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CHAPTER 6 – Realizing

If I look at Kuroko he actually had a very small frame and no sign of muscle build at all. This guy's really got no strength at all! He sighed while watching the light-blue haired man walking alongside him.

Well he loved basketball the way I do so we got along really well so I got no problem about him and his effort paid off as well and become a sixth man.

They soon reached the nearby fastfood; Maji, which is popular for their burgers. There were a fair amount of people since it was already past noon and there are a lot of youngsters hanging around too.

"Whoa" Kuroko gasped. "Looked at that guy he sure eats a lot!" pointing into a young man which looked similar to a tiger.

"Don't even bother looking at him" he said while not even bothered taking a look.

With a lot of patience, they already reached the counter and Aomine ordered an amount which is sufficient for a man for his built.

"I'll take one cheeseburger and a cola"

That's all? he gasped. This guy really had no appetite in him, she's like a girl. He started thinking about Kuroko again.

"Ahh, Aomine I forgot to bring my wallet"

"I'll just be paying yours and don't mention it, I doesn't even cost that much." He sighed.

He's even so lame and got that poker-face look all the time. While he paid for the cashier, got their meals and started walking to look for a place to sit. Aomine started unwrapping his burgers and chomped them fast and drank his cola. He wondered why his even wondering about the wonders of Kuroko? Well, if you actually see the bottom of it, Kuroko was the closest basketball club member to Aomine and they hang out almost every time after practice, but this is the first time his thinking so hard about him. He didn't really care much about him, but he soon started thinking that Kuroko is starting to change.

He's even so refined in eating his burgers. His arms is too skinny and his skin is so pale. Damn! The more I look at him, his starting to resemble a girl! he thought while his elbow touched the table and his chin rest in his palm. He then gasped loudly and choked from eating Maji burgers.

"Drink some!" while Kuroko handed his cola to Aomine but he waved his hand for a sign of rejection for he recovered rather quickly. He then become flustered and took away his glance at Kuroko. He covered his mouth to hide his embarrassed face. Just what the hell am I thinking?! Kuroko a girl? Ridiculous and tried to laugh in his mind.

He then stole a glance at Kuroko and his heart skipped for a little bit. Bitch!. His heart immensely beats faster than before. He grabbed his shirt in his chest and wondered what he could be feeling at the moment. Am I turning gay? He asked himself. He remembered the manga that Momoi was telling him not long ago, and if he remembered correctly it was about two male lovers.

"Aarrgh" as he messed his hair from over thinking such disgusting things he thought.

Kuroko was just confused about how Aomine was acting strange and unusual but he didn't mind too much since Aomine is rather different anyway. Kuroko sipped his cola and stared at Aomine with his signature poker face and this made him blushed even more. It's Momoi's fault! He started blaming her for no reason at all. Poor Momoi, Aomine's anger has been put on her. She's just a fan girl who loves reading yaoi, stupid Ahomine.

He clenched his fist and looked downwards to the table. His sweat started running down and he couldn't seem to calm his heart. Kuroko started to notice that Aomine's unusual behavior was unlikely the same about how he did before. Maybe he's really acting unusual.

"Aomine-kun is something wrong" he spoke while putting down his cola.

He was shocked since he spoke softly and that he was able to notice that he was troubled about something. He made a huge grin. He thought that he was being preoccupied with frivolous things and those are just so stupid, and here he was doubting his friend. "Ahh, nope. Now I'm all well" as he sat straight back and finished his burgers quickly.

Kuroko sighed. Maybe I shouldn't have worried after all.

Aomine then had his satisfaction and laughed at Kuroko. He came to realize that he was thinking about nonsensical things. There's just no way Kuroko went to the Teiko Middle School to join the basketball club and hide the fact that she's a girl for some unknown reasons right?! He thought and laughed again and looked at Kuroko trying to finish his meal. And that's the reason why I never saw him shirtless. He then grabs his cola to grinned.

Wait. As he stopped laughing so hard. I really never saw him shirtless right?! And splashed the cola he was drinking to Kuroko's face.

"A-ho-mi-ne" now Kuroko's angry.

Akashi was walking outside of Kuroko's apartment and locked the door when he noticed a black Rolls Royce parked just outside the building. He came near the vehicle and a man wearing a black suit went outside of the car. "Akashi-sama" he said politely while bowing his head. "The master needs to meet you now"

Akashi really wanted to ignore the man but he mentioned his father who seems to be the master he was talking about. He immediately rode the car as the man opened the door for him. "He's back already?" he questioned.

"Yes Akashi-sama. Just a day ago and he wants to see you right away"

He sat quietly and watched the area by the window as the man drove fast to the meeting place. His face rest in his fist and he crossed his legs. He then let out a sigh. He was bored and he didn't know how longer the traffic would take place. The clouds have become dark and he instantly thought about Kuroko since she didn't seem to have brought an umbrella since it was really sunny just a few hours ago.

The rain started to drop and the car seemed to have stopped and the man who was driving opened the door so Akashi can get out. It was a luxury hotel. He stood up straight like a full-grown gentleman and other black suit guys guided him to the entrance.

"Where's my father?" he asked while not even taking a look at them.

"He's waiting inside the room"

It was a V.I.P. room and he raised an eyebrow. There isn't any occasion to meet up in a hotel and there's slightly even a reason to talk inside a V.I.P. room. He hesitated opening the door for he's scared about what his father could have gotten into this time, but he trusts and respects him and slowly entered the room.

Two middle-aged gentlemen were laughing inside the room while drinking wine. One was Akashi's father and one is…if his not mistaken it's Kuroko's father. He gasped. What's the meaning of this?

"Oh you're already here" as his father laughed and he bowed at the both of them to show respect.

"What could this mean?" he asked straightforwardly and this made his father eyes widen but laughed again. His father went to give him a glass of wine but he rejected since he was still underage.

"No need to hasten things up young man why don't you take a sit" Kuroko's father instructed as he shown him to sit across.

"We have been very good friends, me and your father." Both the gentlemen laughed and toast their glass of wine and drink. They sure are enjoying their time together.

"I have also been thinking for you to be part of my family." This statement of Kuroko's father widens Akashi's eyes and it made him froze for a moment.

"As you know, we needed an heir not an heiress for our business and that's why we registered him as a male" the atmosphere seems to become heavy at the moment

"But she's a female and we knew we can't hide it forver." He continued "That's why I find you capable of taking that role."

The two gentlemen toast again. If you are looking at their point of view, it was beneficial for the both of them; for both their companies. Plus he already liked Kuroko so it was stupid to even reject Kuroko's father's offer. But…but he knew it was still wrong. He likes her, but if he would ever to marry Kuroko he wants it to be his own effort and not by anyone else.

"Excuse me, I still have a lot of things to attend to." And he dashes outside the room after giving his respect.

"I thought he liked my daughter?" Kuroko's father asked while looking Akashi leaving the room.

Akashi's father sighed. "That child just don't want things planned for him, but don't worry he was just at your daughter's apartment awhile ago." And turned to face Kuroko's father. "Let's talk about business won't we"

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