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It's been six months, six months since he's been on Earth. Since he's seen Pepper, his lab, Jarvis and the bots. It's been six months since he's had a proper haircut and his hair now rested on the back of his neck. If he was being honest with himself he'd think himself back to those months in the caves. Afghanistan desert blistering heat in the day and freezing nights, where he continually questioned how he was living.

Yet here he stood where Loki and his children had stood gazing out into the valley below. Then it had been bare, with only the grass and trees. Now there were tents and smoke from several fires below, the forest was cut down, not all, but enough to sustain them. Tony and Loki defiantly made sure that that happened. There were bangs of hammers against metals in forges where dwarves made weapons and armor, transporting their supplies had tired Tony in the beginning, but now he could do it with a flick of his wrist.

His own armor wasn't new, he refused to not wear it. He wore this in his travel days with Fenrir and he wanted to remember those days, not the ones ahead. It wasn't much, but he wore light armor. Hard leather with metal plating on both shoulders, on the left it completely surrounded the shoulder and on the right it was before the shoulder itself. The leather only reached the end of the ribcage, while it only reached the very top of the shoulder. Beneath he wore a simple black tunic with the sleeves colored green. His pants were black as well, but with a single green line that highlighted from the bottom of his ankle to his hip. His arm braces were leather with gold plating on top, with several scratches from sword blades. His brown leather boots were the only things that were new, the elves made them for him and they were made for long journeys.

Attached to his hip was his sword Draughtbane. Created in the forges of the dwarves, his blade has seen only a few skirmishes, but where ever it went in brought death, which Tony didn't mean to do, but it was necessary at the time, it was life or death. He didn't name the sword the caravan that he and Fenrir had been traveling with on Álfheim had been attacked by highwaymen. They had beaten them of course and had left bodies in their wake. The caravan's people were dwarrow merchants and they had been thankful and had given the blade a name. The blade itself was made out of reinforced steel and given a spell to always remain sharp. Its guard branched from the hilt on both sides and then back in. The grip was leather with a few grooves and the pommel was golden with a ruby in lodged in the middle and you could see it from both sides.

After the experience with the highwaymen, one of the dwarves was actually Kindra, King Eitri's daughter. She had snuck out to adventure and joined the caravan just for the ride. She then introduced them to her father and while she had been punished for running away, they had been welcomed with open arms and when the King had seen how the automatically took to one another; he named Tony and Fenrir a Dwarf Friend. While he named them a friend to all dwarves he gave them new names. Algiz meaning 'protector' was given to Tony and Uruz meaning 'strength' was placed upon Fenrir. They soon forgone using their actual names and used these in place. They did use Fenrir's name before, because it was fierce name, regardless of it having anything to do with the prophecy.

The dwarves saw Fenrir as a dire wolf who gained had the intelligence to speak, while most dire wolves were just huge monstrous wolves, some could gain abilities, and after all it is a magical world. So the boys just played it off and went with it, because if they knew he was Loki's son that was supposed to be imprisoned, there would be hell. Tony chuckled, because Eitri and Kindra, did eventually find out the truth, but they knew the real them, so they didn't exactly freak out, they took a moment and then smiled and put two together. It didn't really matter, because everyone knew that the "real" Fenrir was caught and chained, but it was just his older twin brother Fenris.

Along Tony's back was his quiver full of arrows and his long bow Solas, given to him by Lord Frey himself. It really didn't have an extensive background like Draughtbane did, the name came with it. But how he was able to receive it from the elvish leader was a lengthy one indeed. It was described in one work: Loki. Although Loki was not of Frey's blood, he was still treated as well as Thor was, but even better. Frigga was Loki's adoptive mother, but is Lord Frey's sister. Frey learned to love Loki not for the reason that Odin took pity on him as a child, but because Loki was actually an intellectual being that they both could connect on and even have conversations one on one.

It was a long relationship, since they are immortal, but it was one, that helped Tony and Fenrir a lot. It was because of this relationship that they got extensive training in all of the arts: magic, sword fighting, and wielding a bow. The dwarves taught Tony how to create and or use a forge, which helped him while creating Mach I, but what the elves helped him more in the long run. Through being taught how to wield a bow, he learned patience, accuracy, and proper placement. They taught him that first because once that was taught he was able to focus on magic and be able to clear his head if it was clouded with rage during sword fighting.

