This is my new project which is a Fallout/ Mass Effect crossover. This story is inspired the the scenario depicted by ertthkineg in his story From the Ashes. After talking with him and recieving his permission to use his idea I started writing this. It is similar to erttheking's story and in the first few chapters will have similar plot scenario but I assure you I will be doing it in a very unique way.

All criticism both positive and negative is welcome.

I know the time line is a long one but that the way I like it and feels it does justice to both Fallout 3 and New Vegas.

Also note that everthing the in Mass Effect universe takes place originally up to meeting the Union. As in erttheking's story humanity start the story at a later date than the Alliance did in the games according the their calender as to allow them more time to develop.



Jason Brandy, aka the Lone Wonder, under threat of death escapes Vault 101 and ventures out into the Capital Wasteland

Brandy along with the East Coast Brotherhood of Steel successful activate Project Purity as well successfully destroying the Enclave sending surviving members fleeing west.


Under the direction and guidance of the Brotherhood the various settlements of Capital Wasteland unite under the founding document, the Capital Charter, and become known as the Capital Brotherhood. Elder Lyons remains in charge of newly formed government with Jason Brandy, the hero of the people, as his second in command.

While many traditions and principles of the Brotherhood remain the same for the Capital Brotherhood but now the underlining goal is the betterment and properity of mankind under this new flag. This creates two divisions in the new nation. One is the government itself being composed of, like the original, Knights and Scribes. The other is the Civilian division, the most populous division. Each settlement selects one representative to sit on the Elder's Council which assist the Elder and government in running the nation.

Jason Brandy and the Brotherhood launch a military operation aimed at securing Vault 87, successfully putting a stop to a growing Super Mutant population. With the Vault secured the Brotherhood find information regarding the Forced Evolutionary Virus and with pressure from both the Lone Wanderer and Fawkes Elder Lyons allows for Vault 87 to become dedicated to studying and hopefully curing the process of Super Mutation. By the end of the following year the Super Mutant threat to the Capital Wasteland is no longer the majority being hunted down and killed. However, some Super Mutants were able to be captured and contained in Vaults 87 for farther experimentation for a cure.

With the Capital Wasteland united under one flag as the Capital Brotherhood, the citizens find new strength and began to plan on reforming the wasteland into a prosperous and safe place.


By this time all vaults in the Capital Wasteland have been cleared and either salvaged or repaired providing a boost in medical care, power generation and due to the G.E.C.K. devices environmental terra-forming begins. For the first time in over two hundred years the color green is naturally seen around the soon be former wasteland as grass breaks through the soil and leaf filled trees begin to dot the land.

The agricultural pursuits, thanks to Doctor Madison Li and her team at Rivet City, can finally be implemented on a large scale and are widely successful. The majority of scavenging for pre-war food ceases to a halt as the new farms begin to produce enough food for the population.

The majority of rubble from the remnants of Washington D.C. and surrounding areas is removed and the step of rebuilding and large scale construction finally begins. New building begin to rise as others are repaired and citizens begin leaving their crumbling settlements and create new districts in the rising city in cultural representation of their former residences.

Due to stories of the new conditions and opportunities of the Capital Wasteland, the end of the year marks a huge boom in immigration from people of surrounding areas. While most are happy to take upon the responsibilities that the Capital Brotherhood requires of its citizens some, unable to give their anarchy-style ways turn back, some traveling West with tales of the small wonder being born in the ashes.


Courier Six takes the job to deliver the Platinum Chip and subsequently is caught and shot in the head. Surviving the initial shot he is rescued by Victor and saved nursed back to health by Doc Mitchell. Upon coming out of his coma he suffers from amnesia remembering only those who tried to kill him and brief flashes of his old life but his life before and his name are lost to him. He assumes the name of Courier Six and begins his hunt for revenge out in the waste.

Six makes his journey across the Mojave tracking down his shooter finally reaching New Vegas and finding Benny, Chairman of the Tops Casino. Confronting him in the Presidential Sweet, Six confronts and kills Benny taking back his Platinum Chip. Upon exiting the Casino he takes up Victors offer to enter the Lucky 38 and there his partnership with Robert House begins.

