AN: Soooo, I've been kind of obsessed with the new Star Trek movie recently, so here is some Spock/Kirk smut. It may be multi chapter when I feel like writing some pwp. At any rate, enjoy yourselves! I also have this posted on Ao3.

"Captain Kirk?" an unfamiliar voice began, pulling Kirk's attention away from his First Officer. Spock's mouth tightened, displaying his annoyance at the interruption. "Science Officer Wallace. I've been assigned to the Enterprise by Admiral Marcus, " the blonde chirped, batting her made-up lashes at Kirk. Spock narrowed his eyes slightly, fist clenching unnoticed on the arm of the seat.

"You requested an additional Science Officer, Captain?" he asked sharply, gaze darting to Kirk, who had yet to look away from the buxom blonde. Spock's insides boiled, though nothing escaped to his face. 'This must be a mistake,' the Vulcan decided, 'There is no logical reason for the Captain to instate a second Science Officer.'

"I wish I had," Kirk replied, finally tearing his gaze away from the woman to send a crooked smile to his First Officer. Despite his rolling jealousy, the Vulcan was soothed minutely by the grin; that specific smile that his Captain saved only for him. "Lieutenant Carol Wallace," Kirk continued, reading off the pad the woman had given him, "Doctorate in Applied Physics, specializing in...advanced weaponry."

"Impressive credentials," Spock cut in, eyes shooting daggers at the officer. Ignoring her quiet 'thank you', he turned back to Kirk and commented, "A bit redundant, now that I'm back aboard the Enterprise,"

"And yet, the more the merrier," Jim cut in, exasperated. Spock lowered his eyes from the Captain's face, lest he see the emotion in the Vulcan's expression. "Have a seat, doctor."

With a second whispered thanks, the girl took the only seat left in the pod: the one between Spock and Kirk. It was only logical, yet at the moment, logic was pushed to the back of the First Officer's mind. He wanted this new officer gone. The Enterprise didn't need her, because they had Spock. Staring past the blonde woman, Spock tried to catch Kirk's eye, but was ignored. Turning back to the window to his left, the Vulcan sat silently for the remainder of the trip.

"Captain, may I speak to you in private?" Spock asked quietly, standing stiffly next to the Captain's chair. Kirk turned to him, surprised, then nodded assent. Ignoring the knowing glance Sulu sent them, the Vulcan led Jim out of the bridge and through the hallways of the Enterprise. Spock could almost hear his Captain's curiosity leaking from him as he followed through the ship. It was only logical, of course, that he would be wondering at Spock's intentions, what with him leading the blonde man towards the crew quarters of the ship.

Reaching his own room, the First Officer opened the door, gesturing for Jim to enter first. Cocking an eyebrow in amusement and bewilderment, the Captain obeyed. As he passed close to the Vulcan, Spock breathed deeply, inhaling the scent that was indescribable, but that was Kirk's alone. His eyes fluttered closed unknowingly for a moment, only to snap open at the sound of his Captain's laughter as he poked around his First Officer's room. Stepping into the room and allowing the door to close, Spock straightened his back, clasping his sweating hands behind it. It was only logical that the human part of him were displaying physical signs of his nervousness, but he disliked it immensely.

"So..." Kirk began, breaking the silence that was beginning to become awkward. Spock swallowed, nodded firmly to himself, and locked eyes with his Captain.

"Captain, I..." he trailed off, unsure how to even begin what he wished to convey to his superior.

"Is this when you're apologizing about the volcano?" Kirk guessed, leaning onto the Vulcan's bed, "Because you don't have to, Spock. I think Uhura is more upset than I am, anyway,"

"No, Captain, though I am...sorry, about that. I will try to take others' feelings into consideration in the future,"

"Then what is it?"

"I can't say, Captain,"

Kirk laughed, confused.

"What do you mean, Spock? You can tell me anything,"

Shaking his head, the dark haired man strode purposefully across the room till he was standing before his Captain. Raising one hand to Kirk's face, Spock touched it lightly, watching his eyes to gauge a reaction, rather than melding with his mind as he would have normally. He had the feeling his Captain would not appreciate the action.

"I believe that it is logical that I show you instead," the Vulcan stated, tracing the tips of his fingers down the blonde's cheek to cup his chin. "Jim?" he whispered, mouth inches away from the other man's.

"Yes, Spock?" He had never heard his Captain sound so breathy. A slight smile graced the brunette's lips as he descended. Hovering right above Kirk's lips he spoke again.

"Do you want me?"

Jim responded by taking the man's free hand and pressing it to his bulging crotch.

"It's only logical what you should do, pointy," he teased, grinding into the hand, the crooked grin covering his face.

