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Chapter One

[Between two lungs it was released]

Of all the times for Bella to finally break her surprisingly inward fearless streak in, this was probably one of the worst. There was just no chance in hell that a pathetically pale and skinny girl such as herself was capable of taking on what appeared to be a group of humanized gods on steroids. But like a bull influenced by the sight of a waving red flag, Bella charged at the men with bristling anger. It was just too bad no one else was there to pick up all the pieces when these supposed drug dealers finished tearing Bella apart afterward.

Let's make the correction that she was not the bull in this kind of scenario. No, she was the wimpy matador waving that goddamn stupid flag for the brutish animal's attention, just waiting like an idiotic fool to be slaughtered for the crowd's amusement. Nothing could stop Bella from her resolve, and apparently, the brunette had some shocking strength in her when she was perpetually angry. This was all going to go down as a fail – she knew this.

Christ, they were a whole lot bigger up close.

"What did you do? What did you do to him?" To everyone's consternation, Bella actually had the gall to shove Sam's torso. Of course the man didn't budge an inch, but Bella swore she heard her own fingers cracking at the friction.

One of them immediately stepped forward at the assault. "Watch it, dollface."

The Hey, don't freaking talk to me like that automatically formed in her mouth, but for her better judgment, Bella held her tongue. She wasn't stupid enough to stroke the fire while it was hot, especially when even the smallest of these men could verily snap her body like a twig.

"He didn't want this!" Bella continued to scream at Sam.

One of the boys snorted in response.

Naturally, she turned in the direction of the suppressed laughter, her brown eyes narrowing at one of them, drawn to the person like a floating magnet. For some reason, his dark hair wasn't as inky black as the rest of his group mates. The blackness of his hair was subtly softened by the faintest hints of brown and a bit longer than the established crew-cut of Sam Uley's cult, his skin not as dark as the others, and his eyes a slight bit larger than the typical Quileute. Not to mention that he was kind of startlingly gorgeous...but that wasn't the point.

Point is, he was staring at her like she was made of freaking gold or something, like she was suddenly the sun of this newfound world. The guy next to him jabbed him sharply with an elbow, but that didn't at all waiver him from gazing at Bella. Usually, she was the first to back down from a staring contest – even the fun, try-not-to-blink wars – but this passing of glance was beyond anything she had ever experienced. Her eyes averted to the growing tension between herself, Sam, and that other temperamental one, but she could still feel him looking at her.

As though she was unable to deter her gaze any longer, Bella was compelled to look back at the male again. Gone were the essences of awe and some adoration because in place was something much more considerably darker. She felt like one of those dead pigs that were hung on display in a butcher's shop. The godlike man looked hungry and honestly, it was starting to border on the lines of fucking creepy. Maybe Jacob was right, maybe these guys are gang bangers, but not just normal ones – no, they were all cannibalistic ones who fed on girls.

Her imagination was getting the best of her and Bella thought of unreasonably disgusting things centering on the subject of wild cannibals. Her frown turned deeper and deeper until she stared directly into that man's eyes...

...and no, that couldn't be Embry Call.

The man before her was certainly not the sweet, shy boy she had met in Jacob's garage. Not the boy that flushed pleasantly whenever Bella did so much as look at him, not the boy that joked around with Quil when she wasn't looking. This unfamiliar man was a far cry from the boy she didn't get the chance to know.

Next came the crisp sound of a palm hitting against flesh. Bella herself looked appalled at what she had just done, though her stinging hand didn't make things any better. Nothing mattered anymore because the livid man she had just struck began to twitch and shake in almost every direction.

"Paul...calm down," Sam's deep baritone slipped into the air as he vainly tried to push the other one back.

Bella's eyes widened at the look of fury that contorted Paul's face. His feral gaze was trained intently on her, every last cord in his neck bulging out as he bared his teeth in rage and lifted his upper lip in the beginnings of what looked like, and surely was, a heady snarl. His eyes burned with an animalistic hatred uncommon in the average male and his body horrifically jerked until the bones cracked in retribution-

Her ears perked at the shifting bones and Bella instinctively knew that this Paul – every single one of them – wasn't human. Especially when Paul's body flung himself forward in an explosion of fur.

"Embry, no!"

