Jack looked around the dried river bed and back at Sam. One of his best friends was hurt and there was nothing he could do. Sam groaned again and jack ran back to the Halloween spirits side. there was no blood, nothing like that, but Sam was weakened because of the season and it took a lot out of him to do what he did.

"Sammy you ok buddy? Still can't believe you rose all those zombies to help us get away"

Sam looked up at him and gave a weak smile. But it instantly fell from his face in another groan. He cradled his head in his hands and flopped back down on the ground. Dirt whipping around in the air and settling back down on his brown sleep pants. Jack frowned, this wasn't good.

"You thirsty Sammy?"

Sam nodded again albeit slowly. Jack tried to conjure up some ice or snow but as soon as it formed it melted. He gave a frustrated growl and tried many times, failing each time. Sam grabbed his hand and shook his head. Jack nodded slowly and helped his friend stand up again.

"Come on Sammy.. We have to keep moving"

Sam wanted to say no. He wanted to go home, or go out with Peter or Tommy. He stumbled slightly on a larger rock but Jack caught him steady. They walked further for about a mile or two. Or a thousand, neither really knew. They came to a stop on the edge of a town. Houses were still lit with lights and kids were still trick or treating. It wasn't a town the they were really familiar with, they had a couple friends in each town they touched down in. But you never really knew when someone was going to still see you or when they'd simply walk through you. Sam stumbled again and this time Jack wasn't fast enough to catch him and the spirit of Halloween fell into a kid dressed like a Power Ranger. The kid gave a startled yelp and tore off his red mask.


The brunette looked up at the familiar voices and nodded. Sliding out from under the spirit on top of him, he helped the teen sit up and gave him a piece of candy. It was a funny thing if you though about it, if you really wanted to keep the spirit alert all you really needed to down as give him a piece of Halloween candy and it got the job done. Jack knelt beside him and placed a hand on the kids shoulder, Sammy looking up at him at the same time.

"Jamie what are you doing here?"

"Visiting my Aunt Lola"

Jack nodded, as did Sam. Sam had met Jamie about a year and a half ago and fell for the kid. He was fun and could easily be compared to a large ball of energy at times.

"Jamie do you still have that special thing Andy gave you if anything ever happened again?"

Jamie nodded and pulled the ice charm from under his shirt. Zander had given it to him when Jamie's dad had shown up last year and well things got kind of ugly. The kids mom had pushed Sophie in his direction and told them to run. Zander had found them in the park under the slide, holding each other and crying. The son of the Winter King couldn't leave them there obviously. So he had taken them back to the palace and sent some guards to alert local authorities of the situation at the Bennett house. Needless to say the Winter King wasn't impressed with Jamie's father and had Zander give the two a special ice pedant should anything happen like that again and they needed help. For over the past year and a half the Bennett children had become like his, except human.

Jack fingered the pendant and looked Jamie in the eye.

"Jay this is yours. It can only respond to your touch... Can you call Zander for us?"

Despite Jamie's age, he was a smart kid. He nodded and wrapped his hand around the pendant and simply needed to think of the person he needed. The pendant gave a glow at recognition and Jack smiled knowing the call had been given. Now they just needed to wait.

"Thanks Jay. You should head back before your mom and Aunt worry"

Jamie looked like he wanted to protest but the looks he got from the older spirits had him on his way with the promise they'd visit when things got better. Once the brunette was out of sight Jack plopped back down next to Sam. They didn't wait long until the arrival of their search party was brought forward with the sound of horse feet and a cold breeze. Zander scooped his baby brother off the ground and held him close. Jack looked over his shoulder and saw Peter and Tommy picking Sammy up in the same manner. He saw Sam wrap his arms around their necks and hug them back, completely content in his position. The three spirits thanked the guardians and then they were gone. Back at the Winter palace, the twins running toward them and smacking Jack upside the head and pulling him into another bone crushing hug.

"Rest now Sammy, you have overexerted yourself little man"

The Winter people watched the Horseman help Bloody Bones up onto his steed and lift Samhain up after him, then as he jumped on Shadows back and thanks the winter spirits for their help. they watched as The Horseman turned his steed and with a thundering run they disappeared in a billow of autumn leaves.

Zander turned back to Jack and the twins as their father ran into the room. jack looked down as his father scolded and pulled him into a hug. They could interrogate later, they were just happy he was back safe. Well as safe as Jack could possibly be.

Ok so they are not ok, but they are hiding the fact right now! Who captured the two season spirits? Will they get their revenge? Should I bring more Sammy? Reviews are like pie and I love me some pie!