So this is my first bit of The Host fiction, and its about my favorite love triangle, Jared/Mel/Jamie 3 and it switches between Jared and Mel's point of view.
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The jeep was warm but despite how comfortable it was Melanie couldn't relax. Jared didn't talk, but he kept glancing at her, almost as if he was making sure she was still there. Melanie looked strait out the windshield, doing her best not to look back at him. Her hands were fists on her legs as though she was ready to hit him if he tried anything. Jared wanted to hear her voice so badly but before he could do anything about it her stomach growled. He couldn't help but laugh softly. She hadn't eaten anything and he knew she wouldn't eat any of her food until her brother had his fill. He forgot how nerves she was, trapped with him in the jeep. When he moved for his bag in the back seat she flinched.

"Alright, fine." He said exasperated. He grabbed his knife out of its sheath and placed it on her lap. "If I try to kiss you again you can stab me. And FWI you did kiss back that second time." Did I just say FWI? Oh I'm fuc-

She laughed. "Alright, I'm sorry." She picked up the knife and turned it over in her hands. "It's… big." She muttered.

Jared laughed, reaching back for his bag again. "It was my dads, it's a hunting knife." He dug around in the bag blindly for a few seconds before his fingers found the thing he wanted.

"Here," he handed it to her. "Eat."

She stared at the offering as though he had just handed her gold.

"A Snickers!" She looked at him, eyes wide. "How did you get this?!" She was bouncing up and down next to him like a little kid.
"From a store." He said as she dug in.

"A store?" She echoed mouth full.

"Yes, I raid them sometimes."

She looked down at the chocolate. When was the last time she had chocolate? When was the last time Jamie had? She wrapped half of it back in the wrapper and stuck it in her pocket.
"What is it?" Jared asked, seeing the change in her face.

"I would never have the nerve to do that." She admitted, angry at herself because she should! She should have the guts, the braver to raid a grocery store

"Well, you have Jamie." He said" "I had no one."

Had... The meaning of the word was not lost on Melanie.

"If I would be caught it'd just be me, but if you were to get caught it'd leaves your little brother to fend all one his own."

She nodded, more for his benefit then for hers. He was right but that's not why she had never done it.

"Anyway you don't have to worry about that anymore, Melanie." His lips crest her name on its way out.

She smiled at him, she felt safe though she knew she shouldn't. She should be on her guard, her parents words 'don't talk to strangers' and 'don't get into a car with a strange man' echoed through her head.

"Tell me about yourself, Mel."

The question surprised her, but not as much as the fact that he had just called her Mel.

"Um…" She didn't know what to say.

"Well I already know your name, so why don't you start with your age and we can move on from there." He smiled at her softly.

Melanie wondered to herself if he ever stopped smiling.

"17." She said, "you?"

"27." He almost groaned. She was so young, He thought.

"Wow, that's a ten year difference."

He looked at her, "Well, it is isn't it? Three more years and kissing you back here would have been illegal."

Melanie blushed and looked out the window before he could see. He was so much older then her, what if…

"Next left." She said, thankful for the distraction, were almost there Jamie.

Jared slowed down as they got closer to the trailhead that lead back to Jamie.

"Stop here."

Jared threw the jeep into park and climbed out. He circled to her door to help her out but she was already on the ground, her heavy bag of food slug over her shoulder.

"Here," he offered reaching for the bag.

"No, I've got it." She took the defensive.

What did she think, the he was going to take it and drive off? He threw this thought away and took her hand as they walked. He smiled to himself at the fact that she didn't pull away. She had them park a good 18 minute walk away from where she stashed the kid. They didn't talk the entire way; they just enjoyed the felling of being next to each other. Nether of them could tell if it was just the fact that they both human, or if it was something alts. When they reached the mouth of the cave Melanie turned to him.

"Okay, I'm going in there, I… I don't want to frighten him so can you stay out here?"

"I'm not going anywhere." He bent down and kissed her forehead.

She turned to the cave entrance before he could see her blush… again!

"Jamie?" She had whispered his name but it still echoed. "Jamie, love?"


A light hit her face and her eyes instinctively shut.

"Mel?" His voice was worried, she knew what he thought.
"Just let my eyes adjust, sweetheart." She blinked and looked at him, directly into the light, showing him that she was still his big sister.

"Melanie!" He cried and ran into her arms.

She crushed him to her, stroking his hair. "It's alright Jamie, more the alright actually!" She added remembering Jared. "You'll never guess what I found or what I have in my pocket."

"What is it?"

"Jared?" She called a little louder.

She heard him move slowly through the cave. Jamie curled himself into her side.

"It's alright." She said, running her fingers through his hair.

Jared walked into the light, over to them and knelt so that he was –more or less- the same height as Jamie. He reached for the flashlight gently and shined the light into his own eyes as he had done with Melanie.
"Hello Jamie, I'm Jared."

Jamie gasped. He looked up at Melanie in surprise then back at Jared. Jamie let her go and striated up, reaching his hand out.

"Nice to meet you Jared, I'm Jamie…" He made his voice deeper, trying to mimics Jared's deep voice. Melanie smiled. "But, you already knew that." He stuttered, his voice going back too it 9 year old tone.

Jared laughed, "Yes I did." He said still chuckling.

"Now what's in your pocket?" Jamie asked turning back to her.
She left Jamie's side and lit a gas lamp that sat on the floor. Jared couldn't believe that they lived like this, in caves, eating then they could and going hungry then they couldn't. In the light of the cave Jared could see just how small Jamie was. He looked like he should be 7 not 9, his wrist bones were so pronounced under a filthy dark blue thermal that looked six times to big for him -probably one of Melanie's… And he thought he had it bad.

"A present." She reached into her pocket and took out the other half of the Snickers.

Jamie looked at her confused and took the candy bar.

"Is this…?" He didn't wait for and answer, -like his sister before him he dug in! "Mmm… How?"

"Jared." Melanie pointed to him.
"I gave it to Melanie but she saved half for you, quite unnecessary too since I have, I think, four more."
They both gaped at him, and Jamie's stomach rumbled. Melanie gasped, and started unpacking all her food. Had she forgotten that they were coming to live with him?

"Oh Mel, dear?" Jared said.

She turned to look at him; the lamp was behind her so he couldn't see her expression.

"Why didn't you let Jamie eat in the Jeep? So we can get on the road?" He placed his hand on Jamie's head and felt the kid straiten up but he didn't shove his hand away.

"What do you mean? What Jeep?" The kid asked.

"Jared has offered to let us stay with him." Melanie talk slow.

"I have a cabin a little further south. Tomorrow-" He continued, kneeling in front of Jamie. "You'll wake up in a nice warm bed. You both will." He added looking at Melanie.

Jamie made a soft squeaking noise and said, "Is that true Mel?"

Jared still couldn't see her face but he heard the thickness in her voice. "Yes."

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