The Courier begins to unite the smaller factions underneath House except one. House explains to the Courier that the Mojave Chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel must be eliminated. He cites the Brotherhood's history in dealing with those who possess advanced technology and how they have attacked his forces before and states: "I cannot allow a faction remain that would use force to kill and/or steal for another man's property for the ridiculous belief that just because the other man is not one of them, he is not worthy of what rightfully belongs to him. " Six understood the validity of what he said and abided and with a heavy heart destroyed the base sending the local chapter out in a blaze of glorious battle.

With the smaller factions of the Mojave wasteland united under House and Six, House began the final phase of his plan for New Vegas independence. Coinciding with the Second Battle of Hoover Dam the Courier activated the Securitron Army, successfully forcing both the New California Republic and Caesar's Legion to stand down and end hostilities between each other.

The threat of forceful and wrongful annexation of New Vegas by either the NCR or the Legion was put to rest and with the new and powerful military force at his disposal New Vegas was finally its own independent state. The Courier is regarded by House as his most prized and dedicated Lieutenant and in thanks makes him his second in command along with all the rewards that he could give. Six, being just a simple courier, used what he gained to start to bring peace and hope to the people of the Mojave.


With suggestion from the Courier, House agrees to accept new territory in his small empire. Six with his connections with various other areas brings in many new territories:

With help from Christine Royce Six manages to bring in the Sierra Madre under House control. Along with Christine the Courier manages to begin opening communication with the native inhabitants, the ghost people and over the course of years integrates them and their skills into the new nation and are able to cure them from the necessary of living with the Cloud along with vanquishing the Cloud itself bringing new air and life back to the city.

With help from Joshua Graham Six convinces the surviving New Canaanites along with the various small tribes to join him and House. While the locals are nervous at first their trust in the Courier and his words leads them to join New Vegas.

The Great Divide is the next target for the continual gain in territory for House and Six. Devoid of friendly populous and neglect from both NCR and the Legion the Courier with the help of a detachment of securitrons successfully clears the area along with beginning to plan to rebuild various installations and salvage materials and technology for future use.

The hardest area to bring into the fold proved to be Big Mountain. The members of the Think Tank remembered House from before the war and a few did not get along with him. Along with this and the requirement that the Tank would have to stop their irresponsible experimentations, it took the courier all of the power of his authority in Big Mountain as well as his patience and charisma to bring the few Doctors in.

However things are not easy in the Mojave. House's leadership and role as governor of New Vegas gave him certain rights. He stays true to his word and there is no council or group elected by the people to help him run the government for he viewed that as a weakness. He explained to the Courier, and through the Courier the people, that the role of his government was not to provide for the populous but only to keep them safe and from this and his laws for the people to follow. Only three things would be illegal: Murder without just cause or any intentional act of aggression that led to serious harm such as rape; Theft which included any form of slavery, forced labor or anything that took away a person's free will beside what local governments would decide to equal jail time; and Treason to the state. All three offences suffered the penalty of death done as quickly as possible. He also stated that anything no included in the three illegal acts could be regulated by local forms of government. He also set up a supreme court system that would travel around or be stationed at various places and deliver punishment. Everything else he made legal whether it was drugs, prostitution or weapons and it was up to the people and their local governments to decide how to live and what to regulate among each group.

The people began to call their new nation simply Vegas and the name stuck and was adopted as the formal name for all of the territories.

Unfortunately many people were left somewhat stranded, specifically those who stayed behind from the NCR who regularly provided supplies such as food, water and medical equipment and now they had to step up for themselves. And in this the Follower of the Apocalypse thrived, helping those who needed it with no restrictions from House's government. Without regulation industry and services began reviving and growing at a pace never seen meeting the growing demand. And House continued to devote time to his projects and formed the Lucky 38 company where he was of course the CEO and sole proprietor.

