Ch.8: Under Pythor's Care

Pam groaned as she started to gain consciousness. Her body hurts all over, mostly her side. But how did she get like this? She recalled flying away from her home at the dojo after hearing that her ex-father escaped from prison, and then the storm…wait…Lawrence!

Pam bolted up from the bed with a cry before she clutched her bandaged side.

"Augh! Son of a—MMMPH!" she growled as she clutched her side.

"Pamela, please lie down!" a familiar voice protested to her as a black scaly hand gently pressed her back onto the bed. "You'll only make your injuries worse if you thrash about like that." She then looked up at the concerned frown of her lovesick Serpentine.

"Pythor?" she asked in a now calmer voice as he then dabbed her sweating forehead with a damp washcloth. "Wh-What happened? How did I get here?"

"A couple of my Serpentine caught you as you were falling from the sky straight towards the Slither Pit Arena," he answered before finishing with the bandages on her arm. "You were very lucky; if we haven't gotten to you sooner…" He then scrunched his eyes shut as if he were in pain before turning to Pam with a sharp glare.

"What in Ninjago were you doing out in that storm, Pamela?!" he yelled, causing her to flinch. "Were you trying to get yourself killed or something? Did you have any idea how worried I was?" Pam bit her lip as she tried to fight back her tears. She didn't mean to worry Pythor, but…

"I'm sorry…but…my ex-father…" Pythor's face calmed down a little.

"What about him?" he asked. "Is he stalking you?"

"Worse," she answered as she let a tear fall freely. "He's trying to get rid of me…Pythor, I'm scared!" Despite her injuries, Pam threw her arms around Pythor's neck and sobbed into his shoulder. Realizing it's not physical pain she's in but emotional and mental pain, the Snake King wrapped his arms around her and hugged her gently.

"Shhhh….Shhshhshhshh…" he hushed her gently. "It's okay, Pamela…I'm here. Just tell me what happened."

As Pythor then returned to tending to her cut arms and bruised legs, Pam told him about what has happened to her, from when she and the Ninja left for the island to what happened when she got caught in the storm.

"He then got in the side with a lightning bolt before saying goodbye," she then finished. "I started to black out as I was falling down to earth, and…well, you know the rest." Pythor then brushed away a tear in her eye before she tied up the last of the bandages.

"So Lawrence was working for Lord Garmadon before his betrayal just to get his revenge on you," he replied. "Talk about taking it hard."

"You have no idea," Pam sighed. "He was even more ticked off at me when Garmadon took my side over his and started to be like a father figure to me."

"But isn't that because you ratted him out about him threatening Lloyd's life?" Pam turned to him with annoyance, making him hold up his hands in protest. "I was just asking." Pam just brushed it off with a sigh.

"It's bad enough he tricked me with the vision smokes…and…he threatened to hurt you." Pythor's became filled with shock.


"He knows about you through the smokes. He must know about our relationship, and…I've never felt so scared of him in my entire life as a ninja!" She buried her face into her hands and started sobbing again.

"Hey, hey," he said, putting his arms around her and hugging her in comfort. "It's alright. I'm positive that he'll have a hard time trying to get rid of me." She looked up with tears staining his face.

"What are you saying?"

"While you were rescuing Dr. Julien," he explained, "the Serpentine and I learned some truth about us." He then explained to Pamela what he and the other Generals have found out when they started to investigate the cavern of the Slither Pit Arena all the way to the releasing of his Tribe. When he finished, Pam looked down in reply, looking rather sad.

"But…if your tribe was alive the whole time," she asked, "does that mean you don't need me to save it?" Pythor felt rather hurt at that question.

"Don't be foolish," he answered, turning her head with one claw to look at her face. "Just because I got my tribe back, that doesn't mean I have to stop loving you." Pam looked away with a sheepish blush on her face. That was so sweet of him…

"Big Brother!" the two of them looked up to see little Vipie at the doorway before she entered the room.

"Oh," Pam said with surprise as the little one slithered up to the bed. "Who's this little cutie?" Now you may think that Pam's crazy to say that, but remember that she's a snake lover. So it would be possible for her to find a young Serpentine rather adorable.

"This is Vipera Theia Chumsworth," Pythor answered with a smile, picking up her little sister, "my baby sister. We call her Vipie for short." He then turned to his sister. "Vipie, this is Pamela."

"Hi," she said to the human before handing her a card. "I made this for you; I hope it makes you feel better." Pam took the card and looked at it. On it was a bunch of colorful flowers, and inside was a bunch of hearts around a big pink one saying, "Get well soon." Pam just had to smile before turning to the little Anacondrai.

"Why, thank you, Vipie," she replied, "it's very sweet. I'm feeling better already."

"Glad I can help," she replied as Boanya came to the doorway.

"Vipie, there you are," she said, causing the three of them to turn to her. "I was wondering where you were." She then slithered into the room and smiled at Pamela sweetly.

"It's so good to see you awake," she said to her. "I'm Boanya Hera Chumsworth, Pythor's younger sister, but you can call me Boanya." Pam turned to Pythor in reply.

"How many younger sisters did you say you have?" she asked with a bit of interest and a lot of surprise.

"Uh, four in total," he answered sheepishly. "No older brothers or sisters, and no younger brothers of my own."

