Izaya woke up with his head still resting on Shizuo's bare chest and Shizuo's arms still around him.

Wait- SHIZUO?!

The raven immediately leaped off of his bed and just stared at the sleeping blonde in his apartment.
That was also when he realized he was not wearing pants and that his hips were as sore as hell.

He quickly put on a pair of boxers and pants and massaged his sore ass.

Why the hell does my ass feel like the aftermath of fucking World War II? he asked himself.

Wait-no. That CAN'T be why! Because he would never-and it's Shizu-chan-and-and . . . WHAT?!

But oh, he remembered the night before all too well.

However, he just could not rationalize what had happened. Because even if there was that minuscule chance that he actually loved the protozoan, there was no way in hell that a monster like Shizuo would return the love.

But still . . . Shizuo was kinda . . . CUTE while he was sleeping . . . like . . . like a little kid.

Izaya smiled to himself, but quickly brushed it off after he realized what he was doing.

"What the hell's happened to me?" he thought aloud, providing just enough sound to awaken the blonde.

"I-I-I-I-IZAYA?!" Shizuo shouted with a mix of rage and embarrassment. He was flushed a bright red. "W-w-w-w-w-what the h-h-h-hell?! Explain why I-I-I-I'm lying here in your apartment n-n-n-n-NAK-"

"I don't know."


"I apologize, Shizu-chan, but I really don't know."

What . . . the . . . fuck . . . Shizuo tried to process it in his mind. But Izaya is ALWAYS behind these kinds of things . . . and now . . . what does all of this mean if . . . if . . . he ISN'T behind this?

Millions of questions and theories began to form in the bodyguard's mind.

"Shizu-chan, I really hate to interrupt your 'wise thinking moment', but will you please just get the h-hell out of m-my apartment . . ." Izaya muttered, trying to sound confident, but utterly failing.

"You can't tell me what to do, flea," the bodyguard replied defiantly.

The raven took up his usual smirk and taunted, "Well if Shizu-chan doesn't want to GO, then he must want to STA-"

"NO WAY IN HELL!" Shizuo roared as he sprinted out of Izaya's apartment, grabbing his clothes, with a blush as red as a tomato spread all across his face.

Heh, the informant thought himself. Well, he's gone back to being the stupid protozoan he is.

Shizuo leaned against the wall of an alleyway, breathing heavily.

How did I . . . how COULD I have . . . with HIM?! the blonde thought to himself, almost blinded with a mixture of humiliation and anger. How did all of this happen anyway? And why wasn't he paralyzed after I gave him that drug! Shinra said-WAIT-SHINRA said . . . oh my god he is SO FUCKING DEAD!

The bodyguard stomped to the scientist's apartment and banged on his door furiously.

"OPEN UP, SHINRA! WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO YOU SON OF A BITCH?" Shinra hesitantly opened the door a crack.

"Oh, hehe, hi . . . Shizuo . . . um . . . nice weather, we've been having?"


"U-um about t-that . . ." the doctor trailed off nervously.

The bodyguard's eyes were extremely wide and practically on fire.


Just as Shinra was about to reply, Izaya came sprinted down the hallway yelling, "Shinra! YOU SON OF A BITCH!"

Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit . . . was all Shinra could think.

Izaya stopped dead in his tracks when he spotted Shizuo.

"Shiiiit," Shinra looked down and mumbled.

"FLEA?! What the fuck are you doing here?!"

"Probably the same reason that YOU'RE here. Isn't that right, SHINRA?"

"Wait, what the hell are you talking about, flea? Shinra, what is he talking about?!"

"Are you THAT stupid, you protozoan? Shinra made us drug each other with some sort of love hormone grow-"

"Well actually," Shinra interrupted, quickly realizing that he could take the upper hand in this situation. "The drug I gave you brings out the strongest emotion you feel for the person in the same room."

The scientist chuckled and put on a wicked grin. "You both told me that you were going to Izaya's apartment, implying that you two would be alone together. Naturally, I felt inclined to test the drug out on you two!"

Shizuo and Izaya, both wide-eyed with shock, looked from Shinra, to each other, and back.

"WHAAAAT?!" they shouted in unison.

"But HIM?!"

"No no no no NO this CAN'T be true!"


"Not if I were to die!"

"I hate him! I HATE him! I HATE HIM!"

Shinra gave them a delighted grin. "Well I'm going to leave you two with that information! See ya later!" The scientist chirped and shut the door behind him.

Shizuo and Izaya stared at each other in disbelief for what seemed like a hundred years.

The blonde spoke, breaking the eternity of silence. "Well . . . I'm just gonna leave . . ." He mumbled as he walked slowly, keeping his eyes locked on the raven's the entire time.

Once he reached the elevator, Shizuo finally averted his gaze from the informant and watched the doors of the metal shaft close.

"What the hell did Shinra mean 'strongest emotions'?" He muttered to himself. "My strongest emotion for the flea is HATRED. Or at least it should be . . ."

Shizuo's deep thoughts were interrupted by the jolt of the elevator as it arrived on the first floor. Walking at a brisk pace, the bodyguard returned to his apartment and lay on his bed, wishing the aching questions in his head would just disappear.

What exactly did Shinra do? How does Izaya feel about this? Did HE like it? Does he THINK I liked it? DID I like it? Can we just go back to normal after this?

Then he thought back to the "bar incident" that had happened not all that long ago.

Shizuo remembered the taste of Izaya's mouth, and the sparkle of lust in those crimson orbs.

Wait-what was he thinking? Maybe he HAD actually liked being so close to the flea . . . No! Of course not!
They were sworn enemies! . . . but maybe . . . Just maybe . . . No, it couldn't possibly be.

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