Supernatural/Avengers crossover:

Hi! So I'm Verona111 as you can see, and let me tell you about this story:

It's gonna be really fun to write, and fun to read (I hope.)

Thor and Loki will work together with Sam and Dean to fight off all kinds of Supernatural creatures. Djins, demons, wendigos, spirits, monsters, etc. I might also makes creatures from Thor come in on Earth and have Sam and Dean help fight them off like Dark Elves and stuff. (but that'll probably be in the future!)

I think most of it will be Thor and Loki, Sam and Dean, but I'll put in characters from the Avengers movie, and from Supernatural.

This does not include slash at all or any pairings except the canon ones like Thor/Jane, Tony/pepper. I may add in Sigyn, I don't know. :)

This fic is based on Season 3 supernatural, but I'll put in Castiel as well! This fic is post-avengers from the Avengers side.

I don't know how long it'll be, but as long as I have more ideas, i'll keep adding to it!

Also, I don't have a beta for this story, so if there are any mistakes, please let me know. :)

Enough blabbering from me, enjoy the story and tell me what you think!

Disclaimer: I do NOT own Thor, Avengers or Supernatural whatsoever. The only thing that's mine is the story plot.

It has been three days since the Odinsons returned to Asgard. At first, Odin sent Loki to a cell, but then he decided against it.

Later, Thor was standing in front of the Allfather as he was announcing Loki's punishment.

"But Father, you misunderstand-"

"-Thor…. Putting your brother in another cell will do him no good. He must learn to accept and respect the humans, just as you did."

"My brother only wants to murder those innocent beings. Returning him back there will only cause more chaos!" Thor paused for a second. "And As if the humans don't already fear him."

"And that is why we'll not remove his chains. He cannot summon any spells," Odin argued. He seemed to be getting weary of Thor's arguments, but even as king, he must explain himself to his son. "What would you have me do?"

Thor looked up and tried to think. He wanted Loki to be free, but he knew the minute they let him out, he'd cause more mischief. And keeping him in a cell wasn't an option. An idea then popped in his head.

"Perhaps, you should talk to him. You once told me that he was envious of me."

This made Odin sigh. He stood up and spoke while walking down the Throne stairs.

"Loki is beyond consolation from me now, Thor. There is only darkness within his mind that swallowed him in his time of exile. Last time I tried to tell him that he's still my son, he screamed and tried to destroy Jotunhiem. What would he do next?" Odin stood before Thor and laid his hands on his heir's shoulders. "Nevertheless, you must have faith that Loki will repent," Odin shook Thor and smiled, generously. "I know these boys."

Thor wondered how two humans could give Odin so much hope, but he was too tired to ask more questions. He only nodded and turned around to walk out the doors.

Sam sat at a small table in a new motel, sipping coffee and searching the internet.

Dean got out of the bathroom, when Sam shut his laptop. He was about to stop at his tracks and ask Sam what he was looking at, but decided against it.

"Hey," he said as he got out a bottle of beer from a little refrigerator.

"Hey," Sam replied. "I found another case."

"Oh yeah? What's it about?"

"So apparently this lady named uhh 'Jenny Hinston' got robbed two days ago. She was in her room when a thief walked in and took all her money."

"Didn't she try to call the police?"

"She did. Police came late and the guy had already taken off."

"Polices really do their job…" Dean replied before drinking the beer.

"Yeah, and get this."


"Jenny described the thief as having full on, black eyes."

"Got a demon on our ass then?"

"I guess. But why would a demon want someone's money?" Sam asked.

"Yeah well demons do all kinds of crazy things. I wouldn't be surprised if they went to a stripping club."

"They did…" Sam pointed out.


"Remember the two demons that we exorcised in Detroit? They'd take strippers after midnight and kill them."

"Nah I don't remember," Dean shook his head before stuffing food in his mouth. "I remember the strippers though." He grinned and nodded at Sam.

Sam sighed. He turned around and opened the laptop again before pausing for a minute.

"Oh my god..."


He pointed a finger on his laptop screen as he read. "Hey come check this out. This happened just right now."

Dean jumped up from the bed and turned the laptop his way. "Read the first paragraph," he told him.

"'Three people killed (2 injured) in Fairwood, Washington at a library before the suspects grabbed as many books as they could and escaped.' What? I don't get it. What's up with the whole stealing crap?"

"I think I know what this is. You see, legend says that demons like to go against the ten commandments of God, so it seems like-"

"They're going against, 'Thou shall not steal.'" Dean replied, looking away.


"Any witnesses?"

