship that way I don't have to pay as much. You should try that as well—or I'll do that for you because you stutter when it comes to business and you break all connections," I say.

"I do not!" she yells at me. I nod.

"Sure you do." I take a sip of my banana smoothie before continuing. Rin gets out an orange to start making her fresh orange juice with too much sugar.

"After I get my scholarship, once I start college, I won't be living on campus, I have to take care of the apartment and stuff."

"What?" Rin says, scaring herself by the loudness of her voice, almost dropping her juice. I hold my hand up.

"As for you, you can live on campus if you want. Neru could even be your roommate," I say. Neru Akita is one of our friends.

"But she talks about you a lot," Rin complained.

"Oh well," I joked. We started laughing. I was glad that Rin was finally happy.

"Yay! You're going to college!" Rin sung happily.

"Not yet, Rin."

"But you will." I gave up protesting against her.

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