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Sunlight glared in through the window and painted the inside of Maka's eyelids red. She groaned and sat up. There was a bottle of disinfectant ointment on her bedside table and a package of bandages. It took her a second to take it all in and remember what had happened last night. Soul must have put me here. She thought, realizing she was still in her sweatpants and T shirt. Even her socks were still on. Maka groaned and stretched. The digital clock read 11:00.

"Holy cow! It's almost noon, why didn't Soul wake me up yet?" Maka said to herself. She pulled herself out of bed and changed into fresh jeans and her orange sweater. Soul wasn't anywhere to be found but a note was on the counter.


I'm at the basketball court with all the others even Kid and the Thompson's If you want to come bring a book there is no way in hell I'm letting you play in this state don't forget we have a lesson Tuesday - Soul Eater

Maka smiled. "You're so dumb sometimes. As if I'd want to play basketball in the first place."

"So Maka was practicing scythe techniques in the dark?" Liz passed the ball to Kid.

Kid passed to Soul. "No offense Soul, but why did you even go along?"

Soul held on to the ball while he replied. "The Hell if I know; I guess I'd rather give her some piece of mind or she'd have been up all night. She's so stubborn, and fighting her on it wouldn't be cool." He ran a finger along one of the basketballs black stripes before making a shot.

"Good one Soul!" Said Tsubaki once the ball landed. She passed it to BlackStar.

"I wonder why she's trying so hard, AFTER ALL NO ONE CAN BE AS BIG A STAR AS ME!"

Liz rolled her eyes. "Just start the game already you freak."

BlackStar was about to pass the ball to Patti when there was a bloodcurdling screech.


Liz froze. "What? What's wrong?

Kid rushed at her and pointed furiously at her hair. "YOUR HAIR, LIZ! YOU TUCKED IT BEHIND YOUR EAR ON ONLY ONE SIDE!"

A vein popped in Liz's forehead. "For God's sake Kid! You freak out over something as trivial as that?" She shoved the other side of her bangs behind her ear. "Happy now?"


Patti and BlackStar guffawed while Crona looked nervous.

"Hey guys!"

Everyone turned around to see Maka waving at them with a thick leather bound copy of "Resonance: The Synchronization of the World" in her hands. "What's up?"

"YOU WANNA PLAY BASKETBA-" Soul punched BlackStar in the gut before he could finish.

"Yo Maka, we're just playing a game. Watcha reading?"

"Resonance, the synchronization of the world." Maka said promptly.

"That sounds stupid and boring." Soul deadpanned, which resulted in him receiving a face full of supple leather binding. Maka glared, picked up her book and went to sit next to Kid who was still pouting.

"What's wrong Kid?"

"Once again, Liz is unable to appreciate the importance of symmetry."

"Oh, I see." Maka smiled at him. "Wow Kid, I haven't seen you sulk like that before."


"So, You're not going to play? The teams won't be even If you don't play."

Kid's eye twitched.

"Come on Kid, Soul won't even let me play. Besides, It's your first time out in weeks. Come to think of it, it's Liz and Patty's first time out too."

"Ugh. Very well, for the sake of symmetry I will rejoin the game."

Liz rolled her eyes. "Whatever, Kid. Just get your butt over here and play defense with me and Soul."

Maka smiled and immersed herself in her book. It discussed how synced souls fit together like gears.

"Unless a the two partners share an incredible bond such as the ones shared between family members, it is extremely dangerous for two partners with regularly activated weapon traits to resonate."

Maka skimmed over this paragraph, her heart sinking. She quickly dismissed it though. Honestly, how old is this book anyway?

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