The NCR however faired much more worse. With the failure of the Mojave Conquest along the built up military might without an enemy, NCR fell into a depression. During this time the NCR worried that some of its members might try to secede from the republic began its focus on an old Military. Kimball desperate to remain in office and General Oliver striving for a success after Hoover Dam launched an all out war on the Brotherhood of Steel still within their borders. Living in a time of tense cease-fire the Brotherhood was not very surprised by the attack and was prepared. But while technologically superior, it lacked the numbers of the NCR and began to be beaten.

Due to war with the Brotherhood within its borders, the NCR began its demanding more of its citizens. During the war Kimble urge the NCR congress that would allow the military to seize most fire arms both energy and traditional, to make up for the slow replacement of lost weapons on the front line. This marked the day the average civilian lacking special permission from the government lost his ability to carry weapons. During this time a draft as well as special war time taxes were created to provide both personnel and funds for the war. During the beginning President Kimball received a gain in popularity as well as his political party, the Manifest Destiny party, to surge to a degree that it was able to incorporate two other rival parties into it. This allowed the party to have such a majority in the NCR Congress that passed multiple legislation ensuring it continual position of majority part.

Meanwhile while the NCR was depressed and down, Caesar reorganized his defeat quickly after Hoover Dam. He used what remained of his military might to leave the Colorado River behind and begin a rapid expansion east.


The Capital Brotherhood rejoiced in celebration as the last touches of the restored city of Washington were finished. The final building to be completed was the Citadel, revamped and enlarged as it would serve as the government's headquarters and main military base. The Capitol building was also restored becoming once more a place for representatives to reach agreements and find solutions before offering them to the Elder. People, laughter and light flooded through the city as it began to breathe again. Industry was at a high and climbing. Manufacturing of more advanced technology was starting thanks to information recovered from the now long dead Enclave.

The Capital Brotherhood now looked outward and began to expand, bringing life and industry back into the waste.

On the west coast finally defeated the Brotherhood of Steel. With NCR forces on march to the last Brotherhood bunker at Lost Hills, Elder Maxson gathered what forces he had left and instead of defending the bunker with the lives to the last man, woman and child made the decision to flee east. Cramming in all the members possible the Brotherhood launched it's fairly large fleet of vertiberds into the air just as the base came under assault. The men and women who stayed behind defended the launch with their lives and after it was clear detonated the base taking not only themselves but a large portion of the NCR force down.

The Brotherhood fled East but due to damages from NCR forces, the fleet was forced to make a landing in Vegas territory. Shortly after they landed even though they tried to remain hidden with all their might while they worked on repairs they were approached by one man. The man revealed himself to be the Courier and asked what was wrong. Skeptical of this man who killed their brothers but without any alternative but the spilling of blood they explained their situation. Following this the courier left until the next day when he returned with both personnel ready to help and supplies on cart for repairs. After the repairs were started Elder Maxson was given a message by the Courier form Robert House. House explained that he was sorry for their loss and while due to their beliefs could not stay in Vegas territory he would do all he could to get them on their way and help them. The Courier also apologized for what he did to the Mojave Chapter and that he hoped for the best for them and if they ever needed anything to just ask and he would do all he could. With that and the completed repairs they continued their escape east.

New Vegas during this time thrived rebuilding the old city and more and more people flooded in form both NCR and Legion populations looking for both riches and the freedom that Vegas offered.


The West Coast Brotherhood of Steel arrives to the Capital Brotherhood. High Elder Maxson tries to use his authority to gain control but without capable combat forces and after Elder Lyons refuses citing his independence from the west, Maxson backs down and him and his forces are integrated into the Capital Brotherhood.

Jason Brandy and Sarah Lyons are wed with Fawkes as Jason's Best Man (or perhaps technically woman).


Caesar's Legion in its expanse east runs into the Texas Brotherhood of Steel and after few engagements decides to let them be for the time being.

Caesar also hears of tales from the Capital Brotherhood by many travelers and of a new city born from the ashes with memories of his failure in the west he makes plans to take Washington or , this time, die trying.

Caesar gathers his forces, now numbering in the tens of thousands, and leaves behind everything, creating a moving city on the journey east.

