Okay so I have been on a Naruto kick as of late and got ideas for three stories, and I plan to do this one first. I lost my muse for writing and haven't had the motivation to pick up my other story, so I'm hoping this rekindles a passion. Now this is my first naruto fic so I am looking to you for feedback. Anyways I have always loved the Devil May Cry series, particular the Virgel character was my favorite. So I wanted to make a fanfic with naruto having Vergils powers, from both the new and the old game series, and more. Some more elements for the Devil May Cry series will appear in later chapters so just hang with me. Though seriously, reviews and feedbacks basically tells me if this series is even worth following, so enjoy.

"Demons": Human Speech

'Demons': Human Thoughts

"Demons": Large Being Speech

"Demons": Large Being Thoughts

Namikaze Minato, or more commonly known as the Yondaime Hokage of the Village Hidden in the Leaves, now stood on the balcony of the Hokage's Tower gazing at the whole of his village that had come for his speech. Next to him was a woman with fair almost pale skin, purple tinted eyes, and long red hair. She was Minato's wife Namikaze Kushina, but what was even more important was that was what she was holding in her arms. For in her arms were two newborn girls.

Stealing a glance at his wife and the two children she was carrying, he let out a sign and turned his attention back to people below him. The civilians and the remaining shinobi that had survived the destruction of the Kyuubi no Kitsune's rampage were present.

"Yesterday a tragedy occurred that has left use weaker than we have ever been, many have died in order to protect our village and the ones they hold dear. I stand before you today with the heroes of our village." Minato took the two children from his wife and returned to crowd. "Inside these two children are separately sealed both the Kyuubi's Yin and Yang chakra."

The faces of the people were a mixture of fear, horror, and too many confusion.

"But do not be afraid for I have used my most powerful seals to imprison the demon's soul so that it shall never again return to our lands. Now you have not only me… but these two infants…two of my three very own children to thank for this day."

After a few second of letting this information set in; Minato started again, "People of Konoha… I may be the one how had bested the Kyuubi, the one who ended its rampage from destroying our village…but…it was my children who truly stopped the great beast…if it wasn't for their birth on such an ill fated night…the fate of konoha and that of our own would have been sealed."

Giving yet another pause he hoisted the two twins into the air, "My children will…and shall from this day on be known and recognized as the heroes who saved our village form its destruction from a powerful demon. I give you my daughters, Namikaze Mito and Namikaze Risa."

As if on que, the crowd below released roars of joy, approval, and acceptance of the two baby girls as their young Hokage smiled brightly thinking of the future with his wife and three kids.

-12 years later-

A young blue eyed boy with fair almost pale skin and straight blond with pale silver, almost white, highlights sat at his desk writing in a black notebook that he always had on him. This simple ritual, among few other things, was what he enjoyed doing and help him forget about his troubles. He was a pretty complex boy that appreciated the simple pleasures life could give. He loved the village he lived in, his friends were very few in number but he preferred to have quality than quantity. He wore a unzipped black hoodie over a royal blue shirt with a black spiral in the center, black ANBU pants, a black and blue weapon pouch on his hip, and black ANBU style combat boots that almost reached his knees. To many he dressed either weird of funny, but he knew that these selection of cloths gave him the best flexibility, speed, and defense.

"Namikaze Naruto." An adult male voice called out his name as the boy stood from his seat and began walking down to the examination room.

"Sigh…" He was the only son of the Hokage, Namikaze Naruto, and was a young man who, despite his sadistic nature and tendencies, was ultimately calm to the point of being thought to be stoic, carefree, or just plain lazy. Some of his fellow classmates chuckled at his lack of interest or enthusiasm while many others just ignored him or sent death glares at him. Even though he was the son of the Hokage, he received or acquired little to no respect from everyone of any generation except for the few friends he trusted enough to tell his secrets to or the fangirls that really only liked him because he was the Hokage's son. Beyond them everyone else in the village just ignored him for his far more popular and loved sisters because they are 'the saviors of the village' being the ones that their father sealed the divided Kyuubi into.

His sisters were the best in the academy with Uchiha Sasuke placing a close 3rd, for that reason they commonly called the "Namikaze Princesses" by their peers. Naruto on the other hand was always in the shadow of them and their parent's amongst other things, and that was where he wanted to be seen at. You see for Naruto it never made sense to stand out, they were supposed to be ninja and standing out was like screening, 'I'm here, kill me.' So while everyone else was trying to shine now, he was thinking ahead to the Chunin Exams. If he kept the appearance of a barely average ninja, then everyone that has a spy in konoha, and there are many for some reason, would not notice or underestimate him. Giving him an edge in the test, but for now it was time to mess with the established order.

Just as he was on his way to the examination room another student left and began to walk towards his direction on the way back to the classroom. It was a girl had shoulder length spiky golden hair with bang like strands that slightly fell over her newly acquired konoha hitai-ate(Headband) and whisker marks on her cheeks. She wore a red low cut long sleeve shirt and black short shorts with a weapons pouch and blue standard issue shinobi sandals. Her violet eyes held pure arrogance with a hint of anger when they met Naruto. While Naruto just put his hands in his pockets and continued walking with a bored apathetic face. That is until she lightly shoved him in the arm, and with a mocking tone in her voice.

"Good luck brother"

For Naruto's part he just looked back and stared at her with apathetic eyes. He knew she was trying to be hurtful or something, but he really didn't care about what she had to say. It wasn't that he was a silent type; he just didn't do things he didn't see the point in. For that reason having something like a petty squabble was dictated as beneath and degrading in his eyes. Realizing that she wasn't going to get an answer she started again this time with something akin to hate.

"..Hope you fail, loser."

