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Its HeliosxKyoya

Yaya I know Kyoya really wasn't in that movie very much but, I can still dream xD

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After Helios fought off as many of the bladers he could, he fell utterly defeated.

A fearsome green haired teen, known as Kyoya, stood there not to far away occupied in his own battle. When his battle ended, just as suddenly as they had started, he brought back his bey and began to walk off, passing by the defeated Helios.

Helios looked up at the boy with eyes full of need, pleading the teen for help. Kyoya just kept walking pretending not to even notice the defeated teen in need.

-About 1 year later-

Helios was on his way over the WBBA HQ, after being summond by Ryusei Hagane. Right when the teen stepped threw the doors of Ryusei's office Helios couldn't help but notice the bastard that had left him on the ground in defeat when he had begged for help.

"Helios, welcome." exclaimed Ryusei with a little more enthusiasum then Helios felt was needed. Though, Ryusei was always booming just like his son, Ginga Hagane.

"What do you want." Helios said. It sounded more like a demand, it came out a little sharper then Helios had meant it to be.

"Ouch, I think your words just cut me, Helios!" Ryusei shivered.

"Did someone finally learn to speak for themself?" Smirked the intimidating green haired teen, slightly looking up. "Though, the whole begging thing was pretty cute."

"Shut up!" Helios barked, as if it was the only thing he knew how to say for moment.

Ryusei had hurried out of the room to tend to the stacks of paper work in the fax room down the hall.

"You don't know how to speak for anyone!" Exclaimed Helios, though he really didn't know what he was saying himself. " When I needed your help, you jusat left me there. You didn't even think about it."

"Aww, come on," said Kyoya, moving closer to the shaking Helios. ", you're a big boy." Kyoya got even closer to Helios and pinned him to the wall, with one hand by each side of his face. "You can handle yourself."

Helios blushed with how close Kyoya was to him now. "Maybe now I can..." His face saddend. ", I couldn't before."

Kyoya got as close as he could to Helios. Hecould feel Kyoya's breath on his neck. "Can you still handle yourself?"

Helios sat there and thought about the green haired boy's question. Suddenly, Helios felt a wave of dizzyness. Before he knew it everything went black. The last thing he felt was himself falling, but someone had caught him. Then he was out cold.