An abnormally tall and muscled body threw himself between Bella and the giant wolf that had just begun it's tedious prowl. A calloused, hot hand grabbed at her wrist and thrust her backward until the back of her knees gave out and she landed on her bottom a few feet away. Just by the commingled hues of his hair, Bella knew exactly who he was, seeing as her vision blocked was by outrageously broad shoulders before he, too, combusted into a cyclopean wolf.

Just as the scraps of his tattered clothing slithered down through the air, her savior of sorts, Embry, lowered his massive form into a deep and steady crouch, the essence of danger radiating from his furry body. Strangely enough, more palpable tension slipped into the atmosphere the moment Embry shape-shifted into a wolf as though he was the one more dangerous than the hotheaded Paul. At this point, Bella found that impossible.

Embry's wolf form - for lack of better words - was utterly beautiful. He was a magnificent beast that stood way higher than her own height. His thick coat was composed of an intriguing white and gray hue on the underside of his body while streaks of black peppered his spine, the back of his head, the tips of his ears, and the outline of his growling muzzle. The temptation to run her fingers through his fur was almost overwhelming in that instant.

In a revolution of strained muscles and tremendously furious roars, the two wolves collided in midair without hesitation. She gnawed on her lip as they proceed to tear ruthlessly into each other's skin, the distinct colors of their fur blurring into a messy line. The gleam of white sharp teeth glinted against the sun on this rare cloudless day, appearing and disappearing from her vision in rapt speed. The white and black wolf powerfully shoved the gray wolf until the two beasts were ripping through the forests with thunderous, echoing disarray.

Her heart threatened to pound right out of her chest, but not for the sake of her own life.

She feared for Embry. And she couldn't explain this even if she wanted to.

"Take her back to Emily," came Sam's shout before the man ran after them, kicking off his shoes on the way.

"I – I didn't know—" Because not only was Bella a grade A klutz, she also stumbled with her words.

"Damn, Embry's going to tear him to pieces," one of the two remaining guys sniggered, nudging the other one.

"Quil!" Bella admonished, aghast that the concept of being ripped apart could actually apply to the situation. "They're going to be alright, aren't they?"

The still unnamed shape-shifter snorted derisively. "Paul loses his temper two to three times a day. There won't be a scratch on him."

"Oh, please," Quil was so very quick to disagree with an obvious roll of his eyes. "Did you see Em phase on the fly like that? Just based on the way he chases after the leeches, you know Paul's gonna go down..."

While the boys proceeded to make bets on the fighting wolves, Bella stumbled forth into the clearing to pick up the pair of black sneakers that have mercifully been saved from the transition of man to creature.

Her gut told her that she should be the one to return them to him.

Embry almost tore apart the spare shorts Emily always left hanging in the back of the house whilst putting them on.

Through the open abode of Emily and Sam's home, he could see her aside from the thick wood of the building. A tilt of his head and he was met with the glorious view of the girl quietly munching on freshly-baked muffins at the main table. There was resplendence in the sheen of her long brown hair, illuminating opalescence in the healthy glow of her skin, the dark mahogany in her eyes, sharp indentions and graceful lines in the structure of her slender body, and an absolute otherworldly beauty in the wondrous features of her face.

He almost didn't want to go in there and face his imprint, not at all liking his now unforeseeable future, but the sight of what she was holding in her right hand made him reel back ridiculously. Dangling between those nimble fingers were the laces to his sneakers.

His fucking goddamn shoes.

Inhaling through his nose with clenched tight eyes, Embry walked through the door. Albeit his silent footsteps, the pack and the two females in the room turned their heads at his untimely arrival. Feeling her pondering gaze, the urge to fall to his knees before her and beg for her to just give him her time of day was instantaneous and demanding, his mind torn asunder of resistance and lustful want.

"Muffin?" Emily was the first to break the silence, her unblemished face lighting in her usual smile.

"No," he managed out, and it was so damn hard because avoiding his imprint's eyes was a mentally tiring task. Tongue pressed against his cheek, the male sauntered into the kitchen with all intentions of being alone.

Just as Embry was about to lean against the counter, he caught sight of her getting up to approach him.

The need to impress her struck him like a blow to the gut, prompting him to shift in as many small angles as he could to give her the best possible view of himself, his muscles coiling to become much more heightened, his body arching only slightly to straighten out every inch of his six-foot-seven body. While her beautiful eyes drifted down casually to his abdominal muscles, even if only for a second, his inner wolf purred uncharacteristically at her acknowledgment like a well-fed kitten.

