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"Hey, Mr. Winchester, wake up. You havin' some kinda awful nightmare."

Cas was rudely awoken by a shake at his shoulder. He jumped, startled.

"I don't know what you was dreaming about, but it had you shook up." Bill grunted, eyes fixated on the road. It was daylight now. Cas couldn't remember having fallen asleep. He was pretty alarmed that he had fallen asleep at all.

He also couldn't remember what he had dreamed about, but the dread from the dream still clung to him.

"What time is it?" he asked, voice gruff.

"One PM. You seemed like you was pretty damn tired, so I let you sleep on through the morning." Bill replied, glancing over to smile at Cas. Cas smiled back, but the smile didn't make it to his eyes.

So much time had already passed. He needed to find Sam and Dean soon. He wanted to believe they were fine, and he wanted so badly to just fly to them. Even to hear Dean praying to him for help would be better than this silence and worry.

"Take me to him."

The fear on Dean's face. That had hurt. But he had been so certain Naomi was lying. He had to look after his own kind, and if that meant leaving Dean and Sam, he would have to accept it. That was what had been looping in his mind last night.

Now he knew how wrong he had been. All he had done was ruin things again. So many of his family had died because of him. And now they had all been cast out of their home. All because of him.

And Sam...

He sighed, rubbing a hand across his eyes. Cas had been the only angel in the garrison to hold out so much hope for humanity. He was always the most hopeful in any situation. But even he had to admit that Sam Winchester was most likely dead.

And Dean is most likely an empty man...

He made himself not travel down that line of thought.

"You still in there, buddy?" he heard Bill ask.

"Y-yes, just thinking." Cas replied.

"I won't ask 'bout what. You got that look." Bill said.

Cas didn't quite get what he meant by 'look', but he nodded and thanked him.

"So, did you see them lights last night? The falling stars?" Bill asked, an excited grin lighting up his face.

Cas froze. There was an ache in the back of his throat.

"Y-yes, I saw them." he answered. He noticed how small and wobbly his own voice sounded.

"Helluva a show, man." Bill laughed "Kinda made the night a lot more interesting."

He nodded once, quickly. He stared out the window without really seeing anything. He felt like he was drowning.


The demon that had taken up residence inside the truck driver was a mid-level demon, at best. And that was why he was so excited about the opportunity that had presented itself to him. To have a fallen angel riding shotgun, let alone the Winchesters' pet angel, was a huge deal. He would earn major brownie points with the new boss for this one.

Of course, she wasn't quite the new boss yet. First, she would need to take out the old boss. But really, after what the youngest Winchester brat had done to him, anybody could take out that bloated scotsman.

The angel looked as if he might cry after 'Bill's' last remark. He wanted to laugh out loud. He wasn't sure how he would go about killing him. He wanted to wait until he thought of something particularly creative. He could have some fun with him before then, though. These little land mine comments were really messing with him.


Charlie Bradbury used to get scared easily. She had learned the hard way, however, to deal with that fear. As it turns out, fear could be channeled into useful things, like not getting killed. She had learned that lesson recently, thanks to a certain pair of brothers.

That was the only way she was handling this situation. As her car hurtled down the interstate, she kept reminding herself that just because things were scary didn't mean they were totally hopeless.

She kept asking herself what Dean would do. He felt like her older brother now. Sam too, really. And she was cool with that. They made for some pretty cool family, if maybe a little crazy. She could usually handle crazy. Right now, however, she was worried about them.

"Hold on, Dean." she mumbled to herself. She took a long draw from the straw of the coke she had bought to calm her nerves.

"Hold on, Sam." she mumbled to herself, even quieter.

She had told Dean they would figure it out together. She wanted to keep her promise, but that would require a favor from Sam, first.

"You better keep it together until I get there." she felt her bottom lip quiver. She had told him he would be alright. That he was tough in the books so he should of course be able to make it through this. She couldn't believe how distant the books had made every crisis feel. Now that she was a part of it, things were completely different. For the first time in a long time, she was truly scared again, and she didn't feel like there was anything she could channel that fear into. It was that helpless sort of fear she had suffered from as a kid, only all grown up and even worse.

She never noticed the small car trailing her own. It was a fairly innocuous car, a Kia Prius. Not the sort of car to strike fear into one's heart. But it followed her all the way to Lebanon. And if she had known what was behind the wheel, she would've been very afraid.


"That's my phone. Who are you talking to on my phone?" Dean demanded of Crowley. He glanced at the screen before putting it to his ear. It said 'Sam' in blue letters.

"Sam?" he asked, pressing the phone against his ear with a shaking hand.

"Not quite." some woman laughed on the other end. Definitely not Sammy.

"How the hell did you get that phone?! You should not have that phone." he growled, hoping the woman didn't notice the panic that was trying to creep up his throat.

"I borrowed it. How do you think, asshole?" she sneered.

"W-who is this? Where's Sam?"

"This is someone you really should remember, and Sam is in what you might call 'a world of hurt'." Dean could almost hear the smirk spreading across her teeth.

"You touch him, I swear to god, I will..." he began.

"Hey now, don't get too excited. You can talk to him if you like. He hasn't been very chatty, but I think we can get him to come around if we work together." he heard the background noise of the woman moving the phone from her own ear to someone else's.

"D-Dean." Sam spoke barely over a whisper.

"Sammy, it's gonna be okay. We're getting you out of there." he reassured.

