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-Yes, it was a rainy day-

The sky was dark, humidity was thick in the air, and every one of her neighbors were scrambling to get inside before the downpour started. Kagome watched the outside activity from her living room sliding glass door from her first floor apartment as her neighbors ran back and forth either bringing in groceries or their kids from the back seats of their mini vans.

If her cable wasn't out she wouldn't have to entertain herself like this.

With great luck on her part, she managed to get her archery practice out of the way this morning. On the way home the weather man made the announcement of an all night downpour on the radio for later that evening; with possible flash floods in areas no where near her.

Playing it safe, Kagome called her best friend Sango to share what she heard to warn her encase she hasn't heard the weather report yet. With an assurance from her friend that she'll be fine since her brother Kohaku and her boyfriend Miroku are staying over for the night. She then called her mother and walked her through what they would need encase of a power outage.

With the knowledge that her friends and family are prepared it put her mind at ease and she can enjoy her tea as she petted her fat cat Buyo without worry.

Kagome moved out of her families shrine soon after she got a full time job at a local bakery as one of the chefs. The neighbor kids will flock to her apartment door as soon as she got home fully knowing she would bring back leftovers and unclaimed deliveries. She quickly became the favorite amongst the parents and they will on occasion ask her to babysit for them. Kagome didn't mind, after all she's a generous and selfless person.

Lately though, the neighbors started to become on edge after a few deaths have happened in a near by forest not far from the apartment complex. The forest was a popular camping site for the kids in the complex she lived in as well as some of the locals. The forest has been like that for years until recently. About two months ago, disemboweled bodies were found in the morning littering the entrance of the forest. The bodies were so badly torn to shreds that hardly any of them could be identified by forensics. Some of the elder apartment residents blame the act on an old myth.

One said that someone must have disturbed the spirit that dwells in the forest and angered it. As expected, none of the younger residents aside from Kagome believed in this 'superstitious bullshit' and, well, stupidly camped in the forest at night; in groups.

Growing up in a shrine with a very animated priest grandfather taught her that no folklore or myth should be denied. Not even when it is about a possibly dangerous spirit. The next morning the same thing happened again, shredded bodies littered the entrance of the forest. This time everyone knew the victims were the group of young adults that lived on the complex. Everyone became scared, angry, and quickly suspicious. A huge majority of Kagomes' neighbors left the complex fearing for their and their childrens' lives while some had no choice but to stay because they couldn't afford the move.

Kagome stayed out of stubbornness. This apartment is her first home damn it! And just like her elderly neighbors she refused to give up her home.

Thunder rumbled in the distance signalling the coming rain with rushing howling wind. Kagome opened her glass sliding door to see the the dark clouds rolling in. It looked like the sight of fast moving smoke. The wind whipped through her wavy hair causing some of it to cover her blue eyes as a crack of thunder loudly echoed the sky.

Spooking Kagomes' normally lazy fat cat to the point it ran past her legs and out into the open.


Kagome quickly put on some rain boots that went over her red pajama pants, threw on the closets sweater over white wife beater and ran after her cat. She managed to catch sight of Buyo running in the direction of the both the mail boxes and the forest.

'Please, hide under the mail box shed.'

But, like in a bad horror movie her beloved cat ran into the one forest that had police tape surrounding any entry way. No time to think how clique her situation was Buyo is now in serious danger. The police suspect a bear caused the attacks and advised everyone to stay away from the area. Bear, or no bear Kagome wasn't going to let her cat die in the woods. With the rain now pouring down Kagome ran into the rain after her cat.

Kagome knew her cat wouldn't be hiding on the camping grounds, when he hides he like to hide in corners or dark places he feels safe. Running passed the camp grounds Kagome ran further into the forest calling out for her cat. Now soaked to the marrow Kagome started to wheeze slightly as she continued her search. Kagome soon found herself at a large out of place tree leaning against an enormous rock like structure. The tree was covered in green moss but the bark was a pale brown, even when the rain drops touched the bark it retained its' color. The roots gave an illusion look as if the tree was crawling down from the giant rock instead of leaning against it and the leaves varied from pale brown to dark brown. Dead leaves that refused to fall from the branches.