The subtlety for this girl's approval faded and the corners of his lips lifted up cockily. "Need something, sweetheart?"

She stopped herself from flinching at the endearment. "Here," she held out his sneakers by the laces, her voice a litany of melodious hymns.

"Thanks." He took the shoes with certain caution, making sure his fingers didn't at all graze hers during the transition, but also carrying it out in a way that it didn't offend her in the slightest.

Because he knew that one simple touch was all it took for him to lose it right here and then. His jumping hormones were scarcely restrained as it is, the mere sight of her unraveling him slowly. One touch and he would be ensnared, wanting to touch her forever. He would be a man living a half life, dying eternally slowly just to put his arms around her waist all the time because Embry was now a firm believer that her small hips were meant to be place holders for his large hands.

Hell, he was already thinking about ways of getting rid of everyone just so that he could take this girl right on that table they were eating on. He was already thinking with his dick.

"What happened to you?" the girl daringly hopped up onto the counter and sat cross-legged right next to him. Her plump bottom lip was suddenly tucked into her mouth and Embry followed the movement religiously.

He arched an eyebrow. "What do you mean, sweetheart?"

"Bella," she corrected with her nose wrinkling in distaste. The small gesture looked adorable to him. "Or you could call me Bells if you'd like—"

"No!" Embry's abrupt snarl caused Bella to jump fractionally and it was a miracle that she didn't bump her head against the cupboard behind her. There was a slight pause out in the main room. He didn't mean to react like that, it was just that 'Bells' frequently came out of his mouth. "I prefer 'sweetheart'. Does that bother you?" he added with a smirk, easing the tension as his eyes drifted south.

Bella sniffed. "This wolf thing - you aren't killing innocent people, are you?"

Embry didn't realize he was laughing until his head was tilted back and his mouth was open. It literally stunned everyone else out in the main room because they have been trying fruitlessly to get him to lighten up ever since he phased. Even Jacob was better than him, placing his usual good-natured smile every once in a while, good enough to lift up the spirits of the wolf pack as a whole. All of them were starting to believe that the dark black cloud was going to take permanent residence above Embry's head.

He was tainted, and fuck, he knew this all too well. The wolf consumed him entirely and Embry didn't rest until he could actually feel one of those bloodsucker's heads trapped in the alcoves of his jaw. He took gruesome pleasure in sinking his teeth deep into their marble flesh, receiving gleeful satisfaction at the sharp sounds of their limbs breaking away from their bodies, twisting unnaturally until their arms and legs were ripped jaggedly by the ends, and their bones were snapped out of place. Only then could he sleep well at night when their goddamn glacial bodies continue to burn in the pyres of a never-ending hell.

Sometimes he just wished that vampires could bleed. He would like to taste the metallic copper of their blood on his tongue; he would like to drag their bleeding bodies all over a field just so that he could see the grass drenched in a crimson river; he would like to see their motherfucking dead bodies waste away in the puddles of their own blood and rot before they were finally burnt to a crisp. He exceeded at killing far more than anyone else in the pack because there was personal retribution in this endless hunt of sanguine savagery.

These vampires have taken everything away from him – his one-way ticket out of the reservation, his formerly good relationship with his mother, his chances for a scholarship. His mind and soul. His inner sanity.

His tattered humanity or what was left of it, that is.

Embry never thought this would happen to him. Fucking damn it, imprinting was supposed to be rare. The whole process robbed this girl, this beautiful angel, of a choice and she didn't even know it! She sure as hell didn't deserve to be stuck with a person like him. Why spend the rest of your life with a monster who enjoyed slaughter?

What was even worse was that she had willingly gone out with that golden-eyed leech. Yeah, Bella Swan would know everything about dating freaks of nature.

Imprinting or not, the girl had an absolutely gorgeous face. Coffee brown eyes than he could sink himself into those depths for immeasurable amounts of time, a wonderfully straight nose that his index finger could slide on if he wanted, eyelashes so long, he could almost touch them from his leaning distance, pale white skin comparable to the softer shade of moon, a slender body that should allow him to wrap his arms around it twice, perfectly small breasts he could only imagine cupping or having them graze his chest, lithe thighs sturdy enough to hang onto his hips-

"Uh, hey? Embry?"

