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What Just Happened?

Chapter 1: Interview with Maka; The Weirdo

Maka Albarn: So, you're interviewing me today right?

Cookie: It appears so.

MA: Oh. Well, are you going to interview the others as well?

C: Yes, I will. I'm just interviewing you separate from the group since you are the newest member. We wanted to get your story through a series of questions. Up for it?

MA: Yep! Fire away!

C: Okay, first question: Did you ever see yourself becoming a music sensation?

MA: *long pause as she narrows her eyes in deep thought* No, not really. I've never thought it was practical. Yeah, I love singing, but it's a—what, one in a million chance of actually being successful from it?

C: *nods slightly* But, it seems as if you're that one percent though, huh?

MA: *laughs* Yeah. It's crazy. Especially with Crimson Souls.

C: Speaking of CS, how's the gang?

MA: *sighs* Still insane. And I don't care if they watch this either.

C: *raises an eyebrow* Oh really? Then on to our next question.

MA: *gives her a curious look and hesitantly nods* Okay…

C: How are your standings with each of the members of CS?

MA: Tsubaki, Liz, and Patty are all great and amazing friends! Even if Patty's a little…strange. Kid is as OCD as ever, but he's always there to hear my ramblings and problems. Plus he's sweet to Liz. *winks*

[Audience laughs along with Cookie]

MA: Black Star is…Black Star. I don't really know how to describe him…

C: Eccentric?

MA: *smiles* You could say that. Nevertheless, he's a good friend. And Soul…

C: *leans in closer* Soul…?

MA: *stays silent with a small blush blooming on her cheeks*…

C: *eyes widen knowingly* Oh…I see…hehe…

MA: *glares at the host* Not. One. Word.

C: *raises her hands up in defense* Alright, alright! Sheesh, touchy much?

MA: Just a bit. *smiles brightly* Next question.

C: Fine. We're now taking questions from the audience. Tweet HopelessRomantic #InterviewingCS to have a chance of your question being asked here on the show after the break!

{Commercial Break}

C: And we're back! Time to read some questions from the audience. *scrolls through her phone* The first one is from CS4ever who asks, 'Can you tell your life before the band came into it, and how they found you?'

MA: Sure! But, it's a pretty long story!

C: *coughs* Sorry. Allergies suck.

MA: *nods with understanding*

C: So, start from the beginning…


"Get up!" An annoying, nasal voice wakes Maka up from her slumber. Her alarm was going off, no doubt annoying her father's new whore toy.

"Yeah yeah, Nikki. I got it." Slamming her palm pn the blaring clock, a yarn escapes her lips. She's dead tired from studying until two in the morning, only to wake up four and a half-hours later.

Slowly, she forces her sluggish body to move out of bed, only to stub her pinky toe on the dresser she's heading for. Pulling out a red V-neck tee and ripped black jeans, she gets her black Vans with neon yellow shoelaces from beside her dresser, along with a pair of socks.

Maka almost runs into the door frame on her way our of her room to the bathroom down the hall. Her feet drag on the ground, not wanting to move at all. But, she ignores it like a trooper and trudges forward.

She cringes as she turns on the lights in the bathroom, the lights too bright for her sleep filled eyes.

Showering in cold water jolts her awake, helping her finish up quickly with her morning routine.

Emerging from the bathroom, Maka grabs a apple from the bowl sitting on the table before she grabs her backpack, mentally making sure she had everything.

Maka froze half way out the door, realizing she almost forgot something(s) very important. Grabbing her phone and iPod from their respective docks, she slips on her black Paramore hoodie, then heads out the door to wait on the bus.

As she's walking, she checks her phone. 1 new message from Bestie 3 3 :3D, A.K.A, Madilynn.

To: Maka

From: Madilynn (Bestie 3 3 :3D )

Guess what? CS is here in Death City! XD Can you believe it?! ERMEGERD what if we meet them? I'll be able to see Soul for myself! XD JK

Sent Friday, 7:28 am

Maka rolls her eyes. Madilynn is obsessed with Soul 'Eater' Evans, current lead singer/pianist of Crimson Souls.

While sending a reply, Maka runs into someone. This person must be like a rock, because Maka is sent on her butt.


She looks up to see a guy in a black hoodie (with the hood up) and shades on his eyes. Weird. He extends a hand. "Watch where you're going Tiny-Tits." His voice is a familiar growl that Maka can't place. His hand is big as she takes his hand.

Ignoring the rude comment, Maka brushes off her backside. "I'll try my best."

There is an awkward pause before Maka sees that the bus is arriving at the stop. "Gotta go!"

She leaves the weirdo behind as she jogs to the bus. Once on the bus, she looks for her seat and finds Madilynn waving at her.

Smiling, she sits by her. "Hey you."

Madilynn makes a face. "Hey back. Did you get my text?