Naruto just turned back and began walking to the examination room.

"Namikaze, hurry up and get your but in the examination room. We don't want to prolong the testing any longer than it has been already." Naruto got to the door and glanced back at the blonde haired tomboy who was now taking a seat next to a red head who looked exactly like the previous girl only with long red hair that reached her back and an elegant expression as if she were sculpted from the purest of ice. The short haired one's face held an annoyed expression as she glared back down at him while the other stared at him with cold eyes...as if trying to burn a hole straight through him.

Naruto just shrugged as he entered the examination room. Once inside the silver haired Chunnin instructor, he knew as Mizuki, closed the door shut and quickly took a seat next to his tutoring partner who had brown hair tied up into a short ponytail and a noticeable scar on his nose, also renowned as the eternal teacher Iruka.

"Alright Naruto, as I'm sure you already guessed you'll be clone, substitution, and the hedge. You already completed the Genjutsu, Taijutsu, weaponry, and written portion of the exam. You will now be required to hedge into someone for inspection, perform substitution with anything in this room, and finally make five perfectly functioning clone. By judging from your difficulty to perform the clone in previous academy based tests, I hope you have been practicing because this is when it counts. You may perform them in any order you like, please begin." Naruto just nodded and decided to have some fun.

The first thing he did was perform a wordless and signless hedge into Mizuke. This already got the instructors attention as performing anything without words or hands signs meant that one had perfectly mastered the jutsu. Iruka actually congratulated Naruto of the accomplishment, while Mizuki just scowled, leaned back in his chair and put his feet on the desk. Naruto expected this and decided to get one over on the annoying bastard. So without warning he performed his substitution, but the only thing Iruka saw was one of the two Mizukis falling on his ass.

"Naruto can you stop with the foolish antics and perform one of the other jutsu." At that point he noticed that the Mizuki in the test area was scowling and glaring dagger at the one next to him, while the one next to him saw chuckling. He turned to the Mizuke next to him, mainly because he never heard Mizuki chuckle.

"What are you talking about sensei; I just performed substitution with the real Mizuke. See." With that Naruto dropped the hedge, only for Iruka to go wide eyed that he didn't notice the switch. Before he could say anything Naruto performed substitution with Mizuki again, this time making the instructor fall out of the seat in startled reflex. Not two seconds later said instructor was on his feet ready to kill Naruto, but was stopped by Iruka.

"Well Naruto that was impressive, now if you would please do a clone so we can wrap this up."

Naruto just nodded and again without signs or words fifteen perfectly identical clones popped into existence behind the original, without even making a puff of smoke. This made both Iruka and Mizuki once again go wide eyed, but what they didn't know was that they weren't clones but shadow clones instead. Naruto just smirked deciding to not tell them that, he had to keep some secrets for himself.

"So…do I pass Iruka-sensei...Mizuki-sensei?" The Naruto in the front spoke up as he stared back at the scar faced man with a bored expression plastered on his face. The Chunnin was taken aback but soon a smile tugged at his lips.

"Yes you have Naruto. You passed with flying colors!" That was an understatement. Naruto made perfect scores in everything from hitting dead center on the weapon exam, perfect answers on the written exam in less than five minutes, knocked out his opponent in less than 5 second in the Taijutsu exam, and every other category.

The blonde boy smirked with cold blue eyes staring back at the man.

"Yes you passed with flying colors, but uh… can I ask you something?"

Naruto just stared at him, that being the sign to continue.

"Uh…well…How are you getting perfect scores in the exams, most of the instructors think your cheating but we couldn't figure out how?"

Naruto just smirked, "Deception is a shinobi's greatest weapon, our bread and butter if you will." This got a confused look from Mizuki, who couldn't figure out what the gaki meant, and a wide eye lruka who understood exactly what he meant. Naruto had been hiding his abilities from everyone and most likely sabotaging his own scores. Why?

"I would greatly appreciate it if you don't make a note of this, I would like my limits to be hidden for the present. The only reason I decided to make show today was out of respect for you Iruka-sensei. As repayment and reward for your efforts in teaching me. Although if you like to know more, treat me to a graduation meal and I'll tell you."

Iruka smiled at the boy in front of him. It seems like he was going to become a great ninja just like his father who was the village's stongest shinobi. As a matter of fact, both he and his younger siblings were promising shinobi, although his sisters were practically prodigies and it made him proud to be their teacher and to send them off into the world of ninja.

Iruka stood up from his seat behind the desk and layed out three hitai-ate with red,blue,and black cloths all with the konoha leaf symbol embrailed into the metal.

"Congratulations Naruto, you are now an official genin of Konohagakure no Sato."

Said blonde boy smiled as he picked up and tied the black cloth headband onto his arm. Iruka escorted Naruto out of the examination room and began calling the next set of names.

"Nara Shikamaru." said boy began walking down the isle muttering to himself about 'troublesome' tests while rubbing his stiffening neck after napping on the hard academy desks.

"Good luck Shika."

"Thanks Naruto." Naruto began walking back up to his seat. He gave a glance to his two sisters who were giving him death stares. He sat down in his seat which was a row below the two.

"I see you managed to pass, the teacher probably took pity on a talentless loser like you." He leaned back in his seat to glance the source of the voice.

Naruto just smirked not saying anything and just pointed to the hitai-ate on his arm with the leaf symbol on display. The short haired blonde scowled at her older brother.

"You're only older by 3 minutes so don't get cocky yo-"

"Stop it Risa..." The short haired hot head stared over to her sister in shock. The long hair girl who was an almost spitting image of their mother held a cold stare down at the book she read. She gently turned the page staring at the next pages' text. She had a low cut black long sleeve shirt with fishnet underneath. Her headband was around her neck and she wore black capri pants with a weapons pouch strapped to her thigh and standard issued blue shinobi sandals.

