I was so sure I would only do DGM fanfics, but then I got this idea, since I just finished watching the anime a few days back (why hasn't season 2 come out yet!?), so yeah. If people are OOC, oh wells. If you know me, you know I can't seem to identify/judge people's character that well.

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Darkness Falls

Darkness descended upon the city, and with it, the laws that bound those graced with powers granted by the Seven Kings constricting its ever-tightening noose. With the recent death of three Kings, however, there was a great deal of confusion, which allowed for minute pockets of breathing space in the noose.

The breathing room wasn't much, but it was enough, and there were those few who managed to slip free of the noose every now and then.

The young boy was not one of those lucky few.

His breath coming out in short, labored fits and bursts, the boy stumbled along the dark alley, dark eyes fearfully glancing behind for a glimpse of his unknown pursuer. Heart pounding out a mad tune in his furiously heaving chest, the young boy—a teenager, actually, perhaps fourteen at the most—threw himself behind a dumpster, quickly covering his mouth with one grimy, dirt-encrusted hand so as to stop his panting from being overheard.

There was nothing behind him, no sounds. Just utter silence, except for the oddly frantic beating of his heart and the whoosh of blood flowing too quickly through his veins. With a shudder, he wrapped his trembling hands around his suddenly tight chest, drew his legs closer to himself as he fell into fetal position, the strange pain in his chest blossoming and spreading.

And thus it was like this that he died, the seconds dragging on into minutes as the red moon rose up higher in the sky, unsympathetic to the final moments of his plight.


Damn, there's a whole buttloada implicit yaoi… yay on the goldmine of mishimi pics I found on google images, hahah. Was actually looking for normal pics of the two for this fic, but hey, what the hell!

Well, if you noticed, that first paragraph was total and utter BS. Actually, this entire chapter was utter BS— improv, actually—since I didn't have a good way to lead into the actual stuff I had planned, but with this… I got something! So this was actually a good chapter, a needed one, I think. Though yall can feel free to think of this as a prologue.

Never thought I'd write a scene where someone would just crawl into a corner to die.

Hope you enjoyed it.

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