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Everyday I'm getting more and more sucked into the BTR fandom, and I just love their relationship! So that's what inspired me to write this; a booklet(?) of one shots that present their friendship. And you guys (the readers, obviously) can request them!

Alright, I don't wanna make this authors note longer than it already is. So buckle up and get ready for this bromantic journey! :D (well that was cheesy.)

Summary: I feel bromance in the air! Just a collection of cute one shots requested by you and based on the boys' relationship. Ready for a bromantic ride?

Rating and Warnings: Depends on the one shots.

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Brothers of the Ice ~ Chapter 1 - As Easy As ABC


Well, to say the least, Carlos felt miserable.

He sat there, staring blankly at his homework. Most people would have trouble at the problems in the book, right? Well Carlos couldn't even read them. The words were all jumbled up, and looked like alphabet soup whenever he looked at them, and it made his head hurt. Letters like W or B would be flipped around to look like an M or a D. And it made Carlos so frustrated, he wanted to punch something.

Back in Minnesota, Logan found out about all this when Carlos had a nervous breakdown out of nowhere while he was helping him with his homework. Carlos made Logan vow to never tell anybody, not even Kendall or James. Don't get me wrong; Carlos loved Kendall and James and trusted them so much. But he didn't even want them to know, Logan wasn't supposed to find out in the first place. It was simply too embarrassing.

As much as Logan hated to keep this from James and Kendall, he kept to the Latino's wishes and didn't tell a soul. Logan told him not to worry, that a lot of people went through this. "It's dyslexia," he had said at the time. "There's nothing wrong with you, Carlitos, I'll help you!"

And so he did. After school he helped Carlos, tutored him in secret. Kendall and James already knew that the small boy always needed help understanding his homework, so the genius just used that as an excuse when they needed to be in private. Carlos has been doing great, too! But when they got to LA, there has been less and less time for tutoring and, well, he has gotten worse. But Carlos thought he didn't need to worry about that, he was in LA for Pete's sake!

Then Gustavo made them go to school.

Logan seemed to forget about the tutoring, leaving Carlos to fend for himself. He was too embarrassed to ask Logan for help, too. He knew Logan loved him and accepted him with open arms, but he hated asking for help. It made him sound needy. Needy Garcia, a teenage boy who can't even take care of himself.

So that's how he ended up just closing his book for homework, sighing defeatedly. He just wanted to go to bed early. He knew what the next day would be like. The teacher would ask him for his homework, he would come up with some lame excuse, and then he'd be getting worried looks from Logan, Kendall and James all day, and later be questioned why he didn't do his homework because they would see right through his lie. Oh well. Carlos just wanted to sleep.

As he glumly walked into his shared room with James, the pretty teen shot him an attractive smile. "Hi!" He greeted cheerfully.

"Hey," Carlos mumbled. The contagious smile quickly faded at the lack of enthusiasm and he realized right away that there was something bothering his best friend.

"Carlos, buddy are you okay?" He asked, concerned. Carlos sighed.

"Yeah, I just have a small headache. I think I'm gonna go to bed early tonight." He replied quietly, placing his helmet on his night stand. It wasn't completely a lie. The homework has given him a headache.

James creased his eyebrows sadly. Carlos was lying to him. He could tell. But it was obvious that the poor guy just didn't feel like talking about it, and he respected that. "Oh... I'm sorry about that. Want me to get you an aspirin?" Carlos nodded tiredly, and James ruffled his head before going to do just that. Carlos would tell him what was bothering him when he was ready, and James was willing to wait.


The next day was traumatizing for poor little Carlos.

After the teacher looked at him disappointedly for not doing his homework, Logan reached over and angrily asked him why he didn't do his homework. His eyes saddened as he looked at Logan. Did he really forget one of the most important secrets of his life? He was about to reply, but the teacher asked them to quiet down. He saw James looking at him very carefully at the corner of his eye. James was onto him.

Then, the teacher made him read out loud, and that's when he really started to freak out. Sure, his reading was slightly better, but with the lack of tutoring with Logan has really made him rusty. Plus he wasn't used to reading out loud to big groups of people. Now that he thought of it, he only ever read to Logan.

And he felt every single pair of eyes on him, waiting expectantly.

Meanwhile, something in Logan's head clicked. Carlos' dyslexia. That's why he looked like he was about to crap himself then and there. He didn't want to make a fool out of himself! Logan quickly shot his hand up. "Um, I-I volunteer to r-read! Pick me and not Carlos," Logan laughed nervously. He glanced worriedly at Carlos.

The woman shook her head. "No need, Logan! I think you should give the spotlight to someone else in this class for once." Logan cursed under his breath. Kendall put a hand in his shoulder. "Dude, calm down. You'll get the next one!" He whispered. Logan shook his head. "No, it's not like that!" He whispered back.

"Carlos?" The teacher motioned towards the shaking boy. "You can start now, please." The Latino gulped nervously. Logan winced at the scared look on his face. It took him weeks to get him to open up to reading just in front of him, never mind this many people!

