Hello, My name is Umbreonix (well, not really) and this is an attempt at crossing over pokemon and Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town in a way that made sense. I'll admit there isn't a lot about pokemon in this first chapter but bear with me, I'm getting there.

As for the character Claire she looks and is named after the character in Harvest Moon but Is actually based off- backstory wise- the player in Pokemon White. This takes place after she has already defeated the Unova region's elite 4 and is now in a rut since she feels she's "completed the game". Thus the title, "After the End"

Disclaimer: I do not own Harvest moon or Pokemon

I yawned and rubbed the sleep from my eyes, sweeping my hand up through hair with an exhale. "Boring, so, so boring" I said to myself in a monotonous voice. Usually I refrained from talking to myself as it is a likely indicator of insanity… which might be the case.

My days tended to drone on since I took the both metaphorical and physical throne. I had to have been sitting FOREVER in the large room and I had not heard a human another voice in hours, so I made due with my own. I checked my watch for the fifth time in the past thirty minutes and sighed deeply. Let me tell you kids, Pokémon Master isn't all it's cracked up to be.

My head lolled back uncomfortably. The massive ceiling looked as if it were shifting, a dizzying effect caused from endless staring. I wished I could be out exploring like the good old days. When I was younger I had explored every square inch of Johto as well as visited five different regions. I was an experienced mountaineer and spuluker and I could practically hear the wilderness calling to me. Unfortunately for me though, I was trapped, imprisoned to this room during daylight hours until I either lost (unlikly) or expired away.

I glanced around the massive battle field while sitting leisurely in my seat, two legs strewn over the left arm. Gold adorned the entire room. Gold coloured floors and ceilings, with golden embellishments. A bit too bright in my own opinion but if my room were like Grimsly or Shauntel's I would be doomed to fall asleep and sleeping was Caitlin's thing. In the end, the room was left the way its original master had decorated it. Iris obviously loved the bright and flashy. Though maybe she should have thought of something other than a golden throne. It sounds good in theory but I would trade it in any day for an old but comfortable worn-in couch.

The colossal front doors creaked and then began to slowly open and I quickly straightened myself out. A young man entered the room and stood in the center of the pokeball logo painted on the floor. I looked down at him.

"Welcome challenger, I am Claire, current champion of the elite 4. I commend you for making it this far, your courage and trust in your Pokémon is evident." I subtly let out a sigh of relief, I didn't fumble on the words. I had a lot of time, endless time to think about what I would say to challengers but getting caught practicing them would be far too embarrassing. "Now," I started, "Let's have a good match, allow me to see your skills for myself."

"Go Ferialligatr!" I called tossing my pokeball into the air. It flew in a semicircle and landed with a red flash of light. My most trusted partner roared his battle cry.

"Go Zebstrika!" He called and grinned triumphantly at the match up. If he thinks he has that large an advantage now he obviously isn't going to last long. Ferialigatr had a quick claw and that.

"Use earthquake!" I called. The room shook and I firmly planted my feet and steadied myself with one hand on the ground. The man fell over, his Zebstrika K'Od. The battle went on much like that and then was over much too soon sending home a defeated and heart-broken boy. I sighed and sat back in the chair, how many more hours of monotony were there before I could call it a day? A challenger was an infrequent thing, it was unlikely another would appear today.

Well, that's what I thought but the door creaked open a second time and my eyes widened. That was fast. As it turned out, it wasn't a challenger, it was one of the Guards from the entrance of the league. "Hey…" I wracked my brain, "Jerry!"

He nodded. "Good afternoon ."

"'Sup?" I asked him dropping the formal garbage I used with challengers.

"This letter just came in to you." He said.

My brows raised slightly, letters were a rare thing in this day and age. I hadn't gotten one in forever. Any notifications I got generally came in on my c-gear.

When I took the letter he bowed slightly and hurried off. "Nice chatting with you as always Jerry…" I mumbled under my breath.

I turned the envelope in hand. It was pretty fancy, held shut with a decorative silver heart sticker. Tearing it open without a second thought I read the fancy font, Jack Goldberg and Mary Henson would like to formally invite you to their wedding?, and then, disbelievingly, I read it a second time. "MY BROTHER'S GETTING MARRIED?!"

I pulled out my xtransiever and immediately dialed the number on the invite.