New Vegas and Vegas celebrates as Courier Six and Rose of Sharon Cassidy (Or Cass as everyone called her) married. The event led to a three day celebration as everyone viewed it as an omen of kinship and hope.

The Boomers of Vegas in cooperation with House agree to become Vegas' official military arm. Any man or woman is free to join the voluntary force and many do. Nellis Air Force Base is revamped and made into the main military base for Vegas. The Boomers (as all armed forces for Vegas become to be called) are simply ecstatic that they get more explosive possiblities.


The Legion encounters the Midwest Brotherhood are beaten south although they continue eastward.

The Midwest Brotherhood, having captured and interrogated members of the legion, determine Caesar's plan. This leads to them contacting for the first time their Capital cousins and informing them of the inevitable attack.

The Capital Brotherhood after discovery of this new enemy begins its preparations for war. Power armor and weapons along with transportation take priority and the economy is shifted for a wartime focus.

The Capital Brotherhood send out request to both the Texas Brotherhood and the Midwest Brotherhood for military aid in the upcoming war. After quick negotiation the three Brotherhoods form a military alliance and began their plans for action.

During this time the NCR has become itchy for expansion again. While unable to go against Vegas they look north for expansion for resources and land. With their eyes set on the final destination of Alaska they began their conquest. The NCR economy which has suffered greatly in the past years begins to pick back up and the citizens forget the thoughts of revolution as the dollars begin to roll back in.


The Legion finally reached the very edge of Capital Territory and begin to beat its war drums.

The military aligned Brotherhoods unwilling to wait any longer on the defensive and switch to the offensive.

On May 17th, 2287 the first and last battle of the Legion-Brotherhood war begins. Leading with air strike with vertiberds, the Brotherhood catches the legion completely off guard and creates mass confusion. Following the airstrike, power armored infantry begin to siege the camp. Everlasting hours crawled by as the legion as pushed in as the three factions pushed around them boxing the confused legion in.

While the Legion was clearly losing it still managed to make significant damage to Brotherhood forces, especially to the Midwest and Texas divisions. But eventually only a few of the Legion remained, held up in an old military installation they had retreated to.

With the perimeter secure and the Legion boxed the famous Lyon's Pride led by Jason Brandy and Sarah Lyons led the final assault. Storming into the compound the Pride killed every member of the Legion but one, Caesar himself.

On the morning of the next morning. Caesar's reign was ended as he stood before a firing squad. That day and night the Capital Brotherhood celebrated fiercely, for the first time they faced a true enemy united and stood strong.

The Great Divide is cleared of radiation and building projects began in an effort to house settlers continuously immigrating into Vegas

House begins setting into play foundation for major high technological development along with moving the left over nuclear weapons from the divide to Nellis Air Force Base, now named Nellis Military Base. The Boomers begin to restore the nukes to working conditions and expand the base to accommodate missile silos. Any information retaining to the nuclear weapons is kept from public knowledge. The primary purpose is this is to not have the NCR know what Vegas is capable of.


The Capital Brotherhood mourns as does the Texas and Midwestern chapters to the news of the peaceful passing of Elder Owen Lyons. Jason Brandy is named successor by Lyons before his death and carries on the mission of expanding their nation.


Due to her heart conditions Cass passes away. Before she departed the world she asked to be taken to Hoover Dam. Her last words were "We were going full speed ahead... but facing backwards the whole time." She passed shortly after. The Courier left the public image following the death of his wife.

Later in the year the Courier disappeared, with House releasing a statement said that Courier Six while on a mission for Vegas went missing. It also said that he was presumed dead. For the second time that year, Vegas suffered a tragedy but in the spirit of the Hero of New Vegas the people strived harder with renewed determination.


Vault 87 is finally ready to test a augmented version of the Forced Evolutionary Virus on a super mutant. While it has been deemed impossible to reverse the initial effects of mutation the new stain is aimed at increasing the intelligence of the super mutants so they can have a normal existence.

After the injection the test subject becomes very violent. Genetic mutations quickly take place on its body increasing it body strength and allowing it to break free of its restraints. In attempt of trying to stop the rampaging mutant both Jason and Sarah are exposed a test batch of FEV. While the rampage is stopped with lethal force Jason and Sarah are quarantined with fear of what may come.