"He's not worth it..."

"But…Mito..." The girl known as Risa started.

Once again Naruto didn't say anything just smirked and shook his head in a mocking fashion this made both of the girls angry as both shot him a glare...a heavier one coming from the longer haired Mito.

"..weakling...i won't acknowledge you as anything but my kin, oniichan. Even as the oldest, you weren't even worthy enough by our father to even be considered as heir to our clan." Mito uttered silently only for the three of them to hear. Naruto just scowled at this for a moment but soon shrugged it off and replaced it with a smirk.

Naruto got up from his chair and proceeded to a seat in the back, along the way weaving a genjutsu over all of Mito's and Risa's fanboys. The moment he sat down the genjutsu activated; which whipped the fanboys into action, causing them to swarm the objects of their desires with physical contact and confessions of their love. It was like watching coy fish swarm on some break that had just fallen into the pond, hilarious. After getting his chuckling out of the way, he pulled out his little notebook and began to write in it again. Almost everyone thought he was just doodling in the little thing, but if they actually looked in it they would find jutsu ideas and formulas as well as seal designs that would out shine even his parents' masterpieces.

He lifted his head to look down at the crowd of hormone driven pre-teen boys around the two girls that are his siblings. The constant work and training helped distracted him from the obvious resentment of his sisters and the negligence of his own parents. Constantly ignored by everyone because of the presence of his sisters who are known as the 'Heroes of Konoha'. Being the only son of the Yondaime Hokage wasn't all what it was cracked up to be. Especially when you're treated like an outsider by your own blood.

He sighed as he turned back to notebook and world of possibilities, free from having to deal with these idiots. Yet couldn't help but remember the day when everything started to fall apart.

-xXx Flashback xXx-

"Sorry Naruto but your sisters need the training more than you do, if they don't get good at controlling their powers they could accidentally hurt themselves and others at the academy," Namikaze Minato, the Yondaime Hokage stated.

"But, I still don't understand why I can't also start training to be a ninja early like them too…"

"Trust me Naruto, I'll train you when you are ready for it." he said as he and Kushina went back to training the twin girls, but was stopped by Naruto who for some odd reason was compelled for at least some compensation.

"Then can I read some of the books in your study and library so I could at least be mentally prepared for when I'm ready for training?" Minato actually didn't think about it before replying.

"Yeah sure, go for it." Getting a smile from a retreating Naruto and a scowl from Kushina.

"Do you really think that is safe, there is really dangerous stuff in there?"

"Don't worry, he's only a child. He won't be able to understand anything, eventually he'll get frustrated and give up. Anyways today at the birthday party I plan on getting Risa and Mito to sign the toad contract" Minato told her. Kushina looked at him in shock..

"Don't you think that it's a little too soon for her to sign the co-"

"It'll be okay, I think they are ready. They definitely have the chakra for it and it would be great for them to have a fallback just in case they are in danger." Kushina smiled.

"Well I'm sure you know best."

"As a matter of fact, I've been thinking of making one of those two the heirs of our clan. They definitely show great leadership skills already and they are intelligent enough especially at the rate they learn jutsu." Kushina gave him a puzzled look.

"But what about Naruto, since he is the eldest, shouldn't he be heir?" Minato's expression hardened.

"Naruto doesn't show any promise as a shinobi by his grades in the academy nor does he a leader...I just think Risa or Mito would be the best choices." said Minato as he thought long and hard. Outside their bedroom door stood a young blonde listening in with a pain in his heart.

-xXx End Flashback xXx-

Naruto was knocked out of his little trip down memory by Iruka yelling at the group of boys. After the boys dispersed, he noticed both girls seemed to paled and severely winded from the experience but that didn't stop them from glaring at Naruto. Truth be told they didn't know how he was responsible only that he was. Naruto didn't even bother to give them a glance and didn't even bother to listen to Iruka's graduation speech, but the moment the class was dismissed he vanished with a shunshin (Body Flicker Technique).

Eventually every student and their parents gathered outside the Academy congratulating their children on their graduation and their promotion as genin of the leaf. A crimson haired woman stood outside standing in the front of the academy with the rest of their parents until she heard a voice catching her attention.

"Hey Kaa-san!" The older woman turned to see a blonde haired girl run up to her and hug her tightly while a red hair girl followed suit walking with a smile on her face.

"Ah Risa, Mito! How did it go?" Namikaze Kushina asked as she added the red hair Mito into the hug.

The two girls released the hug from their mother. Risa pointed to her hitai-ate on around her head and gave an energetic grin.

"We passed, it was easy!" The red haired Mito nodded in aloof agreement with a small smile graced on his lips. Kushina smiled at her daughters.

"I'm so proud of you two, if only your father could be here to see you but he had important business to tend to at the Hokage Tower today. I'm sure he'd love to hear about this tonight over dinner." The girls beamed as they loved to see their father's reaction to their promotion to genin. Kushina smiled brightly but it dropped when she noticed something out of place, or more precisely someone.

"Have you girls seen Naruto? Did he do well?" Risa shrugged.

"I saw him walk that way towards town, probably going to that cheap Ichiraku place. He passed but I think just barely, knowing him. But enough about him, can you show us some more moves we can do with our demon chakra?" Kushina was a bit upset with the fact that Naruto wasn't there to meet with them. Lately the boy has been growing more and more distant with the family but she was sure that he'd be back for dinner at the least. Mito saw the look of worry and distraught that was on her mother's face when Risa mentioned Naruto. The girl couldn't help but scowl.