"Hullo?" A voice asked on the other side. There was no video feed.

"Jack?" I asked skeptically.

"No this is Doug, from the Mineral Town inn."

"Sorry!" I exclaimed, "Wrong number!" I was about to hang up but the voice stopped me.

"Wait, wait! This is the right number! Is this for Jack's wedding?" Asked Doug.

"Yes…" I said slowly.

"And who is this?" He asked.

"Claire, his sister." I said. "I wanted to confirm that I will be attending the wedding."

"Great! I'll let him know!" The man said happily and then hung up. I sat staring at the xtransiever in confusion. Okay then…

Anyway, I was pretty excited. Anything to get the heck away from this nightmarish youth-sapping prison, I love my job. Plus I hadn't seen my brother since he was just a little guy, I was interested to see how he turned out.

I spun on my heels, enjoying the distraction of considering how to pack and the thought of possibly getting out and seeing the sun again. It was about time we got reacquainted.

Gray's POV

I grit my teeth and clenched the book I was reading tightly. She was giggling. I've known Mary for a great many years and never had I ever heard her giggle. It was his fault, that farmer, her fiancé. I never used to get this kind of reaction from her, I guess I never had a shot.

I couldn't see what she saw in him, she was witty and intelligent, and he was just a farmer. Mind you I was just a blacksmith, but that didn't change the fact that if Mary had chosen me, I could have loved her worlds more than he ever could.

But she hadn't.

I knew something was going to change the day he waltzed into town, with a stupid amount of optimism for someone walking into a dusty old town and a rundown ranch and with his blue eyes and cheesy grin he single handedly upset the balance. There were five girls in town, five boys in town, and five unofficial couples that everyone knew were eventually going to end up together. Then of all five girls, he chose Mary. My Mary.

He stood up from his cocky lean against the front desk, apparently done with flirting for the day and I sighed in relief, I didn't know how much longer I could stand him being here. I knew the day that I caught him proposing that I had lost, and yet, I still came to the library daily. What was I expecting? That she would magically change her mind and fall madly in love with me? Somewhere deep inside I knew that it would never happen, that coming to the library every day was merely self-inflicted torture.

My eyes narrowed and I concentrated harder on my book when I noticed that the farmer wasn't leaving but rather walking straight towards me.

"Hey, Grey!" He called.

"Jack" I growled not looking up at his frustratingly bright eyes.

"Ah come on man, don't be such a grump!" He whined, and then he lowered his voice so Mary couldn't hear, "Listen, I know you loved her, and I know it'll hurt, but you have to go to the wedding, you're her best friend."

I snorted and stood up to leave, the idiot followed me out.

"No, seriously! Listen I like you, if things didn't turn out the way they did we'd probably be friends!"

"That's I frightening thought." I mumbled.

"You can't cling on to this forever, you're going to have to move on!"

"How?!" I yelled wheeling around to face him. He backed up a step in surprise. "How can I move on when I'm the only single guy left? Are you saying I should just resign myself to being alone forever?"

He sighed, "This town is just a puddle, and there are plenty of fish in the sea."

I grunted, "So you're telling me to leave? After all this training, Gramps would have my head."

He scratched the back of his head. "You might not have to." What was he saying? "My sisters are coming to town for the wedding you know… This may be your last chance!"

I stared at him in disbelief, he wanted me to get with his sister? I clenched my jaw tightly, the only girl I could ever love was Mary. "No thanks," I said, "I don't want anyone with your disgusting blood running through them."

By this time we were at the hotel, my refuge, I stepped in and slammed to door behind me to let the guy know I didn't want him to follow. Ann looked up at me worried.

"What?" I practically snarled. She quickly looked down and began to scrub the bar table vigorously. I headed up the stairs and into my room. Plopping on the bed I sighed. I was a mix of emotions. On one hand I felt pretty bad for yelling at the waitress, but on the other I was practically seeing red, if I went back down to apologize in this state I'd probably of only made things worse. I hated being like this, but I couldn't help it, every time I saw Jack I just... Either way, I was sure she understood. Everyone knew how I felt about Mary except librarian herself.

I stayed in the room for as long as I could stand, but then my stomach growled and I sighed. Luckily the diner was just the floor below. I headed down the stairs and groaned, Jack was there. Of course. I turned around, I could wait.