Following several weeks of containment, the multitude of genetic alterations taking place within their bodies halt and are deemed safe to leave containment. Luckily and to the nations relief no noticeable physical characteristics have taken place.

Following more test it is deemed that not only are there no negative side effects due to exposure but all effects deal with increased regenerative properties of their cells. The couple demonstrates quick healing rates as well as a small increase in agility in agility and strength. It is also confirmed that due to the properties now exhibited in their cells that the life span has been affected and while it is unsure how much time the two gained, it is estimated that it will be a great deal.

These results are attempted and again and again but a viable method for recreation never sees fruition.


Populations of Vegas and Capital Brotherhood have each reached numbers in the hundreds of thousands and the NCR has well over one millions souls. This is achieved by records stories of safety and prosperity drawing people from all over the North American continent.

In this time Vegas has gained very little territory, not that it has minded and its economy is beginning to match the NCR which is many times its size in terms of land and people.

The Capital Brotherhood, Midwest Brotherhood and Texas Brotherhood all continue to expand. With the threat of border collision immanent, people begin discussing plans to unite the Brotherhoods under one flag.

Vault 87 also produces a viable intelligence boost for super mutants. Of the 157 super mutants contained in Vault 87, 154 increase intelligence to the level of the average human or better. These mutants along with those super mutants in the Midwest and Texas are welcomed alongside the ghouls as equal members as citizens of the Brotherhood


After three years talks the three Brotherhoods finally decide to come together under one flag. The capital is decided as Washington being the most prosperous city in the east and a federation is formed. This federation comes to be known as the Brotherhood.

Elder Jason Brandy is elected by the three elders (including himself) to be High Elder over the Brotherhood and a federal government is formed. This government is similar to both the old United States and the Capital Brotherhood with Representatives from each state and representatives of the people serving as members of the High Elders Council. Equal Representation is given to both human and ghouls, who are now referred to as necro-humans as well as Fawkes who is currently the only super mutant in the federation.

With this union, the Capital Brotherhood begins spreading north along as does the Midwest Brotherhood who also begins going west. The Texas begins spreading west and south into former Mexico. All three, as part the Brotherhood's primary objective for expansion, are on the lookout for other survivors.

Robert House, one year ahead of schedule, has finally completed his new plant in downtown New Vegas dedicated to high technology development. For the first time in centuries, humanity begins production on advance pre-war technology at an astonishing rate. Everything from computers to power armor is produced in mass quantities.


The NCR reaches Alaska and rebuilds the city of Anchorage before the year as out. By the end of the year they military is already on the move east claiming vast amounts of wilderness further fueling their economy.

In Vegas, in the spirit of Courier Six, most everyone wears Pip-Boys, although a slightly improved model.

Vegas begins claiming amount of territory around its current borders increasing its size to cover multiple per-war states.

Lucky 38 Industries begins developing Artificial Intelligence.


While both east and west have heard rumors of each other for years the three powers finally officially meet. Over the course of the year negotiations proceed but towards the end of the year they begin to break down mainly between the NCR and Brotherhood.

The NCR having been aggressively expanding for years see the Brotherhood as a threat to the stability of their expansionist economy but also see a technologically superior people that they could perhaps beat and regain their past fame. Tensions brew and both side begin entering a military buildup in preparation of the coming war.


With tensions rising to a dangerous level Robert House intervenes. Bring both the aging President Kimball and High Elder Brandy to the table he forces them into negotiations. The Brotherhood is welcome to the idea of peace while not willing to give up an inch of land. The NCR however sees the possible war as nothing but an economic boom for them back home and believe that the Brotherhood cannot carry military operations too far into their territory.

The Brotherhood agree with House that peace is necessary and bloodshed is unwanted. House then offers an ultimatum to the NCR: If the NCR declares war the Vegas will fight on the side of the Brotherhood. House tells them of the now ready nuclear capabilities and threaten to use them against NCR cites and settlements if need be. But if the NCR agrees to peace then House will authorize trade from Vegas to NCR, not of weapons but of medical technologies and power generation units; two things the growing NCR needs. House also offers help with building ships so that the NCR may continue expansion overseas.