So here he stood looking out on the dwarves and elves act peacefully amongst one another. Well mostly, the two races still annoyed each other, but in good spirits. They were in the midst of a war, yes, but the war wasn't declared quite yet. The Order hadn't been called yet, meaning Thanos hasn't made a move since New York. As his army grew so did Tony's. He has only reached out to the elves and the dwarves, because they were the only ones that he had formed relationships with. Loki was gathering the Jötunn, he had said that he learned he had a brother, which was crowned king at the current moment and he went to try to convince him to join their cause. They obviously had the undead's help, but they were dead souls and couldn't exactly do anything, because it took a lot out of Hela to extend her powers to her undead army.

They had a very good army, but Thanos had Fenrir and that pissed Loki and basically everybody off. They wanted to free Fenris, but couldn't because of the current situation. Fenris has been locked up for almost 500 years. And he sat in a cage with a sword through his muzzle and they couldn't go save him. Loki said they could brake him out once the Order was called and at this point Tony just wished Thanos would make his move and attack something already.

He was brooding and he knew it, but he made no move when a warm body brushed by his thigh and stayed there, actually it was really hot- no scalding. Tony jumped with a yelp and glared at his "attacker." There sat smugly on the ground was a dog, except the dogs eyes were on fire and his pelt was on fire and it was then that Tony realized it was a Hellhound. A hellhound that tortured him.

"Thori!" Tony growled at the hound, who dulled his flame body to reveal just chocolate colored fur. "If you burn me one more-"

"Burn! Burn! Burn!" The Hellhound sprung up in the air letting out huge flames from his mouth.

"Ugh, why Loki adopted you I have no idea."

"It was because Loki wondered when he was a child and found Thori-"

"Yes, yes I know the sad traumatic back story Hela, it was told multiple times." Tony rolled his eyes and applied his hand to the burn mark on his leg to heal along with magically weave his pants back together.

"Thori is a very good hound, aren't you Thori?" Hela asked the still prancing Hellhound.

"Good! Good! Good!"

"Can I kill him yet?"

"No you may not Anthony," Loki suddenly appeared. He wore a long sleeved forest green tunic with his chest armor and arm braces. A cloak as dark as night with bright white fur lining the neck and the inside of the cloak. He didn't feel the need to cut his hair and simply let it grow, so it now pooled around his shoulders.

"Can I at least kill your hair?"

"No, not unless you let me to yours." Tony gave him a look. "Well then, I have returned from the Jötunns at least somewhat successful." Thori brushed by Loki's thigh gently and no flames were used, which made Tony scowl at. Loki patted Thori's head and the Hellhound hummed, which sounded more like a growl. "While in Jötunheim I confessed my past transgressions, killing my father and trying to eradicate the race." Loki took a breath. "King Helblindi said he would step down from the throne and pardon me if I were to give him the Heart of Jötunheim, the Casket of Ancient Winters."

"And where are we supposed to find that?"

"It is in my possession, but I do not trust the Jötunns with its power." Loki sighed and ran a hand through his hair.

"Maybe we should consult with the council?" Tony suggested. The council was simply Tony, Hela, Loki, Eitri, Kindra, and Frey: the rulers of the realms.

"They would agree, power to encase an entire realm in frost? It is not the best course of action to take," Hela interjected.

"While that is true Hela, you were not there. Since I was there with Thor, the realm is falling apart, ice is melting and it is causing the realm to warm. I almost did not need to wear my cloak."

"Similar to global warming?"

"Yes Anthony, Jötunheim needs its heart back."

"Can't you place a spell upon it that you and only you are allowed to touch it?"

"That would require blood magic."

So that was a no.