The aforementioned male's eyes closed blissfully at the sound of his name on the tip of her tongue. If that was how she sounded just by murmuring it, he was readily eager to know how she would sound like screaming his name. His eyes opened lazily, druggingly, only to see her face a couple inches away from his. Her expression was confused, as though she wasn't entirely sure how they got into this position.

"Shit," he hissed viciously under his breath.

She was his best friend's girl. Bella was Jake's.

No, she's yours now.

Tearing away from her pretty gaze, if that was even remotely possible, he jumped away from the girl, his precious imprint, like he had been thoroughly electrocuted. Not realizing that he had been gripping onto the edges of the counter for the duration of the short time he had spent with her, a guttural growl formed at the base of his throat, clawing its way to push out of his mouth.

"Embry?" she repeated it, this time much more slowly, testing the waters. She didn't look too scared of him; on the contrary, she didn't at all look fazed by him or the inhumane sounds that started to grate his being.

The sight of her was stolen from him the moment he pivoted away from her, storming out of this kitchen, out of this goddamn house. He was barely out of the front door before he ripped the shorts off of him, the essence of his remaining mankind withering under the reins of his wolf. With a roar of outrage, he sprinted into the familarity of the woods, catapulting his whole shaking body against one of the old trees, content when the oak snapped under the pressure of his weight.

Bella looked sheepishly at a troubled Sam. "I swear, I didn't do anything..."

"No, it's not you," Sam reassured her, pinching the bridge of his nose with his fingers. The poor guy sounded tired already. "You would think that Paul would be the dangerous one, but no...out of all of us, Embry's the most volatile." She wasn't sure whether or not he was muttering to himself or offering an explanation to her for the other male's behavior.


"I think it's best if you go home now, Bella," Sam told her before making his way out the door. The rest of the boys have already run out, their shorts flying away as they proceeded to chase Embry through the forest. "Remember your promise," he turned to her one last time, wanting a gesture of understanding from her.

She nodded once at him. "Got it. I won't tell anyone about all this."

Sam repeated the notion before kissing Emily's cheek and kicking off his shoes once more. Huh. Déjà vu.

Bella heard the agonized howls as she tried to drive home on her old truck. She pretended that her shaking fingers had nothing to do with the wolf that was currently taking his frustrations out on the vast forest around her.

This wasn't his bedroom.

He couldn't remember, for the very life in him, ever having purple linens surrounding every surface of the bed. The sheets had a cooling effect on his permanently hot body temperature, the soft satin of the material tickling his front as he lied on his stomach. His heavily hooded eyes twitched at the feather-light sensation that invaded his progression of dreamless slumber, the indiscernible warmth passing his visage as an ultimate hindrance before he finally rolled over and glared at the source of the light.

But as soon as an obsidian eye peeked open in irritation, it shut close as quickly as it had opened beforehand when the cruel onslaughts of the sun's bright rays were cast onto his face. His head tilted lazily, eyeing the dark shades of the tree that was exploited out of this bedroom's only window. Small beams of heat and effulgence escaped the peepholes of the leaves, having also managed to evade the billowing curtains before half of the unrecognizable room was basked in the morning's late welcoming.

Embry cursed and rolled back onto his stomach, having every intention to shove his head under the sanctity of that large, lilac pillow until something disturbing caught his attention. With caution, he moved his eyes up to survey the headboard of the bed.

A good chunk of the formerly smoothed oak had been ripped off. The remnants of the wood were left splintering, stray pieces of jagged wood abruptly shown there awkwardly to taunt him. Despite the bed being queen-sized, by his predictions, his long legs hovered out from the edge of the bed, allowing one of his never-ending limbs to touch something hard on the floor.

One flick of his head and his eyes widened marginally, staring wordlessly at the great chunk of wood that rested at the foot of the purple bed. A light sound of laughter caused his heart beats to accelerate quite fast as he pinpointed his gaze towards the door.

His breathing became lost to him while he frantically tried to calm his bursting heart. A vision of beauty had her slender frame leaned against the wooden panels of the door frame, her wondrous hair falling into gleaming mahogany waves at her waist. She was clad in a man's black dress shirt, only the last two buttons enclosed together to showcase her milky skin, the flat of her stomach, and the black bra that secured the small breasts that were proportional to the rest of her small body.