Mito always thought of Naruto as an embarrassment. He was annoying and useless at the very least. A weakling like him being of any relation to her was an insult in her opinion and that was the main reason she disliked her brother. She was actually okay with the fact that he rarely showed when the family would eat breakfast every morning or when their parents would train her and her sister or go on walks around the village. He was a nuisance and a guy like him making her mother upset made her upset as well.

'That weakling is upsetting kaa-sama...why did he have to become a ninja. He'll disgrace our family name.'

Kushina smiled at her girls and nodded. "I'm sure I can show you girls a thing or two with your yokai chakra to better your control over it. But first let's go get a bite to eat."


Kushina and Risa began walking off towards the green light district of the village but stopped to look back at the remaining Mito who stood still looking off into the distance as the other families began ushering their children away from the Academy.

"Mi-chan? Are you coming?" Mito looked to her mother.

"I think I'll go look for los- I mean Naruto..."She said with cold voice before journeying in the opposite direction. Kushina and Risa just stared in confusion.

"Well uh…be sure to fetch him and be back home before 6. I don't want you kids missing dinner."

"Okay kaa-sama" Mito yelled in the distance as she leeped onto a nearby building and began hopping from roof top to roof top. Kushina and Risa turned and began walking in the other direction only to be stopped by a group of villagers asking for their autographs.

Naruto was at this time enjoying a moment of spiritual peace, for at this very moment he was laying down in the shade of a tree just starring at the leaves dance on the tree's branches, the clouds floating by, while listening to the wind rattle everything around him like it was singing a lullaby. It often amazed him why people find such activities pointless, that is the point. To take a moment, just stop, and empty your mind then reflecting on a problem. After his friend Shikamaru convinced him to do it, he didn't see the point in it; but now he totally knew why the Nara did this.

Sadly like many times before he could only reflect on the neglect of his family and the way he had turned out because of it. He could honestly say that they knew nothing about him at in general. They though he purposely highlighted his hair, in truth it started changing of its own accord when he learned to access his chakra at the age of four. At the time he started going to the library for information, and was easy for him because of several abilities he had. First he could easily read adult level books and even perfectly remember everything he read.

After that Naruto started reading everything in his father's study and family library; that was where he found one of his greatest passions. Fuinjutsu! He took to the art sealing like a fish to water and with mental maturity and memory ability he blew through even the most difficult seals fully understanding how they worked and functioned. After he developed a seal that allowed him to copy scrolls and books, and he made personal copies of everything. From his families' library, the Hokage's Library, the Forbidden Scroll, even the Uchiha's and Hyuuga's personal clan libraries and master many of their arts. Without getting their permission of course.

That was one of the secrets he had; one of many secrets. Thinking that always leads him bad to the original issue: his family. He wasn't accepted then or now, and he knew he couldn't change the past. For that reason, he already planned for the present and the future. That was another thing he was proud of, he always could see how things were going to play out and make the best of it. And now his several your made plan for his future was starting tomorrow.

Finding ease in that thought, he started using his sensory ability. Thanks to his personal training he was at least on the level of an ANBU operative, and he always wondered if he would have been this strong if his family didn't neglect him. He could feel the one hundred shadow clones working deeper in the forest on chakra control and elemental charka, after that little incident a few years ago his chakra was predictably constantly growing so he had to constantly work at it. That when he felt the presence of his little sister Mito spying on him. 'I might as well get this over with'

"You can come out now Mito, I know you're there." A moment of silence past before a figure jumped into the clearing and began to walk forward. She stopped about 10 feet away from the Naruto and just stood there, staring at him with cold eyes. Naruto shifted his position and stood to his feet, dusting off his clothes.

"What do you need imouto?" Naruto stated with a bored voice as he placed his hands in his pockets.

"Why must I be family to someone like you?"

'I can't believe how much a spoiled brat she is.' "There are many things that are outside of everyone's control, this is just one of them so deal with it." Naruto said a little annoyed by the childish question. Taking offence to his reply, Mito formed a fighting stance that he recognized quite quickly to be the kata for the taijutsu that his father used. His face darkened at this. 'Dammit her form is so sloppy, I can see several hole in it right now.'

"Huh...so that's how its gonna' be eh Mi-chan. I really don't want to hurt you." Naruto said as he too got into his own kata which surprising wasn't the same. 'But that doesn't mean I won't play with you.' It was a weird stance. That was because this was a style that he had developed on his own and was constantly perfecting and modifying it, for that reason he never got around to naming it.

"Don't worry because a failure like you can't even touch me." With that she charged her brother with swift movements. Her first strike was aimed to Naruto's face which he easily dodged and pushed her on the back sending her tripping from being off balance. After she recovered, Mito sent a swift kick below to Naruto's legs which he then hopped over in a somersault like manner.

The red haired girl took this time to send a strong right kick to the boy suspended in air. Just as the kick was about to connect Naruto disappeared into thin air and reappeared behind her pushing her once again to the ground.

"Give up, before you get hurt." Mito got up and charged the boy with more strikes. Naruto stood back and sighed. At that point about 30 shadow clones appeared out of nowhere and surrounded her. Mito scowled at this.

"Come out and fight, Coward."

"The only reason why your mad is because you're losing." Mito began expelling one clone after another with powerful strikes. Each began disappearing into a poof. She then formed a series of handseals.

"Tsurugi Ogushi no jutsu (Hair Blade technique)" Mito shouted as her hair sprouted a life of its own and began spinning uncontrollably destroying any clone in her facility. Each clone dispelled after another until only the original was left. Her hair dropped back to her shoulders and she began looking for the blonde boy who was nowhere to be found. She paused before felling a hand on her back pushing her once again to the ground.

