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Brothers of the Ice ~ Chapter 3: Tickle Monster!

Summary: Out of pure boredom, Carlos runs around the Palm Woods tickling everybody! When the rest of BTR try to control him, they become his next victims, and it soon breaks out into a tickle war.


"So, how'd your date with Logan go?" Jo asked, sipping from her smoothie. Camille smiled dreamily, sighing as she remembered the night before.

"Amazing," she answered the blonde, sipping from her smoothie as well. It was quiet for a moment, before Jo felt a poking sensation in her ribs, making her jolt and knock over her smoothie, Camille doing the same. "What the-?" The girls questioned, turning to see a giggling Latino running around the pool, slipping, and landing with a splash into the pool. The girls gasped, but rolled their eyes when Carlos came back up giggling.

"Well he looks hyper..." Jo commented. Camille rolled her eyes. "When is he not?"

They watched as the energetic Latino disturbed everyone by poking them in the ribs, before proceeding to sprint to the lobby.


The remaining half of BTR walked down the hall, towels in hand.

"But you can't tan with sunscreen!" James protested.

"Yes you can! And you're putting it on even if I need to force it on you," Logan huffed.

"I'd like to see you try!"

"Oh yeah? Well I'll show you-" Kendall stepped between the bickering boys, shutting them up. "Has anyone seen Carlos?"

The two thought for a moment, before shrugging. "The last time I saw him was two hours ago. He wouldn't stop complaining that he was bored, so I locked him out of the bathroom while I did my hair," James said.

"Last time I saw him was at breakfast, when I didn't give him my bacon," Logan said thoughtfully. "But I'm sure he's fine."

Just then, Camille walked up with Jo and slapped Logan across the face. Logan sighed and reached up to rub his cheek, smiling at her. "Hey, Camille!" He greeted.

"Please control Carlos! He's running around poking everyone," said Jo. Just then, Carlos came running down the hall, wiggling his fingers ready to tickle his next victim.

Kendall stepped in front of him and put a hand to his chest. "Stop!" He commanded in his "I'm about to lecture you cause I'm the leader" voice. The small boy obeyed and innocently looked up at the blonde. "Oh hey Kendall!"

"Carlos, what did I say about disturbing people just because you're bored?" The unofficial leader asked, raising a caterpillar-brow. Carlos sighed and stared at the ground.

"You said not to do it," he answered regretfully. Kendall rolled his eyes. Of course Carlos didn't remember the other thing he said. Oh, well.

"Exactly. So don't poke random people. Okay?" Carlos nodded. Kendall pat his helmet. "Good boy. Now go do something that's not destructive." The boys eyes sparkled for a second as he pat his helmet twice and took off.

"Wow, dude," James laughed. "You'd be a good dad!"


James sat near the pool, tanning his perfect skin and looking into a portable mirror, fixing his hair. "Mirror mirror in my hand, who's the prettiest in the band? Me!" James gloated. His warm hazel eyes suddenly turned confused, then horrified as he saw Carlos slowly rise up from behind his chair and give him the creepiest smile he could muster, wiggling his fingers.

"Uh, C-Carlos? What are you doing?" But instead of answering, he simply brought his fingers down to James' stomach and tickled him. He laughed insanely at the girlish shriek of laughter that emitted from James' mouth.

James punched and kicked and squirmed but his attempts to get away were futile because he was simply laughing too hard. "C-Carlos! S-Stop- AHAHAH!" Carlos grinned evilly as he brought his wiggling fingers to the crook of the brunettes neck. "HELP! SOMEBODY HELP! I'M BEING TICKLED TO DEATH!" James tried but no one came to his rescue, too amused by the cute sight in front of them.

Fortunate for James, Carlos suddenly decided to stop his attack on him and run away giggling.

The confused brunette sat there on the floor for a minute, trying to process what the heck just happened before narrowing his eyes. He was NOT gonna let Carlos have the last tickle! Clenching his fists, he stomped angrily to chase after the devious Latino.


