*The story picks up as Angela is in the car with Jordan after she finds out its not him who wrote the letter but her geeky neighbor Brian.

Ac (Angela chase) How could you!

Jc (Jordan catalona) how could I what Angela (with a grimace on his face)

Ac: how could you let me think that the letter was from you? How could you lied to me I trusted you Jordan!

Jc: I didn't lie ang I just wanted you to think that the letter was from me

Ac: well now I know it wasn't from and that you lied to me Jordan how come you just can't tell me how you really feel about me without stealing someone else's words? Now I have to look at Brian and know that he wrote the letter and that he is the one who loves me and not you!

Jc: listen Angela I told you I'm not that kind of guy I don't write letters or love song about chicks .I'm not that guy the sap who can spill his heart out just because a chick wants him to

Ac: oh so that's all I am to you is just some random chick just some chick you picked out of a sea of other chicks because you can have whoever because your Jordan the guy who plays guitar, drives a cool car, has perfect blonde hair and amazing blue eyes (as she names of all the things about Jordan she likes they both sit in silence for a while)

Jc: (after the silence breaks which felt like a whole lifetime) I'm sorry Angela

*Angela's cold gaze meets Jordan's eyes she doesn't say a word as tears well up in her eyes she opens the door and runs home. As Angela storms into the house her mother (patty chase) is on the phone with her friend and sees Angela run up the stairs in a fury with tears running down her face.

Pc (patty chase)what wrong ang?

Ac: I don't want to talk about it mom (as her voice cracks)

Pc: just tell me Angela open the door we can talk

Ac: no

Pc: open the door I am your mother and we are going to!

*Angela opens up the door only to run pass her mom down the stairs and out the door

Pc: Angela come back here now and talks to me now!

*Angela keeps running into the street only to see Brian Krakow sitting on his front porch

Bk (Brian Krakow) Angela

*she stops to see Brian standing in the street looking at her with a blank look on his face

But she quickly turns away and keeps running to ray Anne's house, she knocks on the door until she gets an answer

Rg (Ray Anne Graff) hey ang what's up?

*ray Anne is confused as to why Angela is at her front door because they aren't friends anymore since she had slept with Jordan Angela's boyfriend. Angela walks right in and sits on the couch still with tears in her eyes.

Ac: how could he!

RG: how could he what? And who is he

AC: Jordan gave me letter and he poured his heart out in it and told me that he loves me and thinks about me all the time

RG: wow really (with the sound of disbelief in her voice)

AC: no!

RG: then who wrote!?

AC: Brian

RG: as in brain Krakow?
AC: yes
RG: so let me get this right Jordan gave you love letter but it was really from Brian

Ac: yes

*ray Anne sits on the couch next Angela with a confused look on her face she can't say a word because she is stunned so she gets up and brings them a bottle of strawberry soda

RG: umm are u going to tell brain that you know ?


RG: why not

AC: why would I tell brian that I know its him so he can be some kind of a weirdo and confess more feeling to me in love letter no I don't think so .I don't get why he wrote it anyway (she takes a long pause) I know because he didn't have the balls to say to my face so he wrote it down like he is some kind of a love poet