Bros before wars Chapter 2:

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Last line: Sam nodded and went to the other brothers. "Okay. We're in."

Sam and Dean decided to stay at Bobby's house since he had the panic room and they didn't trust Loki to be free. Besides, Bobby was currently working a case with Rufus, so they knew that they wouldn't distract him.

Plus, this way, Loki didn't have to keep his chains and muzzle on. It was a good idea for all of them.

The three of them were upstairs now.

"So… what now?" Dean asked. He looked at Thor and said, "I don't really know what gods like to do so whatever you have on mind, pal, you can spit out on us."

"I was about to ask you the same," Thor replied. "What do humans normally do? The only ones I've worked with were superheroes or some sort."

Dean chuckled. "Well we're not like normal humans, okay? That's the first thing you should know about us. We're not normal." He said as he waved his hands at Thor to emphasize his point. Sam watched from behind and smiled when he saw Thor's confused face.

Thor was so clueless.

"We hunt things…" Sam explained, as if it was the most obvious answer in the world.

"Like animals?"

"Try monsters, demons, spirits…. things your worst nightmares wouldn't show." Dean said.

"I thought those creatures only existed in Helhiem."

"Wherever that is, nope," Dean said. "They're everywhere, man."

The room fell silent for a couple of seconds and Sam felt the need to blurt something out.

"I think we should work on our last case, Dean. We haven't really got to it yet."

"Oh yeah, yeah. The one with theee-"

"-commandments, yeah."

"Alright well, you go check out the scene, and I'll take the girl."

"May I come?" Thor asked.

"No way. It's too dangerous," Dean said. "And you're not traine-"

Before Dean could finish his sentence, Thor chuckled out loud. Dean struck Sam a look, and Sam just shrugged in return.

"Too dangerous? You humans are humorous! Do you have any idea what I've done, merely in my childhood years?"

Dean was silent.

He didn't know what to expect from Thor. He didn't know anything about that man.

Most gods that Dean's met where evil and merciless, which is what made Thor seem so strange. He wasn't like the others. He didn't like to put himself above the rest.

But still, Dean didn't trust the guy. He could be manipulating them. Maybe this was all a trick. Maybe he just wanted to kill the Winchesters, like most other people they've met.

What was he thinking allowing alien-gods to come here!? Ofcourse they don't want help from them! The Winchesters are the last people to get help from-

Dean was interrupted from his thoughts when Thor continued talking. "I've gone through many battles in my life." He and Sam watched as Thor walked forward, giving his back to them. "My Asgardian friends and I have been exposed to blood before we could understand the simplest of things. Asgard is a dangerous place..."

Thor turned back to look at them. "Trust me; we've fought our own kinds of monsters."

Dean sighed and rubbed his forehead. "Look man, I get that you're familiar with all the- the battle stuff, but no. I'm not buying-"but before Dean could finish his sentence, Sam interrupted him.

"Dean," he said in surprise. "Can I talk to you," He nodded his headed away from Thor.

Dean sighed and reluctantly followed him.

"Sam I don't trust him!" He angrily said, but kept his voice low in a whisper.

"Dean, he saved Manhattan!"

"Yeah!" He paused. "From his brother! I mean, don't you think there's something strange going on here? …Why would they want help from us?"

"I don't know Dean, maybe it's because we work so well together."

"Yeah, so well…" Dean murmured under his breath.


"I just don't trust him, alright?"

"Fine… trust me."


"-look Dean, I always follow you around and I listen to everything you say. I do that because you are my brother and I trust you." Sam looked at Dean, pleadingly. "Now please, for once, trust me too."

Dean looked at Sam for a minute. He hated the pleading looks Sam always gave him. He could never say no.

"Fiine…" He exhaled and walked back to Thor who was looking away.

"Okay Thor, you'll come, but you're staying with me. Sam, you go check out the scene."

They walked out the doors and headed to the impala.

Loki lay on the bed in the panic room. He watched as the fan on the ceiling spun, slowly. It lightened and darkened the room as it controlled how much sunlight entered inside. It was a bit irritating, but Loki could say it was also relaxing.

The room was okay. At least he finally got a proper bed. In Asgard, he only had a metal bench and he hadn't fallen asleep. The chains were enormously uncomfortable to fall asleep with, even though he had been incredibly tired.

He was still tired in the panic room, but at least these puny mortal-brothers were giving him a peaceful time to relax and reevaluate what's been happening.

It was all going so well until that piteous army arrived!

Loki scoffed.

They were indeed very formidable, he mocked.

It was all due to them that he was forced to live with humans! How pathetic!

It was truly a punishment for him. And he worried about what was coming next.

What were these idiotic mortals going to have him do? Were they going to humiliate him? Were they going to make him work for them in front of many people? Loki hated the mere thought of him working for Midgardians.

