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Kirk heard the door to his room slide open behind him as he finished his Captain's log for the day, leaving out choice events. As much as he would like to have recorded the happenings for posterity, Jim decided that some things were better left unsaid. Besides, if things went his way tonight, there would be a lot more where that came from for him to remember.

"Captain, it was good of you to decide to spare Khan," came the voice he had had in his head all day. "It would have been unwise to attack a Klingon planet unprovoked,"

Spinning around in his desk chair, Jim levelled his sexiest look on Spock. The Vulcan, in response, raised a single eyebrow.

"Captain?" he asked, posture straight and stiff as always. Kirk puffed out his breath in a huff. Even after what they had done earlier, Spock was still the same as always around him.

"Do you remember why I asked you here tonight, Spock?"

"As I recall, the details of your plan were never announced,"

"I thought it would have been obvious," Jim replied, running a hand through his hair exasperatedly.

"Captain, as your thinking is highly illogical at the best of times, I have a difficult time guessing at your behaviour," his First Officer replied, stepping farther into the room. Just as Kirk was opening his mouth to complain, Spock continued, "Perhaps you would do better to show me your thoughts, Jim." There was that twinkle of mischief in the Vulcan's eye again; the same one that had been there before he had kissed Jim earlier. Feeling heat rushing to his groin, Kirk stood, closing the gap between them with a few strides.

'Thank God he isn't taller than me,' Kirk could not help but think as he balled his fist in Spock's blue shirt and tugged him flush against him. The sparkle in the Science Officer's eye grew more pronounced as Kirk wrapped his free arm around the small of his back. Ignoring it for the moment, mostly for being to caught up in the warmth of the brunette's body against his own, Kirk pressed his lips softly to Spock's. It was a gentle kiss, almost tentative for the Captain, but the Vulcan soon changed that. Nipping his lower lip, Spock slipped his tongue inside the blonde's now open mouth, twining it with Jim's. Caught off guard, Jim let out a small gasp of pleasure, which he chided himself for. He was being way too vocal with the Vulcan.

This kiss was much different than the ones from earlier. Spock was more forceful, hungrier, and Kirk wasn't about to argue with it. This was like nothing he had ever experienced before. Girls were always such soft things, both in body, as well as technique. With Spock, though, there was a harshness that made Jim shiver with need.

The Captain was vaguely aware of his being pushed backwards, and he assumed they were headed towards his bed. Soon, however, he was deposited on the large sofa on the opposite side of his quarters. Gazing questioningly up at Spock, he was given nothing but that sexy half-smile in response. The Vulcan leaned over him, then breathed in his ear, "Do you trust me, Jim?"

"With my life," he answered immediately. Spock laughed, a low, rumbling sound that Kirk felt go straight to his cock, which was already painfully hard.

"Good," The brunette snaked his tongue around Kirk's ear, then nipped the lobe. "Then trust me, my T'hy'la. Close your eyes,"

Jim obeyed, trying to not think of what the term of endearment did to his breathing, and heard the rustling of fabric. Soft, silky material was drawn over his eyes, tightening at the back as it was tied. The blonde squirmed slightly, not used to the complete lack of vision during sexual activities, till Spock's warm hand caressed his face.

"You will be fine, Jim," his First Officer asserted, pressing a kiss to the side of his mouth, "I have read that the retraction of one sense heightens the rest of a human's senses. It seemed only logical that you would receive more pleasure by my cutting off one of yours, and as I want you to be able to hear my voice," he purred into Kirk's ear, "taste my skin," he traced a finger around Kirk's mouth, "smell our sex," he groped Kirk's bulging member through his pants, "and feel my body on...and in yours," Jim whimpered with need, "your sight was the only option."

For a moment, all the Captain could hear was fabric being moved, and then he felt hands on his own clothes, tearing at them until they were in shreds on the couch around him. A hand slipped into his, pulling up into a sitting position as Spock sat opposite him on the sofa. Jim could only assume that they were both naked at this point, and was proven to be right as he was tugged forward to land on his First Officer's hard chest. 'Based on where my hand fell, his chest isn't the only thing that's hard,' the Captain couldn't help thinking, running his fingers over the unfamiliar member. Spock breathed quickly, his only response to the touch.

"I believe you mentioned proving me wrong, did you not?" the Vulcan mentioned, his voice sounding more strained than Kirk had ever heard it. He wished he could see Spock's face at that moment, but didn't want to go against the rules he had set up.

"Huh, guess I did," Jim replied, squeezing his cock as he stroked it.

"You don't have to, Captain," Spock said, worry evident in his voice. Kirk couldn't help but smile at the concern, as well as at how un-Spock-like it was.

"You bet I do,"

Uncertain of what he was doing, yet determined to do it well, Kirk lowered his head until he could feel the warmth radiating from the Vulcan's member. It smelt musky, but not unpleasant. Darting out his tongue as a test, licking slowly up the shaft, Jim heard a quiet intake of breath. Wondering if there was something to the blindfold theory, he dipped his mouth over the head of the weeping cock, experimentally swirling his tongue around the tip. A series of small gasps came from above him, spurring him on. He was going to make that Vulcan moan yet.