The shape-shifter nearly growled at the sight of her in another man's clothing before he realized...that was one of his shirts. His shock multiplied the moment he stared at the familiarity of her face, drinking the sight in until it made his mouth water like a thirsty man who had just gone through the dry deserts of sand.

A brilliant smile touched the corners of her pillowed mouth, her pale legs leaving the ground in an uncharacteristically graceful jump before she flopped unceremoniously onto the bed right next to him.


Said female settled down comfortably in such a close proximity of Embry, her relaxed posture giving away the fact that she wasn't afraid of him or wary of him like so many others. Her eyes narrowed at him playfully then and she was just so. Fucking. Beautiful.

A happy sigh left Bella, her breasts lifting ever so slightly at the small motion, practically prompting his eyes to follow every faint movement thrown from her. "I don't know why we keep replacing the headboard," she chuckled softly. "Considering you always keep breaking it."

She was just sprawled there languidly, ripe and ready to be taken. His cock twitched up in arousal. The hastily-buttoned shift had parted from her excursion to the bed, revealing a matching pair of dark panties to her bra. The coal-colored lingerie set contrasted against her white skin so much that she seemed to glow in the already-illuminated room. The sun couldn't compare to her.

With a lack of discretion, his palm reached out to cradle her cheek. His insides swelled with a satisfaction and happiness he had never exposed himself to before, his growing need to please and worship her rising steadily when she hummed lightly at the touch. Catching her bottom lip between her pearls of teeth, Bella's eyes closed, her lashes painting shadows against her cheekbones, whilst her head inclined more into the callouses of his rough hand.

Her gentle fingers had winded up wrapping themselves around his lifted wrist, the one that was still busily exploring the contours of her cheek, and she turned her head a little more to press a delicate kiss at the center of his palm, a streak of mischief sneaking out when her tongue flicked quickly and sharply over his skin.

And then, he couldn't take it anymore.

Embry pounced on his imprint, a low growl slipping through his clenched teeth as her chocolate orbs skimmed down the length of his body in apparent approval. Her eyes rested predominantly on his straining erection, the swirl of emotions on her face washing over in an amalgamated mixture of passion, affection, love, want...all for him. Only for him. Forever for him.

He still didn't understand how they got here and why, but his wolf was hungry. His head dipped down to taste her for what seemed like the first time, his mouth murmuring over the valley of her breasts. He vaguely felt Bella's hands slipping into his hair, massaging his scalp and tugging the strands of his hair in a way to make him groan against his upward trek to her throat. His body shook with a certain rapture that had been bundled up over the years, threatening now to squeeze itself painfully from his chest.

Fingers trembling, but not lacking conviction or determination, he surrendered himself to his budding emotions and allowed himself to become a victim to this unfound susceptibility as his fingers grappled with buttons to small for him, her quiet, breathless moans playing both a soothing and an inflaming soundtrack to his head-


Goddamned reality settled over him as his fist smashed against the alarm clock that lulled him from his dream, forcing him to wake up in his own bed, covered in his own sheets, in his own stupid room...alone.

An ear-splitting howl rang in the distance of the early afternoon. Gritting his teeth, he glared out of the window of his small room, tightening at the woods that faced the front of his house. Ever since those fucking Cullens left, more and more leeches had been passing by their territory with no abandon. Since they were enslaved to dedicate their whole lives into protecting their tribe from vampires that rarely pass La Push, it was sheer abiding law that they couldn't allow any one of them to escape their claws.

The near silent footsteps of Abigail Call were treading up the stairs the minute he was tying a random pair of elastic shorts onto his right ankle. He didn't have time for his mother to yell at him for coming in late again ("Is it drugs, Embry? Is Sam's group of boys bothering you, again? You used to be good, Embry!") He used to be a good little boy, one that always listened to his mother, receiving nothing but A's and B's in his schoolwork, having the most potential of getting the hell out of the reservation out of everyone else-

Embry threw himself from the window before his mother opened his bedroom door.

His mother's tired, disconsolate sigh at the absence from his room was enough to make Embry phase. He was angry at everything, the world – but then again, what angsty teenager wasn't? Well, at least he had an acceptable excuse for it.

That sickeningly saccharine smell engulfed him all over, his nostrils burning at the candied scent. Hell, it was like stepping right into the perfume section at a mall, with thousands of women testing each item and spraying themselves all over. It was like that but a hundred times worse because of his heightened senses and the supernatural factor that played into it as well.