With the NCR having very little choice, knowing that the two could easily wipe it out, it agrees to stop its expansion east.

Knowing however that it is in fact at a disadvantage the NCR makes one ore suggestion. It offers that the three North American powers and the only know powers in the world form and official bond. The Brotherhood responds to this proposal approvingly but House, now wanted to lose power over his own nation stalls for further discussion.

Vegas also begins mass production of G.E.C.K units for continued terra-forming.


Talks continue for a union by all side but little comes of it during the year.

Trade begins between the NCR, Vegas and the Brotherhood. While no military technologies are traded just yet medical and power supplies along with technologies such as pip-boys and computers stream from Vegas and into the NCR and the Brotherhood. The NCR offers fresh resources from its northern expansion and the Brotherhood offers bountiful food from both land and sea. Each nation allows the others to grow even more, all growing and all better off.

The NCR and Brotherhood also export one more thing to Vegas: Customers. with the majority of the North American continent under stable control and the threat of raiders and fiends now a distant memory, people from San Francisco to Washington come to New Vegas, the most beautiful city in all of the waste. Even Washington cannot compete with all the light and luxury the city offers.

Andrew Zimmer finalizes his goal and begins broadcasting the first television signal in over two hundred years. Personal televisions skyrocket to high demand and an industry is born over night. In a month over half of the residences in New Vegas alone have access to television.


After years of talks, all three nations finally come to an understanding and agreement.

As per this agreement the Union is born.

The Union may not create laws for Union nations. However it is determined to be used as a forum for managing trade between the nations as well as how to handle situations dealing with all three nations.

The Union is a military alliance to be used for defense and, if necessary, aggression toward outside forces.

It is to be governed directly by the leaders of each nation. If any action is to be accepted it requires a unanimous vote from the Board.

The Confederate Military is to be composed of each nations military. The Union does not have its own military but borrows from its members states. The forces may also be called back at any time at the discretion of the owners will.

The Union is not a representative of the nations, merely their unified will.

Each nation is completely sovereign and no other nation may attempt to forcefully enact its will upon another.

House was the last hold out for this agreement but understanding that he would not be seeding control over Vegas and may continue doing what he saw fit gave him clear conscious to agree to the terms.

The new flag representing the Union is rectangular colored light blue with three stars in the center.

With North America united under the Union for the common will, the nations began to expand, spreading over the Earth in search of survivors and new horizons.

Andrew Zimmer along with GNR's own and aging Three-Dog finalize a deal taking Galaxy News Radio nationwide on both the radio and television.


16 years earlier than projected due to trade with the NCR and Brotherhood, House begins to launch successful orbital test flights. This paves the way for space exploration in the coming years.


The NCR has successfully begins colonization of Australia, Japan, China and various island in between.

The Brotherhood continues expansion stopping at South America, which is a total wasteland rampant with disease and various wildlife never before seen. The Brotherhood also begins to colonize parts of Europe and Africa.

Vegas unlike its two allies continues to keep its borders the same focusing instead on development.

Big Mountain under the direction of House become the most advanced center of knowledge and science in the know world.

Vegas this year also becomes the world's largest economy and manufacturer of high tech goods in the world even though it is the smallest in terms of population and size.

Vegas also adopts the New Vegas Chip as its official currency following the NCR as doing away with Caps.

The Brotherhood however under the influence of High Elder Brandy continues to keep caps as its official currency and while not as powerful as chips, they are a close second with the NCR dollar lagging behind.


Vegas has launched multiple satellites into orbit at this point still being the only nation to do so, although it has begun assisting the NCR and Brotherhood with their own satellite infrastructure.

Union forces have scoured the globe and as large as the Earth is survivors in the numbers of only thousands are found worldwide.

