Something that I started on Tumblr (MinistryofOswin). Setting is Catching Fire. Madge is 17 and Gale is 19. Hope you like it. Going to be a full story. Don't worry!

Madge stared straight at her reflection. Her pale blue eyes and skin fluoresced in the artificial light of her bathroom.

"You are not pregnant." She told herself with breaking confidence. "You… are not pregnant." She gripped the sides of the sink and leaned forward, narrowing her eyes at herself. "Madge Undersee is not pregnant," she said again, this time trying to convince herself.

They had only been a thing for four days, two months ago. She looked down at her shaking hands then back up at her pathetic reflection. "You are not…" her lip trembled and she knocked a hairbrush off the vanity with the back of her hand. "Who am I kidding?" She growled as the brush came to rest next to the claw foot tub.

Her breathing was shallow and desperate. Madge's small hands were clammy and weak. She ran a frustrated hand through her hair, messing up the neat blonde curls. She picked up the hairbrush and held it in a tight grip. She forced herself to set it softly on the granite. She waited a second then turned abruptly.

The house was quiet. The halls were bare. She stuck to the walls as she made her way to the large white door of her room. She pushed it open with little effort and closed it again with the bottom of her sock covered foot. She climbed onto her platform bed and lied back looking up at the ceiling.

She rested her hands on her toned stomach and was disgusted with herself. She sat up and looked around her dismal pastel yellow room. Everything was more cheery than it ought to be, she noted. Madge glared down the little white polka-dots scattering the long far wall and the ballerinas painted on cream canvas.

She groaned and pushed herself off the bed and back into the hallway. She stormed down the stairs. She passed the navy formal dining room and many other rooms that didn't matter. Madge rushed into the servant's kitchen and rested her head on the cool birch cabinets.

She let her breathing calm. The side door was just around the corner. She could slip out and never be heard from again. That would solve most of her problems. Then there was the chance that she wasn't pregnant but Madge had the feeling that she was.

She had missed last month's period and this month's period. She was done for. It was time to throw in the towel. Gale was working in the mines. He didn't have time to think about her, much less worry about her. Not that she wanted him to.

Madge dragged her feet over the checkered tile floor and into the dimly lit family room. She walked up to the coat hangers by the door and took down her tweed brown blazer. She snatched the red gloves from the pocket and pulled them on.

It was fall. The trees were turning beyond the fence. The leaves were scattering the sidewalks. The wind was picking up and dispersing cold air into the district. She pulled on matching brown boots and laced them up tight. She dropped her foot off the bench.

She didn't check her appearance. Instead, Madge grabbed dark brown and white sunglasses to shield her red puffy eyes. No one would have to know how distressed she was. Her best friends were in the Quarter Quell, doomed for arrival back.

To make things worse though was to cry over Gale. She had been for days since she figured out her condition. He had moved on from those four life changing days in the meadow. He had taught her self-confidence but now it was crumbling.

It was dinner time and the sun was slowly descending towards the horizon. She closed the side door behind her. She stood in the harsh wind for a second letting winter's looming fingers to caress and tear at the seams of her face.

She pretended that the cold didn't bother her. She pretended she wasn't alive. Madge tried to erase the things she knew and the sinking feeling her stomach. She tried. Her feet lugged. She opened the squeaky gate and out onto the street in front of her house.

Madge ignored anyone she passed. She stopped and looked in the windows of the shops. Her mouth watered for a fresh bun from the bakers but her heart pounded sadly for Peeta's optimistic face. She kept walking. She wasn't sure how she ended up here.

Her eyes wandered over the dying meadow. It would be covered with freshly fallen snow soon. She lowered her weak body into the long grass and stared up at the gray sky. She closed her eyes. The wind streamlining her had soothed whatever darkness had taken over her.

She let much needed rest come over her. "What are you doing here?" her breathing sputtered and she groaned, turning towards the setting sun. She had been so close to sleep. Her eyes protested as she opened them and peered through her tinted sunglasses.

"I could ask you the same thing." She said not sure how she trusted her voice, "aren't you supposed to be in the mines?" Madge didn't like the way she said it. It was as if she was trying to be rude. "Sorry." She said and closed her eyes again.

Her hands lay limp at her sides. She didn't dare come in contact with her stomach or any region below the rib cage. "What are you doing out here?" he asked again. She just wanted him to go away. Couldn't he tell she wanted to be alone?

"Thom. I'm sorry but I really want to be in solitude." She looked over at him finally. He had looked the same as he did two months ago. Dark stubble, gangly limbs, strong jaw, crinkled laugh lines, smiling perfected gray eyes.

"I saw you out here." He admitted. "I wanted to make sure you were okay."

"Ha" she said deadpan. "I'm never going to be okay." She pushed herself off the ground and stormed by him.

"Gale's confused, Madge!" he called after her. "He doesn't know why you don't come round anymore. Why don't you come around anymore?" she stopped. Gale was waiting for her? She turned and looked over her shoulder.

Thom's lips were pursed into a thin line. He was serious. "What do you mean?" she had let herself take the bait.

