Chapter 1

"Carlisle!" I scream as I ran to him, and hugged around his waist as I rest my head on his chest. I smiled up at him, as he looked down at me in shock. The last time I saw him was when we were both in Volturi. When I was a giving myself a break from moving around, it was because of Carlisle that I learned to eat animals. He gave me the greatest gift. He gave me my life back.

"Night, it has been so long," I nodded my head like crazy shaking my blond curls with black highlights around, I have not had it cut in a long time, so it down the middle of my back. "What are you doing here?" Leading me away from the nurses, to his office, I sat down his red chair, swinging my legs because I small enough in this chair.

"There is no vet in this small town, so I came here with my dog; this doctor is taking care of my puppy." I said happily with a giggle, "I have a dog now, Carlisle," Once way back I had told Carlisle that I wanted a dog, "I have so much control that I can be around dogs and humans with no trouble at all." I was gigging and hopping in the chair. I pulled out a picture of my dog, "Carlisle this is Star, my baby." He took the picture gently, and looked at Star. Star was mostly black with white on her front paws, going down to her back paws, around her neck and up to her nose, with black being divide by that fur.

"Star is very cute, why is Star at the hospital? ….You do not have to answer." He smiled looking down at me.

"Star was running after me, but fell and hurt her paw, I hurt my puppy," I said sadly if I could cry I would be.

Carlisle came around hugged me, "Night, everything is going to be fine with Star, I promise." I hugged him back, believing him; I always believe whatever Carlisle said. "How about this? After Star's paw is fixed you come and meet my family?" I nodded my head like crazy, and smile widely.

The doctor who was taking care of Star came in, "You have a whining puppy asking for you," he said with a smile, I got up fast and hopped over to him clapping as he led to me Star, I waved bye to Carlisle.

Star barked at me when I came in tail flying back and forth, I pick her up, and hugged her to my chest, smiling like crazy. I looked at the doctor, "Thank you so much, for taking care of Star," I almost forget, I pulled out my insecure card.

"No, it is free, with the way you came in; I could not help but want to help. This little one," petting Star's head, "was worth it and seeing you two together happy is the paid enough." I smile at him and nodding before leaving. I go to the parking lot to see Carlisle talking to a boy with copper hair, and a blond girl. I run to him, he just so happens to be near my Ford Mustang Convertible, red with white interior.

"Carlisle," I ran over, and stop in front of him, "Star this is Carlisle," I said waving her unhurt paw at him, while my other was holding her to my chest. "Carlisle this is Star," He looked over at me with a smile on his face.

"Nice to meet you Star," He said taking her paw gently and shaking it, it sets me into a fit of giggles. The people behind him were looking at us weird but I walked around him to my car and opened the door and climb in putting Star in her cage, that was in the back seat. "Follow me to my house," He said as I nod my head. Carlisle headed to his car with the people following, as I check, the cage to make sure it was not going to move before starting the car. Following Carlisle to his house, I started playing music lightly on the way to his house, it surprised me, how I can be this small but able to drive this car so naturally. I sang along with Shinedown's Call Me. Star even barked along.

Just as it finished we are at the house, I got Star out of her cage, as I followed Carlisle into his house. Right away, I saw a woman who, I thought might be Carlisle's mate. "This is Esme my wife, and mate."

I at her, "Nice to meet you Esme, I am Night, an old friend of Carlisle." She smiled at me, and hugged me gently because of Star; I hugged her back with one arm.

"Nice to meet you dear," she said softly.

I looked at Carlisle, then back at Esme, "I guess this makes you my mom, Carlisle has been my father figure for hundreds of years." She looked shocked but nodded happily looking like she would be crying if she could, she hugged me again. "I am going to guess you have never told anyone about me.

"I never thought I would see you again," he said honestly.

"I didn't either." I walked into the living sitting down with Star in my lap. "Star that is grandma got it." I said waving her paw at Esme, who was sitting across from me with a smile on her face.

A pixie girl came down stairs with a blond hair man behind her along with a bear like man behind him, who all stopped in to look at me.

"Alice why didn't you say we were going to have a guest?" the bear asked.

