Asuna loved Kirito. More than anything in the world.

And he loved her. She knew that, she really did.

She would never think him unfaithful; she had no reason to. They had been through so much together. And while there were others who had their eye on him, she knew he had eyes for her only.

However, she did get a little frustrated by his outings. She knew it was petty, oh she did, but she couldn't help but get just the slightest bit miffed when, say, he stayed late at Silica's house, her having claimed she needed help studying.

Or when, say, Liz had taken him on an expedition to gather blacksmithing materials that was 'swordsman and blacksmith only' as she described it.

Or when she called to ask him over, only for him to say that he was already on a hunting quest with Sinon, and wouldn't be done for quite some time.

They were all friends. She would remind herself that so many times, but every time she did, a little voice would add 'but he is mine.' And she would blush and berate herself, but she wouldn't disagree with herself.

She was in the right, wasn't she? That Kirito, spending time with all those other girls. Was she not special to him anymore? No, never, of course not…

She didn't find herself very convincing.

Thoughts like these plagued her mind until she heard her doorbell ring.

He showed up at her home, bewildered from having ridden his bike to her home in quite a hurry.

She would offer him no sympathy.

"Kirito-kun. W-what brings you here?" she tried her best to remain aloof. She couldn't let him know just how much his presence here pleased her.

Kazuto began to respond between heavy breaths, "Asuna-san, hahh, you sounded upset on the phone. I wanted to know if everything was alright."

He was worried. She felt so guilty about being mad at him. He didn't do anything wrong.

'Even so, he shouldn't have been ignoring me' that little voice rang in her head again.

"Kirito-kun, come with me." she said.

He followed slightly nervous at what Asuna was planning.

She brought him to her room, and sat him down on her bed.

"Kirito-kun," she began, "You haven't been spending much time with me recently."

"I know, and I'm sorry, the others have just been wanting me to do stuff, and it's hard to just say no to them, and-"

"I know how Kirito-kun is." Asuna interrupted. "You are a good person. Kind. I know very well." She said sweetly.

"Even so, you are my boyfriend. And I believe that entitles me to certain things." She began to approach Kirito. "So, because you've been spending so little time with me recently, we're going to make up for that lost time." She said with a glint in her eye that Kazuto knew all too well.

"Asuna, your family-" "Is all gone for the evening. We have hours to kill, Kirito-kun." She said smiling ever so sweetly at her beloved. Kazuto blushed brightly, and was overtaken with a sense of both fear, and excitement.

Kazuto returned home late that night. He knew he would be bombarded with questions about the long red scratch marks on his arms and back, or the little love bites that decorated his neck and chest, or why he had returned home with no shirt. He would have trouble convincing his family that all those questions had the same answer.