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When Helios had awoken, he was tucked in an unkown bed. He quickly got up and headed for the door.

"Helios, sir..." Started an unfamiliar voice.

Helios just ignored the voice and walked out of the room. Outside hanging above the door was a sign that said 'infirmary'.

So this is where they brought me. Helios thought.

Just as soon as Helios started to walk down the hall, his phone started to ring. Helios looked at the number, but his phone didn't recognize it, though he answered the call anyways.

"Oi, Helios!," shouted a chirpy voice. " It's Ginga here!"

Ginga Hagane. Helios thought.

"Hey, what's up?"

"Come on over to Madoka's! We are all going camping and we all want you to join!"

"Sorry, Ginga, I am not feeling up to it, maybe next time?"

"Hmmmm" Ginga thought.

"Something wrong?"

"Nothing, just Kyoya used the same exuse as you. I hope you aren't getting together without me tonight, haha." Gingga hung up the phone.

Excuse...like me and Kyoya would ever be together -.-

-Kyoya POV-

I wonder if Helios is alright atfter earlier today... wait! Why am I worrying about it I never worry about .

Kyoya stood up and walked over to the door, going to open it. He turned the knob and pushed the door open slightly. Kyoya stepped out of the door, but he bumped into somene smaller than him. He looked down and saw Helios's crystal blue eyes looking back at him.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Kyoya said pretending to be aggrevated to see Helios, even though he was happy to see the little blondie.

" I heard from Ginga that you didn't feel well so I came over to check on you, but you seem fine."

" I-I- I only told Ginga that to get him off my back about wanting me to go camping with them."

"Oh," Helios said unsuprised. "so, your free then?"