"Behind you." She turned on the ground glaring with eyes of pure angers. In a rush she pushed herself up, forgetting everything about form she charged towards Nauto.

"You...you...you…YOU!" She seethed as she rushed Naruto. She tightened a fist to be aimed at her brother's face. From out of seemingly no where a figure appeared blocking the fist. Naruto and Mito were both shocked to find a tall blonde man who shared a similar facial appearance as Naruto with only different skin tone. He smirked as he brought the young girl's fist down to her sides.

"I think that's enough you two."

The two young teens both stopped their violent spout to focus their attention on the tall blonde man. He wore a long white trench coat that head designer red flames on the hims and written on the back of said trench coat were kanji for 'Yondaime Hokage'. Under his trenchcoat he wore a standard konoha jonin vest and navy blue shinboi shirt, pants, and sandals. He had an all-knowing small plastered on hsi face with his eyes gently closed. Mito seethed at her brother Naruto before looking out to the taller blonde with a worried face.

"But tou-sama, he...started it." The young Hokage looked between the two youngsters.

"Hmm...is that so. Well..." He turned his attention to Naruto who held an overall cold and indifferent expression to the current situation.

"I'm sure he is very sorry...isn't that right Naruto?" The blonde boy in questioning said nothing as he looked up to his father with his apathetic sapphire eyes.

"Hokage-sama, I didn't have any reason to apologize...she was the one that wanted to fight, I was just doing some cloud watching under a tree..." Naruto stated pointing with his eyes to his crimson haired sibling who stared him down coldly with no remorse. The Blonde Hokage looked between his two children with a sheepish expression as he could fully see their little stare off taking place. Bringing them into a tight hug muchto their surprise and relative reactions, he chuckled lightly.

"Come now kids, no need to fight-"

"I agree there was no reason for Mito to start this fight."

"Shut it, loser!"

"Calm down you two."

"I agree, Mito needs to learn to keep her calm before she gets in over her head."

"I am calm, being near a doofus like you jus-"

"Shut up you two!" The two kids paused at the outburst by their father as who seemed to be rather agitated with their behaviors.

"Now there will be no more of this when we get back home to the estate. I heard from your mother that you two along with your sister have passed your exams and become shinobi in the ranks" The two stared at the man, Mito out of somewhat fear of her father and Naruto with standard disinterest to his father's words. "Now how am I supposed to allow shinobi who bicker with one another over trivial things to even protect with actually matters...the village?"

The two stayed silent.

"Mito, I want you to stop antagonizing your brother...and Naruto..." The blonde man turned to his only son who stared back coldly.

"I want you to act more mature. You are the eldest, and I expect you to act like it. I can only assume by how you usually do in the academy that you only passed by the skin of your teeth which leaves no room for you to behave childishl-" Naruto just stared at the man. If he had been even the tiniest bit observant, he would have noticed that he was hiding his skills from the world. He was supposed to be the village's number one ninja, but he was really as moron. 'I can't believe everyone thinks this idiot is a genius, people really do use that word too loosely.' At this point the boy just tuned him out as his father continued to chew him out until he sensed 3 chakra signatures heading straight towards them.

"Hokage-sama!" The three were interrupted by the entrance of a group of three ANBU entering the clearing of the training grounds.

"Sir we have urgent news, your wife Namikaze Kushina and daughter Namikaze Risa have been attacked and the absence of Namikaze Risa has shown that she has been kidnapped and taken from the scene of the crime."

Mito and Minato Namikaze held a shocked and panicked expessions at the new news while Naruto sat silent listening to the rest of the details.


"Kushina-sama has received minor injuries which are being treated at the hospital… however we have not found any trace of the person who has kidnapped Risa-sama; we do however believe that the perpetrator is a shinobi in our ranks. We have already initiated an ANBU search to find her, but no clues to go on it will take time bef-" a cat masked ANBU said before being interrupted.

"Say no more." The older Namikaze rose to his feet. "Come, we must inform the ranks and issue an all out search. We will find her... am I clear?"

"Yes sir."

The blonde man looked down behind him to Naruto and Mito; Mito having an upset expression while Naruto looked indifferent about the whole situation.

"I want you two to head home immediately. I can't risk the both of you getting captured as well. That is not only an order as your father but an order as your Hokage, understand?" Naruto and Mito nodded although the red haired girl's was a more shaken gesture. In an instant both the group and ANBU and the Yondaime disappeared in a swirl of leaves.

"I shouldn't have left them..." Mito muttered to herself as she stood shaken in the clearing.

"There was nothing you could have done, if you were with them you would most likely have gotten caught in the crossfire and taken as well." Naruto then began walking off the grounds. Mito spotted this and immediantly scowled.

"Where are you going!" Naruto didn't look over his shoulder.


"Aren't you even worried about Risa? She could be hurt or worse… You…You are just the worst! You are just going to walk away"

"You seem to forget that by yours and Risa's definition I am not really a member of this family, so there should be no problem with me walking away and leaving it up to our seniors who believe they know what they're doing." Naruto then began to walk away again.

"A wealking and embarrassment to both the Namikaze and Uzumaki name couldn't possibly be able to fix a situation like this so it's pointless right? ...Right?" Mito's scowl darkened as she stared at the back of the white-highlighted boy.

"Right..." Naruto suddenly stopped as he sensed someone really trying to hide their chakra, and doing a back job of it at that.

"Wrong." She raised a red eye brow at this as she watch Naruto flung his left arm, launching a single kunai at speeds that Mito couldn't even see until she heard it hit a random tree, making Mito's jaw drop at what he did.

Her brother only chuckled at her reaction as he walked towards the tree noticing the leaf had empailed a small paper of the sort.

