The rain poured down on the New York cemetary, the perfect mirror of the feelings of the black-clad mourners that crowded around the gravesite. It was a funeral of special magnificence, for the death of the rich and powerful, the young and beautiful are the greatest of tragedies, marked by more grief than those of mere lesser beings. Thus the funeral of a billionaire and his lovely paramour was one of the most notable events in some time, drawing not only those closest to them, but those who wished they had been, and of course, that lowest of parasites: the society reporter.

It must be said that they were among the best-dressed funeral-goers to ever grace the cemetary, but that by no means indicates a lack of deep grief on their parts. One could be assured of that by the fact that there was not a dry eye present, though perhaps some of that could be traced to fall of raindrops.

The mothers of the two deceased that filled the coffins of premium dark wood were perhaps the best dressed present, each weeping into a square of crisp white linen and leaning upon the accompanying arm of an almost as splendidly dressed husband.

"I knew something like this would happen," one of them said to the other, her voice catching. "She was never as careful as she should be."

The other turned to her. "It was so sudden. I feel so awful. I barely even knew him anymore. Where did I go wrong?"

"It was an accident," the husband of the first speaker responded, his tone heavy with grief. "It could have happened to anyone."

A bruised and battered form stood nearby, his forehead still swathed in bandages: the driver who had been with the unfortunate couple at the time of the fatal accident. His face was grim, and he was utterly silent, as he watched the first coffin being lowered into the ground. Was there a hint of guilt in his features that he had survived and his passengers had not?

A slender figure, the sister of the fallen billionaire, clutched her own handkerchief with hands that shook. Finally, she turned the handsome man beside her, and asked, "I just don't understand. Why weren't they wearing their seatbelts."

The up and coming model turned her, his face a mask of awkwardness. "I'll explain when you're older."