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Madge shut the front door of their house. Gale was standing in front of her, his hand moving back and forth in his hair. She sighed. It was hardly three a.m. Her new husband held out his hand. "Come to bed." He whispered.

"Is that supposed to be an invitation," She muttered, "for post-wedding love?" He smiled sadly.

"No. It's a gesture to get you to bed. You look exhausted." Madge took his hand and was dragged through the house. Their bedroom was dark and Gale left her in the doorway, turning on the light. "Here, let me." He said as she began to take off her clothes.

"Are you sure you aren't planning post-marriage love?"

"Post-wedding love," He reminded her. "No, I am not." She smiled softly.

"It would be okay if you were." She said and nudged him with an arm. "I don't mind."

"Honestly." Gale said and rubbed her arms. "You should rest."

"We have to make up." Madge said looking towards her feet. "It's routine."

"Oh, really?" Gale raised an eyebrow. "You are allowed to be mad, still." He tipped up her chin. "I was wrong to keep my work secret to you." Her large blue eyes blinked up at him.

"It takes a lot of energy to be mad at someone." Madge said, challenging.

"Put that energy into something else then." Gale pressed against her resting his forehead to hers.

"Now you're thinking of post-" He cut her off with a kiss.

"Mrs. Hawthorne, stop talking." Gale whispered and kissed her once more. Madge smiled as he pulled back and closed her eyes.

"Say it again." She groaned and grabbed his shirt. Gale let her fingers play with the buttons before he answered her demand.

"Madge Hawthorne… Mrs. Hawthorne. My radiant wife," He picked her up and she squealed.

"Radiant?" She laughed loudly as he set her on the bed.

"Stunning, gorgeous, brilliant," He pulled at the sash around her and tossed it aside. "And all mine." She rolled her eyes and kissed him.

"You're ridiculous." She smiled; he kissed along her jaw and neck.

"So what if I am? You're not complaining." Madge smiled and undid the rest of the buttons, letting Gale shuck the shirt.

"You're right, I'm not." He smirked. Gale loosened his belt and leaned over Madge. She was forced to lay back. Her hands found the belt. It rattled at it snaked through the loops and onto the floor.

Madge struggled with the pant's button; her small fingers were slippery and weak. He chuckled and stood up, doing it himself. He danced out of his slacks. And supported himself above Madge once more.

"This isn't fair." She giggled and snapped the elastic of his boxers.

"No it isn't." He smiled and kissed her slowly, until she began to squirm.

"Gale." She groaned and arched towards him.

"What?" He muttered and kissed along her jaw to her ear. "What do you want me to do?" He whispered.

"Take off my dress." She squealed.

"It's cold in here." Gale smirked. "Probably a good thing you have another layer. Madge tried to push him off her and their laughter filled the room.

Early morning climbed through the windows when Gale awoke. He ran a hand over his face and looked over at Madge. She was on her side, facing him, her wild blonde curls making a halo around her peaceful face.

He slid out of bed, careful not to wake her and quickly dressed in jeans and heavy blue sweater. He put on a coat and scarf and wandered out to the arising district.

He arrived home an hour later. His arms were filled with bags and large wicker basket. He set it all down on the table. Gale peeked into the bedroom. Madge was on her back now. Her hands folded on her rising and falling stomach.

"Madge..." He called gently and sat next to her. She stirred and turned away from him. "Madge." He smiled and ran his hand over her back.

"Leave me alone. Let me sleep." She groaned.

"I have something for you, and I got breakfast." Madge turned over, her sleepy eyes blinking at him.

"You got me something?" She murmured.

"A wedding present of sorts," He said, cupping her cheek.

"Oh no, I didn't get you anything." Madge cried and draped a hand over her eyes. Gale's hand dropped to his lap.

"That's alright." He frowned. "When would you have time to?"

"I don't know! I feel bad now though." Madge moved her arm and looked up at him. He laughed.

