It's all one big game

A scary, confusing, interesting game with no rules

It's taken many twists and turns

No one knows when it'll end

Why why why

What what what



The road splits and crosses and danger lurks

Not at every corner

Not behind every cranny or nook

No, danger has always been present

Not in the form you think

If only you'd saw it coming, poor bear

Because it goes to a dead end

With a wall you cannot break

What lies behind it is something you loved

For such...

A long...


You claim to have given up trying to go through the wall

That you'd get on with your life

And yet...

You don't seem quite so ready

To stop

Why why why

Must you do this to me

Why why why

Must you inflict this pain upon me

What what what

Is your agenda

What what what

Is your plan?

Oh, poor bear.

You were such an innocent little cub.

You thought you could make it, that it was possible...

And maybe it is?

Who am I to judge?

But still...




You matured and yet you didn't