"Because I did not see one coming, Edward," the pixie said, now known as Alice the cooper head man from before came out.

"Do not ask me, I did not know about this," the cooper, now known as Edward. The blond man gasped.

"I cannot change you emotional," he said frowning.

I blinked at him, "Yeah, I have two powers," I said like it was common, when they all started to sit around looking at me. Carlisle stood next to Esme. "Carlisle helped me learn to control them, since we had a lot of time to learn them." Star started to walk on the couch, with me watching her like a hawk.

"Before I tell you about my powers, let me guess your powers," I pointed to bear man.

"You power is yours strength, I will guess that when were human you could lift a lot,"

I pointed to blonde woman next to him, "Yours is beauty, you can make anyone do anything for you, when you were human you might have had veela blood pasted down in your family," she looked at question look on her face, "I came from a time were creatures used to live among humans." I looked over to Esme and smiled clam but happily, "Yours is your kindness and need to care for everything, when you were human you might have being the most caring person you in your town." I looked over Carlisle, "Carlisle your power is caring knowing what is wrong with someone along with your power to lead, back when you were human you helped lead, and you were a bookworm." I giggled. I looked over the pixie, Alice, "You can see the future, or what people might do, when you were human you made good guesses for people, you might have been a fortune teller." I looked over the blond man next to her. "You can feel emotions, and control them, when you were human you might have been able to read people emotions like a book." I looked over the last person, Edward, "You can hear people's thoughts, when you were human you could read people like a book." Waited for people to come out of their shock while I picked up Star before she could jump off the couch arm, "No, Star no jumping," wiggle my finger, as I lay in her in my arm like a baby she paws at finger, I sequel and giggle at her, "So Cute."

"Carlisle where did you meet this girl," I quickly put Star on the couch, and kick the bear down on the floor, and keeping my foot on his chest.

"I may look like a girl, or dress like a one sometimes, but I am boy." I look down at him, while leaning on my knee with my arm on it laying my head on my arm. "Carlisle, meet me back when he was with the Volturi by the way," I walked over back to Star and get back in position. "My name is Night Moon; I was born before the plague, and was turn during the plague by Caius. Yes the Caius from Volturi. I was one of his first to be turned. I was born at night right at midnight when the moon was full. I could talk people into give me whatever I wanted, I could sing so while that some kings and queens would ask for me to sing for them, I had women begging for me to court them and men asking to court me." I shake my head, "When the plague came it was a secretly blessing for me because it was getting too much, special since I was a few years off of being the age of having to take someone to marry. I had gotten the disease that was killing people a year later, after my father, mother and brother had died. Caius had found me and turned me before I even got any of the black spots on me; I just had the fever and sweat." I rubbed my cheek, and smiled, "He thought I was his mate but I was not. I stayed with him for a while learning to control all my vampires part I have not found my mate yet." I looked out the window, "A few years later, I meet Carlisle and learned how to control my powers.

"You all want to know my powers, my singing voice can make anyone do what I want to do, it is very power full, and I can sing very loud over screams voices of thousands of people. My second is," I stood up and walked over to Jasper touched his hand, "I can increase others powers; When I touch them, but I have a shield around my mind so that I will not lose myself in mess of the things. Only Aro is the one who can read my thoughts, when he touches me. He can get through any shield. Anyway I should get going, it very nice to meet everyone, if it is okay with Mommy Esme I will come over to tomorrow." I looked over at Esme who nodded happily and hugged me before letting me go.

I hopped out to my car; put Star in her cage before driving back to my house. Aro and Caius spent; I do not know how much money on this house, and car just so that I was comfortable, but lucky me it was on a road that you could blink and miss if you are not a vampire. I now know why they picked Forks for me to come; Carlisle was here they trust him to keep me safe. I have been here for a while I guess it is time for me, to start acting human with humans. I smile and park my car. I look 15, 16 is pushing it but yet I live alone, and sometimes I cross-dress, and I love cute things, and I am happy all time, some many people say I am full of life. Volturi loves me, Carlisle is my father figure, and I am his first son figure. This is my life, my name is Night Moon, and yes I am a boy.