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Bonds Forged By Blood

"Ugh…My head…" Was the first thought to come to Raven's mind as she sat up and tried to take stock of her surroundings. The first thing she noticed was the medical equipment inhabiting the shelves all around them. Wait, them? Her head turned, and then she saw the body.

The smell of blood had hit her nose first, which was when she made the subconscious observation that aside from her headache, she appeared to be uninjured.

Sure enough, not but a couple yards away was her green skinned friend, lying flat on his back and seemingly still unconscious. Not to mention half-naked and covered in multiple cuts and bruises. Someone, it seemed, had a field day with the changeling.

Worry clouded her thoughts for a moment. That's a lot of blood…She shook her head, and came closer to examine his condition. It was just as it looked like from afar. None of the wounds looked to be life-threatening alone, though the amount of blood he'd lost from the still bleeding cuts put him in very real danger. His face was a lighter shade of green than she was used to. Her other three team members were nowhere to be found, so it seemed up to her.

Holding her hands out over his bare chest, she willed the power forth from her hands and…Nothing. Her eyes narrowed, and she tried again. It was after a few moments of quiet panic that she noticed something around Beast Boy's neck. It was a meta-inhibiting collar. Reaching up, she noticed the same wrapped around her own, silently cursing herself for not noticing it earlier.

"Well, shit." She wasn't normally one for such language, but she was both alone (enough), and it seemed appropriate given the circumstances. What was she supposed to do about his wounds? Of course, as soon as realization hit her, she could've slapped herself. They were in a room full of medical equipment, after all.

Rummaging around on the shelves, she gathered bottles of antiseptics and bandages, and went about cleaning and dressing her still unconscious friend's wounds. Some small part of her was slightly embarrassed by the prolonged contact with a mostly unclothed man, but it was shoved to the back of her mind.

While it was true that she cared about her team, and that included Beast Boy, the two of them had never exactly seen eye to eye. They had their moments together despite the fact, and he certainly wasn't the last person she'd want to be stuck in a room alone with. If pressed, she might even say that he was her closest friend among the male Titans. However, she simply didn't think of him in that fashion; neither him nor anyone else, for that matter.

With most of the wounds taken care of, she now had to deal with his blood loss. A quick look around confirmed that, though there were some prescription medicines and antibiotics lying around, along with the required equipment to do a blood transfusion, there were no blood bags lying around to be used. There was, however, one other option…

It was not something she wanted to do. It was far from it, in fact. However, Beast Boy's unique physiology had made him a universal receiver by every stretch of the word. His body simply adapted to whatever blood type was incoming and ran with it from there. The team learned that much early on through routine blood tests and the like, though it wasn't something they'd ever needed to put into practice before.

But should she? Who knew what kind of havoc her half-demonic blood would wreck on a human body. She may very well kill him with the very transfusion meant to save his life! For that matter, it was no guarantee that he would die anyway; his wounds had been cleaned and dressed accordingly. Still, she was worried about the amount of blood he'd already lost.

The last thing she remembered before waking up was a sharp pain in the back of her head, a yell that wasn't her own, a flash of green, and darkness. From her best guess, she'd probably taken a heavy hit, and when Beast Boy rushed to support her, they got separated from the rest of the group. This meant that, for all intents and purposes, she owed him her life anyway. Even if she didn't care about him, it would be rude to run the risk of his death after he'd done so much. Mind made up, she set to work.

She silently thanked Robin forcing them to learn first-aid, as well as the things she picked up watching Cyborg work in the med-bay. Otherwise, the changeling might very well be dead right now; or soon, at least. Her idle thoughts occupied her while she filled an IV bag with her own blood, and went about transferring the tube to Beast Boy's arm.

Letting out a breath she wasn't aware she'd been holding when everything was set up and appeared to be working correctly, she laid down on the cold floor in an attempt to soothe the uncomfortable feeling in her head she assumed was caused by blood loss. It was a small price to pay to keep a team member safe. If anything about their current situation, which she hadn't half a clue how they'd gotten into, could be considered safe. Though she didn't mean to, the fuzzy feeling in her head mingled with her headache from earlier, and she was lulled into a deep, dreamless sleep.

An anonymous tip was put in to the Titans on where they could find their not long missing friends. It was less than an hour later that they were picked up, both unconscious but otherwise alive.

All according to plan.