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"Severus! Open this door!" Hermione shouted, losing her temper. Her glittering gown pooled at her feet, baring one shoulder and shimmering in the light of the candlelit dungeon corridor. She banged on the door again. "I'm going to keep this up until you open that door, if it takes me all night! And the longer you make me wait, the angrier I'm going to be with you!"

Tonight was the Fifth Annual Celebration of the Demise of the Dark Lord and she had shown up to gather her escort a full hour early, knowing that he was going to be difficult. It was a Friday and she had let her last class out early to prepare for the ball, so she would be damned if she was going to let him make her miss it. As a matter of fact, the Transfiguration students had been far from the only ones to be let out early this afternoon. In the spirit of true celebration, almost every class in the castle had been cut short. Almost. One Severus Snape, Order of Merlin First Class, Hero of the Final War Against He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, and all around snarky bastard had kept his students waiting until the very last second of the period. But really, had anyone expected anything different?

"Severus! Don't make me remind you that I have broken into your chambers before! And I will do it again if I have to!" Hermione's well-groomed hair was starting to frizz out of the tight design Ginny Potter had helped her with. The impossible man had made a deal with her to come tonight, and he was making her rather regret the things she'd done in his bed the night before as her end of the bargain. Not that she hadn't enjoyed them too… And not that she wouldn't have done them anyway… but it was the principle of the thing!

On the other side of the door, Severus Snape was slowly adjusting his dark dress robes until he was happy with the effect of the heavy fabric billowing behind him. They were made of a better material than his usual robes, but had the same draping that gave him his intimidating sweep. He grinned wickedly at the mirror. Hermione's impatience was to be enjoyed. He had no doubt that she was quickly undoing all of the effort she had put into tonight's ensemble, but he preferred her a little wild. Finally, he swept slowly to the entrance of his chambers, pulling open the door and raising an eyebrow as if to say 'what?'

Hermione pushed past him, yelling something about how impossible and insufferable a bastard he was, but he did not hear. His attention was focused solely on the sparkling, inky black dress draping from one shoulder to cascade in deep, delicate folds all around her like some dark, Grecian goddess. He imagined that she was Nike, the Goddess of Victory, bestowing her unearthly beauty upon the celebration tonight. After all, it was a victory they were celebrating. For him, however, she was the only reason he was attending tonight. Yes, this Victory was the one he would be celebrating.

Hermione huffed impatiently and he knew she had asked something of him, but he could only meet her gaze with a murmured "Hmmm?" A little of her anger seemed to fade away as a half-smile crossed her face at his blatant admiration. Her cheeks infused with red as she shuffled her feet and she was suddenly the timid girl that only he ever caught glimpses of anymore. He couldn't hold back a smile as he slipped his arms around her waist, pulling her tight against him.

Hermione gasped in surprise as she was enfolded in the fine, billowing folds of Severus's robes. Her body was pressed tight against his as she looked up into his eyes. There was a sparkle there that she knew only she was ever allowed to see; a sparkle that reminded her that he loved her deeply and he always would. She met his lips with her own, softly, sweetly, caressing only briefly to keep from ruining her makeup. But Severus Snape was having none of that. As his mouth slanted over hers, the kiss grew passionate and hungry. He slipped his hands down to cup her soft, little bum, pulling her tight against his hard arousal. She gasped into his mouth with a sudden fiery need.

Severus pushed Hermione's hands away from his neck only long enough to slip her gown off of one shoulder, watching it slither down her body with a quiet whisper of silk and pool at her feet with a soft tinkling sound from the many sparkles. He was happily surprised to find that that was all she had worn. Ah, so she had had plans for me, after all. Probably, though, Hermione had planned to wait until after the party. Well, he would be happy to oblige her then as well, but Severus Snape was not a patient man, and he wanted her now.

Hermione blushed hotly under his admiring gaze. It thrilled her to see how appreciative he was of her dazzling dress, and the fact that she hadn't worn anything underneath. Slowly he stepped back against her, grasping her bare waist and capturing her mouth in an urgent kiss. As his tongue slid against her lips, begging entrance, his hands came up to gently cup her breasts, teasing her pert nipples with his thumbs. She moaned into his mouth, allowing his tongue to slip inside her own and he growled with heady arousal.

Slowly, teasingly, Hermione allowed the tip of her tongue to brush against Severus's. His answering moan told her that he liked that. Suddenly, she was in his arms, being carried back into the bedroom where he dropped her into the middle of his bed. A wicked grin spread across his face as he swooped down on top of her, robes thrown out like a vampire, and buried her in the dark folds. His lips brushed hers before finding her neck and nipping sharply at the soft skin there. Her cry of shock turned into laughter as she wrapped her arms around his neck. Slowly the dark man moved down her body, wrapping his tongue around her nipples each in turn as he squeezed her soft, round breasts. Then his mouth was at her navel and she cried out for him to stop. That tickled.