"He comes home from the mines every day, Madge. He sits on his couch. He talks to his family. He eats dinner. He goes to bed and you never come. You never show your face. You don't care- do you?" Madge was frozen now. Frozen straight like an icicle.

"I thought he didn't care." She whispered and let her breath escape her lips. She turned back now and left Thom in the meadow. Her house was still dark and quiet when she returned. Her stomach grumbled. She dropped her gloves on the bench.

The kitchen was partially bare. Their cook didn't come in on Saturday. Madge reached up to the cupboard and grabbed out two jars. One of them peanut butter and the other jelly. She liked the clicking the glass made on the counter as she set them down.

The bread wasn't stale yet. But she wished it would be. She didn't deserve fresh bread. She didn't deserve food. She took out a butter knife and closed the drawer. She stood for a second looking at the blade. She opened the drawer again.

There were a collection of different blades and assortments of handles. She took out a butcher's knife. It was commonly used when carving ham and turkey for special occasions. She slipped off the outer covering and held the blade up to the light.

She groped at the handle. It would make a clean gash, just enough to let her bleed out on the kitchen floor. Madge shivered. How easy life was. It let her make decisions. Whether they were good or not, was her choice.

Madge moved the blade to her other hand and was about to set it down. Before it reached the counter her finger was bleeding profusely. Her lips let out a howl. She didn't dare look down at the cut. The knife fell with a crash and bounced like a fish out of water on the counter.

She didn't know what to do. Madge ran in the direction of the first floor bathroom. Her hand cupped under the finger for the rainstorm of blood. Her head got fuzzy as she looked down at the cut. She would need stitches from somebody.

There was a pounding at the side door as she reached the bathroom. Her hand was cramping from not moving and her head was aching from the odd stress of it all. She turned back then ran into the bathroom, ignoring the knocking.

She let the blood find the floor as she tore through the crowded cabinets of different medical supplies. She grabbed at a case of gaze and grabbed at some. She pressed it to her finger hoping to stop the steady stream of oozing blood.

The knocking didn't cease. She groaned at the pain and ran back into the living room. Blood trail of little droplets followed her and she had to reposition the gauze to trap it all. The closed door was a challenge and her headache was getting worse.

When it swung open she was confused to find a few peacekeepers staring down at her from between the screen door. "We wanted to make sure you got home alright." The tallest one said. She recognized him from her father's files. His name was Clause.

"Yes I'm fine." She said hiding her hands behind the door. "Thank you." She nodded and started closing the door.

"We saw you walking out in the district." One of the dark haired men said from the back.

"Well- I am perfectly alright. Really, thank you." She closed the door in their faces. She rested her back against the door and closed her eyes trying to stop her pulsating finger. There was a rasping at the door again. "GO AWAY." She screamed. "JUST GO AWAY." She tore at the door and let the tears fall as she waited to hear what the peacekeepers were going to say.

It wasn't peacekeepers though. It was Gale Hawthorne. He was in a new brown shirt and dark ratty jeans. His eyes were wide and confused. "I wanted to make sure you were alright." He said glancing out at the road. "I saw the peacekeepers…" he gave her a once over. "Your hand!" he pulled at the screen door and entered.

Madge was so surprised she fell back against the wall, crushing her shoulder painfully. "I cut it." She said and tried to get away from him. "Leave me alone." She pleaded. He ignored her and picked up her hand covered in gauze.

"This isn't a cut," he chuckled, "this is a horror film." She pouted. "You need stitches."

"I know." She said. "When Casper gets home tomorrow, he'll do it."

"I can do it right now." He said raising an eyebrow.

She pulled back her hand covering it with the bloody gauze, "I'll wait."

"Don't trust me?" Gale said moving closer to her.

"NO" she screamed and pushed past him. "I don't!" She tried to take off her jacket with one hand. "You… you… I" she started. "I thought you didn't care anymore." She said dropping her voice. "I thought you had moved on." She didn't dare look up at him. "I hadn't moved on." She growled. "I haven't slept in days." She didn't want to explain why. "I'm alone again." Well not really her brain screamed at her. "I don't know what to do."

Cold hands found her face and forced her to look at him. "I know. It's my fault." He nodded. "I should have come to find you. I should have invited you over. I should have let you sleep over on Saturdays. I should have done a lot of things. I just didn't know what we had. I was so lost." She searched his eyes. "I've done a lot of thinking of you underground, worrying and wondering."

"Well thanks for leaving the person you were thinking about- out of the equation." Madge desperately wanted to cover her stomach. She felt as it would expose her secret at any given moment.

"I didn't think. I thought… I thought you didn't want to be with me. It was just a summer fling thing. You don't want to be with someone from the seam, a dirty miner." Madge rolled her eyes.

"But I love dirty miners," she shrugged, "I can't get enough of them." She walked closer, brushing his coal stained cheek. It was his turn to roll his eyes.

"And I can't get enough of spoiled Mayors' daughters!" He teased and picked her up, spinning her around next to the kitchen. Her stomach bottomed out. Could this maneuver hurt the baby?

