No one really knew Jack's father. All they really knew was that the man was the king of winter. Jack talked about him sometimes but it was never bad. He said that the man was extremely overprotective (Pitch had managed to get on his bad side for breaking his sweet childs staff). He also said that among the winter people Jack was the youngest, so he was watched over more because of that totally not including the fact that Jack was his heir. Apparently Father Winter did not approve of Jack Frost fighting Pitch. So imagine the other guardians reactions when the man interrupted their meeting.

It started normal. Jack was late as usual and Bunny was at wit's end about it. If anyone else was late North would scold them and tell them to stop being late to the meetings, but with Jack North was all smiles and laughter. It annoyed the Easter spirit to no end, why on earth did the kid get off so easy. North should have cut him a new one like he did anyone else. But since he didn't Bunny took it into his paws to fix the problem. So as Jack was about to fly over his head Bunny reached up and grabbed the kids ankle. Jack yelped as he fell to the ground and glared up at Bunny. The pooka glared down at him with his arms crossed over his chest.

"Why were you late this time frostbite?"

Jack looked towards the window nervously but never at the rabbit in front of him. The wind was howling against the window and Jack flinched every time oe of the windows shook. He dipped his head in a shamed manner. It was almost like he knew something they didn't. Like someone was coming that only he could sence. That is until North's eyes widened as well. Ok so the two winter spirits knew something the rest didn't. Bunny was about to say something but one of the windows flew open and an angry voice was carried into the room on the wind.


Everyone (minus Jack and North) jumped as another window crashed open.


And another.


There was a bright blue flash and a man wearing white and silver robes, blue eyes, and hair and small beard almost the same color as Jack's hair. In his left hand he held a staff just like Jack's if not a little larger. He looked around until his eyes landed on Jack. His child head was down. Good so he knew what he had done. He strolled over to his child and looked down at him, completely ignoring the others in the room, for the moment.

"Jackson Overland Forst. Why on Earth would you think that you could start a blizzard in Australia and think I wouldn't find out. Then to top it off you laugh about it but when you do realize that I do in fact know that it was you, you try to run. Did you rally think that I wouldn't catch you? You are in so much trouble. First you will fix what you have done in Australia, then you will apologize to the summer spirits for the trouble you have caused them. And then you will give me your staff. As of now you are officially grounded until further notice. Am I understood?"

Everyone turned their attention to the young winter child on the floor. To everyone's (Bunny) surprise Jack was making a joke about it, instead he looked much like the chastised child he was. Jack picked at the bottom of his hoodie and mumbled.

"Yes Sir"

Then they all snapped their attention to the elder winter spirit and to the astonishment to everyone else (Bunny once again) the man chuckled and picked Jack up off the floor. He hugged the younger Frost and ruffled his hair.

"Although I can't say that I wasn't impressed by the size of the storm. You are getting good at that my son"

Jack smiled and looked up at his father, the man smiled back down at him and kissed his forehead. Tooth couldn't stop herself and awed at the duo. Their heads snapped up almost simultaneously. Father Winter smiled at the fairy all the while keeping an arm around Jack, inadvertently keeping him pinned in his side and his had carding through the mop of uncontrollable white hair.

"Tooth it is always a pleasure to see you. You are looking well. How have you been my dear?"

Tooth smiled and flew closer. Her and Father Winter sometimes crossed paths while flying about. She, among some other spirits, knew that although The winter king had sprirts and sprites that could bring in the snow he liked to bring in the first snow of the season himself.

"I have been well. How about you?"

The Winter King smiled indearingly and nodded.

"I have been doing well too my dear"

He held his hand out and she took it. Tooth giggled when she felt cold lips touch the top of her hand. Jack giggled as well and mumbled something under his breath. It was too quiet so Bunny didn't quiet catch it (even with his accelerated hearing) however everyone else did. Tooth blushed and Father Winter chuckled. He squeezed Jack's side and the child giggle again. Father Winter smiled and kissed his head again. Tooth awed at the pair again.

"You two look so much alike."

Father Winter nodded his head, "Yes, we get that a lot. Although he is more mischievous than I. But I think that comes with his age. He is only a little over 319 years old give or take, the youngest of the winter people."

North chuckled a booming belly chuckle, "Da that 'e is. Very mischievous boy."

Father Winter nodded smiling at North and held out his hand. North took it and they shook hands.

"Saint North" He nodded at Sandy as well. "Sandy. I Hope you two have been well. North I see the preparations are coming along nicely, Christmas right around the corner. And Sandy it is always a pleasure to see you"

Sandy nodded and formed some signs over his head. Father Winter smiled and nodded.

"Yes my son can be a handful at times"

Jack scoffed at that. He was not a handful. Sometimes.

"Father Winter I am afraid I need to ask you a favor if dat is ok with you?"

Father Winter nodded, "Of course. I hope all is well though"

"Da Prancer has bad ankle right now. I was wondering if it be too much to ask for not to big storm this year. At least while out delivering of course. I know how you love white Christmas"

Father Winter nodded again, "That is alright my friend, I will make sure Jackie here doesn't make to bad of a storm until after. I do hope Prancer gets well soon"

That's when Father Winter seemed to notice Bunny standing off to the side. Bunny was trying to remain unseen by the elder spirit. He was still on the man's bad side after what had happened in '98.

"Bunnymund. I would appreciate it if you left scolding my child to me."

Unbeknownst to Bunny, he was about to make the biggest mistake in his life.

"Well someone has to"

Father Winter narrowed his eyes.

"Are you trying to say that I don't know how to raise my own son?"

"No all I'm saying is tha the kid needs to be punished every now and then, he can't be late to everything and make snow storms whenever he wants to"

Father Winter narrowed his eyes once more and glared at the pooka.

"I raise my son just fine. You may ask him if you feel the need to, but I get on him when he really messes up. Like the second ice age and even the blizzard of '98, below freezing or not he didn't sit comfortably for a few days at the most. But he is still a baby compared to his brothers. He is still learning to control the power he possesses. He is my son, my pride and joy, don't you ever tell me that you would ever be a better parent to the child. You do not know how to raise a winter child so do not humor yourself."

Bunny glared at the mans insults but wisely kept his mouth shut. It was not wise to keep talking when The king of Winter wa mad at you. Usually never ended well. However it was Jack who broke the tension and took his father's attention off of Bunny. He had climbed on his fathers back and laid his head on his shoulder.

"Father may we go home? Please?"

Father Winter sighed and worried expression all over his face, "Jackie you have over exerted yourself again."

It wasn't a question, more of a statement actually. Father Winter knew Jack like the back of his hand. His son had indeed over exerted himself once again. He grabbed Jacks's staff before it fell out of the child's hand for Jack was on the brink of sleep. The father smiled gently at his slumbering son.

"Well my friends it seems we are going to have to cut this meeting short. I do hope to see you again soon"

"Da you be at Christmas Party?"

"Yes I shall see you all there then. But for now my baby boy seems to have drained himself once more I must get him home and to bed. So at that I bid you all a nice night. Even you Bunnymund"

There was a flash of blue and the duo were gone. Everything wa quiet for a moment before Tooth broke the silence once more.

"Why do I get the feeling that something bad might happen to Pitch?"

That's when everyone realised, Pitch was on the bad side of Father Winter and Jack's older brothers. They would never admit it but they all kind of felt bad for the man. Nobody messed with Father Winter's sons, especially not his youngest.

Soo um I don't know where this came from... But I hope you liked it anyway! Tell me what you think! Oh and I don't think that Jack actually does have older brothers, I just liked the idea of him having them ! And Father Winter being his dad!