Wasting no more time, Spock pressed his lips firmly to his Captain's, moving his hand quickly into Kirk's hair. The hand on his bulge was replaced with a knee, pressing the blonde back onto the bed. Kirk's hands slipped under his First Officer's shirt, tracing over the taut muscle of the Vulcan's chest. Pushing Spock away, Kirk pulled off his own shirt readily, then leaned back on his elbows, gazing up at the brunette through his lashes.

"This was unexpected," Jim quipped, trailing his fingers along the other man's chest, tugging at the hem of his shirt until Spock got the hint and removed it.

"I was under the impression that you appreciated the unexpected, sir," the Vulcan replied, looming over the blonde on his bed, a hand on either side of his head.

"Mm, too true, Spock," the Captain hummed, almost purring under the dominant form of his First Officer. "Feel free to continue this trend."

Spock smirked, lowering his mouth to Jim's jaw and delivering a series of kisses and nips down his neck. With each bite, Kirk let out a small gasp, causing Spock's confidence to grow. He wanted to hear more of those noises, and it was only logical that he do everything in his power to please his Captain.

Lithe fingers worked on Kirk's pants, making a quick job of the fastener. As he de-clothed Kirk's lower half, Spock kissed and licked his way down the man's body, paying special attention to his nipples, drawing delicious keening noises from the blonde. By the time he got to Kirk's groin, the man was a panting mess. 'Just the way I like him,' Spock decided, gazing with hooded eyes at his Captain. Meeting his eyes, Kirk threaded his hands into the Vulcan's always neat hair, quickly ruining it's perfection. Spock licked his lips slowly, teasingly, and breathed lightly on Jim's member.

"I will replace you with Doctor Wallace," Kirk threatened jokingly, tugging at Spock's hair. Taking that as a challenge, the Vulcan drew his tongue over the head, shutting his Captain up immediately with a sharp intake of breath. "Fuck, Spock," Kirk hissed, lifting his hips in need. Pressing a hand firmly onto his stomach, the brunette tsked at the man.

"What's the magic word, Captain?" he asked, using a human phrase while pressing a kiss to the base of the weeping cock.

"Spock, you bastard," Kirk complained, tugging his hair.

"Come now, Jim, it's only logical you ask politely," This was accompanied with a lick from base to tip. Kirk whimpered.

"Please, Spock," he begged, breaking down at last, "I need you. Spock, fuck," he drew out the word as a gasp, "Please!"

"Well, if you insist, my Captain," Spock conceded, lowering his mouth over the thick member. Despite having never performed this act before, the Vulcan had a fairly good idea of what he was to do. After all, he knew how to bring himself to completion, so he assumed this wouldn't be much different.

Swirling his tongue around the tip, Spock sucked slightly, adoring the needy noises his Captain was making. As he bobbed his head, the brunette hummed, the vibrations causing Kirk to buck his hips involuntarily. The action pushed his cock deeper into Spock's mouth, touching the back of his throat. Startled, the Vulcan continued, taking his Captain's cock far past his lips. Kirk's twitching became more and more pronounced, and his moans louder, as Spock sucked. Soon, the blonde was gripping tighter than ever to his First Officer's hair, letting out a faint cry of "Coming!". Spock, prepared for the event, let the milky substance pour into his mouth, and swallowed so as to not make a mess. It was only logical.

Sitting up, Spock gazed down at his dishevelled Captain, running a hand through his hair.

"Where'd you learn to do that?" Kirk exclaimed, taking the brunette's hand and kissing his wrist. Spock smirked.

"I believe I am what you call, 'naturally talented', sir," the Vulcan replied smugly. Kirk's brow furrowed.

"I'm good too, you know," he pouted.

"Perhaps with women, yes,"

"Hey! I can do men,"

"Prove it," Spock challenged, knowing that the man could not resist the stab at his honour. Kirk pushed the Vulcan back, quickly changing their positions.

"Watch me," Kirk growled, pinning Spock's hands above his head. As he pressed his lips against the Vulcan's once more, a radio message played through the room.

"Captain to the bridge. I repeat, could the Captain report to the bridge. We are approaching destination,"

"Damnit!" Kirk groaned, leaning his forehead against the brunette's. "Rain check?

"I do not understand that sentiment,"

"Of course you don't," Kirk sighed, rolling his eyes and getting off the bed to find his clothes. "What I mean is that I'll prove you wrong later,"

"I'm sure you will, Captain," Spock replied, dressing much more collectedly, fixing his hair, and moving to leave. Kirk grabbed his hand as he reached the door. Spock turned to him, taking in his sex mussed hair and generally tousled appearance.

"Tonight," Kirk said.

"May I ask what you mean, Captain?"

"Come to my room tonight and I'll prove it to you," There was a sparkle in his eye as he said this, his gaze travelling over Spock's now concealed body.

"I accept, sir,"

Kirk's face lit up like a child at Christmas.

"It is only logical that I let you return the favour,"

Groaning, the Captain shoved the Vulcan playfully and passed him.

"Tonight, Spock. I mean it,"