Second Chance


(It was the year 2037. There were multiple virus bombings all over the world. The foreign waste from the bombs mixed together and caused the victims of the bombings to become infected with a disease in the brain that was named the (Leaching Worm) by the CDC before it was bombed as well. The virus caused its victims to go insane and learn like an intelligent insanity to kill anything that moved that they didn't see as one of them was what they did. Only 1/8th of the human population was immune to this virus. In hope of survival many humans fled to a rumored base known only as The True Stars. It was an organization that was devoted to putting a stop to the virus. This is the story of its leaders, Seiji Ro (The mysterious yet quirky creator of the base.), Joe Quorts (The most talented gun expert.), and Logan Vame (The boy who woke up to this world with no memory but yet had secrets of his own to discover.) For 12 years these three fought countless battles and they were able to kill many of the beings behind these operations. However the last leader; Manifest has driven them to a standstill and on May 20th 2049, these three have stayed behind after a lost battle in order to protect their friends while their allies escapes to their back to their stronghold.)

*Logan was thinking back to when he was with the others.*


Ryoko: "You can't just throw your life away like this!"

* Logan hugs Ryoko*

Logan: "I'm not going to let anyone else I care about die to their forces. I love you Ryoko and I want to protect you so you can live to fight another day. You know that I wouldn't do something this drastic if there was another way."

Ryoko: "I already lost Lance; don't make me suffer like-."

*Logan then kissed her before she could finish her scentence.*

Ryoko: "Logan." She sobbed.

*Logan wipes away her tears and kisses her once more. She didn't hold back her feelings this time. She wrapped her arms around her and he did the same with her. They tightened their grip on each other as they knew this might be the very last time they ever see each other again.*


Logan: "I pray that you can forgive me one day. Be strong like you have been for so long."

*An explosion went off in the dead of night.*

Seiji: "Logan, Joe, wake up! We've been found!"

Joe: *Yawn* "What are you going on about now Seiji?"

Logan: "Didn't you hear him? We're under attack we need to go!"

Joe: "Crap!"

*Joe picks up his supplies along with Seiji and Logan.*

Seiji: "What! When was this ever here?"

*Seiji discovers an escape latch but it's jammed.*

Seiji: "Logan, grab the axe and help me break this door down!"

*They swing and the latch gives way.*

*Logan hears a shot being fired he turns to find Joe dead on the ground.*

Logan: "No! You bastards!"

*Logan unsheathes his sword and cuts the enemy down.*

Seiji: "We have to move, don't let his sacrifice be in vain!"

*They ran through an underground cavern until they were out of site.*

Seiji: "Did, *pant* *pant* we lose 'em?"

Logan: "I think so… Look out!"

*The cave started to collapse, which separated them.*

Infected One: "There! They're in that cave!"

Logan: "That can't be good."

*Logan throws a grenade in order to collapse the cave even more; he then ran into a nearby forest.*

Logan: "Feet, don't fail me now."

*He looked back for a second, and before he knew it, he tripped and fell into a river rapid.*

Logan "Oh shiiiiii-!"

*He noticed he was on top of a waterfall just before plummeting to the bottom.*

Logan: "Gah-!"

*Logan was impaled through the chest by a sharp rock. His life flashed before his eyes.*

Inner Logan: "I've lost so many friends and family members to this damn war and now I'm dying, is this really how it ends? I have to try to at least let my squad know I'm dead."

*Logan slowly reached into his pocket and grabbed three red flares and lit them. They shot up into the sky in three bursts. It signified he was not going to make it.*

-Back with Ryoko and the rest of the group-

Mexus: "Ryoko, that flare."

Ryoko: "Logan, you jerk. Why do you always have to play the hero?" She sobbed.


* He began to cough up a lot of blood and his world began to fade*

Inner Logan: "I wonder whether I should be happy or sad that I'm dying, at least I can finally rest in peace, but I still regret not being able to remember the both of you, I wonder what the after world will be like. Maybe I'll meet you both in the other world."

Scene Change

Joe: "Well at least I tried you ass ho-! Oh heeeey Logan, you're here too!"

Logan: "Well, yeah, I died. Is Seiji here as well?"

Seiji: "I'm right behind you."

Logan: "As usual you're trying to scare me."

Logan: "So how did you two die?"