There was always that tiny inkling of hesitation he felt while phasing, that nagging blackness of doubt, because each and every time he did it, he ended up feeling as though he could run and never return. Leave in the line of duty, forsake the ones he had sworn to protect, stretch his muscles in a marathon across the world in favor of never hearing or stepping into Quileute territory again. He wasn't even fully sure if he was even partially Quileute – he was a bastard by birth and somewhat by character.

Took you long enough. Of course it was Paul who gave the signal – he had some sort of sixth sense with the leeches.

Shut the fuck up.

Oh? Paul snorted derisively, muzzle lifted up in the air. You PMSing again? Forget to take your happy pills?

Embry didn't even bother responding because his wolf was already hurtling itself against Paul's silver form, biting hard enough to actually break into the other male's skin. They were both good at what they do; therefore, making the two of them the most difficult to deal with apart from the rest of the wolf pack. Tussles between Embry and Paul were no short of a formality these days.

Both of you—stop. Sam's voice intentionally raised the shackles that kept them chained to the Alpha wolf, conforming them to a reality where individuality and free would cease to exist. Paul, the closeted pussy, detached himself from the other beast almost immediately.

Yes, your highness? Embry sneered at him sarcastically as much as a wolf could really.

Sam barely looked at him, but the disapproval seethed from the stark black animal. How many, Paul?

There's two, headed along the coast. One little fucker and a cunt.

Paul's voice was intercepted by an image of Bella Swan flooding all their systems. Embry crouched low and snarled violently, his mind obligated to endure a symphony of many mental images involving how Jacob picked her up from her house this morning, how they shared popcorn together while watching movie on his couch, them sharing a hug before he left in haste-

Sorry, came Jacob's light apology as the russet wolf paraded into the scene. I was with Bells.

You're always with her, Quil pointed out.

Bella. Her name is Bella and you have no right to call her yours. Because she's mine, so fuck the hell off.

But these little slips of displeasure never left Embry's inner asylum. No one in their pack could every really know what Embry was thinking about unless he finally allowed them access to his detrimental mind. He was changeable, unpredictable, and perhaps just a tad bit insane in his homicidal art of massacre. He would think of anything and nothing and the others wouldn't have a clue.

Jacob eyed Embry's rumbling form warily before offering: Shouldn't we take them down now?

No. Embry cocked his head to the side and stared at his best friend evenly, a subtle patronizing undertone hidden in the gesture. The coast that these bloodsuckers are running on will eventually have a dead end. It'll lead them straight here without us having to do much work.

And that was what separated Embry from the others, what considered him one of the best among their ranks. It took a lot giving into impulse, but it definitely warranted more control in restraining that compulsion to just chase after those leeches heedlessly. It was why Sam was lenient with the black and white wolf because the younger male had the uncanny ability to analyze a situation six ways from Sunday in the first minute, then a thousand ways beyond that.

Embry going rogue on them would just be the absolute worst thing the Pack would ever face and Sam wasn't going to bank a chance on that ever happening.

It would be silent to the human ears, but each wolf heard it like nails scratching a blackboard in an empty classroom. Embry went alongside with Quil because he couldn't stand being with either Paul or Jacob right now without exploding. They scattered from the clearing, somehow internally knowing where to go and which position served best for terrorizing carnage.

Well, let the fucking damn games begin.

Aw, isn't this sweet? Paul's voice slipped into his head on its own accord, the wolves busy flanking the leeches by a discernible berth that was there for a specific reason. They hold hands while running together.

It was despicably true – the husband and wife never let go of each other in their fruitless attempts at escaping. It was obvious that they had no idea where to go, with the woods being unfamiliar to them, but he couldn't help but applaud them for putting up such a tremendous fight. They truly had perseverance, no doubt. That, and the fact that the vampire bitch's curls were starting to look a lot like Bella's.

They're going to split up, Embry warned. They always fucking do that.