"Don't feel bad." He said, and rolled his eyes. "Get dressed and meet me in the living room." Madge sat up and pushed the sheets off her.

"Okay." She watched him leave and her feet slid against the floor. She picked off Gale's long shirt and let it fall to the floor. She came into the living room a little later, turning a tie around the end of her sloppy braid.

"Hi." He said. Madge smiled and fixed her green striped polo, turning down the collar. Her jeans rested snug against her stomach.

"Hey there," She walked around the couch. Gale had his hands busy with a small rusty colored kitten. Madge gasped and took the animal out of her husband's hands.

"I thought you would need a friend around the house." He grinned. The kitten was soft and Madge tried to pet every inch of her. "Here, sit." Gale commanded. Madge sunk onto the couch next to him.

"She's adorable." Madge giggled and set the kitten down on her lap. It turned in circles a few times before resting in a tight ball of fur.

"I haven't named her or anything. You get the honor." Gale said and stood. "I'm going to make breakfast." He moved and gathered the bags off the table. Madge thought over the name.

"I think I'll name her after my aunt." Madge cried over her shoulder. Gale poked his head out of the kitchen with a pan of bacon. "May," She continued.

"That's perfect." Gale said and the rustling of bags continued. Madge starred at the dark television. She reached out for the dial. The Capitol seal was blinking.

"What have you heard about the games?" She asked Gale loudly.

"Nothing," Gale called. "Why?"

"They're not on." She said and clicked through the few channels they had.

"Huh." She heard her husband say.

"They're not even talking about it." Madge said. "What do you think happened?" Gale didn't answer. "Well?" She called.

"I wouldn't worry about it." He said. "Turn off the television."

She followed his order and leaned back against the cushions. Madge closed her eyes and moved the kitten off her lap. She curled her feet up. "I'm taking a nap." She said. She heard Gale laugh.

"Hey Madge?" She felt a warm hand on her forehead.

"What?" She groaned.

"Breakfast," He reminded her. He left her when her eyes opened. She stretched and sat up. Gale came out with large rolls filled with steaming bacon and scrambled eggs and set it on the table.

"What do you think?" He smiled and pulled out a chair for her.

"Looks amazing," She gushed. Madge set the cat on the ground and wandered over to the table. She smiled and looked back at Gale.

"Good." He smiled and Madge collapsed in the chair. Gale moved around the table and sat across from her. They ate in silence. The cat skittered around at their feet.

"Gale…" Madge started and her heart pounded furiously.

"What's wrong?" He said, setting down his fork.

"I need to talk to you." His wife admitted, staring down at her food.

"About what?" He asked quickly.

"The rebellion," She looked up at him. He sat still, collecting his thoughts.

"Right," He sighed. "I'm so sorry, Madge."

"Just tell me." She said.

"Everything?" He asked quietly.

"Everything," She turned up her chin. Gale spilled the facts. He told her everything that she feared. They knew Gale was a part of it, the Capitol.

"Plutarch had a plan for the Quell." Her husband finally stammered out, "a dangerous plan."

"The games aren't on." Madge croaked.

"In a way I hope those plans come to pass." He nodded at the television. "Yet, at the same time, I hope they don't." Madge's eyebrows knitted together.

"Speak your mind." She jabbed her finger at him. "Why do you want the plans to fail?"

"I…" He picked up their plates and wandered into the kitchen.

"Gale…" Her voice was trying, warning.

"I'm afraid of the Capitol's reaction." Gale said as he rinsed off their plates. Madge leaned against the doorway. "They might already know of the plan." The hair on her neck stood up. She parted from the kitchen and sat down on the couch.

"I'm turning the television on." The seal was still pulsing on the screen. "I think they knew." Madge called. "The games are still not on." She snapped the television off and relaxed on the couch.

The house shook and Madge got up from the couch. She crossed the room and opened the door. The town was in chaos. All she heard was the shrill of screaming and the pounding of feet on pavement. Hazelle ran up to the house, dragging along the family. "Bombs," She cried looking up at the sky.