"It keeps people guessin' I suppose to be an embarrassment that comes out on top...an underdog..."

"...You should be able to notice when something is off Mito-imouto." The boy removed the kunai and in turn picked up the note in its wake. The red haired girl stared at the back of her brother intently before her glare softened. Mito walked up to him to observe said note.

"What is this?" She stated in mild interest.

"I'm sure there was someone her but they seemed to have left a ransom note here...and it's about Risa."

"Read it then! Quickly!" Naruto winced at the volume of the girl's voice. "Screaming will not make me move any faster, take a breather and try to think clearly." He placed the paper closer to his face as Mito read from over his shoulder.

"Hi there Namikaze brats, If you have not already known I am the one who has your demon sister. If you want her to live, steal the Forbidden Scroll from the Hokage's office tonight and bring it to the training ground number 11 near the Forbidden Forrest. You have one hour after the sun sets. Inform anybody about this note and I will cut her up real nice and pretty like to send to you piece by piece."

Naruto's eyes narrowed as his mind started moving at the speed of light. 'Whoever this is, defiantly means business. If the ANBU are right about them being in our ranks then they most likely will inject themselves into the investigation, and it wouldn't be too hard to add another target to this search. If they don't hear anything about the scroll being stolen then the jig is up and Risa takes the fall. But that chakra signature just now, it was only for a second but it felt like…" Naruto was drawn from his train of thought as he felt a feeble killer intent that was radiating from his sister Mito.

"I'm going to kill whoever did this."

"Well we can't do anything until we get the forbidden scroll right?" Mito looked at him in disbelief.

"What are you talking about? We have to tell someone or-"

"Are you stupid? Whoever this is will be monitoring the search and if he doesn't hear about the scroll being stolen…they'll know some things up and Risa gets the penalty. At this point anyone can be the culprit even the ANBU dad always has with him. No for this we are on our own, now stop being a daddy's girl and come on." Naruto stated aloud as he made a break from the training grounds to the Hokage tower, Mito shortly following suit.

"What if there is someone in there, we could get in big trouble!"

"Odds are, everyone is too busy looking for Risa to care… that's probably the reason why the culprit made sure mom was there to sound the alarm. Now are you goinna' help me or go home?" Mito just continue to follow Naruto which he took as a selection of the later option.

"I always knew the old man was a perve, but that was just pathetic..." Naruto stated carrying a large scroll strapped to his back with his crimson haired sister following suit as began walking through the Hokage's library to the exiting door.

"I didn't know Sandaime-sama was a pervert...to be tricked by such a genjutsu..." Mito stated as she paused to glance back at the old man who was now passed out in a puddle of his own nose blood and wrapped in ninja wire and gagged. Naruto smirked as he turned to his sister.

"Harem Paradise is a pretty powerful illusion...I made it after a-"

"Will you shut up, if you haven't forgotten we have a schedule to follow here, let's hurry an-"


"-d get to Risa with the scroll..." Mito stated dejected as she and Naruto noticed the newfound presence of Konoha shinobi in the Hokage's archives. The ninja began tossing dozens of shuriken toward the siblings. Naruto pushed Mito, knocking her out of the shuriken way and sending her flying out of the window. She fell and pivoted in midair, landing on a neighboring roof. She stood and balanced herself and looked back to the window that her brother pushed her out of.


"Run to meeting location! I'll meet you there!" Naruto yelled as he disappeared from view inside the building defending off the Konoha ninja mistaking him for an intruder.

"But-" Mito grimaced before running off towards the meeting area.


"I'm not an intruder you idio- fuck it Spirit Wave Pulse." A swirling mist hit the defencing shinobi like a powerful wave knocking all of them unconscious some against the wall some on the floor and two inbeded in the ceiling. After looking at his handy work, Naruto started sprinting at top speed to the Hokage's office ready to put his plan in action.

Iruka arrived at the tower to see all of the lights were still turned off and the rooms completely empty. There were no chunin or even Anbu stationed anywhere in the building. As he made his way to the Hokage's room, his confusion grew.

There were a team of chunin level ninja lying on the ground outside the hokage's room unconscious. Who could have done such a thing?

He turned around a corner in the hallway and spotted the door open to the Hokage's room. And on the floor, bound, was the an elderly man in a robe. It was none other than Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Sandaime and previous hokage.

Iruka hurried forward and dropped onto the ground beside the Hokage. He saw that he was bound and gagged in a wire. He grabbed the cloth gag around the Third's mouth and pulled. The cloth was inbued with chakra from a seal on the front, but regardless it wouldn't budge. Noticing that it was actually hurting the Sandaime, Iruka let go and started to look at the seal and found it to be simple even with his severely limited knowledge of Fuinjutsu. He just had to apply more chakra to the seal and it would break, whoever made obviously didn't mean for it to be used for long.

Applying his theory the gag came out and Sarutobi just shot a hot glared at Iruka.

"Be more careful will you?"

"Sorry Sandaime-sama but there was no other way," apologized Iruka. He looked around the room to see it wrecked to a mild degree with papers lying about "What happened here?"

"Don't ask," snapped the Third. "Listen, Naruto-"

"I know, He and Mito stole the Forbidden Scroll. Mizuki told me part of the militia were being organized to track them down. I don't understand why they didn't inform Yondaime-sama but then again they are in search of-"

Hiruzen interupted . "Mizuki told you that?"

"Yes. Why, what's wrong?"

"Don't worry about it. I heard from Naruto and Mito's conversation that they were taking the scroll towards the training area near the entrance of the Forrest of Death. Head there and intercept them quickly. This may have something to do with the kidnapping of Minato-kun's youngest daughter Risa."

