I'm aware that I'm going to hell for doing this with a children's movie, but I started reading them and I couldn't help myself. So here! DAMMIT! Enjoy.

Not going to be very long, maybe 3-5 chapters. But the chapters ill be longer than this one. Sorry. My house is hot-90 degrees and I couldn't concentrate. My excuses...

As he raised his hand, he marveled. Fingers. And no fur. Then he started to freak out. He twisted looking for his tail, and shrieked as he saw only tan skin, furless, covering his lowerhalf. His powerful, pawed hindquarters had turned into lithe, well-muscled human legs, and as he felt frantically, desperately for his ears, he whined and felt like crying. His slings rode very low on his torso, and his toes curled into the grass. His tattoos sprawled tan flesh, and he felt fine, but he was...human.

Why? He was supposed to be a rabbit. A bunny. But...he was a human man. He was still pretty tall, and well-built if slim. He curled up his fists, and looked down on his fingers, nails trimmed reasonably and pigment a beige tan. He lifted his hand to touch his head again and felt at the fur-soft hair on his head. Trailing his hand down his head, he felt his human ears, and his furless neck and jugular, and his lightly stubbled jawline.

Clutching at his boomerang pouch's strap, he walked slowly to a bend in the multi-colored stream that ran through his Warren, and stared in fascinated horror at his image as it waved at him weakly, hand shaking. Turning a bit, he looked himself over and abjectively decided he didn't look bad, for a human. But he began to despair as he realized that he had no idea what to do. He didn't even know if his tunnels still worked, and had no clue how to get to help the human way. Grabbing fistfuls of his new hair, he started on the road to panic.

Just before he began thinking that Easter would be gone forever, a chill breeze swept through him, frosting over bits of grass here and there around him, and he saw a speck in the distance. It was Frost. But he didn't look like he was coming this way. Bunny hurried to get a boomerang out, aiming carefully and throwing it to catch Jack's attention. And did he ever. The boomerang flew wild, the new height, though not too different, was different enough from the one he'd been at for centuries, and it knocked the weapon close to Jack's face, whizzing past at a scary speed, flashing down to land somewhere in the tall grass.

The winter spirit cursed and dropped, startled out of his midmorning flight, and looked down to see a man glaring up at him, eyes green and firey.

Frowning in confusion, Jack lowered somemore, getting closer, "How'd you get in here? Ole' Kangaroo's getting rusty if somebody followed him."

"Ya bloody wanker, like anybody could follow me in here!" The man yelled in an eerily familar voice, and Jack's eyes grew wide with disbelief, sinking further to examine the man. He was naked, and had a...fuck. He had Bunny's boomerang sling on his back, and Bunny's tattoos. And Bunny's glare. Holy shit.

He descended down to touch the grass, turning a few blades of grass to ice, breath puffing in front of him visibly. His chill was leaking out of him as he got more upset, and the further he traced the man's features with his mind, the more the looked like Bunny, and the colder it got, until he finally noticed and began to pull it in, letting the frozen grass melt slowly. Eyes still wide, he half-floated, circling the tall man, pulling on his hair a little. The other was shocking patient, and only showed annoyance as Jack poked his forehead tattoo, rubbing a bit.

"It's me, alright, ya damn bodgy dipstick! It's Bunny, dammit, Frost!" Aster slapped his hand away and bared his teeth, normal-sized and white up at the slightly hovering boy. Finally snapping out of his shocked stupor, the white-haired teen grinned and laughed full and long and loud, making a loop around the former rabbit.

"What on earth happened to you, Cottontail?"

"How 'm I supposed to bloody know! One sec I'm on my way to the Northeast tunnel to make sure everythin's good for next month, I get dizzy, black out, and woke up this way! As..as...as a human," his voice was dropped to desperation the last few notes, and Jack looked closer at the way Aster's shoulder's were hunched, and the way his hand was gripping the now empty boomerang sling. His fingers were shaking, and the boy sighed, knowing when not to joke.