Someone grabbed her waist and moved her aside; Gale's bulky form took up the doorway as he looked towards the seam. "I was right." He whispered and reached back for his small wife.

"What do we do?" Madge cried out and reached down, smoothing her hand over her stomach.

"We have to get away from here!" Gale said and ran back through the house. Madge scooped up May and set her in the wicker basket. She hurriedly took the milk from the fridge and stuffed it in the side pocket.

"You can't bring that silly kitten!" Gale called as he threw his game bag over his shoulder. "I'm sorry!"

"I can and I will." Madge sneered.

"I'm carrying her then." Gale sighed, "You already have enough baggage." He hung the bag on his shoulder and held the basket in hand. They grabbed their jackets.

"Head to the fence," He said to the people gathering around. "Thom and I will knock out the power supply."

"I'll get my father." Madge said.

"I'll get him too." Gale said to her. Bristel gathered the Everdeen's and Hawthorne's towards the sheltered part of the fence. The ground shook again. Madge took off through town alone. "Madge!" Gale cried out and pushed Thom, running after her.

"She'll be alright." Thom said and snatched his arm, "leave her, hurry," Gale watched her blonde braid disappear in the smoke.

"She's stubborn." Gale grunted.

Madge ducked between flying debris and flames. Her house loomed through the clouds of ash. She ran up the steps. Her father was yelling into the phone. Peacekeepers came in through the backdoor. She froze as they made eye contact.

"Drop it." One of them called to her father. He ignored the request and yelled to Haymitch and Plutarch exclaiming and apologizing. A gun rang out and Madge tried to scream but it died in her throat.

"I love you." He mouthed. The mayor smiled sadly at her, the phone fell out of his hand, and he slumped towards the wall. Another gunshot, He limply dove to the floor and blood began to pool around him.

She couldn't stop the tears or her knees lowering her to the ground. Madge knew she was next. There was nowhere for her to go. She looked up at the attackers. They stared back. "Hawthorne, now, right?" One of them asked from the back. They circled around her. She couldn't think straight all she could do was nod.

"Not that you care." She said quietly.

"What was that? Speak up." Another one said and nudged her forcefully. Her hands became fists.

"I said, not that you care. You're just going to kill me anyway." She spit in his face. It sent the man reeling back.

"That's not what we're going to do at all. At least not yet," He said and wiped his arm across his face. "You're of much importance." He curved a finger over his shoulder, bringing forward one of the larger men.

Gale and Thom jumped over burning bushes and straight towards the waiting family. "Where is Madge?" He called to his mother. Her eyes widened.

"I thought she would be with you." She cried. "She hasn't returned from the house." Hazelle explained. Gale's body went limp as he looked back at the white mansion in the distance. His hands shook. He looked at the cat in Posy's arms. He had his mother give Thom the game bag.

"Where are you going?" His friend yelled to him as Gale sprinted towards the house.

"Where do you think I'm going?" Gale screamed. He looked back at the house in time to see it go up in flames. He was thrown back to the grass as the wood and debris flew into the air. "No." He whispered and tried to keep himself together. The dust cleared away but Gale didn't move. He couldn't.

"Gale..." Bristel whispered behind him. He didn't answer, he didn't look at her. He couldn't. She rested a hand on his shoulder but he threw it off with a powerful shrug. Unexpected tears formed in his eyes.

"I'm fine." He hissed and threw her grip off once more. "Leave me alone." He yelled and looked back at her. Thom gathered Bristel in his arms and moved her away.

"We have to go." Thom said softly.

"It's your fault." Gale yelled. "You told me she would be alright, to leave her." He screamed and clumsily got to his feet. He swung his arm like he was drunk but Thom easily caught it. "I didn't get to tell her I love her."