"Grey! Yohooo!" I turned around to see, Kai waving at me goofily. "Get your butt over here!" I sighed and walked back down, no use getting the roommate mad, we still had the rest of the summer to go. Around the table sat all of the young men of mineral town minus Rick who refused to ever willingly be in the same building with Kai. Overprotective twit.

"Sup," I said taking a chair.

"Jack was just tellin' us 'bout his lovely sister." He grinned, "Jill, was it?" He nudged me in the ribs, "Take some notes man this is important information!"

I grimaced.

"Well," started Jack, "She's awesome! We've been really close ever since childhood, man I miss her I haven't seen her since I came to Mineral town."

"So is she hot?" Asked Kai.

"Dude!" Exclaimed Jack, "That's my sister you're talking about, and anyway, you have Popuri!"

Kai raised his hands defensively, "Whoa, whoa, I know that, she's my world man!" And then he grinned and slung his arm around me, "Just asking since my friend here's too shy to!"

"Kai!" I protested.

He didn't listen to me, instead he turned back to Jack. "So what about your other sister? Earlier you said sisters."

This time Jack grimaced, an interesting expression on him. "Yeah, she's around our age too… I was really hoping she wouldn't come."

"Whoa!" Exclaimed Kai. "That's surprisingly cold for you!"

"Well we haven't really kept in contact. I wasn't planning on inviting her but when Mary found out about her she insisted I invite her. You know how she is" he shrugged. Interesting, even Jack has people he doesn't like.

"Anyway," he started, "her name's Claire, I haven't seen her in a long long time so I can't really say that much about her." How like Jack to be too kind to even bash someone he hates.

He dropped the topic there as the food came.

"Ah man!" I yelled, "Why didn't you guys tell me you already ordered!"

Clank! CLANK! I hit the metal with all of my force.

"NO, NO, NOO!" screamed the old man, "This is expensive silver me boy, not meat waiting to be pounded!"

As always, he looked at my work through a fine tooth comb, "And what's with this other stuff in it?! Didn't you properly clean the ore!?"

"Shut it old man! I'm doing what I can! Stop criticizing every little thing!"

Just then a bell chimed as the front doors opened.

"Welco-" Grandfather started but stopped mid word. I glanced over, and for once agreed with him, I didn't know what to make of her. The girl was obviously not from around here. She had her brown hair up in a ponytail. Her neckline was a little too low and her shorts barely made it to her thighs. She made Karen look like a nun, obviously a city girl.

"Goodness," she moaned, she cocked her head to one side causing her ponytail to swing. "Everyone in this town is looking at me funny, is there something on my face?" She asked innocently.

Then her eyes lit up, "you must be Grey!" She fluttered her eyelashes and leaned over Gramp's counter showing a little too much cleavage. I looked away, feeling my face heat involuntarily. I used to live in the city and this was normal, yet maybe this conservative town was finally getting to me. "Jack's told me so much about you!" She purred.

"You must be Claire", I sighed.

For a second her facade was gone, replaced with anger, "What?! No, I'm Jill! Don't compare me to that-THAT…" She regained her composure, "Anyway, I should go find Jack." She stated and stalked out.

I returned to my post and began to reheat the metal, "If that's the good sister," I mumbled, removing the tool from the fire, "I really don't want to meet the other"

My grandfather grunted in agreement, apparently Manna the town gossip was in the diner last night so the whole town now knew about Jack's two sisters.

"What does that mean?" Asked a voice.

"Wah!" In my surprise, the metal dropped through the thongs and brushed my hand, still glowing red from the embers.

"ACCCKKKK!" I bellowed. Searing pain was shooting up my arm.

"Grey!" shouted Grandfather. He quickly ran a cloth under water and guided me to a seat behind the shop.

The voice followed us in, "Oh, my gosh! I'm so sorry!"

My grandfather turned on her, "WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?! He was working with fire!"

He was on my side for once? I looked up at the girl and my eyes widened. She had long golden hair and wore a baggy pair of overalls with eyes bluer than Jack's.

She was biting her thumb worriedly, "Oh yes, I'm so so sorry! I was just-" she paused and grabbed something from her bag. "Here!" She said handing me a spray bottle. I looked at it.

"Burn heal? Why the heck are you carrying around something like that? Does this happen often?" I asked sarcastically.