"Alright. Gimme a few minutes. I'll go try to get help," he muttered, giving a last look at the shaken Easter spirit, and whipping his staff a half turn to the front and left, towards Tooth Palace. He was hoping the Tooth Fairy herself would be in, but wasn't sure, since she'd gotten a taste for field work again since the battle with Pitch. Letting the wind carry him close, he stuck out a tendril of frost to let her know he was coming incase she was at home.

But as he pulled near, only a few fairies glanced at him, a small number of flocks at the tiered, balconied Palace. Okay, no Tooth, then. No telling where she was when she was in the field, and Santa was a safer bet to be found quickly anyways.

So he flipped his staff a half-sweep, released a whisper of his chill, and made a quick jab to the north. The wind swept his away faster than the eye could follow, catching a northern gust and letting him ride it.

He couldn't help his joy in flight, even with things like they were with Bunnymund. Whooping and grinning, he hurtled through the snowscape towards the toyhold. As he touched down, even the snow was frosted blue beneath his toes, and his nose and cheeks were blue with his flush. His breath was eager, and he hopped up into one of the long caverns, stepping around the icicles and far up into the peak of the mountain, emerging into the stable and sleigh rooms. The air was pleasantly cool for the reindeer, and they snuffled and snorted at the pixie as he moved through the aisle between the stalls, rubbing their velvet muzzles as they touched his hands, taking a moment before hurrying through.

Finally, after a short flight through caverns and corridors, passing groups of elves and the occasional yeti, Jack emerged into the central chamber, toys just beginning to be drawn out, many side rooms being used instead, with the giant globe lit up like a huge disco ball, as was only right. If they didn't find a way to fix this, Jack thought, a shudder of alarm and sudden fear jolting him, a big number of those lights would dim and fade in a few mere weeks. Jerking up his staff, he soared up to the ledge here North's office was, and burst in, only to find...nothing. He wasn't there. Cursing, the pixie whipped in a circle, helplessness filling him for a moment so he choked. But after a moment, gathering himself, he shook and made himself go search through the mountain halls, swallowing down his cries for the old man who somehow usually knew what to do.

But it was fruitless, and Jack gave up in the end, not having a clue how to even being the search. Sandy was equally unreachable unless he came to you or you were asleep. Jack wasn't sleepy, to say the least. So he flipped his staff in a half-jab-point, and was jerked back out of the tunnels, into the frigid arctic air, swept up a bit by the wind before balancing. Taking one last look around, the pixie whispered to the wind, his only companion, "Cottontail. Take me to Cottontail."

Anxiety and worry bubbled in his stomach, and he found it hard to face the spring spirit with nothing to show. But as he neared the Warren, and saw the pacing figure below, he frowned and landed near, clearing his throat. Bunny started, and turned to glare at Jack, only to freeze.

Above him, far, far in the sky over the white-haired boy was a big, plump full moon, shining with unspoken words. Just before Jack could speak again, Aster was swept into a conversation, ghost memory ears twitching back and swiveling to catch the Man's words.

E. Aster Bunnymund. You have lost touch with your humanity. You must find it, and to find it, you must find again what makes spring the season of Hopes. You must start anew. Realize why humans love spring and the new beginnings of Hope. Jack Frost has also lost his way. He is lonely after 300 years alone with only the cold wind for company and is desolate of Hope, not knowing why I've chosen for him to be here. You are also lonely after the extinction of your kind so long ago, and are desolate of someone to share your Hope with. Together you will see a better day. Help each other. Be good for each other. Love one another.

Bunny snapped out of his stupor with a jerk, panic and dread filling him at the implications of the Man's words. It just wasn't possible. But...he turned to look at the boy. Bright, clear blue eyes were looking at him from under snow-white, clean hair, a pale hand clenching his frost staff, the other reaching for the former Pooka's shoulder to try and communicate.

"Bunny? Bunnymund? Mr. Kangaroo!"

Aster swung away, suddenly very very conscious of the fact he was naked.

"M' fine, Snowflake. Jus' want some bloody clothes, is all." He ignored the heat crawling uncomfortably don his neck and across his chest and back. This is why it was better to just have fur.