Severus's answer was to return hastily to her mouth, pressing loving kisses against her lips as he undid the clasps of his cloak and dress robes, stripping out of them. "We're going to be late," she whispered breathlessly against his jaw.

"Frankly, my dear," he said in his mocking way. A lift of an eyebrow finished the famous phrase as he descended upon her again. Catching a lip between his own, he sucked it into his mouth and bit down lightly, teasing her. She answered by flicking her tongue against his teeth, entreating him to allow her inside. He released her lip, allowing her tongue entry and rubbed his own against it. Her legs came up around his waist and he growled as his hard length made contact with the soft curls between her legs. He pressed against her as they kissed and she met his movements with her own.

Finally, Hermione couldn't stand it anymore. Flipping him over, she straddled his body, wasting no time in grasping his impressive erection and slowly lowering herself down onto it. Severus groaned in agonized pleasure and gripped her hips to hasten the process, but she would not relinquish the power she held over him. When he was fully sheathed inside of her, they were both still for a moment, relishing the sensation of being connected in so intimate a way once again. Then, slowly, teasingly, Hermione began to move against him.

She moaned at the sweet torture of restraining herself when what she really wanted to do was ride him hard and show him how angry she had been with him. Oh yes, Severus Snape deserved a bit of a punishment for keeping her waiting.

Right now, however, maintaining a slow pace was a kind of punishment, for Severus was soon begging her to move faster. Eventually, he could stand it no more. The witch was driving him crazy! Grasping her hips tightly, he thrust against her, enjoying the way her look of outrage melted to one of pure pleasure as he pounded into her just so. He knew the very instant that her control finally snapped, and released the pressure on her hips.

Hermione thrust roughly against him, wrapping the fingers of one hand into his dark hair with a tight grip. He growled at her attempt to dominate him and flipped them over. Two can play at that game. His hand came up to twist her own, frizzy hair as he pounded into her. Hermione cried out from the sensation. She was close. Severus recognized that sound and snaked a hand between them to tease her little nub. His mouth crushed hers, capturing her moan of pleasure.

It was enough to do her in. Crying out from the force of her release, Hermione came apart in his arms. Satisfied that he had brought about her climax, Severus allowed himself to come deep inside of her, his body stiffening in exquisite pleasure. They were still for a moment, panting heavily, before Hermione roughly pushed him off of her, sitting up to look down into his sated face.

"Scoundrel!" she accused. "Do you have any idea how long it took Ginny to fix my hair that way?" He only grinned mischievously up at her.

"I like it better like this," he said, reaching a hand up to brush an errant curl from her face.

"Merlin! What will I tell Ginny when she sees that her work has been ruined?" At that, Severus slipped an arm around her waist, forcing her back against the sheets and rolling on top of her to kiss her soundly once more. When he pulled away to look down at her flushed face, his lip curled up with an arrogant sneer.

"Tell her you were thoroughly ravished by a man who took one look at you and said to himself 'I must destroy that intricate coiffure.'" She giggled despite herself and pushed him away once more.

"We are going to be so late!" she cried, glancing at the clock as she ran to the bathroom to do something about her hair. Taking out the remaining coils and braids, Hermione knew that there was nothing for it. Her hair was a frizzy, wild mess, but it was just going to have to be that way tonight. She slipped her dress back on over the inflated frizz and went out to meet Severus.

Severus was buckling his boots when Hermione reappeared, her hair frizzed out in all of its glory, adding to the illusion that she was a goddess stepping out of Heaven to grace his lowly presence. Oh yes, he preferred her like this.

"Are you ready?" she asked sweetly. He stood and walked toward her, taking her hands in his own and leaning down to plant a soft kiss against her mouth.

"For you, my dear, I am always ready." She laughed and swatted his arm before skipping out of the bedroom to wait by the door. He assured himself that she was out of sight before pulling open the top drawer of his dresser and withdrawing a small box. He couldn't resist the temptation of opening it again to admire the ring. After seemingly endless searching, he had finally found the perfect one. The gold was a subtle contrast to the glitter of a dozen tiny diamonds wrapped protectively around a square-cut emerald of generous proportions. The jewel was the same deep green of a dress she had worn so many years ago. Slipping the box into the pocket of his billowing dress robes, Severus Snape went to join the impatient witch in the other room.

For once, he was actually looking forward to the little soiree.

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