Izaya walked out into the streets of Ikebukuro.

There's no place like home, he thought to himself, smirking. But anyways, he needed to focus on the task at hand.

Then, across the street, he spotted Shizuo. Running up behind the blonde he called, "Hey, Shizu-chan!"

Shizuo immediately swung around to face the raven. "What do you want, flea?" He grumbled.

"Oh, nothing really," Izaya smirked. "I just wanted to let you know that I have pictures from that . . . Incident last Friday."

Shizuo's eyes widened. "How the hell did you-"

"Now, now, Shizu-chan. We can discuss this later. Come to my apartment later today and we can . . . Work out a price."

The blonde sighed. "Alright, I'll come to your damn apartment." He pointed at a finger at the raven. "But STAY OUT of Ikebukuro, got it?"

Izaya smirked. "I'll try my best."

On the way back to his apartment, Izaya stopped by Shinra's place. He knocked. Shinra answered the door.

"Well look who it is," he said smiling. "Izaya Orihara, what brings you to my humble home today?"

"Do you know of any drugs that can make someone's body go limp?" Izaya inquired. "Shizu-chan will be visiting later and I plan to beat the shit out of him while he's there."

"Hmm," Shinra thought aloud. Then, he had an idea. What a perfect opportunity! He thought to himself. "Yes, I do. Actually, I happen to have some in my office."

Izaya gave Shinra a questionable look.

"I'll go get it then," smiled the scientist, and he walked away to retrieve a bag of pink powder.

"Here," he said as he handed the bag to Izaya. "Just slip this in a drink or something and it'll work like a charm."

"Thanks, Shinra," the information broker said as he turned to leave. "See ya around."

The scientist closed the door behind him. Celty walked up to him. She typed into her phone: This can't be good, can it?

Shinra chuckled. "It's not horrible . . . But this will prove to be quite entertaining." An evil smile spread across his lips.

Oh, Shinra, Celty thought to herself.

Shizuo had just finished his shift with Tom when he remembered he had to meet Izaya at his apartment in Shinjuku.

Ugh, how the hell did Izaya get those pictures? he thought to himself. "And this is so humiliating that I have to visit him," the blonde growled.

Then all of a sudden, a devious smirk spread across Shizuo's face.

After walking for ten minutes, praising himself for being such a genius, the bartender arrived at Shinra's apartment.

Shinra opened the door before Shizuo could even knock. "Why hello there, Shizuo," he beamed. "What a pleasant surprise! Now, what is it that you need?"

Shizuo, a bit startled by Shinra's overly friendly welcoming, asked, "Do you know of any drugs that'll make Izaya's body go numb? I plan to erase some evidence and then beat the shit out of him."

"Oh, what a lovely plan!" Chuckled the scientist. He could hardly contain his laughter. "I know just the thing. I'll be right back."

Shinra returned with a plastic bag full of pink powder. "Here ya go. Just put it in his drink or something and it'll work perfectly."

"Thanks, Shinra," said the blonde as he walked down the hall. "Tell Celty I said hi."

The scientist closed the door behind Shizuo and Shinra laughed so hard his eyes began to water.

Oh, were Shizuo and Izaya in for a surprise. He smirked to himself. It's so fun when people trust you like they did.

Back at Izaya's apartment, Izaya was waiting for Shizuo to arrive.

"Oh what fun this will be!" he thought aloud. "What fun I will have cutting up Shizu-chan into shreds! Ahahahaha!"

Then, there was a knock on the door. Izaya answered. It was Shizu-chan.

"Why hello there, Shizu-chan," the raven smirked. "Come on in."

Shizuo stepped into apartment, and he was not surprised. It's so clean and open here, he thought. I guessed his place would be kinda like this . . . not that I was ever thinking about his HOUSE or anything . . .

Izaya sat down in his usual office chair. "So, Shizu-chan, can I offer you something to drink?"

Opportunity time! thought Shizuo. "Uh sure. Do you have any coffee?" Asked the bodyguard.

"Of course. I'll get that for you in a second," Izaya chirped as he walked into the kitchen.

"So," Shizuo asked in a more serious tone. "How did you get those . . . pictures from last Friday?"

"I always have my cell phone, Shizu-chan. And I'm pretty good at staying sober too," the informant mocked.

Was Shizu-chan looking at him? He wasn't. Izaya used the time to quickly pour a generous amount of the powder into Shizuo's cup and stir it.

The raven walked back over to the bodyguard and handed him a coffee mug.

"Thanks," Shizuo replied.

"No problem. Now I'm going to get the pictures," Izaya smirked and walked into the other room.

The blonde hurriedly poured some of the pink powder in Izaya's mug.

Luckily, it dissolved right away, because three seconds later, the information broker returned with the photos.

"Don't even waste the energy ripping these up," he said pointing to the pictures. "They are all saved to my laptop, phone, and a USB so I can print out more at anytime I want to." Shizuo glared at him.

"Anyways, cheers!" Izaya said with a false smile as he clinked mugs with Shizu-chan and they both drank.

Hm? Why does the coffee taste so sweet? The raven asked himself. Wow, this is REALLY sweet, he thought as he took another sip. Almost as sweet as Shizu-chan's lips look-

Wait. What the hell did I just say?! And the those eyes are so piercingly warm . . .

What the fuck are you thinking, man?! Pull yourself together!

Oh I'd love to pull myself close to SHIZU-CHAN-What's HAPPENING to me?!

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