"Breath," His friend said. "In and out, now is not the time to point fingers and blame. We have to get out here." Gale looked over at his family. Posy was rubbing a thumb against the kitten's head.

"Can I have this?" He asked his sister. She looked up at him and closed the lid, handing him the basket. "Thanks." He brushed a strand of her hair behind her ear.

They pushed through the loose fencing and into the forest. Gale took the lead. His hands were still shaking and he was close to losing it completely. He couldn't trail behind because he can't take the sympathy the others were giving him. They finally dropped for the night.

Rory made a low fire and cooked up some of the previsions they brought from Gale's grab bag. They stared at Gale. He tried to ignore them. It was as if they thought he would snap and kill them all. Finally his mother brought him away from the fire.

"You're going to be okay." She whispered to him.

"No." He said and looked down at her. "I can feel myself tearing apart." He admitted. "Like when dad died but worse maybe. I lost two important people in one day. We're newlyweds and expecting parents or were."

"You can't dwell on this." His mother sighed. "It's not like you. It's just another challenge in life." She reminded him.

"They were my life." He said, his fists clenching. "I feel like they're out there. They weren't in the house. They're out in the district." He told her, seriously. "She's frightened." He choked and looked back at the smoke rising from the district. "She's not supposed to be frightened, Ma." He whispered and leaned against a tree.

"I don't know what to tell you." Hazelle sighed and started to cry.

"I'm already having nightmares and I'm not asleep yet." Gale fell into his mother's arms.

Madge woke in a dark room. Her head was spinning and she had a hard time sitting up. It was cold and she instantly brought her hand to her baby. Her knees folded up and she shivered. "Hello?" She called. No one answered but the one light went on above her.

The walls were black and the floor was concrete. There was a metal door with two slots. Madge crawled up and slid one of the slots open. Another metal door was in front of her and what looked like a hall. "Hello?" She called through the slot.

"Madge?" The door across from her called. She froze. The slot opened and two baby blues eyes looked out at her.

"Peeta?" She whispered. "What are you doing here?"

"I could ask you the same thing."

"I can guess why I'm in here." She grumbled.

"Tell me." He stage whispered.

"It's a really long story." Madge sighed. "It's going to take a lot of explaining."

"We're not going anywhere." He said.

"Gale got himself mixed into the rebellion. That's the short part." She smiled and her eyes flickered down to her hand rested on her side.

"Alright, so you're back together." Madge looked down at her hand. The ring was still safely on her finger. She stuck her hand out of the slot.

"More like married." She grinned.

"This is going to be a long story." Footsteps ratted down the hall and Madge pulled her hand back. She shut the slot and pushed herself back to rest against the wall. She closed her eyes and waited. The footsteps passed.

Madge waited a moment, collecting her nerves. She crawled over to the door and opened the slot once more. Peeta was already looking through his. "They probably think that I'm in on the plans." She whispered. "Because both my husband and my father were in on them."

"I still haven't figured out what exactly happened." Peeta said, slowly. "They've already integrated me. I knew nothing about what they were asking."

"I'll have the same reaction." Madge murmured.

"Don't be worried about it." Peeta said gently.

"I wouldn't normally be worried." Madge said. "It's just… how do I say this." She laughed nervously. "Well."

"What's wrong?" Peeta said and he shifted loudly.

"I'm pregnant." Madge said.

"The story got longer." Peeta sighed. They sat in silence.

"I'm terrified." Madge admitted. "Gale…" she choked. "He doesn't know."

"About the baby?" Peeta whispered.

"No, he knows about the baby." Madge laughed softly. She sobered, "he doesn't know I was taken." She rested her head in her hand.

"He must." Peeta said. Madge shook her head.

"I went off by myself. I was so stupid." She cried.

"Everything is going to be fine." Peeta reassured her. The heavy footsteps returned and the two separated. Madge made an effort to press herself against the wall. She looked up and waited. She froze as the footsteps slowed to a stop. Her door unlatched loudly.

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