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Fall of a Drunken Star

"C'mon Bandou."

"Urm, wha…?" Dewa heaved a sigh and bodily heaved the sleepily drunk Bandou up onto one shoulder. "I need help disposing of the bodies. You coming Chitose?"

"Mm yeah in a bit…"

Hibiki sighed as Chitose, Hotaru, and Yata—the only three still set on drinking away all of Kusanagi's wine bottles—grinned at one another in challenge.

"It's alright if ya quit now, Misaki-chan! I won't think lesser of you—any more than I already do!" she shrieked, breaking into peals of hysterical giggles.

"Sh… shut it, transgender… lady," the other redhead tipsily replied, and Hibiki buried his head in his hands as she started giggling even louder. "Y-You're… so cute!" she breathed, and Yata slapped away the hands that'd been reaching for him across the small table, a bit more red-faced than he'd been just a second ago.

She pouted and turned to him. "Hibiki, he's being mean to me!"

"Why don't you… give him some more wine?"

"Ooh, yeah, that's a… a great idea!" she laughed, pouring another cup. "You're so smart, Hibiki!"

"Oi, that's… cheating! I didn't… didn't lose." Hotaru scowled at the irate redhead. "Fine then," she snapped. "I can have it all to myself!"

"But Hotaru-chan…"

"No, it's mine now!" Hibiki struggled not to rush over when the two started whining over the bottle. To think that Yata Misaki was older than him… The same as those other black-haired, blue-eyed glasses guy, Fushimi Saruhiko and—

"A'you okay?"

He turned and gave the tipsy, bleary-eyed man beside him a polite smile. "What do you mean, Chitose-san?"

"Your hand, I think it's…"

When Chitose's voice trailed off, Hibiki looked down at his hand, His eyes widened at the small pools of blood filling under the nails of his tightly-clenched hand. After a quick gulp and small surge of power, he looked up and smiled at the older man. "D-Don't worry, Chitose-san, I'm perfectly fine." He raised his hand for appraisal. "See? Nothing wrong."

Chitose stared intently at his hand and nodded several times at its lack of blood. "Musta... seen it wrong."

"That… that happens when you're drunk," Hibiki nervously chuckled, fingering the hem of his damp shirt.

"Right… right!" The HOMRA member threw back his head and laughed. "My bad, Hibiki-kun, my bad!"

"It's alright," he replied, waiting for him to turn away before he tucked the bloodied corner of his shirt under the hem of his pants.


Hotaru looked around and giggled. Everything was brighter and lighter and prettier. Happy. That's what it was. Everything and everyone was happy.

She was happy. "Happy happy happy happy happy!" she crooned. As the world started spinning, celebrating with her, she giggled.


"Oi, get—get yourself together!"

She ignored him and started waving her arms around so that the spinning, happy world could grab onto her and spin her around too.

A small thought flittered about in her head, and she caught a glimpse of it before it flew back out again, and it made her grin. "Hibikiii!"

"I-I'm right here, Hotaru, so… calm down…"

Hibiki hadn't been looking happy lately. He should put his arms so that the happy world could grab onto him and make him happy too.

"Hibiki, you… you should…"

"I should…?"

Damn it. What did he need to do again?

The world slowly stopped spinning. Was it because she couldn't remember what Hibiki needed to do? What did she need to do though?

"I…" At the sight of red in the corner of her eyes, Hotaru grinned. She'd remembered! "I want shome strawbies!" she sang. "Naga-chan, gimme shome straw-bies!"

"But… they're out of season, and Kusanagi-san isn't here right now…"

"But Hibiki," she stage-whispered, pouting at his up-side down face, "I haven't had shome in—in a while."


There was another flicker of red, and she tumbled over and wrapped her arms around it.

"Mi-sa-ki-chan, I wanna try shomesing." And she plopped herself down in his lap, though she had to shift around for a bit for a comfortable position because something was digging into her butt. What the heck did he have in his pants, a lead pipe?

"W-What the… hell're y'doin?"

"I'm doing an—an exshferiment!" she sang, giggling drunkenly at the ogling drunks. "I'm testing to… to shee… to shee…" What had she been testing for?

The thought came back to her, and she clapped his cheeks in triumph. "What Mishaki-cshan tashtes like!"

"Try your experiment on… on someone else! Y'already got a taste!"

Had she? Why couldn't she remember what he'd tasted like, then?

"No! It hashta be Mishaki," she growled, pulling his flushed face closer. She peered intently at it. His cheeks looked like strawberries, but…

Would his lips taste like them, too?


Of all the… of all the luck. Out of all the willing men in the room, their drunk queen had latched onto him.

"Shouhei it's… your fault! Do something about it!" he whined, struggling as her legs wrapped around his waist.

"You hafta oblige a lady, Yata, especially—" He hiccupped. "—especially if she's drunk."

"Lady?" He turned his face around and around and around to find that… that damn bastard. "Damn it, she's not—" Yata's eyes widened as he suddenly found Hotaru's face mouth-to-mouth with his, and it was like he'd been sucker punched in the stomach, that's how quickly the breath left his body. His arms sluggishly rose to shove her off when he felt her breasts—her really big, really soft breasts—press up against his chest, but he stopped when his head nearly came off.

When the fuck had she gotten her hands in his hair? And where the hell was his beanie?

He squirmed as Hotaru's hands ran down the side of his face, neck, chest—she had a lot of hands, he thought to himself—and slipped under his clothes. He gasped when she bit his bottom lip, and he managed to get in a small puff of air before something warm shoved its way into his mouth and started playing with his fuzzy tongue.

Damn it, he growled. He couldn't fucking breathe, and the world was going soft and sparkly and pinkish-white, and his pants were getting really uncomfortable…

"What the hell is this?"

That finally got Hotaru to break the kiss, though when she did he suddenly felt… cold, and disappointed.

"Hey, if it ishn't Sharu!" she shrieked, staggering over. "Whatcha doin' here, Sharu? You finally getting out and getting… getting laid?"

She cackled. "Misha's gonna—gonna get laid tonight too, wan' shee Sharu?" He started thrashing when she wrapped an arm around his neck and rammed his face into her chest. He gaped when they both were suddenly shoved away.

He struggled to his feet and glared after the stiff, straight blue back walking away. "O-Oi, Saru!"

Without stopping to acknowledge him, Saruhiko slammed open the front door, and the bar shuddered as it shut with a jarring bang.


Into the awkward silence Chitose clapped his hands. "This was… fun, Hotaru-chan! Where'd you learn this game?"

"I…" A cool sensation crashed over her. Where had she learned it again?

"Here're the drinks."

The other boy laughed as he handed him a bottle. "Are you sure? What if that old lady—"

"Grandmother's gone for the weekend on a family trip. The reason I'm still home is to make sure she—" At this he tilted his head in her direction, and she flinched. "—doesn't do anything."

One of the other boys walked over to her. "Who is that anyway?"

"Just a bastard, one of the family dogs." A chill went through her when he finally looked at her, and the cool, fish-eye look she saw mad her skin crawl and her fingers start trembling. "Wanna play with it?"

And as they walked to her, laughing, something flickered inside of her, something dark and angry. Something afraid.

"Gimme the bottle, Hibiki."

"What? No, it's—"

"Give it to me!" She wrenched it from his senseless hands and, as the others stared at her, downed it all, sighing when a familiar fire swept through her, burning away everything—her pain, her memories. Her fear. They all fell away as she drowned, bottle after bottle, the wine flooding her senses and setting her mind afloat, and with it—the angry red clouds. The only thing left was the dark, comforting blue-black sky.


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