"There is a victim's sister, Nancy pollen, who was in the library too, but she got out safely. Her address is 16424 184th street cascade-Fairwood."

"Alright. Well nice job Sammy," Dean shut the laptop and grinned. "I'll take the girl; you check out the library and the robbed hou-"

Dean was interrupted with a knock on the door. He quickly grabbed a gun from under his pillow and opened the door ajar. When he found no demons in front of him- assumingly- he opened the door to the two men that were standing.

They were wearing armor and capes, and one of them was chained and muzzled.

"Yeah?" Dean said with a confused look on his face.

"Hello. I'm Thor Odinson and this is my brother Loki." A blond, tall man spoke with a serious face. "I am here behalf of my father's order to visit you."

Dean thought for a second and then shook his head. "Look chuckles, we don't know why anyone would send you here and we're kind of busy right now so-" Dean tried to close the door, but Thor pushed it open again.

"You are Dean Winchester, correct?" He spoke again. "And you have a brother named Sam."

Dean became suspicious. He was about to speak again when Sam asked, "Who's at the door?"

"Nothing, Sammy, just two guys who look like they're roleplaying with the names of… Thor and Lowkey?"

Sam stood at the door with Dean and the minute he saw them, his eyes widened.

"Oh my god! The Thor and Loki? Like from Norse mythology?"

Thor nodded and smiled. "Yes. We're the sons of Odin, the Allfather. We come from-"

"-Asgard." Sam finished his sentence with a proud smile.

Dean gave Sam a shocked look. "How the hell do you know that!?"

Sam ignored Dean and continued talking. "It's an honor, sir- I mean god!" He extended his hand and shook Thor's.

"God?" Dean's lips parted.

Sam looked back at Dean. "These are Norse gods. I read all about them at Stanford. I think dad wrote about them too... Bifrost. Rainbow bridge. Yggdrasil... Any of this ring a bell?"

"Ah.." Dean smiled back at Thor and quietly chuckled. "Awkwarrrd."

Sam was gazing at them both when Dean elbowed him in the ribs. "Uh, I'm sorry! I was- was staring. It's just really cool to meet you in real life." He then cleared his throat and tried to calm down. "So anyway, why are you here, Thor?"

"My father thinks it's a brilliant idea to come and bring Loki here. He wants you to teach him to accept the humans."

"Oh yeah," Sam said and pointed at Loki. "He brought the war in Manhattan, right?"

Loki just stood there glaring at Sam and Dean, without showing any expression.

Then Thor spoke, "That is true. Right now, I cannot remove the muzzle from his mouth, however because he may cast himself out with a verbal spell."

"And you expect us to teach him 'to accept humans', how exactly?" Dean asked.

"I'm not completely sure. The Allfather said you two are perfect for this task."

"Why us?" Sam asked.

"My father said it has to be you. That is all I know." Thor explained.

"Okay, Look." Dean waved a hand at Thor as he spoke. "We're not here to do this 'task', okay? And we're not here to follow your father's orders. Sorry. Go find other people to do this job."

"Dean," Sam said in shock, although he kept his voice quiet.

"What? We're on a case, Sam. We got no time for this."

"Can I talk to you," Sam nodded his head towards the room, and walked inside. Dean followed him.

"Okay look. I know this sounds crazy, but I think they can help us."

"With what?"

Sam paused for a moment and then spoke quietly. "With your demon deal."

Dean looked down and shook his head, "Sam-"

"Dean, just listen, alright? They're gods. They can help us cancel the deal."


"Why not? Don't you want to live, Dean? I mean this could be our only chance. And you're gonna waste it? We could just tel-"

"No!.. " Dean yelled and Sam had to smile at Thor before looking back at him. "..Just no…"

Sam closed his eyes and asked, "Why?" through clenched teeth. "There must be a reason behind it, and I want to know. Why don't you want me to help you?"

Dean thought for a second and then decided to finally tell him.

"Because Sam…you do anything to stop this deal, you die. You try to trap or kill the demon, you die. Okay? That was part of the deal. There's no way out of it."

Sam lowered his head, "So what now, I live and you die?"

"That's the general idea, yeah!"

"Wait! If I die, Loki can bring me back."


"He's one of the most powerful sorcerers in the nine realms of Norse mythology. I'm pretty sure he can bring me back or heal me from the hellhounds' bites."

"I don't know sam…-"

"Come on, Dean. Just give it a try. They can help us, I know they can."

"fine," Dean replied in an annoyed tone. "but something happens and they're out."

Sam nodded and went to the other brothers.

"Okay; We're in."