The signs were there already, in the way the female kept frantically squeezing the male's hand as though she was about to let go any second now. The bitch flickered her apprehensive gaze over her shoulder, her hair tossing with the wind, her crimson eyes lined with fear-

Without waiting for Sam's acknowledgement on the matter, Embry fell out of line and naturally let Quil take his place. Changing direction had always been a difficult concept for wolves of all kind, but he had managed to use a tree to pivot himself in the opposite route, nearly breaking the whole thing before bounding after the female. He could feel the shock radiating from her as she regarded him over the shoulder once more with enlarged eyes, picking up speed once she knew she was in close pursuit.

Dude, you're close to her! Why was it that Paul was the first to comment on everything? Finish her, you dick!

Sam ended up speaking in Embry's place instead. Paul, be quiet. He knows what he's doing.

Embry snorted in agreement, although he couldn't tell if it was done mockingly or not. He snapped his jaw heartily, his extravagantly sharp teeth nipping playfully at the hem of the female's shirt – Didn't your mother ever tell you not to play with your food? – and Paul bringing up his mother at a time like this only infuriated him even more. Caught off her guard, the female let loose a small shriek, and Embry wouldn't deny it – it felt too delightful hearing her little squeal of fright.

Having no other option left, the female vampire soared into the air and began climbing one of tall trees originating from this neck of the woods. It didn't faze Embry one bit because she wasn't the first bitch to go airborne during a chase.

With a popping noise, he phased back into his human form, launching his tall frame to scale the oak of the thick tree after her. With his height and weight, some of the thin branches belonging to the tree should have snapped and fallen off. But his movements were mercurial, calm and cold liquid under blazing fire, with an unexplainable fluid grace that shouldn't have worked with someone of his structure, yet undeniably did. He was only seven branches away from the bitch...




The Pack was mentally screaming in his head, all shouting their encouragement and to just get the fuck on with it. There was a split-second of passing spent between his barefoot landing on the last branch that separated predator and prey. He used the edge of the slim piece of wood to vault himself after the brown-haired female, his world tilting and blurring as he phased in midair.

Before the bitch had the chance to even jump onto the next adjacent tree, Embry's jaw had molded itself around her entire head.

He spiraled the both of them down from the tree with his teeth clamped around the sides of her head, leaning his whole weight to crush her vehemently against the earthen floor. Their impact to the ground was done explosively, the sound echoing throughout the forest like a time bomb going off, restraining the ridiculous urge to roll his eyes back in sick pleasure as his molars sank into that skin of frozen granite.

Embry ripped into the bitch's skin to the percussion of his Pack mates' satisfaction, their grisly indulgence crossing the distance from all over, seeping into his reverberating body and filling him whole. The startling crack indicated that he had finally severed her pretty head from her neck, her fractured neck somehow reminding him of the splintered headboard of Bella's bedroom in his dream... he brutally snapped his head in the other direction and threw her dismembered head against an opposite tree.

Tearing her skin was comparable to peeling off a tangerine or an orange. He ignored the clamorous screams that were coming out of the female vampire mouth as he slowly tore off her skin bit by bit – he had always wondered how the leech could feel the pain that was coming from the rest of its body, even though the head was already detached – taking his sweet, gratifying time as the headless body writhed exceedingly from beneath him.

Need my help? he mindlessly sent the thought to the others.

No. Of course it was Paul. Why wouldn't it be? The fucker started bawling like a bitch when you got his wife.

He could almost hear the exasperated sigh in Jared's tone. Vampires can't cry...idiot...

Ignoring that disgusting smell of candy and flowers and shit, Embry turned his muzzle back to the body that was still desperately trying to get away from him. He smirked at how hard she was trying. Oh no you don't, little girl, he purred alongside the low rumbles of laughter that consumed the Pack before felicitously splitting her skin into spidery, cracked patterns with his jaw.

Bella let out an immense sigh of relief the moment the pack of wolves came prancing out of the woods. Despite the fact that he was entirely glad that Jacob was safe, it would be a complete lie to say that most of her solace was reserved for the russet wolf.

Overwhelming alleviation monopolized her being the moment she connected eyes with that beautiful white and black wolf. It had been days since she last saw him She shared a short smile with Billy before taking moderately calm steps away from red barn-like house of the Blacks. Even though he was in his wolf form, it felt so inexcusably good to see Embry again, like the whole world made sense again when he was in her presence. He tilted his head side to side, regarding her with those human-like yellow lupine eyes.