Taking more into his mouth, Jim continued his ministrations with his hand on the base of Spock's surprisingly long member. What was before small gasps were soon turning into definite sighs and pants of pleasure, but not a moan. Kirk began to hum, as he remembered Spock doing earlier, recalling how it had felt. His pressure on the cock increased, as well as his rhythm, and his free hand slipped forward to press at the Vulcan's entrance. A surprised gasp came from his First Officer, which Kirk took as a good sign. His unpredictability seemed to be appreciated in this instance. After pumping inside with one finger, Jim slipped in a second, sucking hard on Spock's member as he did so. He could hear the breath catch in his partner's throat just before a loud moan of sheer excited pleasure was released.

"Jim," the name came to his ears, breathy. The blonde slowed and pulled back, wondering what was the problem. "I...I would like to...penetrate you," Spock admitted, voice gruff with need. Kirk swallowed, worried once again at his lack of experience with men. Apparently having seen his expression, despite the lack of eyes, Spock kissed him softly, yet passionately. "I will not have you hurt," the Vulcan promised, stroking a hand down Jim's side, caressing over his bum. The Captain shivered, despite himself, as the hand neared his hole, tensing as he felt Spock's slick finger searching the opening. Jim could not remember the Vulcan moving away to retrieve lube, but was grateful for the consideration.

"Did you not just do such a thing to me, Jim?" the Vulcan asked softly. Kirk nodded. "And I seemed to enjoy it, did I not?" Another nod. "Then allow me to do this, T'hy'la."

As he spoke, he slowly inserted the lubed finger, stretching Jim. He moved around uncomfortably until Spock brought his other hand to his cock, using the member as a distraction from the initial feeling of being penetrated. Leaning his head against the blonde's, Spock murmured sweet nothings, something Kirk never thought he'd hear in his life, as the finger pumped in and out of the Captain. A second was added soon, stretching him.

"It stings," he admitted, grimacing. Spock hushed him.

"You are James Tiberius Kirk. You have been in countless bar fights, countless gun fights, and even fist fights with me. You have had your entire body bruised at one time and survived. It is only logical that a bit of stinging, compared to everything else you have endured, should be considered as nothing important," the Vulcan told him sternly, sounding like his usual self, despite the situation. Kirk had not noticed the removal of the fingers until he felt something much larger and hotter pressed against his entrance.

"Spock, I can't do this," he cried, panicking. Spock sighed and pushed him backwards so he was lying down.

"You can, and will enjoy it, Captain," the Vulcan told him, placing Jim's legs on his shoulders and realigning his now slicked cock to the human's entrance. Spock ran his fingers along the blonde's stomach reassuringly before pressing in. Kirk couldn't help but flinch and whimper at the pain. Tears pricked at his eyes momentarily before he blinked them away.

"Are you alright, Jim?" Spock asked, brushing away a rogue tear that had fallen down his cheek. Kirk nodded fiercely, refusing to be beaten by this. The pain had begun to diminish already, something he was glad for.

The Vulcan pulled out slowly, allowing the blonde to adjust, before thrusting back inside. This continued for a few more thrusts until something was hit inside Jim that he had been previously unaware of. Stars exploded behind his covered eyes, and a startled moan ripped from his throat.

"What was that?" he asked, baffled. Spock merely chuckled and pulled out once more. Though they had started out slow, so as to find that spot, Jim assumed, the pace began to pick up. The only sounds in the room were Jim's moans, Spock's grunts, and the slapping of flesh on flesh. After that first time, the Vulcan hit the unknown spot with deadly accuracy every thrust. Jim, now akin to a whimpering puddle, groped for Spock's face and pulled his lips messily against his own. The kiss was sloppy, laboured, and perfect. The brunette's hand began to stroke at his Captain's cock in time with his thrusts until Jim pulled away from the kiss and cried his First Officer's name. Jim came between their chests as Spock thrust twice more before coming himself, deep inside the blonde, with a moan muffled by his biting Jim's shoulder.

Pulling out, Spock let Jim drop his legs, and removed the blindfold. The Captain blinked at the sudden light until his eyes focused on the tousled, flushed, sexy Vulcan above him. He grinned.

"So that's what a dishevelled Spock looks like," he mused, adoring the way the brunette's face scrunched. Jim gripped his face and kissed him firmly. "He looks like perfection,"

The flush on Spock's face increased at the comment, and Jim couldn't help but laugh. The Vulcan lay down on the sofa, wrapping his arms around the blonde and pulling their sweaty bodies together.

"Moaning and blushing in one day, huh Spock?" Kirk continued, unable to resist, "Seems very human of you,"
"I will go back to my own quarters," the Science Officer muttered, eyes closed. Jim smiled.

"Point taken. No teasing after sex,"

"Go to sleep, Jim,"

"What was that you called me earlier?"

"I said sleep,"

"The la, or something?"

Spock groaned, frustrated.

"T'hy'la, Jim,"


The two were silent for a few moments until Jim spoke again.

"So what does it mean?"

"To be my T'hy'la is to be my friend, brother, and lover,"

"Oh," Jim said intelligently. "Thanks, Spock,"

"Just go to sleep, Captain,"

Kirk sighed, knowing he was fighting a losing battle. He just wanted to check one more thing first.

"You'll...still be here in the morning, then?"

Spock raised his head and opened his eyes.

"Of course, Jim," he replied seriously, "I will be here for you always,"

"Okay," Spock put his head back down. Jim closed his own eyes, attempting to sleep, but was too strung out on the naked Vulcan beside him.

"Jim, sleep," Spock demanded, not changing positions.

"Okay, but how about a round two?"