He wanted to kill them all for embarrassing him! If they were unruly, then they surely were to be perished.

Loki turned on his side and imagined himself slaying all the humans who existed on this cursed planet. The image in his head satisfied him to no end.

Dean felt awkward having Thor sit next to him in the 'shotgun' seat, after he dropped Sam off. It just didn't feel the same. Every time he looked to his right, he expected Sam to be sitting there. He expected him to tell him to lower the volume of the radio, or to stop singing out loud. But that wasn't the case.

Dean glanced a few times at Thor, trying to think of something to say.

"Sweet ride, huh?" He awkwardly chuckled and hit the side of the impala. "…it's my baby."

Thor smiled. "Indeed. I've never seen a vehicle like it."

"Do you have any cars in uhh…Ass-guard?" Dean asked and tried to keep a straight face, but ended up having to smile towards his window.

"Pardon me?"

"Ass-guard? You know like …your hometown?"

"You mean Asgard? No, we have horses."

"Wow, I expected some futury stuff like flying cars or flying carpets."

Thor scoffed. "No, contrary to popular belief, Asgard is like Earth. Although, we do have flying carpets; you just need a carpet and a sorcerer to fly it."

Dean laughed and they parked the car.

They parked outside the house of Nancy Pollen. She was a victim's sister during the slaughtering in the library. Dean rang the bell, before he patted the sides of his suit and positioned his tie properly.

"How come I do not get to wear this kind of Midgardian clothing?" Thor asked.

Dean looked at Thor's armor up and down. "It won't fit you," he mocked. "God, you're as big as Sam…"

A lady then opened the door, ajar. "Who are you?" She asked. She had brown, wavy hair and hazel eyes.

"Hello Ma'am, this is FBI," Dean got out his badge and showed it to her. "I am agent Smith and this is my partner agent…" Dean looked up at Thor for a second. "…Biggerson." Nancy gazed at Thor and Thor just smiled. Her eyes then widened. "He-he's new… he's here to learn how to speak with-"

"No, no,no, not that…" Nancy shook her head. "Are you Thor from the Avengers?"

"Yes," Thor said. "Yes I am… And may I say that you look beautiful, miss Nancy?"

Dean raised an eyebrow.

"Thankyou," Nancy opened the door and shyly smiled up to him. "…You're taller in person," she giggled.

Dean groaned and rolled his eyes. "Yeah, yeah, and I'm a midget, I get it. Can we just talk to you?"

"Oh… sorry," Nancy said. "You're here about the incident right?"

"Yes, we're here to talk to you about what happened to your sister. May we come in?"

Dean watched Nancy's expression change when he reminded her. Her smile vanished and she nodded with tearful eyes.

"Yes, ofcourse. Come in," She pushed the door further open and waved an arm inside.

Sam went up to the owner of the library and showed him his badge, "FBI. Sir… can you tell me exactly what happened?"

An old man with grayish hair and light blue eyes, nodded with a sad expression. "Sure. It was a normal day, just like any other day. I was sitting in my little office inside, doing some paper work, when I heard screaming. Ofcourse, I ran outside to see what's happening. Four men- with pistols each- started shooting everyone, while two other men were grabbing books and putting them in bags. I ran to the phone and called 911, but when they came, they'd already left."

"Sir, were the people grabbing any kinds of books, or certain types?"

"Just what they could find in front of them."

"And did these people seem a little strange to you?"

"Strange how?" The owner eyed him.

"Like…did… like did they have black eyes or… you know, anything strange?" Sam already knew that they were demons. He wanted to know if people saw that, themselves.

"No, ofcourse not! They were just people. Sir, what did you say you worked for again?"

Sam sighed. "Nevermind. Thanks."

Thor and Dean were sitting down with Nancy discussing what happened. Nancy had her head low, with her hands covering her face.

"Nancy, is there any reason why you think these people attacked your sister?"

"No! You're the FBI, not me." She sobbed.

Thor got up from next to Dean and sat by her. He patted her back, "It's alright. It's alright." When she almost fell forward from the force of his hand, he instantly pulled her back.

"Thor, really?" Dean asked. "Right now?"

"I'm comforting her."

"You're killing her!"

Dean's phone rang, and he got it out.

"It's Sam…" He told Thor. "Hey, you found something?"

"Uhh, not really." Sam got out of the library and stood outside. "The owner knows just as much as we do."

"Did you check the victims?"


"Nothing in common," Sam answered. "Different age and race. Dean, they weren't aiming for certain people."


"It does raise a sticky question, though."


"If these demons are stealing objects, where do they put it all? I mean, there must be a place where they're placing everything."

"Hold on for a second." Dean lowered the phone. "Hey Nancy, were the de- … people heading somewhere specific after the attack?"

Nancy thought for a second. "Actually, yeah. I saw the cars. They were driving west of the library."