The notion invited her to come closer, pulling her into a trance she wasn't sure she wanted to let go of. She couldn't hear the confused whine that erupted from the russet-colored wolf's chest, nor could she see the hesitation that was suddenly built around the other wolves, because she only saw him. A soft smile settled itself across her face when her wolf lowered himself onto his hind knees at her approach, his ears folding back adorably to her submission. She tentatively reached a hand out...

Her wolf? Was it wrong that it sounded right to her ears? Was it wrong that Bella couldn't help but be drawn to Embry like this, even if she hadn't known him for very long?

Embry sniffed the air cautiously before touching his snout to her palm. Oh, she smelled like warm honeysuckle and it was such a welcoming difference compared to the god-awful odor of the leeches. In reminiscence of that heart-rending dream, the one he wanted to come true so, so fucking badly, his tongue darted out to take a lick at the center of her palm.

You imprinted on Bella.

The sudden process of thought caused Embry to shoot back a few feet away from her, letting out an apologetic whimper at the shaken expression on her face at his abrupt action. He swore, Bella would be the only woman to make him fall to his knees. The only one.

You imprinted on Bella, Jacob repeated in the grating silence of their minds. Bella. My Bella.

He couldn't help himself when he responded: She isn't fucking YOURS!

And chaos imploded all over the very second – caught in a vulnerable moment for once – he let his dream slip past his guard, letting all his brothers see the sexual fantasy of the delicate brunette in front of them that had been responsible for his morning aching erection.

Jacob lurched himself from the ground, his teeth sinking in deep at Embry's side.

The cry involuntarily sprung from Embry at the brief pain.

"No!" The cry had flowed effortlessly from Bella's mouth as though she was meant to protect him. It sounded so unlike her, the roar unnatural to her ears, but she didn't care. "Jacob! Get off him! Don't touch him!"

She was a second away from throwing herself between the wolves, noticing that Embry was doing nothing at all to stop Jacob from attacking him, and she couldn't just stand there and watch him get hurt. She was just an ordinary human up against a horse-sized wolf, so she hardly thought she could do any damage to Jacob. Perhaps she could yank on his ear or something-

"Bella, babe, that's not a good idea." Arms that weren't Embry's – but then again, she had never had the pleasure of feeling Embry's arms before and she wondered why she used him as a comparison in the first place – slipped themselves around her waist, pulling herself away from the wrestling wolves.

"Quil—!" Attempting to get out of his death-grip was pointless, but she tried to anyway. "Why—why isn't Embry doing anything?"

"Uh...well, my guess is that Embry thinks he probably deserves it..." At Bella's expression of horror and shock, Quil blinked rapidly before continuing along. "You know...for stealing his best friend's girl..." Alright, he probably shouldn't have told her that but-

"I don't belong to Jacob," Bella replied tersely. "Since when did I become a property of his?"

They all know she was furious now because she didn't say Jake. She only ever used Jake's formal name whenever she was morally pissed at him. Blind-sighted by Bella's last statement, the russet wolf threw a wounded look at her. At his mournful acknowledgment of the girl he had been in love with for the past forever, Embry took advantage of the momentary distraction to throw Jacob off of him completely.

He watched the way Quil was dragging Bella into the Blacks' house, bellowing in anger at the fact that Bella was being touched by a man other than Embry himself. But it had to be done – she needed to be safe and away from here. Mild amusement trickled in as Bella tried to bite Quil's arms off of her before her large, woeful chocolate swirls lifted up to meet his once more.

The I'll be okay, I'll be okay, sweetheart mantra was transferred to their shared gaze as much as his ability, and he didn't give a damn if Jacob could hear his thoughts right now. All that fucking mattered now that Bella needed to be safe and he absolutely needed to let her know he know that he'll be fine, that Jacob's not going to touch him.

Bella barely knew him before the imprinting process, but he was touched by how much she cared now.

As though Bella could somehow understand the black and white wolf's motives, she relented to Quil, letting her body sag lightly against his while desperately peeking over the massive male's shoulder to see her wolf. mineminemineMINE-

Jacob's snarl was what brought him back to earth again, ruthlessly ripping him away from the clouds he was soaring upon from whatever heavenly connection he was having with Bella, his imprint, the girl he would without a doubt die for. Bella was the only reason Embry held back from biting the shit out of Jacob, the urge to refrain from acting like a horrendous monster in her presence hanging heavily.

But now that she was gone and safe inside that house-

All bets were off.

/ to be continued

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