The calmed wind blew through the trees of the luscious green forest. The grass petals fluttered as the wind past as did the bushes and all was at peace in the small clearing. The stream of water that led upstream to a lake, which then above was a waterfall was blue and colorful rocks struck out from under the earth. The day was still young with the sun that was held high overhead in the light blue sky with only cirrus clouds moving in the blue depths. The wind blew and ruffled the grass and trees and laughter of a young child echoed. The laughter increased in volume as it got closer to the clearing. A boy, only of the age of five burst through the bushes and into the clearing laughing loudly as he turned his head back to the forest.

"Fenny! Come on you slow poke!" The boy called as he started to jog towards the stream of water. He heard a bark of laughter and he turned around just in time to see a giant ball of black fur leap at him. The boy yelped as the new weight sent him to the soft grass floor. When he opened his eyes that he never remember closing he looked up into the mismatched eyes of a wolf. The wolfs pink tongue hanged out of his mouth as it panted. It's dark green and blue stared into the child's brown eyes and then leaned down and licked his face. "Ew," the child whined, "Fenny that's gross." The wolf chuckled and leaned back and sat on its haunches to let the boy sit up.

"You did call me a slow poke." The boy chuckled and wrapped his arms around the furry neck of the wolf. They sat there in silence and watched as the grass petals moved and how the clouds passed overhead. The wolf looked down to the small child and smiled his wolf-ish smirk. The child was asleep. As not to jostle the sleeping other the wolf lowered his larger body to the ground and let the five-year-old sleep on his flank. Minutes passed and the wolf laid his large head on his enlarged paws. He dozed to the sound of the light breath coming from the child and wind lulling him as the sun beaded down on him.

He was almost asleep when he heard a whisper, "Fenrir." The wolf picked up his head to the sound of his name. Fenrir's ears were alert and shifting trying to determine where the voice was coming from. He heard branches cracking in the forest behind him and tossed his head towards the trees seeing a figure standing in the clearing. Instinctually Fenrir curled up on the child with him, protecting him from the new figure. He smelt the gender of the new being, a male.

"Fenny?" The child picked his head up and rubbed his eyes with fisted hands. He saw how Fenrir was looking behind him and he looked that way. He gasped as he saw the figure in the darkness of the forest. "Uncle Loki!" He cried and scrambled out of Fenrir's hold to run to the figure. His brown locks bounced as he ran to his "uncle". He was scooped up into leather bound arms and hugged to the chest.

"Hello Anthony," Loki spoke. He walked out into the sunlight and watched as his son Fenrir calmed his tense state. "Now Fenrir I would think that you would have learned my scent by now." Fenrir sat up and his ears dropped while he looked to the floor.

"Sorry father, I'm still getting used to this world."

"And yet you play with little Anthony here." The child in question giggled. "Which by all means is not a problem at all, right Anthony?"

"No sir!" The child laughed as Loki threw him into the air and then caught him. Fenrir watched as his father and his friend played. After a few moments there was a loud yawn from Anthony and Fenrir knew what that meant.

"Alright young Anthony I do believe it is time that we depart."

"Alright Uncle Loki, could you put me down for a minute?" Loki nodded and placed the child onto the ground. He then ran over to Fenrir and hugged his neck laughing. "Bye Fenny I'll see you soon!" He ran back into Loki's arms and they disappeared. As they left Fenrir sighed. He stood on all four legs and walked to the small stream where he lapped up the water. He licked his chops and walked into the forest. He travelled up onto a cliff and looked out at the wilderness beyond his reach.

"What troubles you dear Fenrir?" Fenrir's canine head whipped around quickly and saw his father standing within the forest and not in the sunlight. His tail wagged as he sat down with his back to his father.

"Nothing father," he responded simply.

"There is indeed something wrong my son, what is it?" Fenrir stared as birds flew in the distance. He bowed his head at looked to the grassy ground.

"I fear that if brother Fenris has been muzzled, then I shall be too. It is said that I shall be the one that'll swallow Grandfather Odin whole. And yet, brother Fenris has claimed that he is I and has taken my place. Why father? Why would he do such a feat?" Fenris turned around with tears in his mismatched eyes and looked to his father's green irises.

"It is because you are family dear son. Your older brother Fenris knows a fact that the other Nine Realms are ignorant to," Loki spoke as he walked into the bright sun. He allowed his figure to become soaked in the sun. Fenrir saw how his dark green long sleeved leather shirt became a shade of lighter green and his black pants became a dark grey. "Something that I have taught him."

