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The Happy Ending

The Doctor knelt down and rested his head against Rose's forehead. His mind was blank, unable to comprehend what was happening around him. He just held Rose in his arms and rocked back and forth, forcing himself to breath. She couldn't be dead his mind said; she is Rose Tyler, Defender of Earth, the Valiant Child, Bad Wolf. But here he was, desperately clutching to her lifeless body. Think Doctor, think! He commanded himself, but his mind felt so empty.

"Doctor," Amy said, stepping towards the heartbroken Time Lord. "You are the smartest man I know, there must be a way to save her. Just think. I know you, and I know you can do this. Just think!"

The confidence Amy had in him seemed to be just what the Doctor needed. He looked up at her and Rory and a smile actually formed on his face, a slightly manic smile, but a smile none the less.

"Amelia Pond," hope sparked in the Doctor's eyes, "you couldn't be more right, I am brilliant after all, I have to save her."

The Doctor shot up, gathered Rose into his arms, and darted towards the TARDIS. Rory looked at Amy with a confused expression, but she just smiled at him, grabbed his hand, and ran after the Doctor, tugging Rory along behind her.

When they got to the TARDIS, the Pond's were greeted with a familiar scene. The Doctor was darting around the consol like a mad man, muttering under his breath, punching buttons and pulling levers.

He glanced up as they entered and slowed his erratic movements. "Rose got her power from looking into the heart of the TARDIS right? Yes." He looked over at the jumpseat where he had put Rose. His mind was finally working and moving at normal Time Lord speed. "Stupid me, I never really thought about it before, I was too busy being happy she was alright, but she was right. The TARDIS gave her a gift. She has lived for over seventy years in captivity, and without aging. Not only did the Time Vortex not kill her as soon as it entered her, it prolonged her life, even after being tortured." His face clouded for a second, but he snapped himself out of it and continued his ramble. "I took it out of her, or so I thought, but it seems like I only took part of it out, or maybe I just made it go dormant." He looked thoughtful for a moment, then shook his hands in front of his face. "Never mind the reason," he continued, "I think, if I put the Time Vortex back into her, maybe, just maybe," he swallowed, "I think it might save her. Give her a burst of power."

"Like recharging a battery?" Rory asked.

"Sort of, yeah," the Doctor replied.

"Then do it," Amy said. She believed her raggedy man could do anything, especially save Rose.

The Doctor grinned and returned to bouncing around the consol.

"Amy," Rory whispered, "what if it doesn't work?"

"It has to Rory," Amy replied quietly, looking sadly at the Doctor, "he has lost so much already, he can't lose Rose too."

As the Doctor finished his random button pressing, he turned back to his companions. "Now Ponds, whatever you do, do NOT look into the light, got it?"

"Don't worry," Rory chuckled, "I think I have done that enough times since traveling with you."

The Doctor actually smiled at that, amused at how lightly Rory could joke about the number of times he had died. That number was far too high for the Doctor's liking.

"Here we go," said the Doctor as Amy and Rory shut their eyes, holding each other's hands tightly. The Doctor grabbed a lever on the TARDIS consol, closed his eye, whispered something like a prayer in Galifreyean to his ship, and then pulled down hard.

Golden light exploded from the consol and shot directly towards Rose. The tendrils flew into Rose's eyes, and then snaked through her limp body, illuminating her veins as it wove its way towards her extremities. When the light reached her fingertips and toes, it retreated, flowing back the way it had come until it gathered back in her eyes. Then, just as suddenly as it had gone into Rose, it flew out of her eyes, back into the consol, and with a violent snap, the panels shut and the consol room darkened.

As soon as the light disappeared, the Doctor was at Rose's side, pulling her into his arms again. His eyes roamed her face, desperately seeking any signs of life.

"Rose?" He softly ran a finger across her cheek. "Come on love, you've scared me enough now, time to wake up." When she still didn't wake, the Doctor bent his head and gave her a lingering kiss on her forehead, "please," he sighed into her hair, "I don't know what else to do."

Rose suddenly snapped her eyes open and took a gasping breath. Her eyes shot about as if she didn't know where she was, until they rested on the man holding her.

"Rose!" The Doctor shouted happily, pulling her into a hug, "never scare me like that again! Oh, who am I kidding? Jeopardy friendly you are, I'll always be worrying about you!" He didn't think he had ever smiled more in his incredibly long life.

Rose smiled up at him, but she looked slightly confused. "I thought I was going to die."

"Not on my watch Rose Tyler, I will always save you."

Rose's confusion melted away and she gave the Doctor her most brilliant Rose Tyler smile. "Doctor, I…"

"I love you," the Doctor blurted out, cutting her off. He heard Amy laugh at his outburst, and he turned bright pink. But when Rose giggled and bit her lip, blinking up at him through her thick eyelashes, any embarrassment he had felt disappeared. "I just, er, wanted…needed you to know."

"I know," Rose replied, slipping a hand behind his neck, allowing her fingers to play with his thick hair. "I love you too." They grinned at each other.

Amy and Rory smiled at the pair and quietly left the room.

"So, how long are you going to stay with me?" The Doctor asked.

"Forever," Rose whispered, and the Doctor kissed her.


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