Loss of a Sister

Summary: Sequel to Ghost from the Past. Pam receives a horrible vision that her disowned father will come after her and hurt all close to her…including her mother who came to visit. Upon hearing that he escaped from prison, she runs away to steer him away from her mother and friends. What will she do when she ends up in Ourobourus and into the arms of the Snake King? All characters belong to Ninjago and Lego except for the following: Pam; Patricia; Larry; Pythor's sisters; Alura.

Ch.1: Meet the Mother

"Lloyd, have you seen the chocolate trifle I made?"

"Cole placed it on the table."

"Okay, thanks. And don't even think about eating it before our guests arrive." The Green Ninja pulled his hand away from the trifle bowl with a scowl.

"Darn it…"

"You're more than welcome to have one of the macaroons, biscotti, or scones. That should hold up until the guests arrive." His scowl was then replaced with a smile before he took one of the chocolate biscotti.

"Thanks, Pam!" In the kitchen, Pam chuckled as she then took off her apron. She could hardly believe that today's the day she gets to meet Cole's father and Jay's parents. She had sent them invites so that they can meet Zane's creator/father Dr. Julien and decided have a party for them. The others agree that it's a great idea and decided to help out. She wished that she invited Garmadon as well, but the others stated that he'd probably be too busy to come…something about a skeleton army.

Yeesh, she thought with a shudder. I know that I can handle something as gruesome as a skeleton, but…that sounds just plain wrong on so many levels.

"Pam," Kowalski called, sticking his head into the kitchen door, "Jay's parents are here."

"Okay, I'll be right out." She then placed her apron on the hook and headed out to the front door of the dojo. She was surprised to find the Blue Ninja's parents' car. She had heard that his parents are great inventors, but their car looks like something out of the Steampunk Era.

"Oh, Jay," Edna said as she hugged her son. "It's so good to see you, honey."

"Hey, Mom," he replied as Nya went up to them. Edna turned and smiled when he saw her.

"Oh, is that our little Nya?" she asked. "Oh, sweetheart, I swear! You are getting cuter every time I see you. Hope you've been keeping your sweetie here out of trouble."

"Mom!" Pam just snorted as her ninja brother blushed in reply. Ed then noticed her.

"Oh, and this must be your new teammate, is it, son?" he asked.

"Sure is, Pop," Jay said, holding her hand out to Pam. "This is Pam, the new Yellow Ninja of Lightning. Pam, these are my parents Ed and Edna." Pam shook hands with them with a smile.

"It's great to finally meet you," she said before turning to their car. "Jay said that you guys have an interesting car, but he never said anything about it being Steampunk."

"Oh, take a note, Edna," Ed then said to his wife. "'Steampunk-Mobile'! Heh-heh, sure has a nice ring to it."

"Was it really necessary?" Jay whispered to Pam.

"Well, it looks sorta like a Steampunk car," she answered with a shrug.

"Technically, she has a good point," Zane concurred.

"Uh, what's a steampunk?" asked Lloyd, scratching his head.

"Oh, it's sort of this sub-genre in which everything is powered by steam-powered machinery during the Victorian era or the Wild West," Kowalski explained. "Sort of like seeing all of those cowboys or the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen crossed with Star Wars or Doctor Who."

"You mean like in Cowboys and Aliens?"

"Yes, but without the extraterrestrials." The group then looked up to see a black Ford make its way over to the dojo. Cole smiled when he recognized it.

"It's my dad!" he cried before turning to Pam. "Oh, wait until you meet him, Pam! You're gonna love him!" He then took her hand and pulled her with him to the Ford after it stopped. Pam just had to smile when she saw her friend's father step out and embrace him.

"Great to see you again, son!"

"Hey, Dad," Cole said to him. "How are the other Blacksmiths doing?" Pam blinked at him in reply.

"I thought you said your dad's a singer."

"He is," Cole explained to her. "Their group's called the Royal Blacksmiths."

"Oh…well, you could've told me that sooner," she stated with a laugh. Lou joined in as well.

"And who might you be, young lady?" he then asked.

"Oh, this is our new teammate, Dad," Cole answered for her. "Her name is Pam, and she's not just a ninja. She's also an artist, a dancer, and a singer all rolled into—"

"Wait, wait, wait," Lou suddenly interrupted with an arched eyebrow. "You're name is Pam…as in Pamela?" Pam arched her eyebrow as well.

"Uh, yeah…why do you ask?"

"Oh, no reason," he answered as a second occupant in the front passenger seat came out of the door of the Ford. "It's just that this woman I met on my way over here said she was looking for—"

"Pamela?!" Pam, Cole, and Lou turned to the person who stepped out and over to the front of the car, and Pam's eyes went wide with shock.

It was a woman of about Edna's age with silvery-brown hair in a bun, gentle blue eyes behind a pair of glasses, and dressed in a black suit with a red turtleneck with a golden flower pin with red petals pinned to the right side of the neck. The woman covered her mouth with shock as she gawked at Pam, who gawked right back at her before she finally spoke up.

"M…Mom?" The woman's only response was running up to her and hugging her with a strong bear-grip hug.

"Pamela!" she sobbed. "Oh, my baby! I thought I'd never find you! After what you're father did and you vanished…Oh, I've missed you so much!" Unable to fight back the tears any longer, Pam returned the hug as she cried along with her mother.

"I've missed you too, Mom…"