They ended up giving the Jötunns the Heart back, but not without repercussions. Jörmungandr was to guard it in a pool. Luckily the sea serpent's hide was thick enough to not feel the below freezing waters. Loki was crowned King as he was the first born, and soon the land prospered. The Jötunns were actually a peaceful race, yes they were giants, but they were calm when they didn't battle. Loki even found others like him, Jötunns and possessing the magic ability. They were rare, they said, but not uncommon, a few a generation. Laufey wasn't ashamed of his son for being so small, but cherished him, because he was so gifted. They said when he was born that he formed icicles right out of his palm, ice magic is what they called it. He was so young and they knew he'd be a force to be reckoned with.

But Odin stole him away, to be a shadow that no one wanted. Only Frigga loved him and his visits to Frey. Loki took all this information with sigh and then a nod. He was glad that the Jötunns- his people were finally happy. He sat atop his throne with his simple crown. He had forgone his Asgardian skin when he was crowned and now bore the skin that he was born in. Tony had sang a song about a man living in a blue world, but he ignored him. No one understood Tony, except for Fenrir. Oh Fenrir.

Loki ran a hand over his tired face. He sat alone in the throne room, he dismissed the guards, he was powerful enough to protect himself, and no word has spread to the other realms, that there was a new King. Everyone still believed that Helblindi was the King. His brother was a worthy adversary. He was an average Jotunn with a slightly more bulkier build, that reminded him of Thor, but he thought more strategically than Thor, he didn't charge into things. Loki was sure Thor had matured, from what Tony told him, but he still had the mannerisms.

He missed his son. His sons. If only they could be reunited. All these years. They haven't seen each other in over five hundred years. He was a horrible father and the Norns had cursed him from the very beginning. He gritted his teeth and slammed his hand into the ice of his throne. There was scuttling on the ice, he heard claws scrapping the floor. Loki looked up to see a black fox.

"Ah, Nessa, what may I help you with?" Loki inquired.

"Fancy quarters you have Loki, but I prefer Timeless Isle, it's so cold here," the female answered in a British accent. "I'm just here to see Tony. He did raise me after all."

"Yes, yes and prolonged your life and saved you, blah, blah, blah."

"That's no way to talk as a King. I'd hope you would have some decency to address a lady kindly."

"You are not a lady."

"You're right I'm not, and I could care less." The accent dropped. "Is Tony here? I can't find him."

"He's probably wondering the Fjord."


"He's a grown man, he may do what he like."

"Well I'll see about that!" She raced out of the room.

"Tony!" He turned around to see a black shape running towards him and for a second he thought- he thought it was Fenrir… He missed his brother, but he also missed Nessa. She ran all the way to him. "What are you doing out here!? All alone! You stupid idiot!"

"I've come to enjoy the peace and quiet. I have an inkling we won't enjoy it for much longer." He didn't like the cold, but he liked when the wind whipped through his hair.

"I know where we have to go, but if you want a little me time, then I'll let you have it." She licked a paw and started to move away. He knew she was playing with him, baiting him. Suddenly there was a ring. Sharp and painful, it made him flinch. The Mark started to pulse like white fire, his vision began to blur. In front of him he saw Nessa's worried face and he heard he distantly call his name over and over, but then a white stag took her place and it wasn't blurred anymore.

"It is time my Champion," it spoke. He was then back in the snow on his knees with a black fox and her worried yellow eyes bright. He looked her in the face.

"It's time."

He bore a deep forest green cloak with white fur lining the edges from the neck down to his feet. There were symbols embroidered a line with two lines branching out from the middle of the line. His hood was drawn up as he entered the long corridors. There were cells all along the walls. Along his side hurried a black fox with glowing yellow eyes. He turned the corner and there were guards awaiting him.

"Stop!" They commanded him, but he simply flicked his wrist and they slumped to the floor unconscious. The two hurried to the large cell door ahead of them. The man took the key off the guard and unlocked the door. In the cell sat a large black wolf with cuffs round all of his paws with purple chains linking to another part of the room. A sword was plunged through its muzzle with blood oozing from the wound. He stood and stared at the wolf, who slowly opened its eyes, green eyes glared at him and a snarl emanated from the wolf. The man held his hand up palm facing the wolf. The fox sat calmly at his feet.

"Peace Fenris," the man pulled his hood down. "I am Algiz Lokison, and I am here to free you."

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