Seiji: "When we were separated in the cave in. I tripped and hit my head on a sharp rock and died."

Joe: "You klutz."

Seiji: "Oh yeah? So how did you die?"

Joe: "I touched the enemy. Annnnd then I was shot."

Seiji: "You complete idiot, you're so stupid! I mean, I know you have a mental compulsion to touch things, but man you are so stupid!"

Joe: "Hey! Shut up ass hat!"

Seiji: "Women child!"

Logan: "Will you both just shut up! I died slowly and painfully."

Seiji and Joe: "How did you die then?"

Logan: "I fell from a waterfall and was impaled through the chest by a sharp rock! It took over a minute for me to die and I sent flares up to tell our squad to go on without us! So at least I went out in style."

Joe: "Wow sorry dude must have been awful."

Seiji: "So what do you suggest we do now that we're dead?"

Logan: "Well, I have been mesmerized by that hall behind you."

*They turned to find a hall with doors that were all the same, but all felt different, and there was a plaque that read The Hall of Reincarnation.*

Joe: "Dude do you know what this means? We can live a new life and get another crack at taking down that scumbag Manifest!"

Logan: "Wait, let's think about this first. They say when you are reincarnated, you lose all memories of your past life. Let's do some seals on our souls first and then meet up."

Joe: "What? How can we do that?"

Logan: "I'm not sure exactly I just have been having these images appear in my head along with this voice and it's been speaking to me saying something like. I can give you seals if it will give me life."

Joe: "Do you think that thing might be the same voice that took over you when you cut off Seiji's arm?"

Seiji: "I won't let you use that horrible logic breaking creature from god knows where!"

Logan: "Just this once, JUST THIS ONCE! Let me defy logic."

Seiji: "…Fine."

Joe: "Great, sounds like a plan, let's do it."

Logan: "Okay I will do Seiji's seals first."

*Logan finished sealing Seiji's soul.*

Logan: "Okay the first Seal is the power to jump through dimensions. Your second seal is memories about the plan."

Seiji: "Why would I need that?"

Logan: "Because what if you are reincarnated as a person on another planet?"

Seiji: "I see your point. Okay, great, I'm going now."

*Seiji jumped through a random door and disappeared along with the door.*

Logan: "Okay, time for your seals, Joe."

*Logan finished sealing Joe.*

Logan: "Your first seal is that you can sense energy, and your second seal is the same as Seiji's."

Joe: "Alright, thanks, see you on the other side!"

*Joe did the same as Seiji and got the same results.*

Logan: "Alright, I'll give myself the ability to remember everything that happened in my past life including my memories from before the bombings."

"This will take time to undo what he has done to you."

Logan: "Who is he?"

"All in due time. Once you remember him you will wish you never made this deal."

Logan: "I'll be the judge of that."

*Logan did so, and opened a random door, thought hard about the vibe it was giving off, and calmly walked through as the door disappeared.*

End of Prologue

Authors notes:

I'm going to give you the descriptions of the main characters for the revised chapter they appear in. Everything else after the revisions are normal.

Logan Liet Vame: Messy semi-long blond hair. Fairly pail skin and bright sapphire eyes; however the color is faded and hollow, like the eyes of a traumatized child. He wears grey jeans and a black hoodie with cream colored lines on the sleeves. Under the hoodie is a red generic T-shirt and an old fashion key tied to a piece of red thread as a necklace. He wears black leather slip on shoes with white socks. Additional notes: He has a bad scar on his upper left arm. He also has an arm band that has a six pointed star.

Seiji Deona Ro: Short silver hair. One robotic eye (his good one is very dark grey) and arm. Has a black shirt that has been torn to shreds with a symbol of a four pointed star. Hands are bound with bandage wraps and he where one watch for each time zone. Additional notes: He has three piercings on each ear.

Joseph Quorts: Poofy light brown hair and leafy green eyes. Where's a torn grey t-shirt with the symbol of a five pointed star.

Ryoko: Pure white albino hair and eyes. Milky brown skin. Wears a white stained shredded trench coat and black silky long sleeve shirt. She also where's grey sweat pants. Additional notes: She has a scar on her lower right leg.

Mexus: Grayish white hair, brown smooth skin with emerald green eyes and a pair of glasses. He has a green T-shirt and grey jeans.