Logan gripped his hair in frustration, staring down at his - and the others boys' - homework assignments. Once again, they were doing their assignments last minute. And by 'they', I mean Logan. Of course, they all dumped their homework on the genius. Logan shook his head angrily. He absolutely adored his best friends, but there were times where he just wanted to wrap his hands around their necks and squeeze.

But before he could say "I need new friends", Carlos zoomed in like a rocket and tackled Logan off of his chair. Logan winced, air knocked out of him and glanced at Carlos, annoyed. "What do you want?" Carlos giggled. "I'm bored, Logie!" Logan rolled his eyes.

"Why don't you go bother James or Ken- HEY!" Logan squealed when he was suddenly attacked in the ribs by being harshly tickled. Carlos giggled at the sound of his laughter, and wiggled his fingers faster. He sure wasn't expecting Logan to suddenly flip him over, and have the breath knocked out of him.

Now Logan was straddling Carlos, pinning him to the floorboards by the wrists. Carlos' wide, brown eyes stared up at his older friend, surprised by his sudden strength. Logan was always pretty physically strong, he just chose not to show it or use it on people. He only ever used it when it was completely necessary; and if Carlos wasn't gonna let him finish the assignments, then it was completely necessary.

"Carlos, in case you haven't noticed, I'm currently trying to do the homework YOU should be doing. So it'd be nice if you didn't tickle me to death. But since you wanna play that game..." Logan trailed off, letting a creepy smirk that made the helmeted boy wince creep upon his features. Carlos squeezed his eyes closed tightly, waiting for the tickling feeling in his feet, stomach or neck when his smarter friend wiggled his fingers in the air, ready to strike.

"Hey, anyone wanna come to the - oh..." Kendall trailed off, stopping in his tracks at the doorway of 2J. It was an odd sight, really. Logan had a devious smile on his face - the meanest look the blonde has ever witnessed on his small friend! - and was harshly attacking poor Carlos with his fingers, the helmeted Latino squealing with tears (of joy, obviously) in his eyes. When they heard the tall blonde come in, they both smiled evilly, teeth glinting like a shark on shark week. Kendall shifted uncomfortably.

"Get him!" They shouted simultaneously, Logan helping Carlos stand up and with that, they charged after poor, confused Kendall with battle cries.

The blonde ran as fast as his legs could bring him, screaming when he realized they were right on his tail. He smiled in triumph when he found his taller friend and hid behind him for security. James' eyes narrowed, as did Carlos'.



Everyone in the lobby turned their attention to the four boys, feeling the intensity. "Think I was going to let you have the last laugh, Carlitos?" James spat teasingly. Carlos smirked a bit. "But of course not, Jamie." he replied mockingly. James cracked his knuckles. "Oh it's on," the male diva snarled, before it suddenly broke out into a huge tickle war between the four, rolling off and on each other, fingers just going on anyone closest.


The boys sat on the orange sofa giggling slightly at their fun tickle war they had 10 minutes ago. Their fun was broken up when Bitters banned them from the lobby for the rest of the day. Oh, well. It was sunset anyway.

Now they were a panting, tangled heap of limbs on the couch. "What a way to spend a day off," James giggled. Kendall smiled. "I know! I guess we just needed some "manly bonding time"." Kendall laughed, doing air quotes. Logan rolled his eyes. "Because tickle fights are so manly," he yawned, turning his attention to the Latino that was currently curled on his chest. "What about you, Carlos? Did you have fun?" The helmeted boy just hummed a response, slowing being lulled to sleep by the voices of the other boys'. He was completely pooped out!

The others boys were, too, apparently. They were slowly falling asleep too. Logan shrugged, slowly drifting off as well and unconsciously rubbed Carlos' side before his eyes snapped open wide.

He completely forgot about the still undone homework that was lying on the kitchen table!

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