"Dean, don't come! It's A-" Sam began to beg frantically, but was cut of by the sound of his own yell. Something on the other end was hurting him, and hurting him bad.

Dean endured a few moments of listening to Sam's moans and heavy breathing. Then, the female voice returned.

"You'll understand if Sam can't talk any longer. Seeing as how he literally can't talk any longer." she sighed.

"Listen here, hell-bitch. I may not know who you are, but we will find you. And when we find you, you will wish you had never crawled out of that hole. And then I'm bringing my brother home." his voice did not shake. It stayed level and cold because that was the person he needed to be to save Sam.

"Who's this we? You mean you and Crowley? I didn't think you were pals."

"We're not." Dean glanced at the king of hell.

"Good. Well, how about you just bring him to me, and I'll give you back your precious Sam. No need to look too hard for me. I'm in Phillipsburg, abandoned barn on the outskirts of town. Bring me Crowley or no deal. See you!"

"Wait, no!" but it was too late. The call ended. "Shit!" Dean snapped the phone shut. "Car, now!" he ordered Crowley. Crowley followed obediently, but paused at the door to the passenger side.

"So, you are going to exchange my life for Sam's?" he looked down at the ground as he addressed Dean.

"What? Who said anything about..." Dean tried to dodge around his question.

"Dean, I am the king of hell. I can listen in on your phone calls rather easily. Particularly when you're standing right in front of me."

"Crowley, I... you understand I can't let her kill him. I'm sorry, I know you've changed, but if you don't get in this car, I'll put you in this car." Dean tried to plead with him. Maybe new Crowley, with all that freaky humility shit, would get it.

"Don't worry. I'm coming willingly. I owe your brother, and I intend to make good on that debt. I just want you to understand that. I won't let you trick me into helping you, but I will help you." Crowley finally glanced back up to look Dean dead in the eyes.

He paused for a moment, staring back at him. He searched the demon's face. There was an honesty there that Dean had never seen before. He nodded.

"Thank you." he said quietly.

Crowley merely nodded in response, then ducked into the Impala.

Dean climbed inside after him, thinking that somehow he had entered the longest day of his life.


Sam really didn't want to be awake. His fear was keeping him awake, he knew, but there wasn't anything he could do about it. Every moment awake was more pain. Not only pain from the thing that was killing him, but the new pain that Abaddon had inflicted. He wanted to sleep so bad. But the fear for his brother kept him awake.

The small comfort he had found in all of this was that Dean would still be alive at the end of the day. Sam might die, the world might be on the brink of collapse again, and Dean might be left all alone to fix things, but at least he would be alive. Now that one little thing was even being taken from him. And this bitch was going to make him watch while she took it.

"J-just k-kill me." he gasped, glaring at the demon "Leave D-Dean out of this."

"Nice try, but you and I both know you're a goner already, Winchester. Kudos for having made it this far, by the way." she smiled. Her teeth were just as white and straight as the first vessel's had been.

"Why?" he managed to ask, before another fit of coughs wracked his whole body. More blood trickled past his lips.

"Why what? Why am I doing this?" she leaned in close, whispering into his ear, teeth still bared into a smile "Because your kind, you and your brother, have been making my life difficult for the last few hundred years. But mostly because your attractive brother will look even better with his eyes torn out of his head." she pulled back a bit to look him dead in the eyes. Sam seized the opportunity to spit a mixture of blood and saliva into her face.

Abaddon blinked once, twice, then seized his hand. She pulled out the finger beside the one she had already broken. She grabbed the hammer she had left sitting beside the chair and slammed it into the finger, repeatedly, until she heard the telltale crack of broken bone.

"See, this is why you and your brother are so bad at making friends." she hissed.

Sam only had to endure the new break for a short time. He yelled until he thought his throat might tear. But the pain in his chest was still constricting his breathing, and he couldn't pull back in as much air as he needed. Black spots erupted in front of his eyes, his ears started ringing. He passed out, grateful as all the pain faded away.

Abaddon wiped the blood and spit off with the back of her hand disdainfully. She glared at him. He had passed out again. She'd have to wake him again later to break a few more fingers. She was going to get as much enjoyment out of this as she could, after all.


The car ride was understandably quiet. Dean wondered what you said to the guy who knew you had planned to betray him. Small talk didn't really seem to be much of an option, which was bad, because he really needed it.

Every time he felt like his chest was opening up a little, he would think of Sam, and it was hard to breath again. He couldn't lose him. He would be alone, completely. He thought of Cas, but Cas was missing once again. Or dead. Oh god, please don't let him be dead. He couldn't take that either.

He glanced at his watch. It was 12:55. They were still miles away from Phillipsburg. This was taking too long. He needed to talk to someone. Even if they might not hear him.

He wasn't about to pray out loud in front of Crowley. Oh no, even reformed Crowley would never let him hear the end of that. He let what he needed to say form into words and sentences in his mind.

"Cas, you probably can't hear me. I sure as hell hope you can, for your sake and mine. If you can hear me by some miracle, man, I need your help. Bad. Something's got Sam. He was in bad shape before, but whatever this thing is, it's making it worse. Please, you've got to take care of him. I need you to do this for me if you're still out there somewhere. He's the only family I've got left."

Dean knew it was pointless, but just talking to his absentee friend made him feel better. It made him feel like he was doing something, even if he really wasn't.

He glared out of the windshield for a moment longer, then check his watch again. One PM. It was going to be a really long drive.

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