Through the pounding rain a crystal clear meow can be heard.


Kagome ran to the other side of the tree and rock to find her cat sitting comfortably and dry at the mouth of a cave. Realizing, quickly but ignoring the fact the giant rock is a cave she carefully walked over to her cat.

"Buyo," she picked him up with her words in a whisper in an attempt to calm her fat cat, "I'm so glad you're safe." She unzipped her sweater jack and put Buyo inside to shield him from the rain.

She turned to leave the cave when she heard a low feral growl coming from behind her. Kagome froze in her place not daring to move another inch. The growling became louder and more threatening as it got closer to where she was standing, then, it stopped. Kagomes' instinct was screaming at her to not turn around but to run as fast as her legs can take her and Buyo out of the forest but her curiosity was telling her otherwise. She slowly turned her body to the side to not antagonize what ever was behind her, when her wet bang covered blue eyes made contact with the source of the noise her eyes couldn't help but widen in disbelief.

Crouching in front of her was a young man like creature with long grungy hair coated in dirt and mud, triangle mounds on the top of his head stood up at attention facing her for any sound she might give and long sharp dirty claws on both his hands and feet. She looked at all of the unusual features this guy had until she settled onto his face. Kagome was even more surprised to see the eye catching features his face has, despite his face covered in dirt she can some how see the attractive details of his face. And his eyes, the deepest crimson surrounding sky blue pupils and under his eyes rested jagged purple lines. She couldn't take her eyes away from this astonishing creature.

They continued to look at each other like that for a while until the strange creature sniffed the air. Kagome stayed still as he did this. He stopped abruptly and his eyes snapped back at her, she witnessed his pupils change from sky blue to a rich gold surrounded by crimson. He looked at her with the expression of a sudden realization that seemed to have calmed him. A low rumble exuded from his chest to his throat in a none threatening way but more of an aim to coax her to him; as if telling her she won't be harmed.

Kagome stayed where she was all the while shielding her cat thinking he's doing this to take Buyo from her.

When he saw she wouldn't come to him a slight whine of disappointment mixed with his low rumble can be heard as the triangular mounds moved downwards to his skull. The mounds perked back up, an idea came to thought. Kagome watched as he stood up from his crouching position revealing his lean muscular frame, as well as a very intimate anatomy part. She felt her face heat up as he slowly walked to her continuing to expel the low rumble from his chest to throat, she slightly stepped backwards making him give a more meaningful growl. She stopped in her movements and the low rumble came back immediately. He raised a clawed hand and laced his fingers with a thick wet strand of her hair. He twiddled the hair strand between his fingers; becoming fascinated with it. His other clawed hand came to her face and lightly caressed her cheek with his fingers. Never has this creature touched anything this soft. Kagome found herself entranced by the attention she is receiving. She hardly got attention from boys when she went to school, sure there was Hojo but he was more of a friend and nothing else. But this creature was stirring something inside her, a feeling she's not familiar with.


The sudden loud thunder clap startled the creature as he gave a feral roar, making him scratch Kagomes' cheek and ripping the strand he was playing with out of her head. With a scream of pain Kagome ran from the cave and the strange creature, as it continued to give a feral roar that pierced through the still pounding rain.

How Kagome got to her apartment is a blurred memory, all she remembers is putting Buyo on the couch and taking a hot shower. Afterwards she curled up into a ball on her bed trying to determine if what she experienced was real or not; but the painful throb of her cheek is evidence of that. She looked outside of her bedroom window with the view of the forest, even if there is a tree partially blocking her view, she opened it letting in the sound of pounding rain. But all she can hear is the roar of the creature she encountered. Closing the window and locking it Kagome changed into new pajamas and dressed her injury. Kagome crawled under her beds' covers ready for sleep and with a final glance outside her tired mind and body hopped that will be the last she will see of the odd creature.


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