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"Lets go Soul Eater." Maka Albarn held out a gloved hand for Soul's scythe form.

Soul grinned his pointy grin and transformed with a swish of blue smoke, flying up and landing perfectly into Maka's practiced hands.

Maka Albarn and Soul Eater were the DWMA's most serious weapon and meister duo. Maka was a determined and headstrong contrast to Soul's laid back and "cool" approach. Out of all the one star meisters at the DWMA Maka and Soul were the closest to the quota of 99 human souls and one witches soul than any other pair at the school according to Lord Death himself, as Maka loved to remind Soul when she was in a good mood. They were currently hunting soul number 86.

Todays target was a murderer with yellow eyes that practically yelled "Hey everyone! I'm a psychotic killer! Want a lift in my van?" This guy looked amused that a little girl was threatening him with an old fashioned scythe longer that her entire body. Especially in an alleyway at night wearing a what looked like a red school uniform skirt and a black tailcoat.

"Your murdering days are done! I'm here for your soul!" Maka shouted, glaring at him with intense green eyes.

Soul groaned. "Maka, your cheesy catchphrase is so uncool. You should change them a little more!"

"Get your priorities straight Soul! We're here to collect the kishin egg, not to rehearse my attack line. Are you with me or not?" Without waiting for his reply, she lunged at the target, wielding the giant blade with surprising ease and skill. The target decided that this girl was serious, and rushed her, wanting to end her quickly. Unfortunately for him, Maka Albarn was a lot stronger than she looked.

The target transformed his hands into blades, and slashed at her wildly, like a cornered animal. Maka parried his attacks and sent him flying with a hit from Soul's shaft. It was over quickly after that. Maka didn't give the murderer time to get up. She ran him through with Soul, and left only a small ball of light with an infected red glow. This light was the targets's soul.

Maka let go of Soul while he transformed, and placed her hands on her hips.

"That was soul number 86. I guess we finished our extracurricular lesson." She smiled. "I'm glad we're finally coming back from having all those souls confiscated." Maka had an awfully adorable grin for someone who just sliced a guy in half barely a minute ago.

"Yeah, and all `cause of that damn cat." Soul paused to scowl, before taking hold of the red soul and swallowing it whole. "Whatever. Cool guys don't sulk about the past. Speaking of cool guys I wonder what's up with Captain Spaz."

Maka sighed and twisted one of her pigtails. "Black Star? Same as usual, I would think. I have no idea how Tsubaki puts up with him."

"Huh, you heard her that one time. 'If we're fools we're fools together' and all that. That's just how they work. Plus I think they have a thing for each other."

Maka went red and made a face, but her reply was cut short by a certain loudmouth who was perched on the roof.

"YAHOO!" Yelled Black Star. "Now that I'm here, you can start! AHAHAHAHA!"

"We already finished dumbass, now get down from there. Where's Tsubaki?" Soul growled at him, shoving his hands in his pockets and slouching.

"I'm here." A girl with a black ponytail smiled and leaned over Black Star's shoulder. "If you two have finished, lets go. It's pretty chilly out here."

"I, the great Black Star never gets cold! But I won't force lesser mortals to try to attempt something to big for them to handle!"

"Okay." Tsubaki giggled while Soul and Maka rolled their eyes.

"How many souls did you manage to collect?" Maka interrupted Black Star's maniacal laughter.

Tsubaki and Black Star's faces both fell slightly.

"A big man like me doesn't have time to chase down little souls in this city!" Black Star went back to laughing, and Tsubaki sighed.

"In other words you didn't get any. Whatever. I guess we should find Crona, I hope he's okay, this being his first extracurricular whatsit and all." Soul looked at Maka expectantly. "Where is he?"

"I'm working on it." Maka already had her eyes closed, and her eyebrows were furrowed in concentration. "That way." She pointed to the street on the left, and ran down it.

"Oi! Wait up will you?" Soul yelled. "I have the motorcycle!" He jumped on his yellow and red motorcycle and drove off.