Maka puts her bag in between her legs. "Yeah." She searches her pockets for her phone, coming up with nothing. She thinks about where it could be when she stiffens. Her phone's gone. Most likely, it's laying on the sidwalk…with the…weirdo.

"Shit!" Maka exclaims, slamming her back against the worn leather seats, causing the people behind her to jump in shock. Madilynn looks at her skeptically. "What's wrong?"

Maka slams a hand on her forehead, otherwise known as facepalming. "It's with the weirdo!"

Madilynn just looks at her like she's crazy. "You need to start making sense. What weirdo?"

Maka explains the whole situation to her best friend, who then giggles excitedly. "Oh! A mysterious guy! This could be, like, Cinderella, but you lost your phone."

Maka gives a snort. "Yeah. He somehow finds me, gives me my phone back, then he rapes me. Most likely, he's going through my phone, which is full of personal crap."

They got off the bus and start up the steps to Shibusen Academy.

Madilynn nudges Maka gently with her shoulder. "He could be cute! Sure, not Soul Evans cute, but cute all the same!"

Maka stops walking and stares at her. "He was wearing a hoodie and sunglasses. Suglasses!"

Madilynn starts to ramble and Maka lets out a very audible sigh. "Can we drop it?"

They had to part ways, sadly, since they didn't share the same first period. Maka has Honors English II and Madilynn has Algebra II. Even worse, they don't share five out of eight periods, but they do share the same lunch. (Thank goodness.)

Once Maka takes a seat in the front, she pulls out her essay that was homework the previous night and lays it neatly on her desk, picking up her book Catching Fire to read while she waits for their teacher, Ms. Marie, to arrive.

Maka is a nerd, yes, but she is highly respected. She's pretty enough, even though she doesn't have gigantic breasts or a huge butt, she has petite curves and long legs guys oogle at. She gets asked out by the quarterback all the time, only to be rejected.

Maka's getting to the part where the jabberjays start to sound like Prim screaming when a ball of paper hits her in the back of the head. She ignores it.

After a moment, a couple more hit her. Eventually, Maka turns around to see her two favorite people., nicknamed Arachne and Medusa. They held more paper balls in their hands with demented smiles on their makeup smeared faces. Closing her book, Maka fully turns to face them. "May I help you?"

Arachne laughs. "Actually, yes. Would you stop breathing please? You're taking all of my air."

Maka stares at her evenly, not fazed in the slightest. "If you need air that badly, stop polluting it with the gallons of hairspray you use everyday for your hair. If that doesn't work, try wearing less makeup. It opens the pores. Or, you can stop killing trees by making paper balls."

Maka turns away with a smile, feeling death glares on her back, along with hearing the 'Ooohs' the class were making. Still smiling in triumph, Maka goes back to her book, still waiting for Ms. Marie.


Madilynn laughed extremely hard when Maka told her what she sad to the Witch Sisters in Applied Music class.

"It's true though! They need to lay off the hairspray."

Maka nods and strums an electric guitar that was leaning against the wall. Their teacher never actually taught them anything in the class, so it's sort of a free period.

"I'mma go over the song I wrote." Maka tells Madilynn, who's playing on Maka's iPod.

"Yes! I love your voice!"

Maka blushes slightly and strums some chords, thinking of her lyrics. Then, she starts to sing.

La La Land

By Demi Lovato

I am confident, but I still have my moments.

Baby, that's just me.

I'm not a super model, I still eat McDonald's

Baby, that's just me.

Well, some may say I need to be afraid of loosing everything,

Because of ehre I had my start and where I made my name.

Well everything's the same

I n the La La Land, Machine. (Machine, Machine)

Who said, that I can't wear my converse with my dress?

Well baby, that's just me.

Who said, I can't be single and have to go out and mingle?

Baby! That's not me! No!

Well, some may say I need to be afraid of loosing everything,

Because of where I had my start, and where I made my name!

Well everything's the same

I n La La Land.

Tell me, do you feel the way I feel?

Cause nothing else is real,

In the La La Land Machine!

Well, I'm not gonna change, in the La La Land Machine!

Well, I will stay the same, in the La La Land Machine!

Machine! Machi-I-I-ine!

I won't change anything about my life! I'm staying myself tonight!

Maka finishes the song and Madilynn smiles in content. "You're songs always make me happy."

Maka blushes again and the bell rings. Going to her locker, which isn't near Madilynn's, to get her Honors Chemistry book, when she sees her locker's open. She then sees her phone lying in her locker.

Cautiously, Maka picks up her phone and sees that it's still extremely warm from being in someone's hand. That means it was recently put inside her locker.

Scrolling through her phone, she sees all of her contacts are normal, all except for one new one.

The name almost made her drop her book.

It read Soul Eater Evans.

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