"Wow," she replied with wide eyes, "and I thought you had a busy job before."

"Well, truth is," Boanya explained, "I take care of watching Vipie and the twins while Pythor's busy. Oh, before I forget, Pythor, I found this in your room." She then handed her brother the scroll that he got from Curso. "I thought perhaps you were in the middle of reading it before Skales called for you, and you forgot about it."

"Oh, of course," Pythor replied with a sigh. "Thank you, Boanya." His sister smiled before taking Vipie into her arms.

"We'll leave you two alone for a while," she said to him and Pamela before turning to her baby sister. "Come along, Vipie. Let's go see what Skales is doing."

"Okay," she replied with a smile before turning to Pam. "See you later, Pam."

"See ya," she replied. "It's great to finally meet you." Then the two sisters left the room.

"Your sisters are such sweethearts," Pam then said to Pythor as she looked down at the get-well card.

"Indeed," he replied before looking at the scroll. He then thought of what he had learned from his vision and from what Pam has told him. This can't be just a mere coincidence.

"Pamela," he then said to her, "there's something I need to talk to you about that's very important." Pam turned to him in reply.

"It's kind of a bad time to be proposing to me, Pythor."

"No, it's not that," he replied with a sheepish blush, "although I don't mind the idea…Uh, I mean, it involves Lloyd and his father."

"Are they okay?" she asked with a bit of worry in her voice.

"They're fine, I promise," he answered, taking her hand. "It's just that…I know how to help Lloyd defeat his father and save him at once." Pam's eyes went wide with hope.


"I had received a vision last night from the Angelic Uniter and the Great Devourer," he answered. "They told me of a cure I need to make which I must give to Lloyd for when he goes up against his father. All I need to do is follow the clues that the Great Devourer gives me, and I will have it read as soon as I can."

"You really think it will work?"

"I am trusting them to at least try. And the reason I am telling you this is because…I think Lawrence will be coming after them. Blessa and Curso told me that the Dark Lord's servant who betrayed him is plotting his revenge against him and you. When you told me that you're disowned father tried to destroy you with his storm, I felt as thought he might be the one they spoke of. I have a feeling that he first wants to get rid of you in order to get to Lloyd and his father. With you in the way, he can't lay a hand on them or the ninja."

"That would explain the false visions he gave me," she replied in whisper before looking up at Pythor with a firm expression. "Pythor, I've made my decision…I'm staying with you to help you." Pythor felt as though he wanted to gulp down the lump forming in his throat.

"Are you sure, Pamela?" he asked. "I mean, it might be dangerous."

"I'm sure," she answered. "If I can steer Lawrence away from my friends and my mom as well as from Garmadon, they'll be safe long enough for Lloyd to try and help his dad. Besides, he threatened your life as well, and…I just don't him to hurt you." She then looked down at her slightly wringing hands as she went on. "You play a big role in my life as do the others. I don't remember my life as a ninja being this lively and meaningful before I met you. Even though we're on opposite sides, I still care about you as much as you love me. And…I owe you and your people my life for saving me…" Pythor smiled as he understood her reasons. Although she won't return to the ninja for their sake, at least she'll be protecting her loved ones around them at his side.

"If that is your decision, Pamela," he said before handing her the scroll, "then I trust and accept it." Pam smiled in reply before unrolling it to read what it says:

"Well done on solving the first clue, Pythor. Now you must find four ingredients to mix into the mixture, each of which I will send separately to you. The first of the ingredients are three tears from a female champion. Good luck to you on your search."

"What do you suppose he meant by that?" Pythor then asked her.

"I don't know," she answered before turning to him, "but I promise we're figure something out. Oh, and one more thing."

"Yes?" he asked, turning to her. She then placed her hand on his cheek with a soft smile on her face.

"Thanks for everything you've done and are doing for me." She then pressed her lips into his for a kiss and wrapped her other arm around his neck before he could pull away. Pythor then gave in and returned the kiss, wrapping his arms around her waist and pressing her back into the bed with a soft, amused moan that made her moan back with a giggle. If this is how she plans to reward him for saving her life, he'll start saving her more often in the future…

"Pythor, I hope you don't mind, but—WHOA!" The two of them broke apart and looked up with surprise to find Skales at the doorway, holding a tray with things used to make a cup of tea and looking at them with surprise.

"Uh…glad to see you awake, Pamela," he finally said with an awkward smile before sheepishly holding up the tray. "Uh, French vanilla or Darjeeling?"


Within his cavern hideout, Lawrence saw through his crystal orb that his daughter is still alive and is now under the care of Pythor and his Serpentine. He shut the vision off as she threw herself into Pythor's chest sobbing, so he doesn't know about the cure or her plans of distracting him from the other ninja. He is far too enraged to find that he has failed to destroy her. If he doesn't get rid of her, he can't carry out her revenge out on Garmadon, Lloyd, or the ninja. Even the medallion he stole from his former master won't be enough to stop him as long as someone as sacrificial as Pamela is willing to protect them, even at the cost of her own life. That is why he has to get rid of her first before taking out the rest of his revenge.

"You have beginner's luck on your side, daughter," he growled. "But rest assured that it will run out. And when it does, your friends' lives are mine!"