"What is that father?"

"The fault dear Fenrir is not in our stars, but in ourselves. Every prophecy has come true because we try to prevent the coming events, but they will happen whether we want it or not. If you are prophesied to swallow the Allfather, then it is to be so. But do not let it be what you want your future to be." Fenrir allowed the new information to sink in and didn't notice how his father came to sit next to him until he spoke. "My future is to bring Ragnarok and with it shall start the end of the Nine Realms. Fenrir my dear boy you are to have a long life ahead of you, do not let this silly prophecy weigh you down. Your other siblings have already accepted their fates."

"But, father, how I can accept my fate when I know of what is to happen within time." Fenrir looked up to peer at his father and watched as he laughed, then looked back to the ground.

"You only know what is to come," Loki looked down to Fenrir, "and I don't believe you can swallow your grandfather whole quite yet." Loki looked to the sunset in the distance and closed his eyes as he let the wind whip his hair around. "My son," Fenrir looked up, "you have a long way to go until it is time. Spend it wisely for there are the challenges we face eventually." Loki arose and walked towards the forest. Fenrir quickly stood on his four legs and spun around.

"Father!" Loki turned around just in time to be tackled be his wolf son. Fenrir and Loki both looked at each other before bursting out laughing. Fenrir nuzzled his father's face and Loki just held him in his grasp. Loki kissed his furry head and laid there as the sun shrunk behind the mountains in the distance. "Father?" Loki looked down and found one blue and one green eye looking at him.

"Yes Fenrir?"

"Can Anthony come play tomorrow?"

"If he so wishes it." Fenrir jumped in the air with a big 'yay!' Loki smiled at his only child not to be taken from him and thought of the times ahead, and he knew none were going to be happy.

"ANTHONY EDWARD STARK!" The voice of Howard Stark roared. The boy in question, Anthony, who preferred Tony, flinched. He had just gotten to his room after Uncle Loki dropped him off. He knew in his mind that Loki wasn't his real Uncle, but in his heart he didn't care. He also knew of the fact that Loki was the Norse god of Mischief; thank goodness that the boy reads a lot of books. He often thought of magic and wanted to learn how to actually master it himself if only Uncle Loki would teach him. Fenrir was his bond brother in his heart and he never would forget that fact as he was only three when he first met the god and his wolf son.

As Tony had entered his room he quickly slid under his bed and shushed himself. His father was angry and that was something to hide from. When he arrived back he saw that it was dark outside and that meant if Howard was yelling at night then he was drunk. His left hand gripped his crystal necklace around his neck that was a fourth birthday gift from Fenrir and Loki. Tony's bedroom door was thrown open and his father came barreling in. His hair was unkempt and half his blue button down shirt was not tucked in his black pants. From under the bed Tony could see his black business shoes and he watched as the owner of them walked over the boy's closet and opened it viciously.

"Where are you boy!?" The man yelled and Tony flinched once again. He must have caused some sort of noise, because the next second the shoes were at his bed. The bed was then flipped over and Tony cowered covering his head. His then father picked up his boy and held him from the front of his short sleeved orange t-shirt. Tony clenched his eyes shut and held his hands in front of his face.

"I-I didn't do anything! I swear!" The boy called in fear.

"Then why are you hiding boy?" Howard asked and Tony smelt the scent of liquor. Tony didn't respond and he was sweating as he waited for the blow to come. "What is this?" Tony opened his brown eyes to look into his father's blue and followed his gaze to his neck where his necklace laid. Tony started struggling in the stronger grip he knew what his father was going to do. Howard growled and dropped his son to the floor. Tony landed and the air was knocked out of him before he could recover larger hand were upon him and grabbing his neck. The brown leather that acted as the chain of the necklace was forcefully pulled forward on the back of his neck and Howard pulled. Tony grabbed the leather chain and pulled back to lessen the pain his neck now suffered. A snap occurred and Tony flew backwards hitting his head hard on the floor and he was suddenly dizzy and tired. "Jewelry is for the weak and women, not my son." His father's voice faded as his vision started to flicker out and the darkness claimed him.

Now, I know what you are thinking, well, not really because I am not psychic. But I do know that my readers who have known me, know that I make a thousand stories (exaggeration) and I don't really stick to them. Hell, I haven't even finished one yet. But this idea popped in my head a long while ago and well, I wrote it, I also have a second chapter and stuff. I'm working on my other stories so nobody kill me just yet.