"I guess we should be worried about such a little guy." Black Star said thoughtfully. We should go too. Maka's the only one who can sense his soul after all."

Tsubaki smiled to herself at his concern for their friend. "Yep."

Crona was nestled in a dark corner by an intersection, shivering and crying while Ragnarok hit him over the head with a map.

"Damn it Crona! Move! If we don't get more souls I'm gonna be little like this forever!"

"There's so many c-cars! I d-don't know what to deal with that many! Ragnarok stop h-hitting me! I d-don't like it!" He covered his face with his hands.

"Crona! There you are! It's time to go home!" A confident voice filled Crona's ears.

"M-Maka?" He raised his head hopefully and Ragnarok stopped hitting him.

"Hey. What's wrong?" Her black and white combat boots slowed down as she went around the corner. She knelt down beside him. "Sorry we left you all alone. But I kinda promised Soul Eater we would get as many kishin eggs as possible."

"I'm okay, I just don't think I know how to deal with the city." He looked at his hands, embarrassed.

Maka patted him on the head. "It's okay Crona. Don't worry about it. Let's go back, I think Liz wanted to have dinner together and Kid hates it when we're late. He'll probably freak out or something." She laughed, took off one of her white gloves and held it out to Crona. "Come on."

Crona smiled and let Maka help him up on his shaky feet. "T-thanks Maka-"

"CRONA! THERE YOU ARE! NEVER FEAR; THE GREAT BLACK STAR IS HERE!" Black Star jumped between them and yelled at the top of his lungs, causing Crona to yell in fright and fall back down.

"Dude, so not cool." Soul pulled over with a roar of his motorcycle. "Come on, Maka. We have to go back, Tsubaki, you have the train tickets right?"

"Yep! Right here; we have one for you too Crona, don't worry." Tsubaki held them out for them to see."

"Good. Then Maka and I are going to go ahead. Blair might be doing weird stuff in our apartment again." Soul held out a helmet and handed it to Maka, who pulled it on and sat down behind him.

"Bye guys." Maka waved and watched Tsubaki and Crona walk away from the corner together, while Black Star walked ahead, yelling something about little people. "I'm glad it's getting warmer again, remember when we fought Free in London? It was freezing!"

"Yeah. I remember. I also remember you being the one who almost launched off of London Bridge." Soul turned on to a highway, and raised his voice over the wind.

"Trust you to remember what I did wrong." Maka grumbled. There was a little bit of silence while Soul turned again towards the dessert. "Soul, do you really think Blair is doing that at the apartment again?" Maka asked, frowning.

"Naw, I think you scared her enough the last time. You gave her a nosebleed."

"Then why-"

"I just wanted to get you out of there thats all. We caught four souls tonight; you must be exhausted." Soul Eater said cautiously.

"But I'm fine, Soul. Why do insist on treating me like I'm some sort of delicate flower?"

"Shut up. The battle with Asura was barely three weeks ago, and I don't want you over-doing it in case you're not as fine as you say you are."

"I got the OK from Naigus!"

"He dug his hand in your gut! 'Scuse me for being a little cautious! If your too reckless, your wound might reopen, and that would be totally uncool."

Maka sighed, but didn't argue too much. "Is that why you didn't want to work with Crona?"

"Yeah. You might get yourself hurt covering his butt. He's still a little shaken from that fight with Medusa, I knew he'd just stay put if he was on his own. Besides, Ragnarok will never become a Death Scythe."

"All right, I get your point." Maka wasn't happy, but she let Soul drive without getting into an argument. Everyone had been in the infirmary for about two weeks after the battle. Kid had a wound in his stomach, Patti and Liz both had broken ribs, Black Star had a concussion. Maka had various injuries to treat, and Soul needed bed rest for having his mind controlled and being shot with a Kishin soul wavelength. Liz and Patti were still healing and everyone was tired, even if they tried to hid it.