It is decided that since the other nations of Earth before the Great War, most suffering from economic collapse, did not have the chance to provide structures such as the Vaults that at least spared some inhabitants from the nuclear war. Even China very few survivors were found and even fewer structures with the destruction from the war much worse than in the United States.

The Union members began to focus on population increasing through procreation, which was already performing well. The official population of the Union as a whole was over twenty million by this point with the NCR having the largest population.

But as populations increased and nations spread once again the world began to face shortages in critical areas, mainly in ores and metals for so much was lost during the war and scavenging on a large scale so costly and many time fruitless.

House begins launching unmanned drones into space aiming for the resource rich asteroid belt.


Just as resources began growing dangerously scarce, House's plan or asteroid mining pays off. Beginning this year drones began returning to earth carrying tons of harvested ore and metal. This allows for House to build more and more drones further increasing production.


With the influx of new metals humanity more so than ever before rebuilds the world.

This also marks the year when, due to the G.E.C.K.s the North American continent and the nations of the Union are cleared of radiation and the land has been successfully terra-formed to it pre war state and rivers flow with fresh non-irradiated water.

However some species due to this begin to die out such as mirelurks although many are thankful for that.

A new treatment for feral ghouls produced by the Brotherhood and Vault 87 is released. Based on the super mutant FEV treatment this allows some ferals to regain higher intelligent levels although there is only a 2.36 success rate.


Most of Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia is to some degree colonized although many areas have low population levels at the time.

The world wide human population is measured at over fifty million and growing.


In the southern parts of the NCR, the first truly new city is built. It is the first city not built out of rubble since the Great War. The citizens of NCR rejoice with this act, along with the rest of the world for a new age of building, not rebuilding has begun.

Lucky 38 Industries launches the Hybrid Womb, allowing meta and necro humans to procreate.


House built rockets that successfully take men to the moon once again. Every television in the world tunes in to see Captain Jeffery Mundel (Who is a pre-war ghoul by the way) step onto the moon and plant the Brotherhood, NCR and Vegas Flag along with the Union Flag alongside the old American flag that has stood at attention for hundreds of years, finally in company again.

House in cooperation with the Brotherhood and the NCR begin to send up equipment and personnel to the moon.

Lucky 38 Industries launches first version of artificial intelligence. Robots, both civilian and military, began to receive AI upgrades. Production and service greatly increase with the machines achieving slight awareness.


This year marks the establishment of Tri-City on the moon. Truly one city but comprised of a city made from each nation, the city stands a new beginning.

Tri-City also begins manufacturing Vegas Station for House.

The Brotherhood begins implementation of the 38


The space station Vegas Station is fully completed and takes orbit around earth. Here House and Vegas coordinate the mining of various asteroids as well as shipments to and from earth for all three nations.

Immediate construction begins upon Horizon's Dawn. This is a colony ship being made to transport large portion of personnel and materials to Mars for colonization.

Vault 87 in partnership with Big Mountain, manage to produce an stable version of FEV for prolonging life. While not as extent as the mutations that occurred to Jason Brandy and Sarah Lyons, the serum still serves to extend the longevity of human life.


Three years ahead of schedule, House completes Horizon's Dawn. Crewed by over 500 humans and with a passenger amount of over 5000, all of whom are Vegasan (from Vegas), filled to the brim with materials the horizon launches.

After a two month voyage Horizon arrives at and structures began to rise on the red planet.

In one month a dome city name Red Dawn is complete and is officially the first city on Mars.

Upgraded versions of the GECK are placed around the planet and terra-forming begins.

Later in the year two more trips comprised of NCR citizens and Brotherhood citizens arive on Mars each establishing its own city. Borders are drawn for the planet. Vegas being the planets founder receives the majority of the land area with the Brotherhood and NCR splitting what is left.


By unanimous vote the Union Charter is amended. Through it the Union nations decided how to divide up colonized worlds for the future. The founder is entitled to 90 percent of desired land while the other two nations are required at least 5 percent each for their own settlements. Each nation may acquire as many planets as desired.

Humanity continues to reach for Mars with more and more people leaving every day.

Vegas begins assisting the other nations into creating their own space faring vessels and the space industry booms.