"It's an important tool of the trade." She grinned. What sort of job requires burn heal to be handy at all times? What even is a burn heal? "Oh!" She said, "and if you ever need any others, I have stocked up on them all, paralyze heals, ice heals, antidotes and awakenings!"

I blinked, "Awakenings?"

"Yeah!" She exclaimed, "To wake up sleeping… things"

"No thanks," I muttered, "I have an alarm clock"

"Too bad those don't work in battles," she grinned. "Actually I'd really recommend stocking up on paralyze heals!" She looked at me seriously, "Haven't you noticed that there's an unusual number of Joltik this year? It's almost too dangerous to go outside!" I blinked at her and she obviously picked up on my confusion, "…Or do you not get Joltik in this region?"

I had no idea how to respond to that, the girl was obviously off her rockers. I was beginning to understand why the family's given up on her. Instead, I began to unravel the wet cloth covering my burn, I gasped a little at how bad it looked. It was red, swollen and was already beginning to blister. Great. I immediately sprayed it and expected to feel the burn associated with disinfectants. Instead, I felt instant relief. To my shock, it was even beginning to heal before my very eyes.

"Hmm," she pondered, "It doesn't seem to work as well on humans…"

Grandfather rubbed the back of his head, "Sorry fer yellin' missy. It was my idiot grandson's fault fer not concentratin'"

"What?!" I roared, "You were fully on my side a moment ago!"

I turned to her, "This guy's always yelling at me! All he does is criticize my work!"

"That's because you always mess up!" He yelled back.

Rather than become unnerved by our bantering like most people, she grinned, "Its called training."

I stood there dumbstruck for a second and then lowered the rim of my cap over my eyes. "Yeah you're probably right."

"You're so lucky" she sighed.

"What?" We asked simultaneously.

"To have something you have to work so hard for…" She looked at me. "Its just the start of your adventure. I on the other hand am done. Never take the game for granted."

"The game?" I asked.

"It was my lame attempt at a metaphor." She said. "If life is like a game, don't rush too fast to the end. If you beat the story mode too fast all that's left is the repetitive after credit stuff." She sighed deeply, "Arceus, I am bad at these talks."

"Uh, yeah I guess?" I said.

"Anyway!" She said with a sudden urgency, "What's this about the bad sister? Why's everyone in this town being so cold to me?" She asked. "I've infiltrated team Plasma and been treated nicer!"

"I don't know" I lied, I didn't have the heart to tell the girl her brother hated her.

"Alright." She said, her tone suggested she knew I was lying. I cursed silently. She said quick farewells then ran out the door.

"Jack's sisters," I started, "Are really, really weird."

Gramps nodded in agreement.

Claire POV

There was obviously something this town was hiding from me. Without a doubt. For the moment I had decided not to dwell on that. I was still mentally hitting myself. A couple minutes in town and I was already messing up. For one, I had researched what people wear on farms so I could blend in more on vacation, and, well, take a break from being Unova's Champion. Though it seems the overalls and plaid shirt were a little much. I had already received some snarky comments by the girls at the market. No one seemed to want to give me their names, come to think of it, what was the blacksmith boy's name?

Sure he was snarky but at least I got the feeling he was like that with everyone. He could end up being a strong ally. Oh, and that brings me to mistake number 2, the burn. I cringed, what was I thinking? I had noticed my sister go into the store so I snuck in after her. I wanted to surprise her since we hadn't seen each other in years. But she certainly wasn't that cute little nine year old I left at home when I set out on my Pokemon journey.

I couldn't help but laugh at the monologue I gave at the blacksmith's once I was safely alone.

Ever since I became Champion of the Elite 4, I was told I was the region's role model and that I had to become more mature. I had changed my wardrobe from t-shirts and baseball caps to designer trademarks so I could fit the population's mental image. Another little thing I was still working on was the words of wisdom that all champions seem to have.

Did I seriously just compare life to a game? "It's just the start of your adventure?" Ahhhaaa that's it! I wanna die, it's too embarrassing! By then I was just spouting random nonsense.

Nevertheless, the most important thing to do right now, is to clear up misunderstandings! I have to find Jack!

I saw a sign up ahead,

Sunnydale Farm


Oh poor poor Claire, I think someone's neglected to tell you that there's no Pokemon in the Harvest Moon world...

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