"Yes Sandaime-sama." With that Iruka quickly left the room carefully navigating through the bodies of unconscious ninja.

"Let me go! Do you have any idea who my daddy is?! I'm sure he's on his way right now with an army of ninja to resc-"

"Will you shut up you little bitch?! You've been yappin' your gums this whole damn time. If you're dumbass siblings weren't bringin' that beautiful scroll for me then I would have killed you slowly and painfully a long time!" Mizuki had the girl in tied up with rope and seals as he held her over his should by her waist. The girl was struggling the entire time. Mizuki laughed.

"Good thing I placed those restriction seals I received from Orochimaru-sama on ya' or you would have been more trouble than your worth. It's kinda funny how you're practically useless without that chakra heheh." The girl was on the verge of tears as she began to lose hope for help. As if on cue, a series of kunai came flying towards the silver haired chunnin. He quickly dodged the barrage and positioned himself on another tree branch with the blonde Namikaze girl still over his shoulder kicking in confusion.

A red haired Mito appeared on an opposite branch ready to engage her old chunnin instructor.

"Mizuki-sensei...you're the one… "

"Yep, it's me, I'm the kidnapper but enough about that," He paused as he gave a mock glance at behind the red haired girl. "Hmm...I see that you don't have the scroll with you. For a genius prodigy you don't have much common sense huh?"

"Wait, the dop… I mean Naruto is on his way with it right now," She spat at the man who only chuckled.

"Well, waiting wasn't exactly in our deal so I guess-" He placed attention onto a scared Risa over his shoulder. "…that I'll have to dice her up real nice." He threw the girl in the air and aimed his kunai for her and tossed with precise accuracy. Mito's face grew with shock as she jumped for her sister and kawarimi'd out of the way of the kunai. Mizuki smirked as the kunai hit a log in her place. Mito landed on the ground below with a bond Risa in her hands staring up at the traitor chunnin who stood on the tree branch above.

"It's gonna' be fun to finally kill you two demons."

Naruto was moving at a around a jonin's pace, which was more like a brisk jog for him. He knew that Mito would most likely attack as soon as she saw the culprit. He could have been there some time ago, but if his substations of the culprit were true then they were way out of their league. Most people would call him cruel for leaving his sisters in the care of what he would classify as a power hunger moron, and they would be right he could be very cruel when he wanted to be. But the main reason he let them get a head start was because he wanted them to get a taste of the real world; their constant fallback on the Kyuubi's chakra and their father's name was making them arrogant, and that was annoying the shit out of him.

Eventually he made it to the meeting place and began to watch the fight. Mizuki was kicking Mito and Risa's buts and from what he could tell he had sealed their yokai. He was laughing his ass off in his head at the sight; they always did use yokai as a standard instead of chakra and were completely useless without it. 'I wonder if they will realize that using it as a standard and not a backup is actually weakening them.' Yet all good things must come to an end, he knew he would have to interfere just as soon as the fear of death was at its peak in order for them to get the message that they weren't invincible.

"Dammit..." Mito was now covered many cuts and bruises as she tried her best to hide from a certain silver haired chunnin. Her sister was still bond and covered in weird seal tags as was she who had one also place onto her but it seemed to hurt as she tried to get off of herself. She soon discovered from Mizuki that they were seals that hindered and reversed the youkai that they possessed and she couldn't perform any of her jutsu the way perfectly like she normally could. She was weakened and at the moment she was cornered.

"Where the hell is backup? I can't keep him at bay like this with these seals on us." She looked at her sister who pased out soon as she was almost completely being drained of her chakra.

'They need to hurry...'

"There you are, you little abominations." Mito looked up in horror to spot Mizuki 10 feet away from her standing on a nearby branch. He laughed as he hopped from his position to grassy ground.

"You look a little tired there, it seems those seals are really doing the trick. They are made for draining the youkai chakra from bijuu or jinchuriki, mainly jinchuriki. They don't affect normal humans like myself sense it only magnifies and attaches to the evil chakra that you two monsters have." Mito glared at the man with as much energy as she could as she was soon noticing the effects of the seal.

"Although it would be nice to take you two with me to sell into slavery or even better, Iwa for a good price considering you're the daughters of the famed Yondaime Hokage but you two would only be dead weight since before long the militia will be on my tail so I should probably just kill you here where you are." Mizuki took the huge shuriken he had attached to his back and held it out in an attempt to throw.

"I'll start with you first red...It was fun but it'll probably be more fun for you demons in hell where you belong, hehehe goodbye." Mito's eyes widened in fear as he threw the giant shuriken at full force.

She closed her eyes as tears streamed down her cheeks. She awaited her death.

Death never came. Instead of the painful empailing of a giant shuriken in her body, her body was only tickled by a gentle winded that almost sounded like someone singing.

Once she found some form of courage she opened her eyes, they only widened exactly what was in front of her. The point of Mizuki's shuriken was less than a centimeter from her head. She was then dragged out of her 'I almost died' gaze when a drop of blood fell from the shurikens edge and fell onto her head and continued to run down her face. She then followed the blood line to a hand that was cut while grasping the giant shuriken. When she looked to see who had saved her, she could only let out a single tear that ran down her face. For the hand belonged to her brother who was now looking down at her with, if she didn't know better, caring eyes and a smirk on his face.

"Hey Sis…looks like you got beat." He stated as he twisted his wrist and began swirling the shuriken on his right index finger. He then looked over to Risa, getting a good look at the seals that were on her he turned back to Mito. "Those seals won't kill you; they'll just continue to drain your yokai until you have only enough to stay alive. Let me deal with him and I'll remove them." He turns to Mizuki and started a slow walk.