The world's population exceed 1 billion people.

Earth is says good bye to radiation as it finally and completely is completely terra-formed. New life begins to spread as the oceans are pure and forest begin to grow tall.


Humanity is nearly everywhere in the Sol system. Space stations dot the system while cites cover the moons and planet. Due to the GECKs most inhabited worlds such as Mars are either fully terra-formed or in the process.

Technology is finally eclipsing fully its pre-war height and new technology comes in leaps and bounds.


Humanity numbers in the billions. Earth host over five billion while the other settlements account for another 2. Humanity is booming and life is better than ever. Whether it is a Necro-human (ghoul), Meta-human (Super Mutant) or plain old human life could not be better is peace is without thought.


On Mars on the building site for a new city for Vegas alien ruins are discovered.

These ruins are determined to be from a civilization know as the Protheans.

Data retrieved from this site tells of a violent and oppressive race the like of which humanity has never seen. For the first time in over one hundred years, humanity fears what is out in space beyond its veiw.

But also from these ruins, data for advanced technology is found. The scientific discovery of Mass Effect fields is make along with technology capable of creating faster-than-light travel, a pipe dream up until this point.

But perhaps the most disturbing news is that unbeknownst to humanity incased in ice and thought to be moon of Pluto lies dormant a gateway capable of traveling lights years in seconds. There sits a doorway, but one that opens both ways

These discoveries terrify humanity, and the military buildup begins.


Following directions and data provided Lucky 38 industries successfully completes the first functioning FTL drive and equipping it to a ship schedules a test flight.

The ships make a jump to the farthest point of the Sol system and backs to Earth. What use to take months not take under five minutes.

Lucky 38 Industries also begins to incorporate the Prothean technology into its own. Computers become more advanced as micro-processors are introduced and it revolutionizes the world. Pip-boys worn by nearly nations citizen also receive an upgrade. Now they are comprised of a small wrist band that generates a holographic field around the arm for computer access. While the standard color is orange, most augment it to a deep green.

A Union force is sent to the Mass Relay device off of Pluto to began recovery.


The Mass Relay is successfully recovered and is powered up. Knowing the Mars data cache how to operate the device as well as what it does humanity begins to take another step outward.

Once again the man for the mission is Jeffery Mundel command the ship that is the first to travel through the relay.

The trip only take seconds and travels 36 light years too Arcturus and within one day, after activating the other relay, him and his team return with full mission success.

The next era of human expansion begins and humanity begins building a massive fleet not just for future colonization but in preparation of hostile alien forces.

Probes are sent to scout new areas.


Humanity leaves the Sol system. Hundreds of ships and hundreds of thousands of people venture through the mass relays system.

For the next 15 years colonization and terra-formation take place across the new human controlled space.

Arcturus Station construction begins. The station is to serve as the last line of defense before hostile forces being able to penetrate Sol space.


Acturus Station is complete and weapon systems are brought. The station also begins to act as the secondary ship yard for the Union, the first being Vegas Station. This station is under the control of the Brotherhood.

Various planets are colonized and terra-formed.

The NCR, Brotherhood and Vegas all greatly increase the size of their nations.

Ore extraction and resource harvesting are greatly increased.

The Union finishes its 3 fleets. One stationed in the Sol System and the other two stationed elsewhere in human controlled space.


In the Sol system, humanity numbers over 17 billion.

Outside the Sol system humanity numbers just under 1 billion.

Humanity is in a golden age and everything is right with the words.

Humanity after securing the various colonies, begins to work on another Relay.

This relay is named Relay 314.

Yes I know that not many people chose Mr. House for their faction but I always felt that his was the best solution to the conflict. It did not require and nation to be destroyed and both factions were removed from the damn without New Vegas being forcefully annexed. I never did care on how ruthless the NCR towards House and they seemed to be of the mind that if they wanted something they had the right to take it even through bloodshed. This make them, to me, hardly better than the Legion for at least the Legion had the did not try to hide what it did or wanted.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed the timeline. I made it so long because I wanted to do the games justice and try to explain what your actions as the player had after the game ended.