Dean put the phone on his ear. "West of the library, Sam. See anything?"

Sam squinted his eyes to look further. It was hard to see from all the heavy rain that was pouring down. They were in Washington State, afterall.

"No I can't see anything, but I'm gonna walk there and see for myself."

"Okay, be careful."

"You too."

Dean got off the phone and said, "We gotta go."

"Where to?"

"To the house of the other victim. She got robbed."

Dean thanked Nancy and they both went to the impala again.

Sam walked on the side-walk under the rain. He glanced around just in case someone or something was following him, but there wasn't anyone, so he continued walking.

After about five minutes, Sam saw a junkyard. But it wasn't an ordinary junkyard; it had all kinds of objects. Sam assumed they were the stolen objects, so he walked towards a fence and shook the gate. He found it open, so he got inside.

Looking around, he found all kinds of things that had been stolen. From books, to furniture, to food. It was all there stacked with old, broken cars.

Sam, being proud of what he found, got out his phone and called Dean.

"Hey Dean, guess what?"

"What, you find anything?" Dean asked from the car and Thor watched him converse through a small object.

"Yeah, so apparently, the demons took all the stolen stuff and placed them in the junkyard so that they-"Suddenly, Sam's head was hit and he fell forward, unconscious.

"Sam? …Sam, are you there?" Dean looked at his phone and found that he hadn't ended the call. "Sammy!?" Dean angrily threw the phone in the car and turned the Impala around, having it drift in the rain. "They got him, Thor!"

"Where? I can fly; I may be able to arrive there faster than you can drive."

"No… it's better if we do this together," Dean pressed harder on the pedal and the Impala vroomed and accelerated.

After a couple of minutes, Dean parked and they hurriedly got out of the car and reached the fence. Dean quickly ducked, before he pushed Thor down with him.

In front of them was Sam tied up to a chair and muted with a gag. There was a cut from his temple to his cheek and it bled down his neck. Six demons stood before him and when one fisted his hand, Sam pulled his head back and shut his eyes and groaned.

Dean breathed hard and then looked at Thor who also seemed angry.

He'd only met Sam for a day and was already angry when he got hurt? What would he have done if he'd known Sam all his life? If Sam was his brother? Then how did he treat Loki?

Dean thought for a plan to save Sam even though he hated thinking before doing. He was always one to hit first, and then ask questions later. So when he all of a sudden found Thor already up on his feet and charging, he willingly got up and followed him.

Thor charged at the fence and broke through it, throwing Mjolnir at the demons and splitting one's head.

Sam turned his head towards Thor and his eyes widened with disbelief. He watched Thor throw the hammer another time, and before the demon could think about attacking, its head flew away from its body.

Dean ran after one and it avoided a swing of the knife, but then he grabbed it from its neck and stabbed the knife into its stomach, having it fall to the ground and back into the pit of hell.

"Stand back!" Thor yelled, before he smashed Mjolnir into the ground and made the rest of the three demons fall to the ground, in pain. One of them got up again and charged at Dean, but Thor threw Mjolnir at it and it passed through its stomach and out its back.

Sam blinked his eyes a couple of times. Maybe he was seeing things from some kind of poison that they gave him or something, because Thor was so incredibly powerful and mighty as he'd read about him at Standford. It was so amazing, watching his favorite god fight with his brother and it was even more amazing that the hammer could kill the demons. Sam and Dean had only found the knife that could send them back to hell, but Mjolnir seemed to do the same exact thing.

He was really glad that he'd brought Thor with them and he hoped that he would feel the same about Loki.

Dean charge at a demon on the ground and held the knife up, with both hands and then forced it down, stabbing it in the guts.

Finally, all of them were dead. They had killed them all; both Dean and Thor. Dean felt so good attacking the monsters with a violent partner by his side. He always feels rather held back when he fights with Sam, because he feels the need to watch over his little brother. But for the first time in a long time, he enjoyed fighting so much. He felt powerful and… joyful. Like he didn't always have to turn his head to see if Sam was hurt, because he realized that Thor was too powerful for that kind of protection. It reminded him of the times with him and his dad, when he believed that John was never going to die.

Dean ran to Sam and pulled the gag off his mouth, before he knelt down and started untying the rope.

"Are you okay? Are you hurt?"

"Yeah, no-Dean, that was so cool!" He said. "You an-and and Thor and- the demons-"

"I know," Dean smiled up at him and untied the rope. Thor walked towards them and grinned.

"That was a well fought battle, but… much too easy. I was expecting some challenge in it."

"'Much too easy?' oh you gotta stick with us, man. We can use your help for lots of stuff like this," Dean admitted.

"I would love to," Thor replied. "There's nothing better than fighting monsters while also saving Earth."

Dean put Sam's arm over his shoulder and they walked back to the Impala, glad that an invincible god had joined their 'team.'


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