When Carlos looked at the book they were reading, everything just flipped and it was so confusing. His palms grew sweaty as people stared at him. He saw Logan mouth the words "I'm sorry" to him. Other kids were whispering confusingly. About him. Oh God, they were talking about him! He could hear his heart pounding. He open his mouth to speak, but he just couldn't read a single thing! He couldn't take it.

So, he dropped the book and ran out of the classroom.

He heard another pair of feet running after him, and he recognized the voice of Logan calling after him. "Carlos!" He called. "Carlos stop!"

Carlos finally stopped running and slid down the wall. They were far enough from the classroom, a place in the Palms Woods where nobody really goes to. He put his head in his hands. God, why did he do that?! He was so embarrassed. He felt tears come to his eyes.

"Carlos?" Logan asked gently, sliding next to him. "Buddy, you okay?" When the tan boy shook his head, Logan wrapped an arm around him and rubbed his arm. "Litos, look at me."

When the Latino did, Logan could see the tears on his cheeks and his red puffy eyes. "Aw, Carlos come here." Logan whispered, bringing the boy into a hug. "I-I'm just so em-embarrassed!" Carlos sobbed, clutching Logan tight. Logan rubbed his back in sympathy.

"I know, I know. But nobody thought different of you," he tried to reason gently. "B-But what a-about Kendall a-and James?" Carlos asked, now hiccuping violently. Logan creased his eyebrows. He hated it when he cried. It was always so...heartbreaking. "They don't think differently of you, either. I promise. They're probably extremely worried about you though. You just ran out crying. How much you wanna bet they're looking for you as we speak?"

As if on cue, they heard "Carlos! Logan! Where are you?!" It was Kendall. And then "Carlos! Carlos are you okay? Are you here?" James.

Kendall seemed to spot them and caught Carlos' red eyes, and immediately bolted towards them, James in tow. "Carlos! Carlos!" They called out.

Once they got there, they were out of breath. They were all the way down the hall, anyway.

"Carlos... What's... Wrong...?" Kendall panted. He and James flopped down next to the duo. Now that they regained their breath, they were able to hold a conversation. "Come on buddy, talk to us." James pestered when Carlos dug his face deeper into Logan's chest.

"Carlos do you want me to tell them?" Logan asked. Carlos nodded. "Wait a minute," Kendall said. "You know?" Logan nodded.

"Guys, he has dyslexia," he announced, slowly rubbing his hand in a circular motion on Carlos' back. "I tutored him in secret to help him. He didn't want me to tell anyone, not even you guys. D-Don't get mad at him though! He didn't even want me to know."

James sighed sadly. "Carlos, why did you feel like you couldn't tell us?" Carlos pulled away from Logan, meeting their eyes. "Because it was embarrassing. All of you are so smarter than I am, I mean Logan is a flat out GENIUS! And Kendall, you're so clever, always making sure everything's alright. And James, you know so much about girls and how to look good. But me... I can't even read!" And then he curled himself up and cried. Kendall hugged him to his chest affectionately. "No no no no, Carlos please don't cry!"

Carlos knew Kendall hated when any of them cried. It always made him panicky because he absolutely hated to see any of them so hurt, and would do anything in his power to help them. That's another wonderful quality Kendall had, where Carlos doesn't know what to do when one of them cries other than awkwardly pay their back. He simply wasn't good at comforting someone. Another thing he wasn't good at. The thought made him cry harder.

But if only he realized how wrong he was. Whenever one of them was angry or in a bad mood, Carlos always made the mood brighter by just being his cheery self! And he was so very cuddly, and loved to be cuddled himself, so he was like a teddy bear. That's one of the many things the guys loved about Carlos.

"Carlos, you ARE smart! Maybe not in writing or math or history... Or..." Logan and Kendall glared at James, as if to say "just stop talking". "What he MEANS to say," Logan butt in. "Is that so some subjects aren't your thing, but that doesn't mean you're stupid! You're just so intelligent, Carlos. When I was tutoring you for your dyslexia, you caught on almost right away! You're a fast learner, and that's a good thing. And you know when you count how many corndogs you ate in a day? Or when we're dancing with Mr. X and you like to count down? That's math! That's progress. You're doing fine, buddy! And now that James and Kendall know, the three of us are gonna do everything in our power to help!" The two other guys quickly made noises of agreement.

Carlos smiled at them. "R-really?" They nodded. "Of course!" They said in unison. Then they proceeded to group hug. "Now lets go get some corndogs!" Kendall exclaimed, drying a dry tear on the Latino's cheek. Carlos and James punched the air and exclaimed "yeah!". Logan raised an eyebrow. "But we still have an hour left of school."

Kendall and James turned to Carlos expectantly, signalling him to do the famous puppy dog look. He did, and Logan caved. "Alright, alright! I guess it wouldn't hurt to miss one class." They made noises of agreement and started to run, but James stopped Carlos as Kendall and Logan ran ahead.

"Buddy, if you ever feel like that again... Please tell me. Or Logan, or Kendall, but don't keep it from the rest of us, okay?" Carlos nodded sincerely, knowing he could trust these amazing boys with anything.

Oh, he was so thankful to have these amazing friends - no, brothers - in his life.

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