"Stop, stop, stop," she cried, banging on his chest. "You're hurting me!" He put her down in an instant. Gale's eyes wide and breathing sputtered.

"I'm sorry." He said slightly confused. She pushed her hands slowly over her jacket, as if to have it unwrinkled. She knew the truth of the gesture though and it scared her. They were doomed.

"No, I'm sorry." It was so easy just to leak the secret. It only took two words but she found her newly dried mouth couldn't form the words. "I'm not feeling well." She admitted, "It's the lack of sleep." She sighed.

He pulled at her hand. "Come on." He smirked and dragged her up the stairs. She tried to stop him but her body went so willingly. It was as if her brain went numb. Her feet didn't drag. As he reached her bedroom she had given herself to him completely.

Gale left her alone on the bed, dazed and confused. "Where are you going?" she called after him and stood to look out in the hallway. He came back in carrying a large first aid kit from the linen closet. He held it up and set it in front of her. "I have to wash my hands." He left and she could hear the water running from down the hall.

"Remember when you got this out?" He smiled as he returned. She rolled her eyes. Madge remembered when she had dragged it out to clean off a cut he had gotten on the fence. Gale was teasing her as 'Nurse Madge' the whole time.

She froze slightly and hid her finger from view. "Yeah I remember. Why are you getting that out…?" she whispered and looked up at him.

"Don't you need stitches?" He smirked and brought the case over to the bed. He popped it open and rummaged through the materials inside.

"I told you it can wait until morning." She huffed at her bangs.

"Better to get it over with." He said and pulled out a container lid. He set down a small sewing needle in a white package, a bit of cotton, disinfectant, a bandage, surgical string, and further cleaning tools. She moved away from him. "Stop being a baby." He smiled and pushed against her shoulder lightly.

Madge squared her shoulders. She'd have to give birth to his baby anyway, little did he know. She held out her gauze covered hand and looked away. He probed at the cut and she narrowed her eyes. He noticed as she bit her lip and squeezed her eyes shut.

She knew because he was chuckling. "Don't laugh at me." She said teary-eyed. "It's not fair."

"Sorry." He breathed. When Gale consternated it was as if he was detached from his body. His breathing slowed and his eyes glazed over. He was completely calm. Madge wasn't calm. She couldn't help but try to tear her hand from his strong grasp.

She couldn't help but curse and growl at him from inches away. She couldn't help the fact that sometimes he would smile at her discomfort. She couldn't stop the needle from piercing and dragging along the skin. Finally he let go of her hand.

It went limp in her lap. A bandage was covering the stitches and Gale got up to wash his hands again. She studied her hand then got up to retrieve her pajamas. They were resting on top her dresser. The pink plaid pants were dangling over the side and the short pink tank top was balled next to it.

She drew her shirt over her head and let it fall to the floor. She unlatched her pink fabric bra and pulled it off her shoulders. The water turned off down the hall. She grabbed at the loose fitting tank top and hauled it over her curls.

Her stomach mocked her at it poked out from under the end of tank top. She tugged at her jeans button and grabbed the zipper as it moved down. She shrugged off the pants just as Gale was returning.

She was in an awkward position as she was leaning forward, her butt sticking up in the air. She was taking her foot out of the grasp of the leg hole of the jeans and her eyes were wide and amused. "Sorry." She laughed and hopped around half of the room.

The article of clothing came to rest with her bra and shirt. She quickly tied her flannel pants around her middle and turned to look at Gale. He was leaning back against her headboard. An everlasting smirk and raised eyebrow plastered on his face.

He lifted up the sheets and she shook her head, giggling. She sunk into his arms and he sighed. "I'm so sorry, Undersee." He said and rested his chin on her head. "I make bad decisions." She couldn't help but snort. "What?" he laughed and she shrugged.

Gale wrapped her up in sheets and pulled at the springy curls. He talked to her until her eyes had drooped shut. She could hear him about her room, changing into pajamas he had left here a while back. Soon his warmth was enveloping her once more.

That was all it took for her to be pushed off the edge and into sleep. When she woke, Madge wasn't comfortable. Something was poking her in the back. She rolled over and opened her eyes slightly. She pulled a stuffed toy rabbit out from under her back.

It was soft to the touch. It's beady eyes had been pushing into her back. "Sorry, Mommy." Someone to the left of her said softly. Madge let out a scream and sprang from the bed. She was no longer in her room.

She was in a seam bedroom and there was a little girl bouncing on her bed. Her hair was long and blonde and her eyes were a startling gray blue like an ocean after a storm. Madge pushed herself against the wall.

She could feel another scream working up in her chest. The little girl looked extremely confused. "Daddy- I upset Mommy." The blonde said to the open doorway next to Madge. "You did?" Madge froze. Gale walked into the room with a bemused smile. He was dressed to go to the mines. A lunch pail in hand and helmet under his arm.

Madge woke up in cold sweat. Gale's eyebrows were at the top of his forehead. He had his large hand on her shoulder."You okay…?" He asked. She moved away from him and wiped her forehead.

"I'm sorry. I don't know what came over me. It was a… bad dream." Madge blinked down at her hands. "It was only a dream," but also near reality.

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