"What a minute you idiot, if I couldn't beat him there's no way in hell you can."

Naruto continue his slow walk, twirling the oversized shuriken with his finger. "Don't worry about it…" He turned his head back and made eye contact with Mito, "Just shut up and watch."

As for Mito she couldn't help but do what her brother said; she should be screaming at him for even thinking he could win but she couldn't. There was something in the way he talk that was different from how he normally did, but it was mostly when she his eye. It wasn't the same different or anything, but the look in it made her feel small, weak, vulnerable, and submissive like they could do anything. That look scared her more than the thought of dying right now and the only thing she could think about doing was watching what was about to happen.

After a few seconds later Naruto stopped about 12 feet from Mizuke, "Well Mizuki, I guessed you were the one behind this."

"Well if it isn't the worthless Namikaze, well at least that scroll on your back adds some value to you." Mizuke scowled pointing to the Forbidden Scroll on Naruto's back. "Well since I already beat your sister you shouldn't be that hard and hey at least now I can get you back for making me look like a fool earlier today."

Naruto could only smirk and chuckle at the absurd declaration, "So you want this scroll?" Naruto then tapped the scroll with the sheathed sword in his left hand; in fact neither Mizuki nor Mito noticed the sword until Naruto purposely made it known. It was an O-katana style sword that had a black lacquer sheath with a metal capping at the end, a golden cloth string tied around the sheath, a pure white clothed handle, and dull golden guard and handle cap. (Look up Yamoto from Devil May Cry 3) Both of them were brought back to reality when Naruto started talking, "Well you can have it, that is if you can take it from me… and truth be told I hope you can give at least some entertainment…" The shuriken Naruto had been twirling around suddenly disappeared and reappeared with a thud in a tree behind Mizuke. A second later Mizuki screamed was blood come spraying from his left shoulder. "…but I don't think you could even be considered my warm up."

"You little bastard, I'll kill you…" weird black line started to appear on Mizuki's body before his skin turned a sickly purple and horns grew on his head, "…Do you see this, this is the power that Orochimaru-sama has given me. This is what true power is…" With that the now deformed Mizuki charged at Naruto at much higher speed than what he used to. Cocking his right fist back he preparing to punch the boy in the face with every ounce of power he now had.

Now Naruto saw the transformation and wasn't impressed, he saw the speed that Mizuki was moving but it looked like it was in slow-motion to him, and he saw Mizuki prepare to punch him and only smirked. For when Mizuki's fist finally made contact with Naruto's face, the sound of bones breaking could be heard but the boy didn't move at all from the hit. Mizuki removed his hand from Naruto's face; the fist was now broken and deformed and Naruto could only laugh when he saw it.

"Hahaha …That's it? That's all the power you have, that's all you soul was worth?" Naruto grabbed the deformed hand around the wrist "Now that you were go gracious to me this pathetic excuse you call power, I'll show you a glimpse of mine…" With that Naruto whipped his arm and torn Mizuki right arm clean from his body and kicked him off his feet sending him flying into the tree behind him, but he would never make it.

"For your services in even temporarily relieving me of my boredom I'll show one of my signature techniques." Naruto placed his hand on his hand on his sword and at that time the space around Mizuki bagan to distort. "Darkslayer Style: Judgment Cut" Naruto drew his sword as many thin white lines started to surround Mizuki. Naruto slowly started to sheath his sword and with a click the technique ended. The boy then turned around and started making his way back to his sisters, while at that time blood started to spray form Mizuki's remaining limbs.

While all this was happening Mito was just quietly watching from where her brother had left her and her sister, and couldn't believe what she was seeing. She just witnessed her brother, her weak, pathetic, embarrassment of a brother rip a man's arm of like it was nothing and then move to kill him. This wasn't the brother she knew, this was someone else; this was a killer. Now this person was walking straight towards her; and the only thing she could do was crawl away until he was meet a tree, then all she could do was close her eyes and pray for a quick death.

Naruto on the other hand was actually enjoying seeing his sister scurry away from him in fear; he really couldn't deny that he was a dominant sadist. Unfortunately if he didn't calm her soon she could have a trauma from this little fiasco, then she curled up into a ball and shut her eye. He had to say that it was pretty cute, but placed his hand on her head and ruffled her hair getting her to open her eyes and stare at him.

"Guess you weren't ready to see that, huh Mi-chan." He then moved his hand from her head and started breaking the paper seals on her.

"You…You killed him…" she squeaked not wanting to make eye contact.

"No, I didn't kill him. I just cut his major muscles, given proper treatment he would be able to walk again but I think the I&T department want to get their hands on him." With that Naruto finish removing the seals and moved on to remove the ones on Risa's, who's were instantly taken off because he already knew how.



"Why are you saving us? We ridicule, make fun of, and humiliate you. So why?"

Naruto just shrugged "Because you're my sisters, look I really don't care what you say. I always just saw it as children being children or some bullshit like that. Besides you don't know anything about me, so you don't really know why I would do now do you." This made Mito look down, but before she could respond Iruka appeared in the clearing.


"Oh good Iruka-sensei's he, alright Mito I think it's time for you to take Risa and go home. Both of you need to sleep after what you been through." Mito just nodded her head and did her best to pick up Risa and headed home. "Now sensei, if you would please collect the near dead Mizuki and take him to hospital; I'll head to the Hokage's Tower to explain the situation."

Iruka really wanted the answers now, but Naruto did have a point Mizuki would die if he didn't get medical attention soon. He just nodded grabbed the unconscious Mizuki and left Naruto in the clearing. Now that he was alone, Naruto just sighed at how annoying the day had been.

'Now how do I explain what happened, without giving any hint of my real skill level?'